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									                   November 3, 2006 - Official Publication of The Fresno Association of REALTORS®

                                                              Attention BROKERS - Arriving soon are the
               HOW DO I PUT MY                                MLS Service and Data Fees. These fees are
              LISTING ON TOUR!?                                     due November 1st and past due
 Utilize the Tuesday morning MLS meeting and go on                        December 16, 2006.
 caravan! It’s simple to place a home on “Tour”.
 Here is how it is done
 1. Log onto MLS.                                               FRESNO REALTOR® MEMBERS
 2. Go to your Listing.
 3. Click View/Revise Listing.
                                                                     FREE EDUCATION
 4. Click on paper/pencil Icon to the right of the listing    As a Fresno AOR Member, you are invited to attend
     number.                                                  classes offered just for you!
 5. Click on Caravan Date.                                                      November Schedule
 6. Click on the drop down arrow to the right of caravan       WinForms Online - Thursday, November 2 @ 2:30pm
 7. Select the proper date (depending on the listing area).          Realist Tax Records - Tuesday, November
 8. Type a comment about listing (not mandatory)                                    21 @ 2:30 pm
 9. Click Save Caravan.                                           Rapattoni - Thursday, November 28 @ 2:30 pm
 10. Go to the Tuesday morning MLS meeting.
                                                              All classes are held at the FAR Office, call us at 490-6400
  Important: The deadline is 12 Noon Monday prior to
                                                                              to reserve your seat today!
              the Tuesday to be on Caravan.

            OUR CONDOLENCES                                                     ORIENTATION
To the family and friends of Joan Jolly, of Coldwell          The next new member Orientation is Thursday, November
Banker Premier and FAR President, whose step-mother           9th, 2006 from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm (lunch will be in-
recently passed away.                                         cluded). Please call the FAR at 490-6400 to RSVP as
                                                              seating is limited.
To the family and friends of Dale Samuelian, of Pearson
Realty, whose mother recently passed away.
                                                                        LOCK BOX REMINDER
                                                              Do not place Key chains or other items besides KEYS in
                CORRECT USE                                   the lock box container. As you know, this frequently
Did you know that the REALTOR logo comes with                 causes a jammed key container. SUPRA will not re-
policies and guidelines for its use? For more go to           place boxes that have been damaged by such action. and Search Logo Standards.                                         D-KEY LEASE
                                                              You are also reminded that you “lease” your D-Key. Do
                                                              not damage your key by inscribing or writing your name
      F.A.R./M.L.S. DUES SCHEDULE                             or anything else onto it, as this may void your deposit
 The Association receives frequent phone calls regarding
                                                              being returned.
 the billing cycles. We thought this would be helpful so
 that you understand the dues you pay as a REALTOR®
 and/or MLS member.                                               SHARING OF MLS LOCKBOX
  F.A.R. REALTOR® & M.L.S. Members:                                   KEYS IS A NO-NO!
 • Your REALTOR® Dues are January thru Decem-                 Do not share, borrow or loan your MLS key. Such
     ber - Billed in December for the upcoming year.          activity is a direct violation of the MLS Rules and
 • Your MLS Fees (allows you access to the Fresno             Regulations. Why do we keep mentioning this? Be-
     MLS) are billed in November and April. The MLS           cause active members are losing their key privileges
     Fees must be paid by your BROKER.                        for a minimum of 30 days AND being fined! We’ll
 • Your Display KEY Access is billed annually in              keep this reminder coming and please do not allow
     March. Paid by Agent.                                    yourself to fall into this category!
 • Your E-Key, Smart Phone (plus wireless carrier) is
     billed monthly through Supra. Paid by Agent.
C.A.R. Tech Hotline Tips
Importing into PowerPoint
Many people like to work in Word as much as possible and then import the Word document
into PowerPoint. To do this, run Word and open the document you want to use in PowerPoint.
Now choose FILE - SEND TO - MICROSOFT® POWERPOINT. This will open PowerPoint
and load the current Word document into a new slide show.

Steps to have your temporary Internet files automatically emptied
Everyone forgets to empty their temporary Internet files from time to time, which can become
a problem if the folder gets overstuffed! You can set Internet Explorer to automatically delete
all of your temporary Internet files when the browser is closed. Click TOOLS - INTERNET OP-
TIONS - ADVANCED SECURITY, and then select "Empty temp folder when browser is
closed." You’ll never need to empty again!

Virus link

C.A.R. Tech Hotline
C.A.R.'s Tech Hotline, which offers free, live help from real estate technology experts, has
a toll-free number for members to call: (800) 773-8630. Available on Monday to Friday from 9
a.m. to 5 p.m., the C.A.R. Tech Hotline has answers to questions about computer operating
systems (such as Microsoft® Windows, Macintosh, or Palm); popular software, including Top
Producer®, FileMaker, Microsoft®'s Office suite, Internet browsers, FrontPage and others;
Internet access; e-mail applications; and more. (MLS hardware and software are not sup-
ported by the hotline.)

Governor Schwarzenegger signs AB 2429 into
law; measure enhances licensing requirements
in real estate industry
LOS ANGELES (Sept. 22) – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed
AB 2429 (Negrete McLeod), “Real Estate Salesperson Licensure,” into law. The
measure was sponsored by the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. AB
2429 will require salesperson applicants, after Sept. 30, 2007, to complete all three of
the Department of Real Estate-mandated pre-license courses prior to taking the
license examination.
“Currently, an applicant may take one class, pass the exam, and receive a conditional
license, then take up to 18 months to complete the required coursework – all the while
engaging in licensed real estate activity,” said C.A.R. President Vince Malta. “AB 2429
will increase the foundational knowledge of sales licensees entering the profession,
and prevent ill-equipped licensees from engaging in licensed activity. According to the
Department of Real Estate, 85 percent of new licensees came in under the conditional
license option last year,” Malta said.
    The Fresno Association of REALTORS® offers a wide
  variety of benefits to you as a member. Make the most of
 your membership by utilizing the Association to its fullest!
MLS Meetings-Attend our weekly MLS meetings every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am.
Listen to various speakers, network with other real estate professionals and attend the
“Home Tour Caravan” following the meeting. See the calendar on the back of the
Grapevine for Speaker and Caravan information.

FREE Monthly Classes-Each month we offer 3 computer classes to our members.
The Rapattoni class goes over the basics of the Fresno MLS and lasts approximately
3 hours. The WinForms class shows you how to move around in the CAR software
program and lasts approximately 1 hour. And the Realist Tax Info class explains fea-
tures of the county tax records that can be accessed through the MLS; also about 1

Exchange Investment Group-This REALTOR® group meets every Friday morning at
8:30 am to discuss exchanges. Call Chairman Tom Hyatt at 229-9961 for more infor-

Continuing Education-We offer multiple continuing education classes in a variety of
formats. Every Monday at 1:00 pm we show a REVEI course for 3 units of DRE
credit. See the calendar on the back of the Grapevine for a Class Schedule. We also
provide seminars throughout the year as well as “Study at Home Packets”.

FAR Store-Located in our office is the Fresno Association of REALTORS® store. You
may purchase forms, signs, closing gifts and much more. This benefit is only available
to our members.

WINForms-Instant access to the latest versions of the CAR standard forms. FREE to
members of CAR!

Legal Hotline-Live, personalized legal advice from CAR attorneys Monday-Friday
9am-6pm. Call (213)739-8282

Tech Hotline-Direct access to technology experts to help solve all your hardware and
software problems. Available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at (800)773-8630.

Industry Research & Market Data-Statistics, targeted research reports and regional
economic profiles developed by CAR's expert economics and research team. Visit and click on Economics. REALTOR® members who also subscribe to Fresno MLS have the
ability to advertise their listings at NAR's at no additional charge.
   Fresno Association of REALTORS®                                                                          PRSRT STD
     & Fresno Multiple Listing Service                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
           6720 N. West Avenue                                                                              PAID
         Fresno, California 93711                                                                           FRESNO, CA
  Office 559-490-6400 Fax 559-490-6464                                                                      PERMIT # 2627

      MONDAY                      TUESDAY                   WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY                       FRIDAY
                         6                            7                            8                             9                         10
 MLS Committee 8:30 am        M.L.S. Home Tour/Speaker       F.A.R. Office Opens               Orientation             Exchange Investment
 REVEI - Empowerment                    NE                       at 9:00 a.m.                10 am - 3:30 pm             Group 8:30 am.
   Strategies 1:00 pm          Don’t Forget to VOTE

                       13                          14                            15                            16                          17
   REVEI - Trust Fund         M.L.S. Home Tour/Speaker       F.A.R. Office Opens                 CRS 206                     CRS 206
    Handling 1:00 pm                       SE                    at 9:00 a.m.                   8am - 5pm                   8am - 5pm

                             Affiliate Committee 10 am

  Applications for F.A.R. Membership have been received from the following individuals. If you should have an objection to an
             applicant’s admittance, the objection should be submitted to Donna Waddell, Membership Chairperson.

                                                FIRST PUBLICATION REALTOR®
Sherane Baker with Estate Management                  Joy Rosik with Guarantee Real Estate                  Samuel Barron III with Trinity Mortgage
Tamara Delgado with Exit Realty Team One              Maria Meza with Universal Mortgage and Sales          Patricia Sanchez with Meridian Mortgage
Miriam Carter with RE/MAX Gold                        Truly Yang with Valley Real Estate Services

                                                FIRST PUBLICATION AFFILIATE
CORRECTION: Rob Nason with A+ Home Inspection
                                                 FIRST PUBLICATION BROKER
Bonnie Leonard with Bonnie Leonard, Broker

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