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          The Future of Libraries                                                                    Navigating Information
              New from Facet Publishing comes A Social Net-
          working Primer for Libraries (ISBN: 978-1-85604-727-                                           The Scarecrow Press has re-
          2, 125 pp., £34.95 [about $43.25 U.S.]), by Cliff Landis.                                  cently published Information Path-
          With social networking becoming a central part of                                          ways: A Problem-Solving Approach
          many users’ online experience, it’s increasingly impor-                                    to Information Literacy (ISBN: 978-
          tant for libraries to make use of Web 2.0 tools to reach                                   0-8108-7426-8,
          out to their communities. This book gives librarians an                                    128 pp., $40),
          overview of the fundamentals involved in maximizing                                        by Crystal Ful-
          their library’s online presence on such popular social                                     ton. Intended
          networking sites as Facebook and MySpace, as well as                                       as a textbook
          simple instructions on how to navigate these sites’                                        for college stu-
          unique interfaces (for the social networking neophytes                                     dents, this book
          out there). Instructions are also given on how to expand important library func-           addresses the
          tions, such as outreach, service delivery, marketing, and instruction.                     importance of
              Facet Publishing has also released Envisioning Future Academic Library Ser-            developing a
                                    vices: Initiatives, Ideas and Challenges (ISBN: 978-1-           working infor-
                                    85604-691-6, 288 pp., £44.95 [about $68.89 U.S.]),               mation literacy in a time when
                                    edited by Sue McKnight. In order for the library and             more and more information is
                                    information science profession to remain relevant in             finding a new home in the digital
                                    modern society, librarians need to confront the chal-            world. Among other skills, students
                                    lenges of their changing environment—and this book,              will learn how to apply their infor-
                                    a collection of writings from library and information sci-       mation competency to the academic
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