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                               OCLC announced that James G. Neal, vice                   ‘THE NOTION THAT LENGTHENING
                            president for information services and university
                            librarian at Columbia University, has been                COPYRIGHT INCREASES CREATIVITY IS
                            elected to the OCLC board of trustees. He was
                            elected to a 4-year term.
                                                                                     QUESTIONABLE, HOWEVER. AUTHORS
                               Currently, he is chair of the ALA Budget
                             Analysis and Review Committee; has served on
                             the council and executive board of ALA; on the
                                                                                          AND ARTISTS DO NOT GENERALLY
        James G. Neal
                             board and as president of the Association of Re-
                             search Libraries; on the board and as chair of                    CONSULT THE STATUTE BOOKS
         the Research Libraries Group (RLG); and as chair of the RLG Pro-
         grams Committee of the OCLC board. Previously, he served as dean            BEFORE DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT
         of university libraries at Indiana University and Johns Hopkins
         University, and he held administrative positions in libraries at Penn              TO PICK UP PEN OR PAINTBRUSH.’
         State, the University of Notre Dame, and the City University of
         New York. Neal has also served on the board and as chair of the                              —‘Protecting Creativity, Copyright and Wrong:
         National Information Standards Organization and on the board                     Why the Rules on Copyright Need to Return to Their Roots,’
         and as treasurer of the Freedom to Read Foundation.                                                          The Economist, April 8, 2010

            Canadian Technical and College Libraries (CTCL), a section of                The Institute of Museum and Libra
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