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Jason the Content Librarian 'On Imitation and Stealing in Library Innovation' This post by Jason Eiseman, librarian for emerging technologies at the Yale Law School Library and author of a blog titled, Jason the Content Librarian, discusses innovation in libraries.

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									   »     online treasures                                                                                                  by janet l. balas

       Looking for Inspiration in All the Right Places
           The theme of this month’s issue, Work-    stead, should adapt the use of a partic-
       ing With What You’ve Got, comes natu-         ular technology to the library’s mission
       rally to librarians who are always inter-     and strategic plan. Accompanying the
       ested in stretching resources to do more      post is a short excerpt of a video presen-
       for library users, either on their own or     tation by Jeff Veen on Great Designers.
       through partnerships that benefit every-        <>
       one. Librarians are also generous with
       colleagues, sharing ideas that developed      Library Success:
       into successful projects or practices. This   A Best Practices Wiki
       sharing of innovative ideas has tradition-       This wiki was created by Meredith
       ally occurred at conferences and work-        Farkas to be a “one-stop shop for great
       shops. But the internet with its blogs,       ideas and information for all types of         rials, feature articles, and reviews, the
       wikis, and websites has made such shar-       librarians.” Librarians wishing to keep        journal has a section titled, Innovative
       ing of ideas much easier.                     up with new contributions to the wiki          Practice: Reports From the Field. Visi-
                                                     can subscribe to the RSS feed for the          tors may sign up for the publishing noti-
       Jason the Content Librarian >>                Recent Changes page.                           fication service, which will send the table
       ‘On Imitation and Stealing in                    <>                        of contents for each new issue via email.
       Library Innovation’                                                                          The journal uses Open Journal Systems,
           This post by Jason Eiseman, librarian     Recipes for Success:                           an open source journal management and
       for emerging technologies at the Yale Law     Hot Technologies to Spice                      publishing software distributed by the
       School Library and author of a blog titled,   Up Your Library Program                        Public Knowledge Project.
       Jason the Content Librarian, discusses           This page from the Thinking Outside             <>
       innovation in libraries. He argues that li-   the Book series of presentations by An-
       brarians should not just imitate one an-      nette Lamb of
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