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                                                                                                                           WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
                   Five Easy Ways to Register…
           Walk-In to our office: 2303 Crescent Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48329
           Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM / Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-4:30PM (Summer Hours)

           Mail-In: Checks payable to Waterford Parks & Recreation

           Fax-In: 248-618-7674 Download a registration form online first. This is to be used by cus-
           tomers paying with Visa or Mastercard only. If you haven’t received an emailed receipt within 24
           hours, please call to verify we have received your fax.

           Phone-In: 248-674-5441 for participants paying with Visa or Mastercard.

           Online at If you haven’t registered online
           using our system, please call the office at 248-674-5441 for a user name and password.

                      Programs with this symbol require a program specific registration form.
                      Most registration forms can be found on our website. Please be aware of
                      program registration deadlines.

                    **HELP US BE GREEN AND SAVE ON POSTAGE!**
            By providing an email address, we are able to email your receipt.
  • Refunds must be requested before the second class less a $5 service fee.
  • If a class is cancelled you will receive a full refund.
  • All classes must have the minimum registered or the class will not be offered. Full refunds will be processed.
  This refund policy will be strictly adhered. Participants are responsible for changing their own personal
  schedules that may conflict with the recreation class or session. Checks returned NSF will be subject to
  a $10 administrative charge.
  The Waterford Parks and Recreation Department will comply with the spirit and intent of the American with Disabilities
  Act. We will provide and make reasonable accommodations to assist people with disabilities to access and participate
  in our recreation programs, facilities and services. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to 248-674-5441.

                                                        HESS-HATHAWAY PARK GAZEBO
                                                         825 S. Williams Lake Road
                                                                         • THURSDAYS •
                                                        June 17 – Fifty Amp Fuse
                                                        June 24 – New Horizons Concert Band
                                                        July 15 – Hung Jury
                                                        August 19 – Cats & The Fiddler
                                                               All performances begin at 7:00 PM
                                                               Local talent to perform at 6:00 PM
                                                                 INCLEMENT WEATHER: 248-618-7671

           Sponsored by:

     CONCERT FRIENDS: Buffalo Wild Wings • Waterford Breakfast Optimist Club • Christmas in Action
Professional Asset Management • Margaret Birch, Waterford Twp. Treasurer • Dr. John & Shirley Richardson
  SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Marie Hauswirth 248-666-8600 • Lori Soma 248-618-7582                                         43
                                                                                                           CAMP BUMBLEBEE
                                               Pre-School Day Camps

                                                                                                           WHY? WHY? WHY? If you hear this questions from
                                                                                                           your busy little worker bee, then this is the perfect
                                                PRE-SCHOOL DAY CAMPS                                       camp for your preschooler! This camp is designed
                                                These camps are designed for independent chil-             specifically to answer all those quizZZZical questions,
                                                dren who are ready to meet new friends & visit             and introduce children to new, different and creative
                                                new places. Children must be able to separate              concepts.
                                                from parents and follow simple directions.                 The Dino-Mite Experience
                                                Parents do not stay. Children must be potty-               330093-01 M-F 6/14-6/18                 9:30A-12:00P
                                                trained. Children must meet age requirement by             330093-02 M-F 6/14-6/18                  1:30P-4:00P
                                                the first day of camp. To register your child, a           Once Upon A Time
                                                pre-school day camp registration form, faxed,              330093-03 M-F 6/21-6/25                 9:30A-12:00P
                                                mailed or brought to our office. Parents MUST              330093-04 M-F 6/21-6/25                  1:30P-4:00P
                                                fill out the appropriate camp registration form            ‘Lil Mad Scientists
                                                prior to camp. Deadline to register is the                 330093-05 M-F 6/28-7/2                  9:30A-12:00P
                                                Wednesday prior to camp at 4:00 PM.                        330093-06 M-F 6/28-7/2                   1:30P-4:00P
                                                                                                           Bay Court Park      $48                       Ages 3-6
                                              CAMP CATERPILLAR
                                              Make your child’s summer the best yet by sending             LITTLE FARMERS CAMP
                                              them to Camp Caterpillar! This extraordinary Camp            State licensed camp filled with many activities focused
                                              Program is designed for your SPORTS-LOVING PRE-              around farm animals including; games, songs, crafts,
                                              SCHOOLER! The outdoor activities Camp Caterpillar            hikes plus the All Kids Playground. Our friendly staff
                                              offers daily are sure to keep your child busy, involved      will introduce them to the animals at Hess-Hathaway
                                              and excited! Camp will be jam packed with games,             Park and learn first hand about their care. Everyday
                                              awesome activities, sports, sing-a-longs and snacks.         will be themed for a different animal. Includes a t-
                                              The Caterpillar Olympics                                     shirt. Registration deadline is the Wednesday,
                                              330091-01 M-F 7/26-7/30                 9:30A-12:00P         prior to camp at 4:00 PM.
                                              330091-02 M-F 7/26-7/30                  1:30P-4:00P         330122-01 Tu-F 7/6-7/9                 9:30A-12:00P
                                              Wild & Wacky Sports                                          330122-02 Tu-F 7/6-7/9                   1:00P-3:30P
                                              330091-03 M-F 8/2-8/6                   9:30A-12:00P         330122-03 M-F 7/19-7/23                9:30A-12:00P
                                              330091-04 M-F 8/2-8/6                    1:30P-4:00P         330122-04 M-F 7/19-7/23                  1:00P-3:30P
                                              Sportsapalooza                                               330122-05 M-F 8/9-8/13                 9:30A-12:00P
                                              330091-05 M-F 8/9-8/13                  9:30A-12:00P         330122-06 M-F 8/9-8/13                   1:00P-3:30P
                                              330091-06 M-F 8/9-8/13                   1:30P-4:00P         Hess-Hathaway Park Tu-F $39 M-F $48 Ages 3-5
                                              Bay Court Park      $48                     Ages 3-6
                                                                                                           LITTLE STARS CAMP
                                              CAMP PLAYIN’ IT SAFE                                         Sing, dance, act and create! Each day is a performing
                                              This is a preschool education program for children to        arts bonanza. Interpret a book, learn a dance, make
                                              learn everyday safety tips, including motorist, bus,         an art project and sing songs. Monday-Thursday are
                                              police, fire, bicycle and pedestrian safety. Children will   spent learning exciting numbers that will be performed
                                              also be alerted to proper behavior with strangers and        in a show for parents the last half hour of camp on
                                              how to say NO to drugs. Movies, songs and a bus field        Thursday. Don't forget to bring a video camera to the
                                              trip to the Fire Department will help your child enjoy       show - you'll want to keep these darling performanc-
                                              and understand what they are learning! Your child will       es on tape forever.
                                              be able to ride their hot wheels and tricycles in a mini-    330142-02 M-Th 7/19-7/22                12:30P-3:00P
                                              city, SAFETY TOWN to learn the rules of sidewalks and        P&R                 $61                       Ages 4-7
                                              street crossings. This is a MUST for every child to
                                              experience! “Graduation Ceremonies” will take place          LITTLE STARS TENNIS CAMP
                                              on the last day of camp.                                     Instructor: Dan Madden, PTR/USPTA Certified Tennis Pro
                                              Water, Fire & Bike Safety                                    Fast, fun and friendly games and drills will be utilized to
                                              330092-01 M-F 7/5-7/9                     9:30A-12:00P       help develop your child's footwork and hand-eye coor-
                                              330092-02 M-F 7/5-7/9                      1:30P-4:00P       dination. Basic skills including volleys and ground
                                              Stranger Danger, Animal &                                    strokes will be introduced. Bring plenty of water! Friday
                                              Playground Safety                                            is rain makeup if necessary. Loaner racquets available.
                                              330092-03 M-F 7/12-7/16                   9:30A-12:00P       340352-01 6/21-6/24 4:00P–4:45P                 Crary MS
                                              330092-04 M-F 7/12-7/16                    1:30P-4:00P       340352-02 7/26-7/29 4:00P–4:45P Mason MS
                                              Weather, Nature & Personal Safety                            340352-03 8/16-8/19 9:15A–10:00A Pierce MS
                                              330092-05 M-F 7/19-7/23                   9:30A-12:00P       M-Th         4 days         $49                Ages 4-7
                                              330092-06 M-F 7/19-7/23                    1:30P-4:00P
                                              Bay Court Park        $48                     Ages 3-6

44                                                REGISTER NOW! ONLINE REGISTRATION for most Day Camps!
  Day Camps for Kids

                                                                                                                           WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
                                                             FARM & ADVENTURE CAMP
                                                             This state licensed camp is for the mature camper that
                                                             would enjoy a mixture of animal care and day trips to CJ
Parents MUST fill out the appropriate camp
                                                             Barrymore, Canoeing and more. Campers will campout
registration form prior to camp. Deadline to register
                                                             on Thursday night and have an unforgettable experience
is the Wednesday prior to camp at 4:00 PM
                                                             as they prepare dinner over a campfire, go on a scav-
                                                             enger hike, an evening hayride and watch a movie, all
1 DAY CAMPS                                                  before they snuggle into their sleeping bag and tent.
Instructor: Lisa Borkowski                                   Wake up to the sounds of the farm animals and the
Sign your child up for a one day camp. Bring a sack          smell of breakfast cooking. Camp will end on Friday at
lunch. No refunds.                                           12:00 PM. Bring your own tent. Child care is available
“Perfect Cheer” Cheerleading            Ages 5-12            for $38/week from 7:30 AM-5:30 PM at the farm.
311578-01 M 7/12                     10:00A-1:00P            330123-01 M-F 8/2-8/6                    9:00A-3:00P
Hip-Hop                                 Ages 6-10            Hess-Hathaway Park $155                    Ages 9-13
311578-02 W 7/21                     11:00A-2:00P
Kids Zumba                             Ages 6-10             VOLLEYBALL SKILLS CAMP
311578-03 Th 7/22                    11:00A-2:00P            Instructor: Lisa Norton
Recreation Office $20                                        This camp will teach the fundamentals on the sand
                                                             courts of Clintonwood Park in Independence Township.
TENT CITY CAMPOUT                                            Skills taught will include: Passing, serving, hitting, set-
WARNING: THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE CAMP OUT!                  ting, importance of teamwork and having fun in the out-
Campers will set up their own tents. A contest will be       door sun. Be sure to bring a water bottle. Each partic-
held for “best” decorated tent/sleeping area! Play fun       ipant will receive a t-shirt. This program is in conjunc-
games such as flash light tag, capture the flag, sand vol-   tion with Independence Township and Springfield
leyball, ultimate scavenger hunt and much more. Watch        Township Parks and Recreation. For registration after
a movie outdoors and play in the spray park at midnight!     June 8 add a $10 late fee.
Stay up all night with your friends. Bonfire and S’mores     330572-01 M-F 6/21-6/25                  9:00A-12:00P
included. Oh and tell your parents not to worry…you will     Clintonwood Park $70                     Grades 4th-9th
be well supervised by Parks & Recreation staff.              330572-02 M-F 6/21-6/25                  12:00P-1:30P
Participants must provide their own tent!                    Clintonwood Park $35                     Grades 1st-3rd
Rectrac # Th&F 7/29 & 7/30                 7:00P-9:00A
Clintonwood Park $17                         Ages 12-17      BIG STARS TENNIS CAMP
                                                             Instructor: Dan Madden, PTR/USPTA Certified Tennis Pro
DETROIT PISTONS BASKETBALL CAMP                              Develop and improve ground strokes, volleys, serves,
Improve your basketball and leadership skills along with     overheads and more. Cover rules, basic strategy and
ball handling, passing, shooting, defense and rebounds.      etiquette. Expect fast moving drills, friendly competitive
Each participant will receive a t-shirt. No refunds.         games and match play if numbers permit. Bring plenty
330145-01 F & Sa 7/16 & 7/17 9:30A-12:00P                    of water! Friday is rain makeup if necessary. Loaner
Mason MS $49                                 Grades 1-8      racquets available. Combine the August AM/PM ses-
                                                             sions for $119.
FARM CAMP                                                    Ages 7-15
This state licensed camp gives your child a chance to        340353-01 M-Th 6/21-6/24                   4:45P-6:45P
feed the farm animals and learn about hands-on care.         Crary MS
Added fun will include nature activities along with arts,    340353-02 M-Th 7/26-7/29                   4:45P-6:45P
crafts, games and making s’mores. Camp includes a            Mason MS
t-shirt. Bring a sack lunch and a beverage. Child care       340353-03 M-Th 8/16-8/19                 10:00A-12:00P
is available for $38/week from 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM at          Pierce MS
the park.                                                    340353-04 M-Th 8/16-8/19                  12:30P-2:30P
330121-01 M-F 6/21-06/25                  9:00A-3:00P        Pierce MS 4 days                                   $89
330121-03 M-F 6/28-07/2                   9:00A-3:00P
330121-05 M-F 7/12-7/16                   9:00A-3:00P        FAME CAMP
330121-07 M-F 7/26-7/30                   9:00A-3:00P        Fame's the name, performing arts excitement is the
330121-09 M-F 8/16-8/20                   9:00A-3:00P        game! A week long odyssey into jazz dance, theatre,
Hess-Hathaway Park $105                      Ages 6-10       music and art. The week culminates with an on-stage
                                                             performance for parents that highlights all their learn-
                                                             ing. Students will learn all levels of performing arts:
                                                             singing, dancing and acting. Bring a sack lunch, imag-
                                                             inations, energy and a camera - You'll want to keep
                                                             these star-filled memories forever! Includes a t-shirt.
                                                             330142-01 M-F 7/12-7/16                  9:00A-3:00P
                                                             Recreation Office $105                      Ages 7-14
                                              T.O.G.A. EXTREME                                                WINGS & THINGS CAMP

                                              T.O.G.A. (Teens Outside Great Adventures) Adventure             Instructor: Mad Science
                                              racing, kayaking, canoe swamping, climbing, geo-                Experience Newton's Loco-Motion. Design and build
                                              caching knockout, longhouse teambuilding challenge              everything from planes and kites to your own hover-
                                              and mountain biking are just the beginning. On                  craft. Have fun learning how things fly, how things
                                              Thursday, enjoy a day-long river canoe trip followed by         move and how rockets are able to travel into space. You
                                              a cookout, campfire and campout under the stars at              will explore everything from the earliest flying devices to
                                              Camp Wilderness. Drop off at Waterford Oaks Park                modern rocketry. Build your own model airplane and
                                              Activity Center.                                                much more. Amazing take-homes!
                                              330143-05 M-F 7/19-7/23                  9:30A-3:30P            330141-01 M-F 8/9-8/13                      9:00A-4:00P
                                              Independence Oaks $175                     Ages 12-17           Recreation Office $140                         Ages 6-12

                                              WILD ADVENTURES
                                              Geocaching scavenger hunts, star lab, big wheeling,                         CHALLENGER BRITISH
                                              fishing and fort building to name a few. From “Uck,                           SOCCER CAMPS
                                              Yuck and Muck” nature education activities from cam-            A staff that is hand-picked from throughout the United
                                              ouflage (a new twist on hide & seek) to crafts to climb-        Kingdom will work with your child during these week
                                              ing towers to waterparks the adventure never ends!              long soccer camps! Includes soccer ball, t-shirt and
                                              Drop off at Waterford Oaks Activity Center.                     end of camp evaluation. Register on-line by June 4th
                                              330143-04 M-F 8/9-8/13                   9:30A-3:30P            at and receive a free
                                              Independence Oaks $145                      Ages 5-12           British Soccer Jersey ($39 value). You may also regis-
                                                                                                              ter with the Recreation Department, but will not quali-
                                              CAMP H20                                                        fy for the jersey offer. Deadline to register is July 9th,
                                              Spend five days kayaking & snorkeling the lazy river,           registrations received after this date will be charged a
                                              boogie boarding & rafting in the wavepool, aquatic safe-        $10 late fee. Camps are held at the Civic Center
                                              ty teambuilding activities and more at Red Oaks Water           Soccer Fields.
                                              Park. Don’t forget to bring your friends, a swimsuit, and
                                              towel! Drop off at Waterford Oaks Activity Center.              Host families are needed to house the professional
                                              330143-08 M-F 8/9-8/13                      9:00A-3:00P         British soccer coaches during the week of camp! Host
                                              Red Oaks      $175                           Ages 12-17         families will receive an $80.00 rebate from Challenger
                                                                                                              British Soccer towards the cost of camp. If you are
                                                                                                              interested in being a host family, please contact Alison
                                              SCIENCE SLEUTHS
                                                                                                              Swanson at (248) 674-5441 for more information.
                                              Instructor: Mad Science
                                              Decode the world around you as a Mad Science
                                              Sleuth. Send secret messages to your friends and                FIRST KICKS SOCCER CAMP
                                              explore space with your own orbiter. You'll use teamwork        Young players are introduced to the basics of the game
                                              to unearth pollution solutions, figure out the trick of tight   through fundamental activities, games and fun soccer
                                              ropes and sniff out the scents on our Mad Science Trail.        challenges. Maximum participation, lots of repetition
                                              Come join us for a camp filled with mystery and fun!            and as much fun as possible! Parents are encouraged
                                              330141-02 M-F 7/19-7/23                      9:00A-4:00P        to join in and help guide their child through this learn-
                                              Recreation Office $140                          Ages 6-12       ing experience.
                                                                                                              Ages 3–4
                                                                                                              330144-01 M-F 7/19-7/23 9:00A-10:00A $67
                                              SKULL ISLAND CAMP
                                                                                                              330144-02 M-F 7/19-7/23 1:00P-2:00P $67
                                              Come Walk the Plank…at this fishing camp on Pontiac
                                              Lake! Every camper is guaranteed to catch fish! Boat
                                              across to Skull Island Camp where campers learn to              MINI SOCCER CAMP
                                              string a line, bait the hook, cast & catch bass, pike carp      Fun games, competitions and skill-building activities are
                                              and catfish. All campers receive an official Skull Island       designed to enlighten and develop budding players.
                                              fishing certificate, t-shirt, lunch, snacks & a beverage.       Ages 4–6
                                              Child care is available for $25 up to 2 hours/day for           330144-05 M-F 7/19-7/23 10:10A-11:40A $83
                                              weekly day camp.                                                330144-06 M-F 7/19-7/23 2:10P-3:40P                  $83
                                              330147-01 Sa 5/15                          10:00A-4:00P
                                              330147-02 Sa 5/22                          10:00A-4:00P         HALF DAY SOCCER CAMP
                                              330147-03 Sa 6/5                           10:00A-4:00P         Emphasis is placed upon skill development and mas-
                                              330147-04 Sa 6/12                          10:00A-4:00P         tery of core techniques through individual and small
                                              330147-05 Sa 6/19                          10:00A-4:00P         group practices and coached games. This all action
                                              Pontiac Lake           $45                    Ages 5-12         camp is Challenger’s most popular program!
                                              330147-06 M-F 6/21-6/25                    10:00A-4:00P         Ages 6-9
                                              330147-07 M-F 7/12-7/16                    10:00A-4:00P         330144-03 M-F 7/19-7/23 9:00A-12:00P $113
                                              Pontiac Lake           $185                   Ages 5-12         Ages 9-16
                                                                                                              330144-04 M-F 7/19-7/23 1:00P-4:00P $113


                                                                                                                      WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Be a real “guitar hero” in a real “rock band” and        Dress up in your favorite princess gown and join us for
play high profile gigs in front of large crowds!         a Royal Celebration. Special visitors Cinderella and
Rock musicians, beginning to advanced, receive           Belle will lead us in Royal festivities including: dinner,
hands-on instruction while gaining valuable music        games and a craft. Children must be accompanied by
knowledge and experience. Team work, showman-            an adult. No refunds.
ship, attitude, basic music theory and features          330552-01 F 6/18                             6:00P-7:30P
gear demonstrations and celebrity guest speakers.        330552-02 Th 8/12                            6:00P-7:30P
Includes an afternoon concert and participation in       Recreation Office $9/person                     Ages 2-5
the Independence Township July 4th festivities,
including the parade and a pre-fireworks concert.        GIGGLES WITH GRANDPARENTS
Campers will learn as much rock as possible, and         Bring your very special grandparent to this very fun out-
play it in front of thousands of fans! Instruments       ing. We will play games, make a snack and craft. Don't
include guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals.            miss your chance to spend quality time with your little
Instructional material provided. $20 discount for        one or with your grandparents. Light dinner provided.
multiple campers in the same household.                  Great opportunity to experience inter-generational fun.
330146-01 M-F 6/21-7/3                 9:00A-3:00P       330554-01 Th 8/5                           6:00P-8:00P
Recreation Office 2 wks $330 Ages 12 & older             Clintonwood Park Senior Center
                                                         $15/couple, $5 add’l person                    Ages 2-6

 P arent & Child                                         FAMILY CAMPOUT
                                                         Co-sponsored by Oakland County Parks.
DIAPER DANCING                                           Don't travel far from home, bring your tent and join us
Instructor: Lisa Borkowski                               at Hess-Hathaway Park for an overnight camping
Parents join your infant/non-walker for some baby        experience. Make a hobo dinner on the campfire, take
exercise, music, dancing and story time.                 a hike, watch a movie, make s'mores around the
310512-01 Tu 5/25-6/29                   4:00P-4:30P     campfire and enjoy the outdoors. New this year from
310512-02 W 5/26-6/30                  9:30A-10:00A      Oakland County Parks will be the Climbing Tower,
Recreation Office 6 wks                          $55     Geocaching, inflatable obstacle course. Pop-up
310512-03 Tu 8/10-8/31                   5:45P-6:15P     trailers are welcome. Electricity is not available. Fee
310512-04 Tu 8/10-8/31                 9:30A-10:00A      includes Friday dinner, snacks and breakfast Saturday
Recreation Office 4 wks                          $35     morning.
                                                         310169-01 F&Sa 8/20-8/21                 4:00P-10:00A
TUMBLING TODDLERS                                        Hess-Hathaway Park                $49 for family of four
Instructor: Lisa Borkowski                                                          add’l $10/person after four
Packed with hands-on activities for your busy toddler
to develop motor skills, coordination & socialization.
Children will warm-up, have "tumble" time and do
movement to music. Weekly themes & parent partici-        Youth Dance & Fitness
pation add to the fun!
Ages 1-3                                                 BALLET                       Instructor: Raquel Pickett
310511-01 Tu 5/25-6/29                  6:30P-7:15P      Class concentrates on the movements of classical bal-
310511-02 W 5/26-6/30                10:00A-10:45A       let and teaching techniques.
Ages 2-4                                                 Ages 4 & 5
310511-05 Tu 5/25-6/29                  7:30P-8:15P      310021-01 Tu 6/22-7/27                11:15A-11:45A
310511-06 W 5/26-6/30                11:00A-11:45A       Ages 5 & 6
Recreation Office 6 wks                          $60     310021-02 Tu 6/22-7/27                11:45A-12:30P
Ages 1-3                                                 Ages 7 & 8
310511-03 Tu 8/10-8/31               10:00A-10:45A       310021-03 Tu 6/22-7/27                  12:30P-1:15P
310511-04 Tu 8/10-8/31                  6:30P-7:15P      Ages 9 & 10
Ages 2–4                                                 310021-04 Tu 6/22-7/27                   1:15P-2:00P
310511-07 Tu 8/10-8/31               11:00A-11:45A       Ages 11 & older
310511-08 Tu 8/10-8/31                  7:30P-8:15P      310021-05 Tu 6/22-7/27                   2:00P-3:00P
Recreation Office 4 wks                          $40     CAI Building        6 wks                         $40

TEDDY BEAR PICNIC                                        JAZZ                       Instructor: Raquel Pickett
Teddy Bears visit the farm. You and your teddy bear      Beginning and Intermediate: Learn the basics of Jazz
will go on an animal tour, make a craft, have lunch,     techniques and movements.
enjoy a hayride and march in the Teddy Bear parade.      Ages 9 & 11
Parents and Teddy Bears will accompany their child.      310022-01 Tu 6/22-7/27                 3:00P-3:45P
Rain or shine. No refunds.                               Ages 12 & older
330553-01 F 6/11                    10:00A-11:30A        310022-02 Tu 6/22-7/27                 3:45P-4:30P
Hess-Hathaway Park $8                      Ages 2-6      CAI Building 6 wks                              $40
                                              CHEERLEADING                      Instructor: Julie Hauler
                                                                                                             Youth League Sports

                                              Course is designed to have fun, build confidence and
                                              self-esteem, while learning the basics of cheerleading.
                                              Motions, jumps, chants, cheers and other basic cheer-         SUMMER BALL - Ages 5-9
                                              leading skills will be taught. Class will include instruc-    REGISTRATION ENDS APRIL 23
                                              tion on a beginning level of stunting.                        LATE REGISTRATION APRIL 26 – MAY 7
                                              Ages 4-10                                                     Child is put on a waiting list and a $10 late fee is added.
                                              310421-01 W 6/23-7/28                       6:00P-6:45P       Learning skills of throwing, hitting, and catching.
                                              Recreation Office $42                              6 wks      Boys ages as of May 1, 2010
                                                                                                            Girls ages as of January 1, 2010
                                              POM HIP HOP                 Instructor: Lisa Borkowski        GAMES: June 23 - Aug 4, btwn 5:45PM – 8:00PM
                                              Class teaches isolation warm-ups, walks and combi-            LOCATION: Waterford Schools & Parks
                                              nations. Pom pon activities are choreographed to              COST:         $42       LATE REGISRATION COST: $52
                                              today's hits. A short dance routine will be performed
                                              at the last class.                                            SKIPPERS FAST PITCH PROGRAM
                                              Grades K-2nd                                                  REGISTRATION ENDS May 21
                                              310422-01 F 6/4-7/9                      4:45P-5:30P          Individual or team registration! This program is for girls
                                              Grades 3rd-5th                                                that have beginning to intermediate skill levels.
                                              310422-02 F 6/4-7/9                      5:45P-6:30P          Program includes skills, drills and games. If players
                                              Recreation Office 6 wks                          $60          have shirts from previous year or if their team already
                                                                                                            has a uniform they do not need to purchase shirts.
                                              TUMBLING/GYMNASTICS                                           Volunteer coaches are needed. Cost includes a medal.
                                                                                                            Ages 9-10 (as of 1/1/10)
                                              Instructor: Lisa Borkowski
                                                                                                            #340261.01          6:00P-7:30P
                                              Begin to learn the fundamentals of tumbling and gymnas-
                                                                                                            Ages 11-12 (as of 1/1/10)
                                              tics using floor exercises designed to enhance coordination
                                                                                                            #340261.01          7:30P-9:00P
                                              and motor skills in a fun, safe, non-competitive manner.
                                                                                                            Optimist Park M/W 06/21-8/2 (no games 7/5)
                                              Ages 4-6
                                                                                                            $53 w/shirts        $33 w/o shirts
                                              310513-01 Tu 5/25-6/29                      4:40P-5:25P
                                              Ages 7-9
                                              310513-02 Tu 5/25-6/29                      5:30P-6:15P       FALL SOCCER
                                              Recreation Office 6 wks                              $70      For children ages 6 – 16. Player wavier forms will be
                                                                                                            available at the Parks and Recreation Office or log onto
                                              JUNIOR JIU JITSU                   Instructor: Joe Batt for a form.
                                              A brilliantly designed class teaches children self-           Parent volunteer coaches are needed! Older age
                                              defense alternatives to punching and kicking. Both fun        groups may play in other communities with games on
                                              and effective, students learn how to respond to an            Mon/Wed/Sat/Sun.
                                              attack with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness          REGISTRATION:            June 7 – July 23
                                              as they integrate pride and respect into all aspects of       LATE REGISTRATION: July 26 – August 6
                                              their lives. Uniform needed $35 from instructor.              Child is placed on a waiting list and a $10 fee is added.
                                              311576-01 Sa 6/5-7/31                 10:00A-11:00A           WHEN: Sundays, beginning September 12 (7wks.)
                                              Fight Club Proving Ground 8 wks $50 Ages 6-12                 LOCATION: Civic Center Soccer Fields
                                              No class 7/3                                                  COST:        U8 & U10 $52 with shirt, $39 without shirt
                                                                                                                         U12, U14 & U16 $58 with shirt
                                                                                                                         $45 without shirt
                                              MARTIAL ARTS
                                                                                                            Age Division             Born on or Between
                                              Instructor: Lakes Area Martial Arts
                                                                                                            If your child turns 6 by 9/12/10, he or she is eligible to
                                              Mixed Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do (Karate) and Judo
                                                                                                            play in the U8 league.
                                              (Grappling). Learn how to defend yourself on your feet
                                                                                                            Under 8                  August 1, 2002-July 31, 2004
                                              and on the ground with confidence. Come join this
                                                                                                            Under 10                 August 1, 2000-July 31, 2002
                                              exciting program especially designed to provide practi-
                                                                                                            Under 12                 August 1, 1998-July 31, 2000
                                              cal Martial Arts training and effective self defense tech-
                                                                                                            Under 14                 August 1, 1996-July 31, 1998
                                              niques. With three Masters, and five Black Belts your
                                                                                                            Under 16                 August 1, 1994-July 31, 1996
                                              student will be given one-on-one personal attention.
                                              Half price to each additional family member. $43 for
                                              uniform for the first time enrollees. If you have ques-
                                              tions please leave a message at 248-830-8125.
                                              310150-01 Tu&Th 6/1-6/29                     6:00P-7:00P
                                              310150-02 Tu&Th 7/20-8/19                    6:00P-7:00P
                                              310150-03 Tu&Th 8/31-9/30                    6:00P-7:00P
                                              310150-04 Tu&Th 6/1-6/29                     7:00P-8:30P
                                              310150-05 Tu&Th 7/20-8/19                    7:00P-8:30P
48                                            310150-06 Tu&Th 8/31-9/30                    7:00P-8:30P
                                              Recreation Office 1 month $47 Ages 5 & older

                                                                                                                               WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Individual registration as well as team registration will                                            Teams will be
be taken at the Recreation Office. Volunteer coaches                                                 formed according to
are needed. Coaching packets and player waiver forms                                                 your child’s school
are available at the Parks and Recreation Office or online                                           and grade. If a
at The clinic will                                              school team doesn’t
focus on basic skills and drills. Girls will work with their                                         exist, children will be
coach along with high school basketball players.                                                     placed on a team
REGISTRATION: May 5 – September 30                                                                   according to the
WHEN:                Saturdays beginning Oct 16 - 6 wks                                              leagues best inter-
TIME:                1 ½ - 2 hour clinics run                                                        est. Player waiver
                     between 8:00AM-5:00PM                                                           forms will be at the
LOCATION:            Mason Middle School                                                             Parks              and
COST:                $50                                                                             Recreation Office or
                                                               log onto Parent
GIRLS FALL BASKETBALL GRADES 4 & 5                             volunteer coaches are needed. Players must provide
Individual registration as well as team registration will      their own flag. Flags will be sold at the Recreation Office
be taken at the Recreation Office. Each school needs           for $1.00 each.
a parent volunteer to coach a team from their                  2nd – 5th Grades: Players do not wear helmet & shoul-
school and grade. Coaching packets and player                  der pads, cleats are optional (not metal), a mouth guard
waivers are available at the Parks and Recreation Office       is required to play!
or online at              6th Grade: Players wear helmet & shoulder pads, this
REGISTRATION: May 5 – September 10                             equipment must be purchased by individual players.
Late Registration: September 13 – 17, a $10 late fee           REGISTRATION: May 17 – September 10
                     will be added & child will be placed      LATE REGISTRATION: September 13-17
                     on a waiting list.                        A $10 late fee will be added & child will be placed on a
WHEN:                Saturdays beginning September 25          waiting list.
                     4th Grade (8 wks), 5th Grade (9 wks)      WHEN: Saturdays, September 25–October 30
GAME TIMES:          between 8:00AM – 5:00PM                   TIME:        Between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
LOCATION:            Waterford Middle Schools                  LOCATION:Mason Middle School
COST:                $50                                       COST:        2nd – 5th Grade         $45
                                                                            6th Grade               $31

                                                   Youth Sports                                                  Adult Fitness

                                              LEARN TO ICE SKATE                                              LADIES COMBAT CARDIO
                                              Group lessons are divided by skill level which will take        Instructor: Al Smock
                                              students from basic forward and backward skating                Burn fat, tone muscle and learn valuable self-defense
                                              through fundamental jumps and spins. Skaters receive            skills. Sculpt your hips, butt and thighs as you kick,
                                              a 20 minute group lesson within the hour of ice time.           punch and crunch your way to a leaner, stronger body.
                                              311574-01 W 6/16-8/4                     4:00P-5:00P            Beginner to advanced, sign-up today and find out why
                                              Lakeland Ice Arena 8 wks $85           Ages 5 & older           “Boxers Have Better Bodies”.
                                                                                                              312001-01 M&W 6/7-8/2                    6:00P-7:00P
                                                                                                              312001-02 Tu&Th 6/8-7/29                 6:00P-7:00P
                                                                                                              Fight Club Proving Ground 8 wks                  $80
                                                                                                              No class 7/5

                                                                                                              CROSS FIT COMBAT CONDITIONING
                                                                                                              Instructor: Al Smock
                                                                                                              For men and women. Train like a Cage Fighter. Class
                                                                                                              encompasses all areas of Martial Arts training; boxing,
                                                                                                              karate, wrestling, weight training, ketttlebells and
                                                                                                              more. Designed to increase your strength and improve
                                              LEARN TO HOCKEY SKATE                                           your stamina. No experience necessary.
                                              This program offers instruction for aspiring hockey player.     311570-01 Sa 5/1-6/5                  11:00A-12:00P
                                              Teaches the basic fundamentals of skating with atten-           Fight Club Proving Ground 6 wks                   $60
                                              tion to hockey skating skills. Pucks and sticks are not
                                              allowed on ice.
                                                                                                              ‘INTRO’ TO BOOT CAMP
                                              311574-02 W 6/16-8/4                       4:00P-5:00P
                                                                                                              Instructor: Dawn Ostrander, Certified Personal Trainer
                                              Lakeland Ice Arena 8 wks $85              Ages 5 & older
                                                                                                              and Nutritional Consultant
                                                                                                              Designed for all fitness levels. Spend an hour doing
                                              SNOW PLOW SAM 1, 2, & 3                                         some form of cardiovascular exercise (running, hiking,
                                              Offers group instruction for the young children to get          interval training, or obstacle course challenges), along
                                              used to the ice. It is appropriate for both figure skaters      with strength elements (using dumbbells, exercise
                                              and hockey players.                                             bands, or the resistance of your own body weight).
                                              311574-03 W 6/16-8/4                      3:30P-4:00P           Mat required. Instructor may request 5-10 lb hand
                                              Lakeland Ice Arena 8 wks $60                   Ages 3-4         weights and/or a resistance band, however not
                                              GOLF LESSONS                   Instructor: After School Golf    310164-01 Sa 6/5-8/21                    9:30A-10:30A
                                              Your child can learn about golf, form, grip, stance and swing   Recreation Office 10 wks                            $80
                                              fundamentals. Also, the basics of the long game (driver and     No class 7/3 & 7/31
                                              irons) and the short game (pitching, chipping and putting).
                                              Kids will have fun while learning skills they can enjoy         FOCUS ON FITNESS               Instructor: Andrea Spiro
                                              throughout their lives. All equipment is provided.              Class is designed for all levels of fitness. Complete
                                              340024-01 M-Th 6/21-6/24                   11:00A-12:00P        body conditioning focusing on strength using weights,
                                              340024-02 M-Th 7/19-7/22                   11:00A-12:00P        bands, balls and cardio. A mat is required.
                                              340024-03 M-Th 8/2-8/5                     11:00A-12:00P        310161-01 M          6/7-7/19             6:30P-7:30P
                                              CAI Building $65                              Grades K-2nd      CAI Building 6 wks $36                     No class 7/5
                                              ADVANCED & SUPER SATURDAY SOCCER                                BALL PILATES            Instructor: Julie Shada Galvin
                                              Instructor: Mike Eberle                                         This dynamic and innovative total body conditioning
                                              Learn skills and basic drills during Super Saturday             class is designed for all levels of fitness. Improve your
                                              Soccer. Small-sided zone games are played during                tone, strength and flexibility. Exercise ball and mat
                                              Advanced Super Saturday. It is recommended that                 required.
                                              Advanced participants have completed Super Saturday             311104-01 Tu or Th 6/8-7/8                10:15A-11:00A
                                              Soccer or another instructional program prior to class.         311104-02 Tu & Th 6/8-7/8                 10:15A-11:00A
                                              These are parent/child interactive programs. Children           CAI Building 5 wks $30 1x/wk                   $60 2x/wk
                                              must be 5 years old by September 1, 2010. Each child            311104-03 Tu or Th 7/20-8/12 10:15A-11:00A
                                              needs to bring a #3 soccer ball & shin guards. Cost             311104-04 Tu & Th 7/20-8/12 10:15A-11:00A
                                              includes a medal. For ages 5 & 6.                               CAI Building 4 wks $24 1x/wk                   $48 2x/wk
                                              Super Saturday Soccer
                                              440502-01 Sa 9/18-10/23               9:30A-10:30A
                                              Civic Center Soccer Fields    $37              6 wks
                                              Advanced Super Saturday Soccer
                                              440503-01 Sa 9/18-10/23               9:30A-10:30A
50                                            Civic Center Soccer Fields    $37              6 wks
STRETCH & TONE Instructor: Julie Shada Galvin               EXERCISE WITH FITNESS FACTORY

                                                                                                                          WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Class is designed to improve your strength, tone and        With more than 28 years experience, Fitness Factory
balance using weights and bands. A great way to             continues to provide up-to-date explosive, innovative
shape-up with full body stretching and mind-body con-       fitness programs. Qualified instructors are both ener-
nection. All levels of fitness welcomed. A mat is           getic and enthusiastic and ready to help you with all of
required.                                                   your fitness needs. Visit our website at www.thefit-
311105-01 W 6/9-7/7                    9:00A-10:00A for class descriptions and information.
CAI Building 5 wks                              $30         MUST PRE-REGISTER WITH FITNESS FACTORY
311105-02 W 7/21-8/11                  9:00A-10:00A         BY CALLING 248-353-2885.
CAI Building 4 wks                              $24         $46 1x/wk              $78 2/xwk
                                                            ZUMBA                      Instructor: Debbie/Patti B.
BELLY DANCING                Instructor: Tatiana Panina
                                                            Zumba is an extremely fun workout based on inter-
Do you dream about knowing how to belly dance? This
                                                            val training, which is extremely effective in burning
is a very unique dance to learn. Hurry up and have fun!
                                                            calories and keeping the heart rate up. The dance-
For beginners and experienced dancers!
                                                            sculpting-combo class is set to Latin and various
310361-01 Th 6/10–7/1                      6:30P-7:30P
                                                            ethnic types of music. You don’t have to be able to
Recreation Office 4 wks $49 Ages 15 & older
                                                            dance because the steps and routines are very easy
                                                            to follow.
BELLY DANCING W/CANDLES                                     Tu / Th 6/1-7/15 5:45P-6:45P 7 wks
Instructor: Tatiana Panina                                  Tu / Th 7/20-9/2 5:45P-6:45P 7 wks
In this special class learn the mysterious belly dance      Recreation Office, 2303 Crescent Lake Road.
choreography of “Cleopatra” with candles.
310361-02 Tu 6/1-6/22                    6:30P-7:30P
Recreation Office 4 wks $49            Ages 15 & older            Adult Dance
YOGA WITH EASE                    Instructor: Steve Guth    CLOGGING
Beginning HATHA YOGA flow for all abilities in normal       Instructor: Barbara Barrett
health. Breathe deep & go with the flow. Yoga pos-          Open to teens and adults. A combination of tap & line
tures & exercises are connected providing moderate          dance to a variety of music including rap, pop, country
cardiovascular stimulation, strengthening limbs and         & bluegrass.
core. Activity alternates with recovery periods of deep     Beginning – Easy Level
breathing, developing endurance, strengthen lungs,          In this class dances will be taught and reviewed.
managing stress. Must specify which day you will be         311567-01 Tu 6/8-7/20                     6:30P-7:30P
attending when registering. Ages 16 & older                 311567-02 Tu 7/27-8/31                    6:30P-7:30P
311502-01 M            6/7-7/26            5:45P-7:00P      CAI Building $45 6 wks                     No class 7/6
311502-02 Th           6/3-7/22            5:45P-7:00P      Club – Intermediate Level
311502-03 M&Th 6/3-7/26                    5:45P-7:00P      For the intermediate to advanced dancer, students must
311502-04 M           8/2-9/20             5:45P-7:00P      have previous clogging experience.
311502-05 Th 7/29-9/9                      5:45P-7:00P      311567-03 Tu 6/8-7/20                     7:30P-9:30P
311502-06 M&Th 7/29-9/20                   5:45P-7:00P      311567-04 Tu 7/27-8/31                    7:30P-9:30P
Recreation Office 7 wks 1x/wk $69 2x/wk $130                CAI Building $50 6 wks                     No class 7/6
No class 7/1, 7/5 & 9/6
                                                            MORE BALLROOM DANCES
POWER YOGA                      Instructor: Chris Weber     Instructor: Elegance in Motion
Astanga inspired class exploring movement, mindful-         Open to all ages! Learn ballroom dances that can be
ness and energy awareness. Breath and motion will be        danced to faster modern music. The basics of Swing,
synchronized as they flow through a series of specific      Cha-Cha, and Rumba will be taught and can be used at
asana's (posture). Invigorate, detoxify and deeply relax!   clubs, weddings, on cruises and more! These dances
Ages 16 & older                                             are a must for any party!
211503-01 M 4/12-6/21                      7:45P-9:00P      311566-01 W 6/2-6/30                  6:45P-7:30P
Recreation Office 10 wks $95              No class 5/31     311566-02 W 7/21-8/18                 6:45P-7:30P
311503-01 M 6/28-8/23                      7:45P-9:00P      CAI Building 5 wks                      $87/couple
Recreation Office 8 wks         $75         No class 7/5
                                                            WEDDING & BALLROOM DANCING
POWER YOGA – Cont               Instructor: Chris Weber     Instructor: Elegance in Motion
Class is for returning students who have practiced with     Open to all ages! You will learn to dance like the pros
the instructor prior and/or have a strong understanding     in this class, that is a must if you are getting married or
and practice yoga. Additional asana and concepts will       attending a wedding in the near future! Learn the
be taught and practiced.                                    basics of the Fox Trot, Waltz, and Rumba. These clas-
Ages 16 & older                                             sic ballroom dances are very versatile!
311506-01 M 8/30-11/8                      7:45P-9:00P      311562-01 W 6/2-6/30                        7:30P-8:15P
Recreation Office 10 wks $95                No class 9/6    311562-02 W 7/21-8/18                       7:30P-8:15P
                                                            CAI Building          5 wks                   $87/couple      51
                                              SALSA & MERENGUE                                            ADULT TENNIS

                                              Instructor: Elegance in Motion                              Instructor: Dan Madden, PTR/USPTA Certified Tennis Pro
                                              Open to all ages! Learn the two most popular Latin          Discover the fastest growing sport in America! We’ll
                                              dances. These dances are fun and easy to learn and          make it easy! You’ll learn all the major strokes, rules and
                                              can be used in clubs, on cruises, and at other social       more utilizing a fun, fast paced game approach.
                                              functions.                                                  Beginners/Intermediates welcome. Loaner racquets
                                              311563-01 W 6/2-6/30                   8:15P-9:00P          available Bring plenty of water!
                                              311563-02 W 7/21-8/18                  8:15P-9:00P          Ages 16 & older
                                              CAI Building 5 wks                       $87/couple         340355-01 M-Th 6/21-6/24                    6:45P-7:45P
                                                                                                          Crary MS       $55
                                                                                                          340355-02 M & W 7/26 & 7/28 6:45P-8:45P
                                                   Adult Sports                                           Mason MS $55
                                                                                                          340355-03 M-W            8/16-8/18          2:30P-3:50P
                                              ADULT SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUES                           Pierce MS $55
                                              Team registration only! Leagues offered for Men,
                                              Women & Coed teams. For an information packet con-
                                              tact the Recreation Office or visit our website at
                                     after June 18th.          Youth Special Interest
                                              July 7: Fees taken from 2009 fall teams                     HERITAGE HUNT                  Instructor: Joe Harman
                                              July 13: Fees taken from 2010 summer teams                  The pioneers survived by living off the land and now
                                              July 20: Fees taken from new teams                          you can find out how. Join Jungle Joe as you journey
                                              July 23: Deadline for all registrations                     through the Drayton Plains Nature Center searching for
                                              WHEN: Season begins August 15 (tentative)                   items that might have made living easier for the pio-
                                                        5 wks. + playoffs                                 neer families. No refunds.
                                              COST:     $330 (umpires and softballs not included          311331-01 Sa 6/19                      12:30P-1:30P
                                                        in team fee)                                      Nature Center      $5/child                Grades 2-5

                                              ADULT VOLLEYBALL LEAGUES                                    WATERED DOWN HISTORY
                                              Team registration only! Fall Season begins September        Instructor: Joe Harman
                                              26, 2010. All leagues are 8 weeks + playoffs. Games         Learn about the role that water played in pioneer history
                                              are played at Mason Middle School. For an information       and how water affects us today. Learn about the pioneer
                                              packet contact the Recreation Office or visit our website   discovery of the land we know today as the Drayton
                                              at after August         Plains Nature Center and surrounding area. No refunds.
                                              2nd. Registration will begin on August 16th.                311333-01 Sa 6/26                        12:30P-1:30P
                                              Team Fee:              $209                                 Nature Center       $5/child                 Grades 2-5

                                              ADULT GOLF LESSONS                                          FROG FOLLIES                       Instructor: Joe Harman
                                              Instructor: Eric Hiner, PGA Professional                    Leapin’ Bull Frogs! Join Jungle Joe as you learn the mys-
                                                                      A perfect class for someone new     terious life-cycles of the frogs that call the Drayton Plains
                                                                      to the game who wants to learn      Nature Center home. Can you leap like our amphibious
                                                                      the proper way to stand, hold and   friends? Find out during this educational class. No refunds.
                                                                      swing the club, putt and chip. We   311336-01 Sa 8/7                             12:30P-1:30P
                                                                      will also cover etiquette, some     Nature Center          $5/child                 Grades 2-5
                                                                      rules and what club to use for
                                                                      certain shots. This is an easy-     BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!                  Instructor: Joe Harman
                                                                      going class designed to help you    Do bugs make you squirm or are you fascinated by
                                                                      learn and improve! Students         them? In this class you will learn more about our insect
                                              must bring their own clubs: putter, 5, 7, and 9 irons,      friends and hopefully have a better understanding of
                                              pitching wedge (if you have one) and 1, 3, or 5 wood        the purposes they serve in our ecosystem. Items cov-
                                              (metal or wood). Class held at Indian Springs               ered include: what do bugs eat; what animals prey on
                                              Metropark on White Lake Road in Clarkston. ($5 charge       bugs; how we are like bugs; and how bugs help us.
                                              to enter the park each day or an annual park pass can       Craft and nature hike included. No refunds.
                                              be purchased for $25). There are no make-ups if you         311334-01 Sa 7/17                          12:30P-1:30P
                                              miss a class.                                               Nature Center       $5/child                   Grades 2-5
                                              Ages 16 & older
                                              340022-01 Th 5/20-6/17                      6:00P-7:00P     PLASTIC JELLYFISH               Instructor: Joe Harman
                                              340022-02 Th 5/20-6/17                      7:15P-8:15P     Join Jungle Joe as you partake in scientific exploration
                                              Indian Springs Metropark 4 wks $79 No class 6/10            to understand the effects that plastic waste has on
                                                                                                          wildlife. Learn actions you can take to help remedy this
                                                                                                          problem. Bring 2 days worth of clean recyclable plas-
                                                                                                          tic from your home for a jellyfish craft project you get
                                                                                                          to take with you. Nature hike included. No refunds.
52                                                                                                        311335-01 Sa 7/31                        12:30P-1:30P
                                                                                                          Nature Center        $5/child                Grades 2-5

                                                                                                                            WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Learn how to do magic from Michigan's # 1 Magician!
For over 25 years Baffling Bill and Gus the Bunny have          JAPANESE LANGUAGE & CULTURE
been astounding audiences. There will be a 45 minute            Instructor: Kiko King
magic show and a 1/2 hour class to teach you how to             From 6th grade to Graduate School, come and sharp-
amaze friends and family. Each child will receive a bag         en your Japanese Language skills in an open work-
of tricks to amaze family and friends! Deadline to reg-         shop format with Japanese Native and experienced
ister is August 16. For more information about Baffling         Language and culture Instructor/Tutor.
Bill log onto his website at             311579-01 M 6/7-8/2                     7:00P-8:30P
310291-01 Tu 8/31                      10:00A-11:15A            CAI Building 8 wks     $48            Ages 12 & older
Recreation Office $21                       Ages 6-12           No class 7/5
Learn how to melt chocolate to make suckers, choco-             PERENNIAL PLANT SWAP
late covered pretzels, popcorn and cookies. Children            Sponsored by: Waterford Garden Club
will also use candy molds to create a variety of choco-         Take advantage of this great opportunity to share your
late candy. No refunds.                                         perennials and gather some new ones. Bring your plants
310331-01 Tu 6/22                        1:00P-2:30P            to the park where you will meet other gardeners and
Klever Kreations $13.50                     Ages 5-11           exchange plants. Please label your plants with name,
                                                                moisture needs and whether it is a sun or shade plant.
CUPCAKE DECORATING                                              Hess-Hathaway Park Gazebo Sa 5/15 10:00A-2:00P
Learn how to use icing bags and tips to create and
frost cupcakes. Children will have fun adding sprin-            BOATER SAFETY
kles and other candy for decorations. The best part of          Instructor: Chuck Comstock
cupcake decorating is being able to eat your cre-               Open to persons of all ages. Items covered: boat
ations! No refunds.                                             maintenance, personal watercraft & boat operation,
310332-01 Tu 7/27                       1:00P-2:30P             legal requirements of boating, personal preparedness
Klever Kreations $13.50                   Ages 5-11             & survival skills. After passing the required test, those
                                                                12 years and older are given Boating Safety Certificate
COOKIE DECORATING                                               Cards. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! NO
Create and eat, children will love this outstanding class       REFUNDS!
learning to decorate cookies using icing bags and               210040-01 M&W 5/3 & 5/5                    6:00P-9:30P
sprinkles. No refunds.                                          310040-01 Tu&Th 7/20 & 7/22                6:00P-9:30P
310333-01 Tu 8/17                           1:00P-2:30P         310040-03 Sat            8/21              8:45A-3:30P
Klever Kreations $13.50                       Ages 5-11         CAI Building             $12.75
                                                                310040-02 Tu             6/22              9:00A-4:00P
CAR CARE & SAFETY FOR TEENS                                     Recreation Office        $12.75
Instructor: Sue Christophersen
This hands-on class is essential for young drivers. Learn       STOP SMOKING & WEIGHT LOSS
about vehicle safety features, driving safely, and the basics   Instructor: David Rowe, Hypno-Therapist
of caring for your vehicle. Hands-on activities include         Now that Michigan has passed the ban on smoking in
checking tires, fluid levels and other vehicle systems. An      bars and restaurants, it’s the perfect time to quit
additional $5 paid to the instructor for class supplies.        smoking. Want to shed those extra pounds? There’s no
310166-01 M 6/21                               6:30P-8:30P      time like the present to take action, and start losing
CAI Building $20 Ages 15-25                                     weight. Hypnosis is used to make behavioral changes
                                                                to eliminate the stressors and triggers that cause you
KIDS TO KIDS GARAGE SALE                                        to smoke or overeat. Class is divided up into specific
Bring your unwanted toys and games to this special              sections for smokers and those wanting to lose weight.
garage sale. Children will be given a 10’ x `10’ grassy         All participants are required to purchase a hypnosis CD
area. Bring a blanket and chair. No clothes please.             for $10 at class to use for reinforcement at home.
Buy, sell or barter for new toys. Deadline to register is
Monday, June 14th. For inclement weather call 248-              310221-01 Tu 5/11                         6:30P-8:30P
618-7671. Rain date 6/26. No refunds.                           CAI Building $35 plus materials
310165-01 Sa 6/19                      10:00A-12:30P
Hess-Hathaway Park                                   $6         FARM ANIMAL CARE Instructor: Farmer Deby
                                                                Do you have an interest in farm animals? Learn about
                                                                animal care at our Hess-Hathaway Farm. If you’re
Enjoy a night of music, snacks, friends and dancing at
                                                                interested in volunteering at the Farm this class is a
our very fabulous Hannah Montana's Rockin' Night
                                                                must! Includes animal tour and hands on care for the
Out! Activities include, nail painting, hair and karaoke.
                                                                farm animals.
Don't miss this exciting night of entertainment and girl
                                                                330124-01 Su 6/20                      11:00A-1:00P
power! Snacks provided and parents do not stay.
                                                                330124-02 Su 8/8                       11:00A-1:00P
Deadline to register is 6/17. No refunds.
                                                                Hess-Hathaway Park $19                Ages 18 & older
330551-01 W 6/23                             6:30P-8:30P
Clintonwood Park $21                           Ages 6 -10                                                                   53
                                              BEGINNING ITALIAN I            Instructor: Jessica Toby
                                                                                                               Special Events

                                                                          Will you be traveling to Italy
                                                                          or perhaps you want to
                                                                          reconnect with your Italian      HERSHEY TRACK ‘N FIELD
                                                                          heritage? Maybe you just         Individuals will compete in track and field events.
                                                                          love the language and            Separate winners in boys and girls divisions. First place
                                              always wanted to learn. This is a basic Italian course       finishers will compete at a state meet on July 9th in Holt,
                                              with emphasis on conversation in Italian. Topics range       Michigan. Separate division for physically challenged
                                              from polite discourse to shopping, eating and travelling     available. Inclement weather phone number: 248-618-
                                              in Italy. Make sure to purchase the book Barron’s            7671 call after 9:00AM. Ages 9-14 as of 12/31/10.
                                              Learn Italian The Fast and Fun Way before class.             Sa          June 19 10:00A Pierce MS                 Free
                                              311577-01 W 5/5-6/23                       7:00P-9:00P
                                              Recreation Office 8 wks $99 Ages 15 & older

                                              BEGINNING ITALIAN II Instructor: Jessica Toby
                                              This is a continuation of beginning Italian I. We will       FAMILY FUN NIGHT
                                              continue to focus on conversational Italian with empha-      AND A MOVIE
                                              sis on useful phrases and vocabulary for traveling in        UNDER THE STARS
                                              Italy.                                                       Tuesday, August 3rd
                                              311573-01 W 7/7-8/25                      7:00P-9:00P        Hess-Hathaway Park
                                              Recreation Office 8 wks $99 Ages 15 & older                  @ 6:00 PM –
                                                                                                           Movie begins 8:30 PM
                                              SIGN LANUAGE                Instructor: Kathryn Eyman        Live music, activity for kids & sponsor giveaways!!
                                              American Sign Language will be taught with an activi-        This is a great family evening! Free – no pre-registration
                                              ty to follow each instruction.                               required!!
                                              310081-01 Th 6/3-6/24                     6:30P-8:00P

                                              CAI Building 4 wks                                $48

                                              WIRE WRAPPED JEWELRY
                                              Instructor: Rose Woerner

                                              Learn wire wrapping techniques and how to create
                                              beautiful sterling silver jewelry. For more information
                                              and to see project samples, please visit her website at
                                     Additional costs for supplies
                                              will be paid to the instructor, $15 for rings, $25 for
                                              bracelets and cabochon pendants.
                                                                                                             Check out our website for more details!
                                              310160-01 M 6/7                          6:00P-8:00P
                                              310160-02 Th 7/15                        6:00P-8:00P                Hess-Hathaway Concerts
                                              CAI Building         $40                                                  In The Park
                                              Bangle Bracelet                                                    See page 43 for more information
                                              310160-03 Th 6/17                        6:00P-8:00P
                                              310160-04 M 7/19                         6:00P-8:00P
                                              CAI Building         $40
                                                                                                             Big Wheels Keep on Rollin’….
                                              Cabochon Pendant                                               Saturday, September 18th • 11AM – 2PM
                                              310160-05 M 6/21                         5:30P-8:30P
                                              310160-06 Th 7/29                        5:30P-8:30P                       Run at the Farm
                                              CAI Building $45                                               5K Cross Country Run or a 1 mile scenic
                                                                                                                   Cross Country Run or Walk
                                              CAR CARE FOR WOMEN
                                              Instructor: Sue Christophersen
                                                                                                                 Saturday, October 9th, 9:30AM
                                              Knowledge is power. Learn vehicle maintenance needs                 (Registration starts at 9AM)
                                              and learn do-it-yourself checks for tires, fluid levels,
                                              and other vehicle systems, and choosing a service                                    23rd Annual
                                              provider. Sign up with a friend and plan on enjoying a                            Harvest Happening
                                              fun and informative evening. An additional $5 paid to
                                              the instructor for class supplies.
                                                                                                                                     Saturday, October 2
                                              310168-01 Tu 6/22                       6:30P-8:30P                                         11AM – 5PM
                                              CAI Building $20
                                                                                                                                 Sweetest Day
                                                                                                                            Family Dance
54                                                                                                               Friday, October 15th • 7PM – 9PM
                                         50+ Club

                                                                                                                 WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
       • Summer 2010 •
A bi-monthly newsletter of detailed program information is available to you when you join the Golden Age Club.
 The cost for Waterford residents is $13, non residents pay $18. Memberships are active from January 1 to
      December 31. Contact the 50+ Office at 248-674-4881. Sharon Hunt – Recreation Supervisor.

 Crochet & Knit      Volleyball                          Spaghetti Dinner          May 7
 Bunco               Crafty Gifts                        “Wonderettes” Gem Theatre May 13
 Poetry Club         Open Bridge                         DSO – All Mozart          May 14
 Table Tennis        Stretch & Tone                      Firekeepers Casino        May 18
 Pickle Ball         Quilting                            Annual Card Party         May 19
 Softball Men        Bocce Ball                          Tigers vs Washington      June 17
 Golden Age Games Sing Along                             Tigers vs Minnesota       July 9
 Shuffleboard        Euchre                              Windsor Casino            July 14
 Walking             Duplicate Bridge                    Golden Age Games          Aug 11-25
 Busy Bees           Badminton
 Book Club           Line Dancing                                    EXTENDED TRAVEL
 Senior Putters Golf Wii Bowling                         Cape May                 May 23-28
 Pinochle            Watercolor Painting                 Mack Is Lilac Time       June 11-12
 Softball Women      Golf Clinic                         Nova Scotia              August 3-10
 Exercise            Tai Chi                             Mackinac Bridge Walk     Sept 5-6
 Ball Pilates        Gentle Yoga                         England/Scotland/Wales   Sept 9-18
 Bounce Volleyball                                       Outer Banks, NC          Sept 26-Oct 1
                                                         Shenandoah Valley        Oct 21-25
                                                         Nashville Christmas      Nov 19-22

  August 11 – August 25, 2010                 50+ Program
  Two weeks of competitive events beginning with Breakfast In The Park at Independence Oaks
  and finishing with a closing ceremony luncheon at the CAI Building. Medals are awarded for 1st,
  2nd, and 3rd place finishers in all events. Choose from over 40 events from Baking to Volleyball.
  Registration begins July 1, 2010. Call 248-674-4881 for registration information. Deadline to
  register is July 30, 2010.

  Tigers v Minnesota       Friday, July 9, 2010      Game time 7:05pm         $56 Mem $61 Non
  Round trip motorcoach transportation to Comerica Park with Waterford Parks & Recreation tour
  host on board. Seating is in the Lower Baseline Box, section 114, rows 37-41. Also included
  is a food voucher for a hot dog, chips, and a drink. Depart the CAI Building at 5:00pm and return
  approximately 11:00pm.                                                                                         55
                                                 Parks & Recreation Rental Facilities

                                                                                     • PRICES FOR 2010 MAY CHANGE •
                                                                       For more information or to reserve a date call 248-674-5441.
                                                          The rental fee and damage deposit must be paid in full in order to secure your date.
                                                         All of our facilities are non-smoking and do not allow alcohol unless otherwise stated.

                                              HESS-HATHAWAY PARK is located at 825 S. Williams Lake Rd., between Elizabeth Lake Rd. & Cooley Lake Rd. Park
                                              is open Memorial Day to Labor Day 10:00AM – 8:00PM, Labor Day to Memorial Day 10:00AM – 5:00 PM. Non-
                                              residents will be charged an add’l $28 for Pavilions & Community Building, $10 for Gazebo & $5 for Birthday Parties.
                                              Electricity is available. Charcoal grills are available at the pavilions & gazebo.
                                              Pavilion I:                         Seats up to 160          $165/day + $50 damage deposit
                                              Pavilion II:                        Seats up to 75           $94/day + $50 damage deposit
                                              Gazebo:                             Seats up to 35           $60 for 2 hours, $25 each add’l hour
                                                                                                           + $50 damage deposit
                                              Community Building:                 Seats up to 120          $330 for 6 hours, $50 each add’l hour
                                                                                                           + $200 damage deposit for an event without alcohol
                                                                                                           + $350 damage deposit for an event with alcohol
                                              Birthday Parties:                   Up to 15 children        $75 (11:00AM-2:00PM or 2:00PM-5:00PM)
                                                                                                           Includes Gazebo, Animal Tour & Hayride
                                                                                                           $10 each add’l child

                                              THE RECREATION BUILDING is located at 2303 Crescent Lake Rd. next to the Fire Department. This Facility is
                                              available for meetings, classes, birthday parties, showers etc. A $50 damage deposit is required on all rentals. Non-
                                              residents will be charged an add’l $5 per hour.
                                              Classroom:                          Seats up to 45        Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM, $14/hour
                                                                                                        Monday-Friday, 5:00PM-9:00PM, $28/hour
                                                                                                        Saturday & Sunday, $28/hour
                                              Gym:                                                      Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM, $22/hour
                                                                                                        Monday-Friday, 5:00PM-9:00PM, $44/hour
                                                                                                        Saturday & Sunday, $44/hour

                                              THE WARMING HOUSE is located at 5050 Civic Center Dr., between the Recreation Building and the 51st District
                                              Court. Rental hours are 7:00AM – 11:00PM. Non-residents will be charged an add’l $28. Seats 40
                                                        Monday – Friday                                      Saturday – Sunday
                                                        $65 for 5 hours + $75 damage deposit                $100 for 5 hours + $75 damage deposit
                                                        $22 each add’l hour                                  $22 each add’l hour

                                              THE C.A.I. BUILDING is located at 5640 Williams Lake Rd., between Airport Rd. & Dixie Hwy. Rentals are available
                                              Monday-Saturday, 8:00AM – 9:00PM or Midnight Saturdays for larger groups. Alcohol is only allowed in the Dining Room.
                                              Dining Room:                    Seats up to 200      $550 for 6 hours, $50 each add’l hour
                                                                                                   (non-residents add $28)
                                                                                                   + $300 damage deposit for an event without alcohol
                                                                                                   + $600 damage deposit for an event with alcohol
                                              Gym:                            Seats up to 300      $55/hour for classes or rentals other than parties/banquets
                                                                                                   (non-residents add $28)
                                              Meeting Room:                   Seats up to 30       $28/hour – 2 hour minimum (non-residents add $5/hour)
                                              Pavilion:                       Seats up to 60       $100 for 6 hours + $50 damage deposit
                                                                                                   (non-residents add $28)

                                              THE DRAYTON PLAINS NATURE CENTER is located at 2125 Denby Dr., in the Drayton Woods Subdivision off
                                              Hatchery Rd. Rentals are available Monday – Sunday, 8:00AM – 9:00PM.
                                              Meeting Room:                    Seats up to 30      $28/hour (non-residents fee $5/hour)
                                              Pavilion:                        Seats up to 50      $75/day + $50 damage deposit (non-residents add $28)

                                              THE FISH HATCHERY PARK is located at 4490 Hatchery Rd., between Frembes Rd. & Dixie Hwy. Non-residents
                                              are charged an add’l $5. Electricity is available at the large pavilion.
                                              Large Pavilion:                  Seats up to 84            $94/day + $50 damage deposit
                                              Small Pavilion:                  Seats up to 32            $50/day + $50 damage deposit

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