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     Harstone Children’s Centre’s entire program is built on the understanding that we
     are helping to parent your child. The decisions made by the staff and the Board of
     Director’s of the Centre are always made with the best interests of all the children
     in mind.

     All parents are members of Harstone Children’s Centre Incorporated. It is
     the requirement of the Incorporations that members elect a Board of
     Directors yearly. As a member of our corporation, you are required to
     attend the Annual General Meeting to be held every March. Failure to
     attend the meeting may result in parents being asked to resign from the
     corporation. (i.e. Your child will no longer be entitled to a Day Care space.)
     It is imperative that parents and/or guardians attend, as we need to have a
     certain number for quorum.

     Parents are encouraged to run for positions on the Board of Directors, sit on
     committees, or attend Board Meetings. Interested parents may request to attend

     Parents are more than welcome to drop in at the Centre anytime, to contribute
     ideas or to help for awhile. Please offer suggestions and ideas, as we are always
     open to trying new things.

     Newsletters are sent home throughout the year. This includes changes that
     concern you and your child, matters of interest, upcoming events, a staff page etc.

     As we have as much contact with your child as you or the school, we would
     appreciate knowing any important information regarding your child (i.e. recent
     separation, death in the family, illness etc.). This information is kept strictly
     confidential and will help us in understanding and dealing with emotional
     problems your child may have.
B.   Registration

     Parents are required to complete a registration form, medical consent and a
     Parental Agreement upon enrollment of each child into the centre. A twenty-five
     dollar ($25.00) non-refundable fee (per family) is required. This $25.00 will be
     applied to the first bill when the child starts at the centre. Registration is done on
     a first come, first serve basis.

            School age children                                     6 – 12 years
            Pre school/kindergarten children                        2 – 5 years
            Infant children                                         12 weeks – 2 years

C.   License

     Harstone Children’s Centre – Sargent location is licensed by the Child Day Care
     Office for sixty (60) children between the ages of two and twelve years. We try
     to fill up with four and five year olds who will be attending nursery or
     kindergarten before we take the two and three year olds. Please note, we do not
     have diapering facilities, so all children must be potty trained.

     Harstone Children’s Centre – Minto location is licensed for thirty two (32)
     two – five year olds.

     Harstone Children’s Centre – Alverstone location is licensed for twenty-four (24)
     children between the ages of twelve weeks and twelve years.

D.   Hours of Operation

     7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. – Sargent & Minto Locations
     6:50 A.M. – 5:30 P.M. – Alverstone Location
     ALL INSERVICE DAYS AND HOLIDAYS (See listing of statutory closures
     under Section E – Fees)

     1.     The Centre doors will remain locked until the opening time of 7:00 A.M.
            at Sargent & Minto and 6:50 A.M. at Alverstone. There are staff members
            present earlier, but they are busy preparing for the day. The hours of
            operation change when needs for families’ change.

     If your child has not been picked up by 6:00 P.M. (Sargent & Minto) and
     5:30 P.M. (Alvcrstone), a late fee of five dollars ($5.00) per fifteen minutes
     (or any part thereof) will go into effect. Parents need to understand that the
     late fee is given to the staff who has had to stay. Staff are not paid for the
     time they have had to stay, therefore the late fee is the money they receive.
       This late fee is to be paid directly to the staff member who was required to stay
       with your child/children. Parents are required to sign a late fee agreement at the
       time. All children should be out of the centre at 6:00 P.M.., 5:30 P.M. at
       Alverstone. If a parent arrives at 6:00 P.M. (or 5:30 at Alverstone) and the child
       takes ten minutes to dress and leave, the parent will be assessed a late fee. Staff
       cannot leave the centre until all parents and children have left.

       Harstone Children’s Centre Staff will be responsible for your child until 7:00
       P.M.. After that point, if the alternate cannot be reached, Child and Family
       Services will be called to report a child in need of care. If a parent picks up their
       child after 6:00 P.M.(5:30 P.M. at Alverstone) three times in one calendar year,
       Harstone Children’s Centre may ask the parent to withdraw the child. Parents
       will be given two weeks notice to find alternate care for their child.

E.     FEES

Harstone Children’s Centre has implemented an accounting policy for all parents
regarding payment of parent bills. Fees are reviewed by the Board of Directors when
required. Invoices are issued on the Friday prior to the beginning of the new pay period
(4 weeks). The due date is the following Friday (1 week). It is your responsibility to
have payments ready in your absence due to holidays or absenteeism.

If your account has not been paid in full by 6:00 P.M. of the due date, a late charge of
$5.00 will be applied to your account on the following Monday. You then have until the
week’s end to pay your balance. This procedure will take place for three consecutive
weeks with a total of $15.00 being charged to your account. If after one month, your bill
has not been settled, your child/children will be removed from the Centre. Please note,
your parent bill will be sent to a collections agency a/o small claim’s court as well as the
Day Care Office being informed of your outstanding balance which they may share with
all city daycares resulting in failure to place your child in a licensed facility.

Parents may make arrangements with Director to coincide with your pay periods.
Invoices due during holidays are the Parent’s responsibility and must be paid on the due
date unless arrangements have been made.

1.     Harstone Children’s Centre is firmly committed to offering quality programming
       and staff for your children. It is difficult to continue to meet the rising costs of
       such a program. Therefore, we charge a $2.00 per day child unsubsidized fee.
       which is allowed by the Provincial Day Care Office.

2.     If you are a student or on social assistance, please ask the director for information
       where you can claim for this unsubsidized fee.
3.   Government subsidy forms are available from the Director or you can apply
     online at www.gov.mb.ca/childcare. Regular fees are charged for all statutory
     holidays, inclement weather closings and inservice days.

4.   NSF charges of $10.00 will be applied to all returned cheques. If your account
     has two NSF cheques returned, payments will have to be made by cash, certified
     cheque or money order only.

5.   Official Income Tax Receipts will be issued in January for the previous year.
     Please note, Federal Government Regulations only allow us to print receipts for
     parent fees incurred. Lunch program, late fees, and any additional programming
     fees are not included.

     Subsidy Renewal

     Harstone Children’s Centre receives a copy of subsidy renewal requests from the
     Day Care Office at the same time as the parent. You are responsible to return
     your subsidy renewal forms to the Child Day Care office prior to expiry to avoid a
     lapse in coverage. Submission numbers are required or full fees will be charged.
     If you have not been reassessed or your reassessment is not approved, you are
     responsible for all day care charges incurred. Please remember to attach a current
     pay stub to all applications to speed up the decision regarding your application.

     Parents are required to pay their fees for the following statutory days when the
     Centre is closed:

     New Year’s Day                        Louis Riel Day
     Good Friday                           Victoria Day
     Canada Day                            Civic Holiday
     Labor Day                             Thanksgiving Day
     Remembrance Day                       Christmas Day
     Boxing Day                            Easter Monday (to be taken at Christmas)

F.   Withdrawal Procedures

     The Centre requires two (2) weeks notice for withdrawal from the program.
     Without adequate notice, parents will be assessed for up to two weeks of fees
     from the date the notice was given.

G.   Holidays

     Families do not get credit for holidays taken. Fees are to be paid on a full
     time basis whether your child/children are present or not. Withdrawing
     your child/children for holiday purposes may result in their spot being filled
     and having to go on a waiting list.

     If your child is taken out of the program for the summer, he/she will be put on a
     waiting list in September.

H.   Medicines and Sick Children

     No credit will be given for sick time.

     1.    Staff cannot administer non-prescription drugs unless they are in the
           original container, accompanied by a medical consent form that is
           signed and dated by the parent, with specific instructions for
           administration. Cough syrups will not be administered unless
           accompanied by a doctor’s prescription note. No child two or
           younger will be administered any over the counter medications,
           including cough suppressants.

      2     Tylenol Policy: Tylenol will be administered to a child once the parents
            have been notified that pick up is required due to fever, but only as a
            preventive measure. This does not allow the child to remain at the Centre.
            The Centre will provide the Tylenol to a child with a high fever and
            notification of administered medication will be given. Tylenol can be
            administered if accompanied by a doctor’s note due to a viral infection,
            teething, etc. but cannot exceed 5 days.

     3      Staff cannot administer prescription drugs if they are out of date.

     4      Staff cannot administer prescription drugs unless they are in the original
            container accompanied by a medical consent from that is signed and dated
            by the parent, with specific instructions for administration, and signature
            of staff person who administered it will be kept.

     5      Please notify the staff of any dietary restrictions or allergies your child
            may have.

     6      Sick children will not be accepted at the Centre. The Centre will call you
            if your child is vomiting, diarrhea (twice), or fever. Any contagious or
            infectious diseases will not be accepted either. If you are unavailable,
            your alternate or emergency caregiver will be notified. Picking up the sick
            child is to be done immediately.
7      It is advisable to request the pharmacy to put medicine into two (2) bottles
       if you are intending to leave the medicine at the Centre. Please remember,
       we need the bottle with the original instructions.

8      If children are not well enough to participate in regular activities including
       going to school or playing outside, they should not be attending the

9      If your child becomes ill while at the Centre, you will be called and
       expected to pick him/her up immediately. We will not accept sick
       children from the school during school hours. It is the responsibility of the
       school to contact the parent.

10     If your child has a communicable disease, you must follow the Public
       Health rules regarding incubation and/or isolation. As well, a doctor’s
       certificate may be required upon re-entry.

11     We have a “no nit” policy regarding lice at all Centres. Infected heads
       must be shampooed with a medicated shampoo, and all nits combed out
       and removed from the head before returning to the Centre.

12    Please notify the Centre if your child will not be attending the Centre
      due to illness or for any other reason. The Centre will have no choice
      but to contact you at work if this is not done.


In the case of medication that must by immediately accessible to a child due to
life threatening circumstances such as an epi-pen, the medication must be worn on
the child’s person, in such form as a fanny pack. The medication must be in a
sealed container and the pack must be kept zippered at all times.


URIS applications expire on a yearly basis and must be renewed prior to expiry
date. Failure to reapply for URIS will result in medications being returned to
parents as we are not liable to administer. Please note, twin injection epipens
cannot be administered at the Centres.
     Parents will be responsible to make arrangements for transportation of medication
     to and from school. The Centre will not be responsible to ensure that medication
     is administered during school hours. The schools have different policies than the

I.   Lunches and Snacks

     Harstone Children’s Centre offers a full lunch program (Sargent & Minto
     Locations only) for the cost of $2.50 a day ($50.00 per billing period). Menus
     rotate on a monthly cycle. Nutritious snacks are served every morning and
     afternoon. The Centre will post a menu for lunch and snacks on the parent
     bulletin board every month and a copy of the menu will be put in the Parent

     If you know your child does not like what is on the menu, please send a lunch
     with him/her. We do not have the time or supplies to make different lunches for
     individual children.

     Lunch is served with milk, fruit and a vegetable. Snacks are served with juice or
     milk, depending on the menu as per Canada’s Nutritional Food Guide.

     Child/Staff Ratio

     School Age                            1 staff / 15 children

     Pre-School                            1 staff / 8 children

     Infant                                1 staff / 4 children

     These ratios are in accordance with the provincial Day Care regulations. The
     Centre tries to reduce ratios by applying for various grants that are available.

J.   Centre Insurance

     Although the Centre does carry an insurance policy, parents are encouraged to
     carry either Blue Cross or another student Insurance Policy to cover ambulance,
     dental and any other costs that are not covered in our insurance policy.

K.   Summer Program

     The Minto & Sargent Centres are open throughout the summer holidays from 7:00
     A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday to Friday. Alverstone Centre is open throughout the
     summer holidays from 6:50 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., Monday to Friday. Summer
     registration will only be taken if there is room, and on a full time basis only.
     During the summer, school age children spend a great deal of time away from the
     centre. It is important that each child be at the Centre no later than 9:00 A.M.

     Each child must keep a swimsuit and towel at the Centre Monday to Friday during
     the summer. Parents are expected to keep these items clean and dry in the
     children’s lockers.

L.   Departure and Arrival

     Parents must deliver and pick up their children to and from the centre. The
     Centre WILL NOT be responsible for children who are not brought right
     into the Centre and delivered to a staff member or picked up at night by
     their parents. The Centre will be responsible for children once they have
     been checked in. Parents will be responsible for their children when they
     come into the child’s room.

     Please Note:

     The front entrance to the Day Care on Sargent is a no stopping zone from 7:00
     A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and from 3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.. We would suggest that you
     park on one of the side streets in order to bring your child in or pick up your child.

     Your child will not be released to any person who, in the opinion of the staff on
     duty, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or poses some potential threat to
     the safety of your child. Harstone Children’s Centre will assume no responsibility
     for your child once they are released from our care.

     In case of emergency which would require evacuation of the Centre, children
     would be picked up at Wild Strawberry, located at 801 Sargent Avenue.

     Minto children would be picked up at Isaac Brock Community Centre, located at
     715 Telfer N. Street..

     Alverstone children would be picked up at Arlington Haus, located at 880
     Arlington Street.

M.   Transportation Policy

     Harstone Children’s Centre assumes responsibility for all children from the time
     they are dropped off by parent/guardian, until the time they are picked up by
     parent or guardian. The Centre assumes responsibility of children at time of child
     drop off by parent/guardian or school bus.
Parents are required to sign separate permission slips for all outings. Twenty four
hour notice will be posted before departure. Please note, for long holidays such as
the summer school break, calendars will be given out and one permission slip will
be issued to be signed.

Sargent Location:

School age children are dropped off at school at the following times:

In the morning at 8:50 A.M. Kindergarteners and nursery school children are
taken directly to their rooms and delivered to the teacher.

Kindergarteners and nursery school children are picked up at 11:25 A.M. at their
room and brought back to the day care.

Sargent Park and Principal Sparling school age children are picked up at 12:00
(noon) and brought back at 12:50 P.M. Children from both schools are picked up
at designated areas at the school at 3:30 P.M.

Children from Sacre Couer are met at the bus @ 11:25 A.M. and at 3:15 P.M.

Minto Location:

Kindergarten children are taken to the bus at 8:44 A.M. and picked up at the bus
at 11:20 A.M.

Alverstone Location:

School age children are walked at 8:50 A.M. After school children are picked up
at 3:40 P.M.

School age children who walk from school themselves, must be picked up by an
adult from the Centre. We will not release them to leave without adult

IN SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY are school age children allowed to
be sent home. This must be done by written consent from both the parent
and the director. Parents need to remember that daylight during the winter
months is much shorter and it is dark outside by 4:30 P.M.
1.   Field Trips

     Children participating in field trips may travel in any of the following

     a.     Centre van

     b.     Winnipeg Transit System

            The child staff ratio must no exceed one staff for every six nursery
            or kindergarten children, or one staff for every ten school age

     c.     Bus rental

2.   Emergency Transportation Situations

     a.     On occasion, children may need emergency transportation due to
            an accident or illness. Staff will use their own discretion as to the
            type of emergency vehicle required in these situations. The
            following vehicles are the possible vehicles that the staff will
            choose from:

                    •    Ambulance

                    •    Taxi

            Children will always be accompanied by a staff person until the
            parent or guardian arrives.

     b.     In all situations, it is the responsibility of the parent to cover any
            costs while children are being transported. In an emergency
            situation, if time and circumstances allow, the staff person will
            contact the parent to ask the parents preference of emergency
            vehicle. However, in an immediate or life threatening emergency
            situation, staff will seek transportation first and then call the
            parent. In any emergency situation parents will be informed as
            soon as possible.

3.   Busing Situations

     a.     If a child misses the school bus on account of the parent, the parent
            is responsible for transporting the child to the school. The staff
            will assist the parent but the parent is responsible for the travel
            costs. (i.e. Taxi or bus fare)
            b.      If a child misses the school bus on account of the Centre, the
                    Centre is responsible for taking the child to school.


     Custody papers should be kept on file at the Centre. In the case where a parent
     comes to pick up a child, unless the papers are on file, the Police or staff cannot
     prevent a parent from removing their own child.


     During any inclement weather, which includes a weather warning, parents should
     call the Centre before bringing their children. Children should also be brought
     right into the Centre to ensure that staff are available to care for the children. At
     any time there is a public announcement that the School Division No. 1 schools
     are closed, the Centre is automatically closed. Please listen to CJOB for details.


     During the winter months, if it is colder than –25 degrees Celsius, either with or
     without a windchill, the children will not be offered outdoor play. During times
     of less than optimal weather, outdoor play is offered at the discretion of the staff.


     If a school age child chooses not to attend the program (i.e. going to a friend’s
     house, playing outside, etc.) and does not check in with the staff, the following
     procedure will be followed:

     1.     Staff will check with the classroom teacher;

     2.     Staff will search the school and playground;

     3.     If the child still cannot be located, parents will be notified and are
            expected to attend the Centre as soon as possible.

     4.     One staff will assist the parent in searching for the child.


     Parents are responsible to inform the Centre of any times their children will not be
     attending. If we are not informed of your child’s absence, we will be calling the
     parent or guardian at work.

     Child Day Care Regulations stipulate that emergency evacuation procedures (fire
     drills) are practiced at least once a month for all children in attendance at the Day
     Care Centre.



     As we have fire drills once a month, it is a necessity that children have shoes on at
     all times. During the winter an on wet, rainy days, children are expected to
     change from their outdoor footwear to indoor footwear.

     Children must be dressed appropriately for outdoor play each day. The Centre
     cannot be responsible for lost and damaged items. Please label clothing and
     check the “lost and found”. All unclaimed articles will be taken to the Salvation
     Army once a month.

     Pre-School children should have a complete change of clothing at all times.
     Anything can happen! You must have an extra set of everything (socks,
     underwear, shirt and pants) in your child’s locker. It is an embarrassment to the
     children when they require a change of clothing and do not have them. There will
     be no lending.

     Parents are responsible for their children’s diapers and wipes. Please ensure your
     child has enough supplies plus some extra for every day. Reminder notices will
     be posted to your locker if supplies are low.


     The Centre cannot be responsible for toys brought from home. It is a Centre
     policy not to allow toys to be brought from home. Occasionally, the Centre will
     hold a “show and tell” where children will be asked to bring something from


     Nap for pre-school children are from 12:30 P.M. until 2:00 P.M. depending on
     age. Nap is optional and a parental choice. If parents choose for their children
     not to nap, a quiet group time is provided for the time. If parents feel that they
     wish to have their child out of the nap room, the staff should be notified. If staff
     feel that the child is ready to give up naps, this will be discussed with the parent
and a joint decision will be made. Removing a nap is usually a slow process of
removing the child from the nap room two days a week and increasing days until
the child is totally out.


The Centre has a well planned program, which enhances the child’s growth and
development in all areas. Our flexible daily routine is planned to include a wide
variety of activities. Our learning centres are as follows:

a.     ART

       Children have access to paper, paints, scissors, glue, crayons, pencils,
       playdough, odds and ends, etc.

       We encourage art that is individualized rather than process art that all
       looks the same. We try to encourage creativity.

b.     LIBRARY

       A variety of library books suitable to different age levels are available.
       Story books with tapes are also available.

c.     MUSIC

       Tapes, rhythm instruments, listening, singing and dancing.


       Miniature housekeeping appliances such as sink, cupboards, crib, stove,
       dress up clothes and child size furniture allow the children to role-play.


       Hammers, nails, screwdrivers, wood and imagination let the children
       create their own wood projects.


       Puzzles, counting and table top games allow the children to play together
       or alone quietly.

     The water table offers children an enjoyable, tactile experience while they
     discover physic and science principles.


     The sand table lets the children play on the beach every day.


     Little hands become princes and voices become shy or gruff as children
     act out their favorite stories.


     Every few weeks, the staff create a play environment for the children, such
     as a hospital, post office, hairdressing shop, vet office, store, etc.. Both the
     staff and the children enjoy these outlets for creativity and role-playing.

k.   GYM

     We have access to the gym whenever the children are at the Centre.
     Children enjoy competitive and non-competitive sports, games, bicycles
     and creative movement activities. Come and do aerobics with us.


     Children enjoy exploring the worlds around them. Our science area has
     tested pollution levels, examined the wonders of electricity, air and space.


     The children visit a number of parks and school grounds around the


     All kinds of small toys, blocks, Lego, cars, beads, Little People, Fisher
     Price Toys, doll house, farm and garage.

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