Real Madrid's by jqg68327


									                               Real Madrid's


       I ran home immediately and went to my computer, and slipped on my
socks. My computer knows me well especially today because it went super
fast and loaded super fast and the internet was working perfectly. I went to
The Official La Liga website to see the ranking for BBVA. I had the stinky
taste of second place for Barcelona, and the wonderful smell of first place
for Real Madrid my fave soccer team. "HOORAY"!!!!!! I shouted out. Guess
what I saw, My favortie team Real Madrid was on the top and number one in
BBVA 1 points in front of Barcelona. I was joyful, delight, satisfied, out of
breath, and pleased with their work. Maybe Real Madrid thinks the same way
that I'm thinking. I thought that Barcelona was first, so how you know how
blessed I was. If they were second I would faint. I was actually yelling and
screaming for joy and especially knowing that Barcelona was under Real
Madrid just made me happier, right when my mom used her grouchy face and
marched inside my room and got into trouble for using the computer right
afterschool and not about homework, but thought it was worth the trouble.
Bless Real Madrid's heart in the good way.!!!!

P.S This may not be exciting for non soccer lovers but will for Real Madrid

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