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									                                                                                               Volume 5, Issue 16
                       Nottingham School
                                                                                                  May 28, 2010
                                                                                               Nottingham School

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                       Guidance News                                            

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                                                                                  Pg 1        Guidance News

                                                                                  Pg 2—5 Nottingham School
                                                                                  Information, News & Activi-
   Bullying and conflict resolution have been a focus of our school’s             ties
   Guidance Curriculum and reinforce our school’s behavioral expecta-
   tions of honesty, safety, respect, and cooperation. Below are some of              •   Guidance News Continued…
   the topics that have been covered with your child this year. Conversa-             •   Yearbooks on Sale
   tions at home can be one of the most effective tools and this informa-             •   Knights Unite Field Day
   tion can be helpful for families to initiate conversation about bullying           •   Memorial Day—A Poem by
   and conflict resolution.                                                               Kyle Evan Nelson
                                                                                      •   Wider Horizons
Grades K-3: Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution Pro-                                •   Morning Drop-off
                                                                                      •   Earth Turners by Ethan
gram- Mrs. Wheeler                                                                        Budny and Bryan Lavoie
                                                                                      •   Sea, Let it Be by Ally Wheeler
Younger students are learning and developing social skills in the primary
                                                                                      •   Parking at School
grades, and it is important to develop pro-social behaviors in the early years.
The focus of our Guidance curriculum in grades K-3 is to provide students             •   Athletic Department News
with tools to handle conflict appropriately, identifying key adult figures that       •   Egyptian Museum by Natalie
can help them when needed, and fostering positive interactions and friend-                Hafez
ships within the school setting. The books The Bully Free Classroom and               •   Guidance “Career Weeks”
Bully Proof are used in conjunction with story books and classroom activities         •   Volleyball
to reach students in the primary grades. An emphasis is placed on “safe bod-
ies and safe behaviors” and “unsafe bodies and unsafe behaviors”. Safety
Mapping is created in each classroom during Guidance where the students           Pg. 6-7 Nottingham Commu-
identify places in school that they feel safe versus unsafe. Our Guidance cur-    nity Information
riculum strives to be responsive to classroom climate and culture, so the
units may vary between grade levels or classrooms depending on need.                  • Quest Summer Camp
                                                                                      • Tech Camps 2010
Grade 5 Conflict Management Program – Mrs. Wheeler                                    • Arts and Crafts Classes
and Mrs. Tooch                                                                        • Food Pantry Benefit Concert
                                                                                      • CBNA Freshman Parent Ori-
Conflicts arise naturally because of the uniqueness of people. Students make            entation
choices about how to handle conflict and these choices and sometimes this             • Nottingham Recreation De-
can lead to inappropriate acts against others. Many experts support the idea            partment
that teaching conflict management skills to children may help alleviate some
of the acts of violence that are being committed by children today.               Pg. 8 Nottingham PTA Infor-
Fifth grade students recently completed a 12 week program called “Coping          mation & Calendar of Events
with Conflict: An Elementary Approach” during their weekly classroom guid-
ance. The program centered on four skills that help children learn to work        •       School Calendar of Events
out conflicts in a peaceful way. These skills include: Facts First, Madness       •       Summer Institute by Emylee
Management, Caring Communication and Timely Tools. It is our goal that stu-               Menard
dents learn and practice these conflict management skills so that they become
a part of their encounters with others.

Page 1                                                                                                    Knightly News
          Nottingham School Information, News & Activities
Guidance News… continued from page 1

Grade 7 “Complaint Free Kids” – Mrs. Tooch
Have you seen a purple rubber bracelet on any 7th grade students lately?
Once again, the 7th grade students engaged in a workshop on encouraging students to think more positively.
Some students call it the “Purple Bracelet” workshop, with the idea of being more self-aware of how many times
one tends to complain, gossip or criticize about others on a daily basis. A purple rubber bracelet is given to all of
the students which they place on their wrist. Whenever they catch themselves complaining, criticizing or gossip-
ing about others, they are to take the bracelet off and switch it to the other hand. Scientists believe is takes 21
consecutive days of a new behavior to become habitual, so by switching the bracelet from wrist to wrist with each
complaint until one has gone 21 consecutive days, one will establish a habit of being Complaint Free. The lesson
focused on “what is complaining?” versus “what is a fact”, the negative, nonproductive effect criticism and gossip-
ing has on others and learning why people tend to complain. The goal of this activity is help students realize posi-
tive thinking helps in many areas of life such as being more focused in school and having improved relationships
with peers and family. Nottingham School hopes to make this a yearly program with more activities.

          2009-2010 Yearbooks                                                        Memorial Day
              are Now on Sale
             Color on every page!                                                      A Poem
                 Order today!
                                                                                     By: Kyle Evan Nelson
                Price is $12.00
     Place your money in an envelope
   with your name, teacher's name, and
                                                              Come together now, all you Americans
 grade level clearly marked on the outside.
    Pass it into the office to secure your                    From the lighthouses of Maine and the
            2009-2010 yearbook.                               Lights of New York, to the deserts of
             They are going fast!
                                                              Nevada and the redwoods of California,
                                                              For on this day in May, we remember
          Knights Unite Field Day
            Friday, June 18th                                 The ones who lost their lives while
                                                              Serving for our country. From the
In order to distinguish students in different
                                                              Jungles of Vietnam and the sands of
grades and to promote some class spirit,
please ask your students to wear the follow-                  Iraq, to the shores of Normandy and the
ing colors:                                                   Fields of Gettysburg, they fought with
                                                              Bravery and courage for our freedom.
Kindergarten – hats
Grade 1 – green                                               Their deaths are a time to reflect, to
Grade 2 – purple                                              Learn, to realize the importance of
Grade 3 – yellow
                                                              Freedom, for if people die for it, it
Grade 4 – blue
Grade 5 – orange                                              Must be something very special.
Grade 6 – red
Grade 7 – Dare T-shirts
Grade 8 – 8th grade Nottingham shirts
Staff – any Nottingham shirt you have.

Page 2                                                                                                   Knightly News
          Nottingham School Information, News & Activities
           Wider Horizons Seeks New Programs
                    for Fall Semester
                                                                    Sea, Let It Be
The Wider Horizons Program is looking to expand offer-                  By Ally Wheeler
ings to students in the new school year. We are hoping
to offer an after school drama club, art (drawing, paint-
ing, sculpture), jewelry and hair accessory crafts, and
games and puzzles.
                                                                  Swim in the sea,
Parents and community members, are you interested in
                                                                  Swim in the sea,
facilitating a Wider Horizons enrichment activity? Have           You know to let it
you been wanting to volunteer, but not sure how? Day,
length, frequency of sessions, and grade level participation              be.
is determined by the volunteer. Please contact Lauren
Chaurette at
                                                                     I know me,
                                                                    I know you,
                  Morning Drop-off
                                                                   We both let the
When dropping children off in the morning through
the parking lot pattern, for you and your child’s                       sea be.
safety, please have children exit onto the sidewalk
side of the car. Thank you!

         Earth Turners
  By Ethan Budny and Bryan                                              PLEASE NOTE
           Lavoie                                                      Parking at School
                                                                Before, During and After School Hours
        So far the Earth Turners
garden program has been very                                   A reminder that handicapped parking
successful. We have had the                                    in the traffic loop is for specifically li-
following plants grow: lettuces, carrots, radishes, straw-     censed or tagged cars ONLY.
berries, beans, marigolds, squash, tomato, and pumpkins
in our newly constructed raised beds. We are hoping we         There are a specific number of spaces
have some salad vegetables that could be served at our         available in the handicap (4) and visi-
school lunch before school ends and in the fall. We have       tors (4) section. Do not park on the
a great place for compost with lots of food waste and          dirt or lawn areas alongside these ar-
green and brown leaves. Also, we have some rain barrels        eas. Repeated parking in these areas
in the front and back of school so we can get rain water       impedes grass growth. Please park in
and not made water from the faucet to water the plants.        the parking lot.
We also have a worm factory with worms to help make
compost.                                                       Parking along the fire lane is also not
        Our sunflower maze is coming along. We have not        allowed before, during, or after school.
yet planted the flowers, but we have a good design and         Parents may use the fire lane for a
hope you will have a chance to experience the maze in the      quick drop-off and pick-up, but not
fall when you come back to school.                             for extended stays.
        Earth Turners has approximately 30 students and
8 parent volunteers. In seven weeks, we have worked on         The Nottingham Police Department
a lot of projects with more to come!                           will ticket parking violations.

Page 3                                                                                         Knightly News
                              Nottingham School Information
                           Athletic Department Information
                                Sports for 2010 – 2011
          Soccer - girls/boys grades 6 thru 8
          Cross country - girls/boys grades 5 thru 8

           Basketball - girls/boys grades 6 thru 8
           Cheerleading - girls grades 6 thru 8

Spring Baseball - boys grades 6 thru 8
       Softball - girls grades 6 thru 8
       Track and Field- girls/boys grades 5 thru 8

Medical Requirements to participate:
A sports physical done and on file with the school nurse. For students entering Grade 5*, the physical must be
after June 1, 2010. Grades 6, 7, and 8, a physical is good for 2 years as noted below. Sports physical forms can be
found on the school web site.

a.     Fall sports within 2 years of the first day of practice, between Sept. 2008 and Sept. 2010. *except gr. 5 as noted
b.     Winter sports within 2 years of the first day of practice, between Nov. 2008 and Nov. 2010.
c.     Spring sports within 2 years of the first day of practice between Apr. 2009 and Apr. 2011.

                                  Fall Sports Sign-ups!!!
                               Soccer-grades 6, 7 & 8 and
                            Cross Country-grades 5, 6, 7 & 8

    Sign-ups will be taking place the month of June.
Athletic Packets are available on the school web site and
                       in the office.

     Please complete the required paperwork and return to
                Mr. Leatherman by June 25th.

     Any questions, please contact Mr. Leatherman at 679-
                           5632 x24

Page 4                                                                                                       Knightly News
         Nottingham School and Community Information
                                     Guidance “Career Weeks”
                                     During the weeks of 5/31-6/4 and 6/6-6/11, grades K-3 will be partici-
                                     pating in a career development activity. Parents are invited into their
                                     child’s classroom during their regularly scheduled guidance time to
                                     discuss their jobs. Interested parents should contact Laura Wheeler at
                                     ext. 30 or via email at There are a
                                     limited number of time slots available, so it will be scheduled on a first
                                     come, first serve basis. Last year, we had a wonderful group of par-
                                     ents who provided our students with some fun and interactive career
                                     presentations, and we are looking forward it this year as well!

         By: Natalie Hafez

        The sixth grade had an
Egyptian Museum they held on
May 6, 2010. Every year, the 6th                      Nottingham Recreation is looking for
grade usually does this mu-
seum, but this year, I got the
                                                       girls who will be in grades 6-8 next
privilege to ask Claire Hammond                       year who have an interest in playing
a few questions about it. The                                 competitive volleyball
first question I asked was in gen-
eral, how was the Egyptian mu-                                during the fall of 2010.
seum. She told me that it turned
out well. Many people showed up        If there is enough interest, a competitive team
and it was really fun. Next, I
asked her what project she
                                        will be formed. A registration fee will cover a
made. She told me she made              team t-shirt, equipment and operating costs.
Queen Hatshepsut’s headdress.            Practices will be held after school in the Not-
Last, I asked her what she
learned and if she thought the        tingham School gym and games will be played
museum helped anyone learn                         against teams in the area.
anything. Well, when I was talk-
ing to Claire, she told me that         The goal is to develop this program into an
they learned about canonic jars.
Canonic jars are jars the Egyp-        official school sport for the 2011-2012 school
tians buried with the pharaohs         year since both Dover High School and Coe
when the pharaohs die. Inside
the jars were organs except the              Brown have girl’s volleyball teams.
brain and skin.
        Claire learned so many
things but she can’t remember
them all! She thinks a lot of peo-
                                       Please contact the Nottingham
ple learned a lot of things but,     Recreation office as soon as possi-
mostly the grown-ups.
                                      ble at 679-3435 if you are inter-
                                                  ested or
                                         if you have any questions.
Page 5                                                                                            Knightly News
                        Nottingham Community Information
                                            Nursing Quest Summer Camp
                                            For Boys and Girls Ages 12-14

                                  Explore careers in nursing and build skills using hands-on experiences.

                            Week 1: July 19-23
                      Manchester Community College
                              Manchester, NH
                         Week 2: August 2-6
Nashua Community College- Nashua, NH

Who should go to camp?
      If you are between the ages of 12 and 14 and think you might be interested in exploring a career in
      nursing, you will benefit from the camp.

What will I do at camp?
      • Wear your scrubs (we’ll give them to you!)
      • Become Certified in CPR
      • Learn about different nursing careers
      • Tour a hospital, community health center, assisted living facility, and nursing home
      • Measure vital signs (blood pressure, temperature)
      • Meet new people
      • Have fun!!!
            To register, call or email Tracie Holmes at 603-895-1514 ext. 4 or
     Camps are sponsored by Southern NH AHEC, Manchester Community College, and Nashua Community College

                           Tech Camps 2010                                           All Kids 5-7 Years Old
UNH Tech Camps—UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the
Joan and James Leitzel Center are again collaborating to bring an informal               Do you like art?
pre-engineering experience to the UNH campus for the summer of 2010.
         UNH Engineeristas: Girls and Engineering—is a one-week camp               If you do, then you may be
experience for girls entering grades 6 and 7. This camp will focus on the wide      interested in the arts and
range of engineering with planned explorations into environmental engineering,     crafts classes I am holding
oceanographic and marine engineering, computer science, and mechanical and
materials engineering presented by female staff members. Campers will par-                this summer.
ticipate in field trips to numerous campus programs and will have the opportu-      If you are curious and want
nity to develop a project based on their area of interest. Residential and day
camper options are available. July 12-16, 2010             Tuition—$350.00         to learn more, then call Sara
Residential Option an additional $350.00                                                    at 679-9944.
          UNH Tech Camp 2010—is a two-week camp for boys and girls that
will offer two concurrent programs for campers entering grades 7 & 8 and 9 &
10. This camp plans to explore electrical, mechanical, aerospace, biomedical,
and naval engineering along with robotics and computer technology. Campers
will participate in various on-campus and local field trips interacting with nu-
merous engineers engaged in their work. Campers will work in small groups to
develop and present a project. Residential and day camper options will be of-
fered. July 19-30, 2010           Tuition $700.00          Residential Option
an additional $700.00

Interested in finding out more about Tech Camp? Contact Michele
Munson, Camp Director at 603-731-1087 or

Page 6                                                                                                Knightly News
                         Nottingham Community Information
          Food Pantry Benefit Concert                     CLASS OF 2014—FRESHMAN PARENT ORIENTATION at Coe
            Saturday June 5, 7:30 pm                                   Brown Northwood Academy
                                                                          JUNE 3 AT 6:30 PM
         Nottingham Community Church                      “Everything you want and need to know about your student be-
             (behind Liar's Paradise)                    coming a member of the Class of 2014”. Come and get your ques-
                                                         tions answered by Guidance and Administration. We will discuss
                                                         everything from school supplies to behavior expectations. We will
       Donations gratefully accepted                     be discussing the competency requirement for all classes as well
  All proceeds will go to the Food Pantry                as parents’ access to student information in Edline. Even if this is
                                                         your third child in high school or your first child to be in high
Come hear local musicians, enjoy a night                 school, you may have questions about what to expect and how to
                                                         prepare for the coming year. Set this date aside and come with
                  out,                                   your questions.
and benefit our community - All at once!

                                Nottingham Recreation Department
                                  Recreation Office 679-3435 x7

Kick off your summer with America’s favorite pastime…..We still have tickets for the       Fisher Cats game on
Thursday, July 1 @ 7:05pm. Tickets are only $5.00 each and include an amazing post game fireworks display. Don’t
miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Registrations are out and participants are already sending them in! Please fill out your forms and get them in as possi-

ble. Early Registration Deadline for   Camp is May 28 . Soccer deadline is August 6
                                                                                                        , after August 6th we

can not guarantee placement onto a team. Come play and have some fun with your friends in your own community!

Looking for programs for adults, well we offer those too!!!

Co-ed Adult Softball has begun! Come down to the community center at 2pm on Sundays and
join in the fun. Co-ed Volleyball Sundays at 7:00pm at the school gym. Never played either sport
before? Who cares! Come down and give it a try!

Registration forms are out for the   British Challenger Soccer Camp. Be sure to
sign up by June 4 to receive your free jersey. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the children of Nottingham to
learn some skills from the real pros!

Family Archery is back and will be offered this summer August 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. The cost is
$60.00 per person or $190.00 for a family of four + $40.00 for each additional member. Learn a sport as a family and
share an experience that will last a lifetime.

If you want to know what is going on in the Recreation Department, why not sign up for the Recreation newsletter? Send us
an email at and ask to be added to the list. The list will be used for our purposes only and will
not be distributed or sold.

Page 7                                                                                                            Knightly News
         Nottingham School Calendar of Events—June 2010
   Monday            Tuesday       Wednesday          Thursday           Friday             Saturday        Sunday

31              June 1            2                 3                4                 5               6
Memorial        Gr. 1 Field       Gr. 8 Field       Gr. 8 F/T        1-2:00pm 1F
Day             Trip              Trip              Rain Date        Author’s Tea

                                  Gr. 3 Notting- 3:30pm CTL          Soft-
                                  ham Tour F/T End-of-               ball/Baseball
                                  7pm School     Season Track        vs. Epsom—
No School                         Board Meeting  Meet @ Dover        Home
7               8                 9 Kindergar-      10               11                12              13
Gr. 5 F/T       DHS Athletic      ten Audubon       Blaisdell Li-    Gr. 8 Gradua-
3:30pm CTL      Presentation      Presentation—     brary Presen-    tion Dance
Champion-       Kindergarten      ”Signs of         tation Gr. K-6   Next edition of
ship Track      Lunch in          Spring”                            the Knightly
                                  7pm PTA Meet-
Meet @ Dover    Cafeteria         ing

14              15                16                17               18            19                  20
Gr. 5 F/T                         Kindergarten      Gr. 4 F/T        Knights Unite
Rain Date                         Audubon Pres-     Gr. 8 Algebra    Field Day
                                  entation—         Final
                                  ”World of Rep-                     Box Top Dead-
                                  Gr. 3 F/T

                                  7pm School
                                  Board Meeting

21            22                  23                24               25                26              27
Gr. 8 F/T                                                            7pm Gr. 8
Knights Unite                                                        Graduation—
Field Day                                                            Gym
Rain Date

28              At the May 19 School Board Meeting, the Nottingham School Board approved the sub-
Last Day of     mission of a request to the NH Department of Education Commissioner to waive two
School—         student days which occurred in the month of March during the state of emergency
Early Re-       (windstorm and flooding). We await notification from the commissioner whether or not
lease @         the waiver was approved. If approved, the last day of school will be Thursday, June 24
12:05pm         with Graduation occurring Wednesday, June 23. You will be notified as soon as we re-
Report Cards    ceive the information from the DOE.
Go Home

                                                   By: Emylee Menard

          This year, Summer Institute is back. Nottingham School has been offering this program for at least 20
 years. I personally think it would be fun. The people who join will get a real life situation put in front of them
 and will have to solve it. They will have a budget of $100.00 per team and will not have to spend all of it. Mrs.
 Breslin-Dawson is the director of the program. Forms have to be in by June 4th . There is a $50.00 fee. There
 will not be buses provided for transportation. The program will start on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 because of the
 holiday. Students will attend the Summer Institute from 8:30am to 12:30pm. You must attend unless sick.

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