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					Newsletter for the residents of the Johnston Community School District                            March 2006
Superintendent Dr. Richard Sundblad to Retire                                            In this Issue
                                                Written by Tammi Harris Krebaum
         A soft spoken man with a warm smile and an aggressive                    Superintendent's Message
mind for education, Johnston Superintendent, Dr. K. Richard Sund-                           -2-
blad, who plans to retire in June, recalls how his journey to Johnston
Schools began … with the simple words of a child.                                  2006-2007 Registration
         Sundblad began his educational journey in the 1960s when                           -3-
he attended the University of Northern Iowa to pursue a Bachelor’s
degree in Mathematics. After teaching at the secondary level and                  Parent Survey Results (III)
coaching various sports for four years, the call of additional educa-                        -4-
tion beckoned Sundblad back to college.
         “Initially, I was motivated to teach at the secondary level. The           Hall of Fame Banquet
whole interaction with the teacher/students was exciting. But, for                            -6-
whatever reason, you come across people in your life that influence
you and suggest that you consider this or look at that. There were                   Foundation Donors
such people in my life that said I should consider going into adminis-                      -6-
tration, so I pursued it,” Sundblad said.
         Sundblad attended San Diego State University to earn his                    2006-2007 Calendar
Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Certification in Administra-                             -7-
tion. Following, he secured a job as an Associate Principal in Clinton,
Iowa.                                                                             Celebrating Achievements
         While there, Sundblad continued his schooling. During this                          -8-
time, college professors and colleagues continued to encourage him
to pursue a Doctorate degree.                                                     Early Childhood Programs
         Now, as a young married man with three small sons, Sund-                            -9-
blad and his wife Joan, took a year off for him to pursue his Doctor-
ate at the University of Iowa.                                                      Youth Programs/Sport
         “We lived there and we just made it through. It certainly was                     Camps
not financially beneficial, yet sometimes when Joan and I reflect on                           -11-
that, it was one of the better years of our lives; you just kind of make
do,” Sundblad said.                                                                    Teen Programs
         The Sundblad family then relocated to Bettendorf, Iowa                             -13-
where he served as the high school principal.
         “Sometimes, one thing leads to another. I’m not sure how in-                 Adult/Senior Trips
tentional our paths are, but after I became a high school principal, the                     -14-
logical progression seemed, that as I contributed, it would be worthy
to become a superintendent,” he said.

                                                                 cont. page 7
      The Connection
                                                                                                            Board of Education
                                                                                                                Jill Morrill, President
                 In Touch......
                                                                                                            æ   Christopher Sonner, Vice-President
                                                                                                            æ   Dean Gillaspey
                                                                                                            æ   Linda Kading
                 by Dr. K. Richard Sundblad, Superintendent                                                 æ   Alan Sprinkle
                                                                                                                Julie Summa
What an exciting year this has been as staff and students continue
                                                                                                            æ   Ralph Young
to meet the challenges of teaching and learning. This year has been
consumed with considerable planning for expanded space in many of                                           Administration
                                                                                                                K. Richard Sundblad, Superintendent
our schools as well as the construction of the new elementary school
                                                                                                            æ   Jim Casey, Associate Supt. of
off of 54th Ave. In reality, it seems like the 2005-06 school year just                                         Human Services
                                                                                                                Mark Klett, Executive
started and here we are almost three fourths of the way through the
                                                                                                                Director of Financial Services
year. We grew by 240 students this year and are once again prepar-                                          æ   Bruce Amendt, Executive
                                                                                                                Director of Academic Services
ing for growth of 190 to 200 again in the fall of 2006. With this type                                      æ   Nancy Buryanek, Director of
of growth, Johnston remains one of the three or four most rapidly                                               Community Education
                                                                                                                Gary Ross, Director of Activities
growing districts in the state. The state legislature again has estab-
                                                                                                                and Athletics
lished a 4% allowable growth rate for schools, which was the same                                           æ   Bruce Hukee, High School
as last year. The Johnston Board of Education will use this increase                                        æ   Brian Carico, 8/9 MS Principal
and approve a staffing plan for the fall of 2006 as well as meet other                                       æ   Gary Busby, Summit Principal
                                                                                                                Cheryl Henkenius, Lawson
expanded costs associated with the district. We also expect that
                                                                                                                Elementary Principal
the class size reduction money will continue as well as the teacher                                         æ   Terry Jacob, Horizon Elementary Principal
                                                                                                                Suzie Pearson, Wallace Elementary
quality funds. The challenge for each of our schools, and one we
welcome, is to continue to have higher academic expectations for all                                        æ   Eric Toot, Beaver Creek
                                                                                                                Elementary Principal
of our students.                                                                                            æ   Vickie McCool, Associate Principal
                                                                                                                Y-Home & Director of Special Education
                                                                                                                Randy Klein, HS Associate Principal
The Johnston Board of Education is currently in the process of
                                                                                                                Jerry Stratton, HS Associate Principal
approving specifications and will, in the near future, take bids on
                                                                                                            æ   Brent Riessen, 8/9 MS Associate Principal
two primary projects that were a part of the bond issue passed last                                         æ   Kevin Blackburn, Summit Associate
June. The two projects that will be approved this spring are the new
elementary school mentioned above and the remodel and addition to                                           Schools/Departments
the Middle School. The construction of those two will begin in early                                        ■   Administrative Resource Center, 278-0470
                                                                                                                High School, 278-0449
April. A committee of parents, students, and staff will begin meet-
                                                                                                            ■   8/9 Middle School, 278-0476
ing yet this month to develop plans for the expansion of the high                                           ■   Summit Middle School, 986-0318
                                                                                                                Wallace Elementary, 278-6977
school. There are many smaller projects that will be in progress over
                                                                                                            ■   Beaver Creek Elementary School, 278-6228
the next two years as well—tennis courts (currently under way), the                                         ■   Lawson Elementary School, 278-0478
                                                                                                                Horizon Elementary School, 986-1121
stadium turf (this summer) and design and add onto the bus garage
                                                                                                            ■   Johnston Community Education, 278-0552
(next year will be the design phase). These kind of projects will                                           ■   Special Education Office, 278-0335
                                                                                                                Nutrition Office, 278-0278
enhance the environment in which students learn and required your
                                                                                                            ■   Activities Office, 278-2407
support last year through passage of the bond issue. We have found
that all groups working together are better able to create rich learn-                                      Mailing Address
                                                                                                            PO Box 10
ing experiences.                                            cont. page 9                                    Johnston, IA 50131
The Johnston Community School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national
origin, sex, disability, or age. Inquiries regarding compliance with equal educational or employment op-
portunities and/or affirmative action shall be directed to the Executive Director of Academic Services and   Internet Address
Equity Coordinator, 5608 Merle Hay Road, Johnston, Iowa 50131, (515) 278-0470, to the Director of the
Iowa Civil Rights Commission in Des Moines, the Director of the Region VII Office of the United States
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Director of the Region VII Office of Civil Rights,
United States Department of Education in Kansas City, Missouri.
                                                                                   Johnston Schools
                                                      Registration Fees
Registration for 2006-2007                                    Elementary: Grades K-5              $36
                                                              Summit: Grades 6-7                  $48
Elementary                                                    Middle School: Grades 8-9           $48
Registration information for the 2006-2007                    High School: Grades 10-12           $48
school year will be sent home with each kinder-
garten through fifth grade student on Monday,          Activity Ticket (per student)
                                                      Admission to all home athletic, music, and drama events
April 10th. The registration forms are due back       Elementary: Grades K-5                      $20
in each elementary school office by Friday, April      Summit: Grades 6-7 & MS: Grade 8            $25
28th. For families with their first child entering     Middle School: Grade 9                      $40
into kindergarten, if you did not attend Kinder-      High School: Grades 10-12                   $40
garten Orientation and Registration, you may
                                                      2007 Yearbook
come to the elementary where your child will                  Summit    6/7 without name printed on it       $22
attend to pick up the registration information.               Summit    6/7 with name printed on it          $25
                                                              MS        8/9 without name printed on it       $22
Summit and Middle School                                      MS        8/9 with name printed on it          $25
Registration packets will be sent home the first               HS        10-12 without name printed on it     $39
                                                              HS        10-12 with name printed on it        $44
part of April and should be returned by the end of
April.                                             Assignment Book
                                                              Summit: Grades 6-7                  $6
High School                                                   Middle School: Grades 8-9           $6
During the early part of April, all parents of high
                                                      School Calendar                             $2 each
school students will be receiving registration
information regarding the 2006-07 school year.        K-12 Student Information Directory          $5 each
The mailing will include a demographic sheet for
updating, parent release information, and regis-      2006/2007 Planner                           $10 each
tration fee sheet that you will need to complete.
                                                      Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) Membership
Once again, the registration fees will be $48.                Elementary                   $3
There will be a spot where you can also order                 Summit (6/7)                 $3
your PE uniform for your student(s) if they are in            Middle School (8/9)          $3
need of one to replace last year’s. Other fees that
will be optional are the following: Booster Club,     Booster Club (Register one time per family)
                                                              Individual Membership               $30
2007 Yearbook, K-12 Directory and Activity fee.               Golden Dragon Membership            $120
Registration fees will be due before the end of               Business Membership NEW             $200
the school year in the latter part of May.                                     RENEWAL            $175

                                                      High School Senior Information
                                                      The last day of classes for seniors will be Thursday,
                                                      May 25th. Rehearsal for Class Day and graduation
                                                      will be on Thursday, May 25th at 8:30 a.m. in the
                                                      new gym. Class Day will be held at 8:15 a.m.,
                                                      Friday, May 26th, in the large gym. Graduation will
                                                      be on Sunday, May 28th, at 5:00 p.m. at Drake
                                                      University in the Knapp Center. If there are snow
                                                      days, they will be made up in June and will not
                                                      change the dates for the above graduation activities.
    The Connection
Parent/Staff Survey Results
This is the third article reporting to the public the results of a parent and staff survey given during Febru-
ary and March of 2005. Parents and staff were asked to provide their perceptions of the schools’ effec-
tiveness, rank needs and gather input on program options.

The tables below show perceptions about agreement and disagreement on thirteen statements about the
Johnston schools. The table displays both 1998 survey results and 2005 results.
Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the following statements about the Johnston
School District.
                                              Strongly                                                        Strongly
                                   N/A         Agree             Agree          No Opinion         Disagree   Disagree
  1998 Survey                       5%          24%               55%               4%                9%         1%
A. I receive all the informa-
tion I want about the Johnston     1.8%        36.9%             50.2%             0.5%              9.2%      1.3%

  1998 Survey                      5%           40%             45%                4%               4%          1%

B. I have adequate opportunity
to be involved with the            1.2%        53.2%           40.3%              2.1%              2.3%       0.9%
Johnston Schools.

                                   2%           29%             49%                8%               8%          2%
  1998 Survey
C. I believe Johnston Schools
are responding appropriately to    0.0%        32.5%           48.5%              5.5%             10.8%       2.7%
population growth issues.

 1998 Survey                       3%           48%             42%                4%               1%          0%
D. I believe the Johnston
School facilities are well         0.0%        56.7%           39.2%              1.4%              2.0%       0.7%

  1998 Survey                      10%          30%             46%                6%               5%          1%
E. When communicating
with the Johnston Schools, I
                                   0.7%        55.7%           37.9%              1.4%              3.1%       1.2%
am treated with courtesy and

  1998 Survey                      20%          19%             40%                7%               10%         2%
F. The curriculum in my child’s
classroom is appropriately         6.6%        35.6%           48.5%              1.9%              6.2%       1.2%

  1998 Survey                      5%           18%             43%               13%               15%         3%
G. Teachers hold high
                                   0.7%        39.6%           44.5%              5.7%              7.5%       2.0%
expectations for all students.

  1998 Survey                      11%          15%             39%               18%               11%         4%

H. The current curriculum
offers appropriate opportunities   7.2%        26.3%           39.7%              14.6%            10.0%       2.0%
for the above average students.

                                                                             Johnston Schools
                                           Strongly                                             Strongly
                                    N/A     Agree     Agree        No Opinion      Disagree     Disagree
                                    9%       18%      52%             9%             8%            2%
 1998 Survey
I. The current curriculum offers
appropriate opportunities for the   1.8%    32.1%     57.5%           3.9%          3.6%          1.2%
average student.

 1998 Survey                        13%     14%        34%            25%            9%           2%

J. The current curriculum offers
appropriate opportunities for the 12.3%     19.1%     34.3%          22.6%          9.6%          2.1%
below average student.

                                    8%      18%        49%            12%            10%           1%
 1998 Survey

K. The current curriculum
offers appropriate opportunities    1.2%    22.9%     57.9%           7.9%          9.7%          0.5%
for students to use technology.

                                    23%     25%        39%             5%            5%            1%
 1998 Survey

L. I have adequate
opportunities to communicate        7.6%    52.2%     36.4%           1.0%          2.0%          0.8%
with my children’s teachers.

                                    8%      28%        47%             7%            6%            2%
 1998 Survey

M. There are adequate
opportunities for students to       1.6%    38.4%     46.7%           5.0%          6.3%          2.0%
participate in activities.

Success of Anatomy and Physiology Bodes Well for Rigorous Courses
Student input and surveys encouraged the District to approve, and the Johnston School Foundation to
fund, an honors level anatomy and physiology class. Although the course does not offer college credit
and is not a weighted grade course, the number of students taking A&P is impressive. 73 students will
complete the course in the first year of availability which compares favorably with the combined 63
students taking AP Biology, AP Chemistry and AP calculus. Areas explored include the integumentary,
muscular, respiratory, skeletal, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Students utilize models,
charts, specific preserved organs and ultimately preserved cats as their primary learning tools. Guest
speakers, personal case histories and a trip to Des Moines Universities’ gross anatomy and physical
performance labs round out the curriculum. A common student comment would be that this was one of
the most difficult courses they had ever taken and at the same time was one of the most beneficial and
interesting. Students recognize and truly appreciate the commitment and financial support provided by
the school district and the Foundation and respond accordingly with their in-class efforts!
    The Connection
                                                        Special thanks to the following for making a donation
                        Hall of Fame Banquet            to the Johnston Community School Foundation:
                          Friday, April 21
                              6:00 p.m.                 Individual Donors
                        Johnston High School            Tim and Christy Anderson
                                                        Jerry and Tammy Anderson in recognition of Irene
                                                            Taylor (retired teacher at Johnston)
                                                        Daniel Hepplewhite and Nancy Aquadro
                                                        Joseph Barrett
                                                        Bruce and Chris Beguhn
                                                        Dale and Mary Belknap
                                                        Joseph and Helen Billings
     Individuals being inducted into the Alumni         Christopher and Lori Burgess in honor of teachers
    Hall of Fame and the Educator Hall of Fame              Matt Todd and Jeanine Rolfes
                    will be honored.                    Acel and Georgia Catlett
    In addition, the school foundation will honor       Dr. Peter and Karen Coaldrake in recognition of
     students, staff, and a "friend of the district."       Carson Hattel, Barb Sersland, Brandon Kleve and
                                                            Alice Bullard
     A silent auction will be held to help foster       Debra Erickson
     support for education in our community.            Dr. Tom and Patty Evans
                                                        Michael and Kristin Farrell
                                                        Jennifer Friestad in memory of Louis Friestad, Jr.
     Tickets for the event may be purchased for
                                                        Tina J. Fritz
       $25/person at the following locations:           Robert and Patricia Gagne
                                                        Major and Sheila Goodman
    Johnston Administrative Resource Center             Timothy and Wendlyn Haight
              5608 Merle Hay Road                       Rhonda Hildreth
                                                        Michael and Shelly Johnson
              Johnston Charter Bank                     Bill and Char Kimball
                   5526 86th St.                        Dr. Brad and Tammy Lair
                                                        Larry and Jane McDowell
                Johnston Hy-Vee                         Ferne and Lloyd Michael
                                                        Paul Newman
             Customer Service Counter
                                                        Jeffrey and Doris Payne
              5750 Merle Hay Road
                                                        D. and Ross Peterson
                                                        Marty and Joe Pierce
              Johnston Public Library                   Brian and Linda Queck
                6700 Merle Hay Road                     Emma Jean Stillwell
                                                        Patricia Stubbs
                 Polk County Bank                       Jack and Linda Sullivan
                5601 Merle Hay Road                     Dr. K. Richard and Joan Sundblad
                                                        Jonathan and Gail Ware
              or call in your order to                  John and Jennifer Worley
                                                        Corporate Donors
        (Visa/MC accepted at Administrative
                                                        Citizens for Gillaspey
                Office or via phone)
                                                        Pioneer Hi-Bred Inc., A Dupont Company
                                                        Wells Fargo Foundation

                                                                                Johnston Schools
2006-2007 School Calendar                          Sundblad Retires, cont. from cover

Aug 14-17      New Teacher Orientation                      In 1990, after interviewing and spend-
Aug 21-23      All Staff In-Service                ing a day at the district, Sundblad received a job
Aug 24         School Begins                       offer for Superintendent of Johnston Community
Sept 4         No School (Labor Day)
Sept 20        Early Dismissal                     Schools. My wife and I sat down to talk with our
Oct 18         Early Dismissal                     children about the move. At the time, we had an
Oct 27         End 1st Qtr. (46 days)              eighth-grader, a sixth-grader and a third-grader.
Oct 30         No School (In-service/work day)              “My eighth-grader captured it the best and
Oct 31         6th-12th P/T Conf. (5-8:30pm)       really kind of freed me in my thinking about it
Nov 2          Early Dismissal
               6th/12th P/T Conf.                  when he said ‘Dad, you have really prepared for
                    (1:30-5pm& 6-8:30pm)           this and you should do it,” Sundblad said.
               K-5 Staff In-Service                         Upon their relocation to Johnston, Sund-
Nov 10         End 1st Trimester (55 days)         blad assumed the position of superintendent and
Nov 14         K-5 P/T Conf. (5-8:30pm)            has led the district as it became one of the fastest
Nov 16         Early Dismissal, No Kdg. Classes
               K-5 P/T Conf.                       growing in Iowa.
                   (1:30-5pm & 6-8:30pm)                    “Within the district, the challenges remain
               Kdg. P/T Conf. (8am-8:30pm)         somewhat the same; that we continue to grow.
               6th-12th Staff In-Service           Whoever is in this chair, this district, this board,
Nov 22         No School                           will know we need to continue to provide the best
Nov 23-24      No School (Thanksgiving Holiday)
Dec 6          Early Dismissal                     education possible. I don’t think we can ever lose
Dec 25-Jan 2   No School (Winter Break)            focus of the fact that the most important thing is
Jan 3          School Resumes                      that we provide a learning environment that chal-
Jan 12         End 2nd Qtr. (44 days)              lenges students and stretches them and takes them
               End 1st Semester (90 days)          as far they can possibly go,” Sundblad said.
Jan 15         No School (In-Service/Work Day)
Jan 16         No School (In-Service)                       Sundblad continually expressed his ad-
Jan 17         Begin 2nd Semester                  miration for the community. “I just have a deep
Feb 7          Early Dismissal                     appreciation for the community and the support
Feb 16         End 2nd Trimester (59 days)         the community has provided. Education is really a
Feb 19         K-12 P/T Conf. (5-8:30pm)           people business. That’s probably what I’ve en-
Feb 22         Early Dismissal, No Kdg. Classes
               K-12 P/T Conf.                      joyed the most … the day to day interaction with
                     (Dismissal-5pm & 6-8:30pm)    the staff, parents and students.”
               Kdg. P/T Conf. (8am-8:30pm)                  Sundblad’s last day with the district is
Mar 15         End 3rd Qtr (43 days)               June 30. He is not quite sure how he will spend
Mar 16         No School                           his time after retiring, possibly some consulting or
Mar 19-23      No School (Spring Break)
April 4        Early Dismissal                     some teaching. His main plan is to “just enjoy.”
April 16       No School (In-Service)                       It began with the simple words of a child
May 9          Early Dismissal                     and concludes with countless numbers of children
May 28         No School (Memorial Day)            benefiting from the soft spoken man with a pas-
June 1         Last Day of School                  sion for education.
               One Hour Early Dismissal
               End 3rd Trimester (66 days)
               End 4th Qtr. (47 days)
               End 2nd Semester (90 days)
June 4         Work Day
               Snow days made up at end of year.

    The Connection

                                                      The National Reading Panel and many national
                                                      literacy researchers have devoted much time and
The 2005 yearbook won fifth place Best of Show         energy to the importance of early literacy develop-
in the small book category at the National            ment. Research supports that children who are read
Journalism Convention in Chicago. Over 500            to on a regular basis and exposed to a literacy-rich
schools and 6,200 students attended the               environment have a much better chance of gaining
convention. The following individuals earned          the skills needed to be a strong reader than children
honorable mention in the individual contests          who have not had those experiences.
that had over 2,400 participants: Larissa French,
news writing; Xian Zhang, editorial                   Because of the importance of literacy development
writing; Alex Guns, review writing; and Bekka         in the very early stages of childhood, there are many
Broeker, yearbook academics spread.                   things families can do to help their children develop
                                                      literacy skills:
Congratulations to the following ninth grade               *      Read to your child every day. As children
band students who were selected for the South                     hear the words you speak, they eventu-
Central Iowa Bandmasters Association Honor                        ally begin to imitate the sounds, tone, and
Band: Alan Nagel (tuba), Amanda Johns (flute),                     rhythm. As you continue to read daily,
Garret Manuel (bass clarinet), Christina Aldrich                  you are also increasing your child’s vo-
(clarinet), Linda Brown (bassoon), Hailey Chris-                  cabulary development.
tianson (clarinet), Lindsay Fredrickson (clarinet),        *      As you read books with your child, help
and Senuri Jayatilleka (clarinet). These students                 them make connections from the text to
particpated in competitive auditions on Decem-                    experiences in their lives. It is important
ber 1 and performed in an honor band in January                   that children begin to understand that
at Drake University.                                              meaning is derived from the words in the
Congratulations to Sarah Brown-Wessling for                *      Allow and encourage your child to “pre-
receiving National Board Certification.                            tend read” picture books. This actually
                                                                  demonstrates the beginning stages of
Congratulations to the Johnston Community                         literacy development.
School District for being selected to receive The          *      Allow and encourage your child to scrib-
Glass Apple Award for its outstanding support of                  ble and doodle. They are beginning to
teacher-librarians and school media-information.                  build the connections of the written word
First Lady Christie Vilsack presented The Glass                   to reading and meaning.
Apple Award to the JCSD on Wednesday, Janu-                *      Through songs and games, encourage
ary 18th at a press conference at Summit.                         your child to learn the alphabet.
                                                           *      Through songs and games, demonstrate to
                                                                  your child that each letter has a sound.

                                                      The most important thing you can do with your child
                                                      is READ, READ, READ and model and encourage a
8                                                     love and joy for books!
                                                                            Johnston Schools
In Touch, cont. page 2                                Infant Massage and Development: How
Each year at this time, we begin preparations for     Touch is Linked to Emotional and
the next school year. We are planning summer          Cognitive Development
projects, beyond those mentioned above, that will An infant cannot thrive emotionally, physiologi-
improve and maintain the high quality of facilities cally, or cognitively without touch. Learn why
that we are fortunate to have in Johnston. These      touch is absolutely vital for healthy development,
range from roofing projects, to new carpet where       the benefits and application of infant massage,
needed, to concrete work, to replacing wall vi-       and what you can do to lay a strong foundation
nyl as well as painting, so that the buildings will   for your child’s self-esteem. If you are consider-
be ready and waiting for the students' return in      ing bringing your baby, pre-mobile works best for
August.                                               learning the massage routine. Dolls are other-
                                                      wise provided. Expectant parents and dads are
Johnston is truly a wonderful and exceptional         strongly encouraged to attend. Note: Babies stay
place to learn. At this time of year, I would like to at home for the first class. Fee is per parent/child
especially thank the seniors who are about to leave set. Class taught by Jenise Hibbeler, Licensed
us. We have enjoyed your time here at Johnston        Massage Therapist. Maximum is 10 families.
and thank you for all that you have given to the      MT      5/22, 5/30, 6/5, 6/12 $40/family
school and the community. We encourage all to         T       6-8pm                   Code:0021.201
have a safe and healthy completion of the 2005-06 Horizon NW Community
school year.
                                                      Friday Fun for 2’s and 3’s
                                                      A fun and learning class for two and three year
                                                      olds. Springtime themes for learning will include
                                                      learning about animals, flowers, plants, spring
                                                      weather, and rain. Lots of hands-on activities.
                                                      An 8 week class. Parents are welcome but not
                                                      required to stay.
                                                       F      3/31 - 5/19          $160
                                                       Wallace West                 9-11am

                                                      Preschool Registration Information
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!                                     Registration has begun for fall 2006. Registra-
Lots of fun doing bug and insect activities….from     tion forms are on-line (
Ants to Zephyr Metalmark Butterflies!                  click on Community Education and then Little
Parents not required to stay with child. Class is     Hands Early Childhood) or call 278-0552 for a
for 4-5 year olds.                                    form. Community Education reserves the right to
Th       4/27 $5/child        Code:0022.201           change any class offering due to space and enroll-
Horizon-165 4:30-5:30 pm                              ment limitations.

                                                      Little Dragon Preschool
                                                      We have three sites and have added some classes
                                                      and we still have openings for 3 year olds and 4
                                                      year olds.

     The Connection
Little Dragon Preschool Plus at Lawson
In this class preschoolers serve as “role mod-         KTC (Before/after school care)
els” or “mentors” for the early childhood special
education children. The benefits are great for         Registration for Summer 2006 and School Year
both groups. The preschool plus children develop      2006-2007
a special sensitivity for children with special
needs. A visit with the Early Childhood Special       Registration Packets for the Summer Day Camp
Education teacher is required. Afternoon class        2006 and/or School Year 2006-2007 KTC will
only (MTWTh) – Children must be 4 years old by        be available at the Community Education office
9/15/06.                                              (Administrative Resource Center, 5608 Merle Hay
                                                      Road) Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m.-4:15 p.m. begin-
Project Ready for School –Scholarships for            ning Monday, March 27, 2006. Call 252-8490 for
Preschool!                                            more information. Early bird registration will be
We are accepting applications for scholarships for    through May 10, 2006.
preschool tuition for fall 2006. Families must live
in the Johnston CSD. The preschoolers must be 3       Current participants can register at their individual
or 4 years old by September 15, 2006 in order to      school sites (Lawson, Wallace, Beaver Creek, and
qualify. The purpose of the program is to prepare     Horizon) during the week of March 27-31, 2006.
children for kindergarten through preschool pro-      After this week, all registration must be at the
grams and family literacy visits. Call 278-0552       Community Education office.
for an application.
                                                      NEW participants can register beginning Monday,
Little Explorers – Two Year Olds                      April 3rd, 2006 during normal office hours at the
Children must be 2 years old by September 15,         Community Education office.
2006. Our goal is to provide a learning environ-
ment for children that nurtures their developing      Early Dismissal and No School Day KTC
skills and abilities. Parents are welcome to visit    Registration
at any time. Classes meet two mornings/week           KTC offers childcare on early dismissal days for
throughout the school year. Location is Wallace       students in grades K-5 (K-7 for no school days)
West (next to Wallace Elem.). Cost is $90/month.      that are not currently in Kids/Teen Connection.
                                                      Call 252-8490 for more information. One week
Safety Town                                           notice needs to be given when registering.
Children entering or eligible to enter kindergarten
in the fall of 2006 will learn about all aspects of
safety, fire, poison, strangers, traffic, home, car,     Aquatic Programs
bus, playground, etc., via indoor classroom and
outdoor activities. Books, songs, visits to the fire   The Summit Swimming Pool will be drained and
department and practice training enable children to   shut down for repairs starting March 17, 2006. It
enjoy and understand what they are learning.          will be closed during Spring Break and until all
                                                      the repairs have been completed by the contractor.
Registration night will be Tuesday, April 18th        Classes will be set up and offered once we know
from 6-7pm at the Administrative Resource Cen-        the pool is ready to reopen. Otherwise, watch for
ter Board Room. Watch for more information on         the August Connection for listings of fall activities
which day care will attend which session. Call        and events at the pool.
278-0552 for more information. Held at Horizon.
                                                                          Johnston Schools
                                                      2006 Summer Sports Camps
Youth Programs/Sport Camps                            Participants need to register for camps according
                                                      to the grade level they will be in for the 06-07
Tae-Kwon-Do                                           school year. Deadlines are set for each camp. If
This Korean art of self-defense is recognized as a    you sign up after the deadline, you will not be
beneficial method of improving health, balance,        guaranteed a camp t-shirt/ball.
agility, and poise. Tae-Kwon-Do is also a phi-
losophy of mental alertness and moral ethics that     Girls Basketball Camp
can serve to enhance anyone’s life, young or old.     Girls will be introduced to the basic basketball
Sessions may be taken on an individual basis or       fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting,
ongoing. Instr: Phil Dickey, a Third Degree Black     offense, and defense. Games will also be played.
Belt, Fifth Degree Karate Instructor with Dillman     Camps are instructed by the Johnston coaching
International, and a Martial Arts Hall of Fame        staff and players. Director, Rich Gradoville
Instructor. (6 years and older) Students must sign    MTWThF          6/12 - 6/16    Grades 3-5
up on or before the first class day of each session.   MS Gym          8-10:30am      $65
Th              6:30-7:30pm $32                       Code:2099.301                  Reg. Deadline: 5/29
Wallace         4/6 – 5/11     Code:2082.201
                5/18 – 6/22 Code:2096.201             TWThFSa      6/6 – 6/10       Grades 6-8
                                                      HS Gym       8-10:30am        $65
Little Ninjas                                         Code:2099.302                 Reg. Deadline: 5/23
This class is an early childhood program that will
teach the basic fundamentals of Tae-Kwon-Do and       WF     6/7, 14, 21, 23, & 28 Grades 9-12
Karate. This class will focus on building self-re-    HS* 10:30am-12:30pm          $25
spect, self-confidence, coordination of mind and       Code:2099.303                Reg. Deadline: 5/19
body and self-discipline.                             *6/14 is at MS
(must be 4 or 5 yrs.) Students must sign up on or
before the first class day of each session.            Boys Basketball Camp
Th              6-6:30pm       $22                    Boys will be introduced to the basic fundamen-
Wallace         4/6 – 5/11     Code:2083.201          tals of shooting, passing, ball handling, offensive
                5/18 – 6/22 Code:2097.201             moves, and defense. These camps are designed to
                                                      progressively teach the appropriate skills for each
Junior Golf Lessons                                   age group. In addition to fundamentals, team
Small group classes will be taught by Mark Egly       concepts for offense and defense will be taught.
and staff. Mark was named a top 50 instructor in      There is a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and
America and named the Best Instructor in Iowa for     positive competition. Johnston’s coaching staff
2003-04 by Golf Digest. Lessons will be taught        along with current and former varsity players will
at the Des Moines Driving Range, 2944 NW 66th         instruct the campers. Director, Jeff Simpson
Ave. Please indicate upon registration if golf        MTWThF          6/19-6/23       Grade 3
clubs are needed. Participants must be 6 years and    MS Gyms         8-10am          $50
older.                                                Code:2100.301                   Reg. Deadline:6/5
T              4/18-5/9       $40
               6-6:45pm       Code:2098.201           MTWThF       6/19-6/23    Grade 4
                                                      MS Gyms      10:30am-12:30pm     $50
                                                      Code: 2100.302            Reg. Deadline:6/5

     The Connection
MTWThF       6/12-6/16        Grades 5-6             Tennis Camp
HS Gyms      1-4pm            $75                    These camps will help boys and girls develop their
Code:2100.303                 Reg. Deadline:5/29     tennis skills. Learn the proper fundamentals of
                                                     tennis and game play. Instructors are High School
MTWThF         6/12-6/16       Grades 7-8            tennis coaches, Leslie Shipp and Tim Brickley.
HS Gyms        9am-noon        $75                   Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced players
Code:2100.304                  Reg. Deadline:5/29    are welcome in each session. Participants will be
                                                     divided into groups, based on skill level. The first
MTWThF         7/17-7/21       Grades 9-10           day will be held rain or shine (either on the courts
HS Gyms        9-11:30am       $65                   or in the HS). Participants will receive a camp T-
Code:2100.305                  Reg. Deadline:7/3     shirt. Class sizes are limited. Participants should
Varsity camp information will be announced at a      bring their own racket. Please call Community
later date.                                          Education (278-0552) for weather related class
                                                     cancellations. Instr: Leslie Shipp/Tim Brickley
Baseball Camp                                        MTWThF          6/12-6/16       Grades 3-5
Johnston coaches will cover the basic fundamentals HS Courts         8-10am          $50
of throwing, hitting, and fielding along with play-   Code:2103.301                   Reg. Deadline:5/29
ing some games. Instruction will also take place
on base running, defensive situations, and pitching. MTWThF          6/12-6/16       Grades 6-7
Campers should bring a glove and a bat. Cleats are HS Courts         1-3pm           $50
recommended, but not required. Camp enrollment Code:2103.302                         Reg. Deadline:5/29
limited to 60 participants. Director: Randy Wee
MTWTh          6/5 - 6/8       Grades 2-6            MTWThF          6/12-6/16       Grades 8-9
JHS BB Field 9am-12:30pm $70                         HS Courts       10am-noon $50
Code:2101.301                  Reg. Deadline: 5/22 Code:2103.303                     Reg. Deadline:5/29

Bowling Camp                                         Football Camp
Learn fundamentals such as approach, delivery,       Participants will learn football fundamentals, skills
hand position, release, spot bowling and spare       and conditioning. Camp will be held on practice
conversions. Participants will be divided into age   field. Director: Brian Woodley
groups. Classes will take place at Plaza Lanes,      MT             7/31 & 8/1       Grades 5-6
2701 Douglas Avenue in Des Moines. Taught by         HS             5:30-8pm         $25
certified instructors including world-wide ac-        Code:2104.301                   Reg. Deadline: 7/17
claimed Pro Bowler and Bowling instructor, Denny
Torgerson.                                           MT    8/7 & 8/8                Grades 7-8
MTWThF         6/5 – 6/9              Grades 3-8     HS    5:30-8:30pm              $30
Plaza Lanes 10-11:30am                $40            Code:2104.302                  Reg. Deadline 7/24
Code:2102.301                  Reg. Deadline: 5/22
MTWThF       6/5 –6/9         Grades 9-12            8/2 & 8/3 (5:30-8:30pm) & 8/4 (9-11:30am)
Plaza Lanes 10-11:30am               $40             Grades 9-10           $45     Code:2104.303
Code:2102.302                 Reg. Deadline: 5/22    Grades 11-12          $55* Code:2104.304
                                                     Reg. Deadline 7/19 *Fee increased due to varsity
                                                     players who will spend the night at the HS on 8/3.
                                                                          Johnston Schools
Soccer Camp
Johnston Varsity Boys Soccer coach, Matt Todd,        Teen Programs
and his players will instruct boy and girl campers
on the fundamentals of soccer. All participants      Basketball Lessons
should bring a water bottle and a soccer ball.       Individual basketball lessons for girls in grades 5,
Camp will be held on the field north of the HS.       6, and 7. We will cover everything from the basic
Director: Matt Todd                                  fundamentals to more complex parts of the game.
MTWThF         7/24 - 7/28     Grades K-1            Abbi Schutte will contact you with details on loca-
HS             10-11am         $25                   tions and times that will work for you. There will
Code:2105.301                  Reg. Deadline:7/10    be 4, forty-five minute lessons. Call 986-0929 for
                                                     more information.
MTWThF       7/24 - 7/28      Grades 2-6             $72     Code:2107.201
HS           10am-noon        $50
Code:2105.302                 Reg. Deadline:7/10     Babysitting Course
                                                     “I’m Taking Care” is a course for students in
                                                     grades 5-7 who wish to learn the skills to be a
                                                     good babysitter. This course is 6 hours in length
                                                     and covers things like child play, emergencies,
                                                     feeding and diapering. You must attend both
                                                     sessions. This class is taught by Camp Fire USA
                                                     certified instructors. Enrollment is limited to 30
                                                     students, held in room 126 at Summit. Please
                                                     come in the East entrance/Parent Pick-Up for this
Volleyball Camp                                      class.
Camp instruction will focus on the fundamentals      Sa              4/22-4/29             $25
of power volleyball. Individual skills will be       Summit          9am-12pm
stressed with attention to team concepts being       Code:2108.201
introduced at the end of the week.
Director: Rick Brooks                                Cooking for Fun
WThF           6/7-6/9         Grades 3-5            Guys and girls, come and learn easy snacks, meals,
Summit         11am-1pm        $30                   and treats that you can make at home. We will be
Code:2106.301                  Reg. Deadline:5/24    starting at 10am sharp at Summit in the Family
                                                     and Consumer Science Room, please don’t be late!
MTW          6/12-6/14    Grades 6-8                 Please drop off your child at the East Entrance by
Summit       11:30am-1:30pm      $30                 Parent Pick-Up. Limit 10, 6th and 7th grade stu-
Code:2106.302             Reg. Deadline:5/29         dents.
                                                     Sa              4/1                    $8
ThFMT        6/8-6/13         Grades 9-12            Summit          10am-12:30pm
Summit       9-11am           $40                    Code:2109.201
Code:2106.303                 Reg. Deadline:5/25

WThF         8/9-8/11         Grades 9-12
HS Gyms      8am-noon         $60
Code: 2106.304                Reg. Deadline:7/28

   The Connection
Show Choir Workshop                                    Kickboxing Combo
This workshop will introduce students to the ele-      Athletic designed - Martial Arts inspired high in-
ments of show choir. Dancing and singing simul-        tensity class combining powerful jabs and punches
taneously with the use of staging and props will       for the upper body and various kicks and squats
be taught. Students will develop skills in vocal       for the lower body. The class will conclude with
technique, basic choreography, facial expression,      30 minutes of endurance lifting for both the upper
and personality projection in order to perfect the     and lower body. Participants are encouraged to
“Performance Package”. A performance for family        bring a towel or floor mat as they will be on the
and friends will be held on Friday at 11am for ses-    floor for the last segment of class.
sion one and at 3pm for session two. Class size is     Sun             3/26-4/30      $30
limited to 35 for each session.                        Summit Gym 6:30-7:15pm Code: 6010.201
MTWThF          6/19 – 6/23 Grades 6-7 (06-07)         Th              3/30-5/4       $30
JHS Vocal Room                  $75                    Summit Gym 7:00-7:45pm Code: 6010.202
Session 1:      9am-noon        Code: 2110.301         Sun             5/14-6/25      $30 (not 5/28)
Session 2:      1-4pm           Code: 2110.302         Summit Gym 6:30-7:15pm Code: 6010.203
                                                       Th              5/18-6/22      $30
                                                       Summit Gym 7:00-7:45pm Code: 6010.204
 Special Events
                                                       Women on Weights
                                                       Introduction to weight lifting for the entire body that
        Johnston “Egg”stravaganza                      is designed to increase endurance and strength using
                                                       resistance bands and free weights. Please bring a
  Hunt through the Johnston football field for treats
                                                       towel or mat for additional work from the floor.
  and prizes! The “Egg”stravaganza is a fun event
                                                       Sun             3/26-4/30       $30
  for participants and spectators. Hop on over to
                                                       Summit MPR 5:30-6:15pm Code:6026.201
  Johnston, but don’t be late! The hunt starts at
                                                       Th              3/30-5/4        $30
  9:30am sharp! All participants must be 8 years
                                                       Summit MPR 6:00-6:45pm Code:6026.202
  or younger. Spectators are welcome.
                                                       Sun             5/14-6/25       $30 (not 5/28)
                                                       Summit MPR 5:30-6:15pm Code:6026.203
                Saturday, April 8th
                                                       Th              5/18-6/22       $30
                  9:30am SHARP
                                                       Summit MPR 6:00-6:45pm Code:6026.204
             Johnston Football Stadium
                                                       Pi-Yo is a fusion style flexibility work-out com-
 Adult Programs                                        bining elements of both Pilates and yoga, infused
                                                       with a Western-styled physical approach. This
Adult Open Gym                                         “mat-based” class is designed for those wishing
This is an open gym for adults age 18 and older        to increase flexibility, balance and core strength,
and out of high school. Please sign in and pay at      and contains modifications to appeal to the general
the door. Fee is $2 each night.                        population of fitness enthusiasts. All levels
W              3/29-4/26                               welcome and encouraged! Please bring your own
HS gym         7-9pm                                   mat.
                                                       M               3/27-5/1       $30
                                                       Summit MPR 7:30-8:30pm Code: 6027.201

                                                                                    Johnston Schools
Basic Beading - Bracelet/Anklet                          Over 35 Basketball Open Gym
This class is for those who would like to learn          If you are age 35 or older, you are invited to the
the basics of making beaded jewelry and you will         Johnston Middle School to participate in this Sun-
leave with a bracelet of your own design. You            day evening open gym. Pick up games will be held
will learn what kind of wire to use, what a crimp        on two courts. Please sign in and pay at the door.
tube is, and what tools you need to make your            Fee is $2 each night.
creations. This is also a great class for those          Su             3/5-4/30
who already have experience with beading! The            JMS Gym        7-9pm
instructor will provide sterling silver beads,
sterling silver clasps, furnace glass, Swarovski
crystal, gold-filled beads, and a variety of other
beads for you to choose from. Cost of beads, wire,        Senior Trips/Programs
etc., is not included in the cost of class and will be
paid to instructor the night of the class. All tools
will be provided. Class size limited to 6 partici-       Salisbury House Tea Time
pants. All classes will be held in the MS Home Ec        Experience the historic charm of an afternoon tea with
Room from 6:30-8:30pm.                                   Victorian pastries and sweets in the magnificent set-
M        4/3     $10     Code: 2095.201                  ting of the Salisbury House historic Common Room.
Deadline to register: March 24                           A special presentation and a guided tour of Salisbury
W        4/19 $10        Code: 2095.202                  House is included in this Sunday afternoon event. We
Deadline to register: April 12                           will leave the Johnston School District Administra-
M        5/1     $10     Code: 2095.203                  tion building (5608 Merle Hay Rd) at 1:30pm and
Deadline to register: April 24                           will return by 5pm. Deadline to register is April 3rd.
W        5/17 $10        Code: 2095. 204                 Space is limited so sign up as soon as possible!
Deadline to register: May 10                             Sun 4/23 $28            Code: 2093.201

Country Dancing                                          Valley Junction
The class provides dance steps for beginning             Six blocks of antique and specialty shops, art galleries,
country dancing. Basic two-step and waltz are            fashion boutiques, hair salons, service businesses and
taught. Easy to learn line dances (freeze, electric      eateries. Shop, dine, explore Historic Valley Junction-
slide and cotton-eyed Joe) are also taught. Don’t        West Des Moines’ oldest treasure! Over 120 diverse
wait any longer. So. . .get on the dance floor.           shops in one historic place. Lunch is at your own
Th      3/30-5/4        $22                              expense. We will leave Crown Point Community
Lawson Gym 8-9pm Code: 6029.101                          Center at 10am and return by 3:30pm. Deadline to
                                                         register is April 26.
Adult Golf Lessons                                       Wed 5/3         $8      Code: 2094.201
Group classes will be taught by Mark Egly and
staff. Mark was named a top 50 instructor in             Senior Link Newsletter
                                                         The Senior Link newsletter is mailed out to interested local
America and named the Best Instructor in Iowa for
                                                         residents on a quarterly basis. The Link contains information
2003-04 by Golf Digest. Lessons will be taught           and activities that pertain just to senior adults. Keep up-to-
at the Des Moines Driving Range, 2944 NW 66th            date on community events, upcoming trips and programs, and
Ave. Please indicate upon registration if golf           school events that may be of interest to you. Subscription
clubs are needed.                                        to the Link is free of charge. Simply call the Community
                                                         Education Office at 278-0552 and request to be put on the
T       4/18-5/9       7-7:45pm      $40
                                                         mailing list.
                                  Community Education Registration Procedures
   Register                                     Refunds                                         Cancellations
   • Register by mail to PO Box 10, Johnston    • Refund requests must be made before the       • CE reserves the right to cancel classes
   • Register in person Monday through            second class/program session is held          • If insufficient enrollment, the class will
     Friday, 7:45am-4:15pm at 5608 Merle        • No refunds will be made for trips and           be cancelled
     Hay Rd. (drop box also located there)        tours after the registration deadline         • Listen to CE Office answering machine
   • Register by phone with Visa/MC by          • There will be a $5 administration fee per       for inclement weather cancellations
     calling 278-0552                             class on all refunds                          Register Early-some classes have limits
   • Register online 24/7 at                    • Full fee returned if CE cancels the class     Registration required for free programs and then click on                                                   unless indicated differently in description
     Community Education

                                  Registration Form- Johnston Community Education
                                     Only one person per registration form please.
 Name of Registrant___________________________________________________                         JCSD Resident? yes           no
 Does this participant have special accommodation needs to enjoy CE programs? Yes         No


 Zip______________          Home Phone__________________________                  Date of birth__________________

  Class Name

  Class Code
 If student: Grade (06/07) ________Gender of Participant _____________ School Attends_____________________

  Parent Name(s)
  Work Phone Number
  Cell Phone Number
  email address

 Charge: Mastercard_____ Visa_____ Card Number____________________________________Exp. Date___________

 Name on Card ____________________________Signature of Card Holder______________________________________

        Copy this form for multiple registrations or provide ALL the information on this form on another piece of paper.
                 Checks payable to Johnston Community Education. May register online for most programs.
             Mail to: Johnston Community Education, PO Box 10 Johnston, IA 50131 or stop by the CE Office.

Johnston Community Schools
PO Box 10
Johnston, IA 50131