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  2010 Parent’s Guide

         Camp Ketcha
     336 Black Point Road
    Scarborough, ME 04074
Camp Ketcha
Camp Ketcha is one of Greater Portland’s premier summer camps. The picturesque 133 acres includes rolling
meadows and woodlands in the Scarborough Marsh. We have a sandy beach on a private pond, swimming
pool, archery range, arts & crafts building, hiking trails, high and low ropes course, stables and a riding ring,
classrooms, large indoor spaces, sports fields and a playground.

Our mission of building caring confident youth and providing opportunities for campers to develop leadership
skills are our goals. Children at Camp Ketcha make new friends, learn new skills, build greater self-awareness
and participate actively in camp programs that focus on creativity, self-discovery, physical activity and outdoor

American Camp Association

Camp Ketcha is accreditated through the American Camp Association by adhering to over 175 standards in the
following areas: Site & Food Service, Transportation, Health & Wellness, Operational Management, Human
Resources, Program Design & Activities, Aquatics, Adventure Challenge, and Horseback Riding. For more
information on the American Camp Association please visit their website at

Other Programs and Facility Uses
Camp Ketcha is not just a summer camp. We are open year round and offer a variety of programs for all ages.
For children, we offer after-school programs such as horsemanship, ropes and School Vacation Programs. We
also offer Birthday party packages, some of which include horsemanship, archery, swimming or the ropes
course. For adults, we offer seasonal horsemanship, corporate teambuilding programs and rental space for
holiday parties, family gatherings, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, business meetings and much more.

To inquire about ropes course and corporate teambuilding programs contact, Marissa Leighton at or (207)883-8977 ext. 104.

To inquire about seasonal horsemanship, horse leases and summer horsemanship questions contact Jessie
Bosse, Equestrian Director at jbosse@campketcha.or or (207)883-8977 ext. 110.

To inquire about facility rentals, contact Mary Ellen Nisbet at or (208) 883-8977 ext.

Corporate Sponsors
We would like to graciously thank our corporate sponsors who provide us with gifts in kind, services or monetary
donations which support our youth programs.

If you or your employer is interested in making a donation, please contact Tom Doherty, Executive Director at or (207) 883-8977 ext. 101.

Parent Information
   Additional information required for other programs in which your child is enrolled will be mailed to you. Feel
free to visit Camp Ketcha anytime to acquaint your child with the camp.
   Each Monday during camp you will receive a newsletter, The Ketcha Chronicle, outlining specific events
happening during the current session.
   If you have any additional questions that you can not find the answer to in this Parent’s Guide please contact
us by calling at our Summer Camp Line (207) 883-8977 ext. 1 or email at

Camp Ketcha is a membership organization and as such, membership is a requirement for participation. Rules
for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national
origin, age, sex, religion or ability within program guidelines.

Camp Hours & Daily Policies
    Day camp runs from 9a.m. until 4p.m., Monday through Friday. Parents may either drop-off and pick-up their
camper(s) or use our bus transportation (see next page). If you drop off your camper any earlier than 8:50am,
your account will be charged for early care. If you pick-up your camper any later than 4:10pm, your account will
be charged for late care. The speed limit on our property is 5 MPH- PLEASE DRIVE RESPONSIBILY. Parking
is located in the Spurwink Road side or the Employee Parking area. Parents are kindly requested to exit the
property immediately after dropping off and picking up their campers.

Early/Late Care
    Early care is offered every morning beginning at 7:30am. Late Care is offered every afternoon until 6:00pm.
You must sign up and pay for Early/Late Care in advance. For staffing purposes the above hours are strictly
followed. Parents will be charged $1.00 per minute for any deviation from the above schedule. Early/Late is
only offered by the week; you can not register for partial weeks (with the exception of Tenderfeet part-time

   Attendance is taken everyday at Camp Ketcha. If your child will be absent, please call 883-8977 to let us
know. A voice mailbox system is in place for messages when camp is closed. Your child may not make up
absent days during unregistered camp weeks.

Parent Transportation
   If parents are providing transportation for their camper(s) and not using Early Care, they may arrive no earlier
than 8:50a.m. Please see First Day Check-In for further details. Camp ends at 4p.m. each day. For the safety
of each camper, the person picking up the camper must walk to the camper's assigned group and sign the child
out with the child's counselor. Every person picking up a child must show a photo ID.
    During bus arrival (approx. 8:40-9:00a.m.), and dismissal (approx. 3:50-4:10p.m.), the Black Point
Road entrance will be closed to through traffic. Please enter and exit through the Spurwink Road entrance.
When the Black Point Road entrance is closed to parents there will be a rope across the entrance attended by a
staff member and traffic cones by the entrance to the Spurwink Road parking lot attended by a staff member.
Please observe these measures to keep all children safe at Camp Ketcha.

First Day Check-In (for non bus riders)
Your first day of the summer at camp you must check-in at the table outside (inside if it is raining) anytime
beginning at 8:30a.m (if your child is riding the bus you do not need to drive them the first day as long as all of
your forms are completed and you have paid all balances due). This is only required for your campers first day
of the summer. If your camper is a part-time camper or is absent on Monday then you will need to check in at
the main office with the registrar. You will save time if you have completed all necessary paperwork prior to the
start of the session (Registration Form, Health History Form (with a copy of the back and front of your medical
insurance card) and Equine Warning Form-horse campers only) and if you have paid in full for the camp
sessions that are due. Please see payment schedule on page 9 for full details.

Be prepared for the following at Check-In:
 •   Forms- In order for your camper to remain at Camp Ketcha all required forms must be on file.
 •   Express Check-In: Your name will appear on this posted list if all forms and all payments are on file in
     the camp office and if your balance as due is paid in full.
 •   Non-Express Check-In: If your name does not appear on the Express Check-In List, you must come into
     the main office and wait to speak with the registrar. Required forms will be obtained if that is what you are
     missing. If you are not up to date of your payments than full payment and a $25 late fee must be paid.
     Following, you will be issued a pass to give to your child’s counselor showing that they may now accept
     your camper.

    We have three buses that stop at various locations around Greater Portland. Qualified drivers from Custom
Coach of Portland operate all Camp Ketcha buses. Each bus has two Camp Ketcha staff monitors who that are
equipped with a cellular phone.
     Children are expected to demonstrate good behavior while riding on buses. To ensure the safety and well
being of other campers, Camp Ketcha reserves the right to suspend or expel disruptive children. If a child is
removed from the bus, no refunds will me made. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to transport the child to
and from camp. All children riding a camp bus will become the responsibility of camp staff at the point they
board the bus in the morning.
     All campers MUST be met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian or a person designated in writing by the
parent/guardian unless they have prior written arrangements with Camp Ketcha. (see below). Every person
picking up a child MUST show a photo ID. If the child is not met, she/he will be returned to camp and a $50 fee
will be charged. If you feel that your child can safely walk home from the bus stop without a parent/guardian,
than you must fill out and sign our Bus Stop Authorization form. To obtain one please email

Late Arrivals/Early Pick-Up
   If you know in advance that your child will be arriving late or be picked up early please send a note or call
camp. For early pick-up it is very important that you call first, since children can be some distance from the
camp office. Early pick-ups between 3:15 to 3:45p.m. are the most difficult for staff to manage, so please notify
us as soon as possible.

Dismissal Policy
Parent Authorization:
Your child will only be dismissed to the people you have listed on your summer camp registration form. We will
not release your child to anyone else unless we have written authorization from you. If a non-custodial parent
has been denied access to a child by a court order, you must submit documentation to that effect and we will
comply with it accordingly.

Sign-Out Procedure:
All parents or person picking up your child must check-out with your child’s counselor. You will be asked to
produce I.D. We kindly ask all parents to cooperate with us during this time in order to make dismissal as

Late Pick-Up:
Camp closes promptly at 6:00p.m. Any participant picked up after 6:00p.m. will be charged $1 per every minute
they are late. Payment is due upon pick-up. At 6:30p.m., we follow Failure to Pick-Up Child procedures. In
case of an emergency, please notify us immediately.

Failure to Pick-Up Child:
If the parent or authorized person(s) fails to pick-up the child at the time of the camp’s closing, the center will
ensure that:
     1. The child is supervised at all times;
     2. Staff members attempt to contact the parent or authorized person(s); and
     3. A ½ hour or more after closing time, and provided that other arrangements for releasing the child to
         the parent or authorized person(s) have failed, and the staff member(s) cannot continue to supervise
         the child at camp, the staff member will call the Department of Health & Human Services 24 hour
         Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline at 1-800-452-1999 to seek assistance in caring for the child until an
         authorized person is able to pick-up the child.

    Visitors are always welcome at Camp Ketcha however it is crucial to us that we know who is on the property
at all times. It is required that you sign in at the office upon arrival to receive a visitor's pass.

Camp Staff & Group Ratios
   Camper groups have a ratio of 1:5 for Tenderfeet & Woodgatherers, 1:6 for Trailseekers, 1:8 for both
Trackers and Voyagers. These ratios are in compliance with the State of Maine day camp ratios and the
American Camp Association. Our staff are hired for their enthusiasm, creativity, and supervision skills after a
thorough background check. We provide all staff with a thorough and intensive training including child
development, emergency procedures, risk management, water safety and much more. Staff are First Aid and
CPR certified and all waterfront staff have lifeguard certifications.

Support Staff/ Children with Additional Staffing Needs
    Our policy surrounding the need for support staff is that if a child has an aide at school, they must have one
at camp. Camp Ketcha does not supply, pay for or recommend aides for the summer program. If the family can
not find an aide for the summer then the child will be unable to attend. This is for the safety and overall
experience of your child and all participants of the camp.
    If the family does provide an aide for the summer program, it is required that they contact the Camp Director,
Liz Tully, in advance to receive the Support Staff Manual and background check paperwork. All support staff
must undergo a background check before they are allowed to attend camp. While we understand that this
person will be at camp for the sole purpose of providing additional support to your child they will have interaction
with other campers, thus making it necessary for a background check to be completed.

Sunscreen Policy
  Campers spend most of their time outdoors while at Camp Ketcha. All campers must apply sunscreen with a
minimum SPF of 15 (30+ in preferred) to all exposed skin, including lips, daily. Parents/Guardians are
responsible for applying the first layer of sunscreen prior to the camper's arrival. Parents must provide
enough additional sunscreen for further applications. Camp Ketcha staff are responsible for follow-up
applications according to the schedule below. If your child is not able to effectively apply his or her own
sunscreen, the staff will assist. Please be sure to write your child's name on his or her sunscreen.

                  Sunscreen Schedule- counselors are required to apply sunscreen the following times:
                                             Before & After Swimming

Health Care
    In order to attend every camper must have a HEALTH HISTORY FORM completed, signed by a parent and
submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the first session your camper is registered for. Information documented
on the HEALTH HISTORY FORM must be current for 2008. Health information about your camper that is
required includes but is not limited to allergy history, medications routinely taken, dietary restrictions, general
health history, physical/emotional/mental health history, physician contact information, and immunization record
(you may need to obtain this from your child’s pediatrician). It is important that you and your physician provide
complete information regarding any physical condition or recent illness that may require our attention while your
camper is at camp. We prefer that children are up to date on their immunizations for the safety and well-
being of those around them. At this time we do not require this because it is not yet a state law. Please
inform us if you choose not to immunize your child.
    Our camp has a well-equipped Health Office with a Health Officer trained in emergency First Aid and CPR
techniques. In addition, all Camp Ketcha staff are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR.
    Please, if your child is ill, do not send him/her to camp. If your child becomes ill while at camp, you will be
contacted to pick him/her up. In case of injury, the Camp Ketcha staff and/or Health Officer will take necessary
measures to ensure proper emergency care, which may include: treatment by staff for minor injuries, phoning
you as the parent for your instructions, calling local emergency care providers, or transporting the camper to a
doctor or emergency care facility when needed.
    You will be notified as soon as possible regarding any communicable diseases affecting children in the
program. We report outbreaks of disease to local health authorities. Children absent due to contagious
diseases can return to Camp Ketcha when accompanied by a signed physician's statement indicating they are
no longer contagious. Children absent due to lice may not return until there is no sign of lice. The child will be
inspected for lice by Camp Ketcha staff before they can return to the program.
    It is very important that you provide us with complete emergency contact information. In the case of any
injury that requires medical attention, we make every attempt to contact you prior to treatment. In the event you
cannot be reached, we will have your written authorization on file to treat an injury. (on the Registration Form)

   ALL medications (prescriptions and non-prescriptions) must be brought to camp in original containers and an
Authorization to Dispense Medication Form (on the web) must be filled out and accompany the medication.
Parents/Guardians must deliver prescriptions in person to Camp Ketcha, either prior to or on your child's first
day at camp. You may not send any medications on the bus.

In Case of Emergency or Illness
    In the event of a medical emergency that cannot be treated at camp we will contact you immediately. A
child with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting, suffering from diarrhea or any other illness
symptom will be sent home for the day. As well, do not bring your child to camp with these or any other
symptoms of illness. We seek the counsel of parents whenever a camper is ill, abnormally homesick, or
whenever something extraordinary occurs; please do not be alarmed if you receive a call from us. Be sure to
indicate on the Registration form and Health History Form how we may reach you. You MUST provide an
emergency contact person and phone number. The emergency contact person needs to be someone other that
Parent 1 or Parent 2. We will make every effort to contact you first in an emergency.

   What to Bring to Camp Ketcha
           Wear or bring weather-appropriate clothing
           Sweatshirt or jacket
           Sneakers are required footwear for all camp programs. Children
           should not wear sandals, flip-flops, Crocs or any other sandal. This is for your child’s safety while
           at camp. Your camper will be unable to participate in many of our program areas without
           the proper footwear. (they will have to sit out and watch other children participate )
           Swimsuit and beach towel
           Sunscreen (SPF 15+) and bug repellant (preferably lotion)
           Backpack or zipped bag for personal belongings
           Plastic bag for wet items
           Raincoat and boots on rainy days
           $3.00. It is crucial that all campers are hydrated while participating actively throughout the day.
           LUNCH - Camper should pack a lunch and snack in an INSULATED lunch box or cooler EACH
           DAY. Brown bags or plastic bags are unacceptable. Camp Ketcha does NOT have refrigeration,
           a microwave or a stove available for lunches. Please pack a spoon or fork if needed; we will NOT
           provide these. Camp Ketcha has a carry-in/carry-out policy meaning that campers are
           responsible for bringing ALL of their trash home each day. Please help us explain this policy to
           your campers; we take pride in keeping our facility clean. Based on parent feedback for the 2010
           season we are allowing peanut products back into camp. If you child has allergies please let the
           Camp Leadership staff know and note the issue on the medical form. We can work with you to
           find accommodations.

What NOT to Bring to Camp Ketcha
         Radios, Walkmans, I-Pods, MP-3 players, video games or any electronic device
         Knives, sharp objects or weapons of any kind
         Any trading cards
         Drugs, tobacco or alcohol
         Lighters or matches
Articles brought to camp are the responsibility of the camper. CAMP KETCHA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR
LOST OR STOLEN ARTICLES. Please leave valuables at home. Please note that Camp Ketcha does not allow
drugs or alcohol of any sort on the facility during camp sessions.

Conduct While Attending Camp

We work to maintain an atmosphere of mutual caring, respect, and understanding at Camp Ketcha. Proper
participation and conduct by your child is expected and includes the following rules:
 •    Respect others feelings and property
 •    Cooperate with each other
 •    Listen to the camp staff
 •    Stay with your group
 •    No fighting, yelling or inappropriate language
 •    Tell a counselor if someone/something is bothering or upsetting you
 •    Clean up after yourself
Bus Rules
 •    All camp rules apply when riding the bus in addition to the rules listed below:
 •    Remain seated with seat belts on (if provided) during bus trips
 •    Keep all body pars and objects inside of the bus.

 Please discuss and reinforce these behavioral expectations with your child.

 The camp staff is trained to help children resolve conflicts and problems as they arise. Behavioral redirection
 is seen as an opportunity for learning and approached accordingly. However, if a child continually disrupts a
 program, or poses a safety risk to himself/herself or others, then a written behavioral notice will be sent home
 explaining the issue to be addressed. In the event that three written behavior notices are sent home, then
 program supervisors reserve the right to suspend and/or dismiss the child from the program without

Behavior & Discipline
    Camp Ketcha’s philosophy is to help each child develop respect for oneself, others and the environment, and
our goal is to help all children who attend Camp Ketcha to be successful in our program. Therefore, Camp
Ketcha reserves the right to remove any camper from camp for violent or inappropriate behavior that causes risk
to the camper, others or the environment.

Discipline Policy
   Attending Camp Ketcha is a privilege that you as a parent/guardian have chosen for your child. Every
camper has the right to an excellent camping experience in a safe and fun atmosphere. Discipline will be
handled in the following manner, or as otherwise decided by the Camp Director in more serious cases.
First Offense- Verbal Warning
Second Offense- Redirection for the situation and a child/counselor meeting
Third Offense- Written Documentation, redirection and a call to the parent from the Head Counselor. At this
point the camp staff may ask you pick up your child. Should a second call be necessary after the third offense,
a meeting with the parent, camper, Head Counselor, and the Assistant Director or Camp Director must take
place before the child can return to camp. Should a third call be necessary, the camper will be suspended from
camp. Before being allowed to return, the family must meet with the Camp Director. Please note that if the
issue is severe, such as those involving physical violence, some steps may be skipped. NO REFUNDS will be
made for camper suspended because of discipline problems.

Rainy Days/Inclement Weather
Camp Ketcha Day Camp will provide camp programs on rainy days in our main building, arts & crafts building or
pavilion. Campers may move from one area to another to participate in their scheduled activities. Raincoats
should be sent with your child. Camp Ketcha does not offer refunds of any amounts for rainy days or inclement

Swimming and Swim Lessons
 •   All campers will be scheduled for one swim period each day while they are at camp (weather permitting)
 •   Campers will swim in our pool or our pond. We can not guarantee at which location your child will swim.
 •   Our pool is 3ft in the shallow end and 9ft in the deep end
 •   The pond is separated into two areas: the shallow end used for our Tenderfeet campers-at most the depth
     is 4ft and a deep end of the pond which includes a shallow end and a deep end with a swim dock.
 •   All campers will participate in a Swim Evaluation on Monday or their first day of camp so that our staff can
     determine where your child is safe to swim. Bracelets will be given to determine their swimming ability.

     While counselors and lifeguards record each camper’s swim ability, we ask that your child wears the
     bracelet for the duration of camp sessions.
 •   Our certified lifeguards and day camp staff are trained to teach swimming lessons to non-swimmers as
     well as beginners. Camp Ketcha adheres to swimming pool guidelines set forth by the Red Cross.
 •   We follow the Red Cross ratio of 1:20 for lifeguards to swimmers. This ratio does not include camp
     counselors who are also required to swim with your campers or supervise from the side.
 •   We prefer, but do not prohibit that campers do not bring flotation devices such as lifejackets or other learn
     to swim floats. Our goal is to help your camper feel comfortable in the water and learn to swim, flotation
     devices hinder this process.
 •   Swim lessons for traditional day campers will occur twice a week (weather permitting). We can not refund
     or make-up swim lessons that do not occur because of inclement weather. Swim lessons are not included
     in the Tracker, Voyager, Specialty Camps or Horsemanship programs.

Tenderfeet Part-Time Program
   You may select any three days that you would like for the Tenderfeet part-time program, however if you need
to change the days at any time it must be done by the Monday prior to the session they are attending by
4:00pm. Once a week begins you may not switch days under any circumstances. We staff for the week and for
the number of part-time campers registered for each day.

Specialty Camps/ CIT/LIT
Any additional information that you need will be mailed or emailed to you prior to the start of the session.

Horsemanship Programs
 •   Permission Slip: The Equine Warning Form must be signed and returned before your child will be allowed
     to get on a horse, (available to download on the website).
 •   Inclement Weather: Camp Ketcha offers a horsemanship program, not just riding lessons. Therefore, if it
     is raining, horsemanship programs will run inside the barn. No credits or refund will be issued due to
     inclement weather.
 •   Helmets: Children who have their own horseback riding helmets are encouraged to bring them to the barn.
     We will provide helmets for children who do not have their own horseback riding helmet. Our helmets are
     cleaned weekly and each camper will be assigned a helmet for the week. Bicycle helmets are not
     acceptable for horseback riding as the testing standards for safety gear differ between the two activities.
 •   Clothing: Horsemanship campers are required to wear helmets, proper footwear and long pants when
     mounted. Wearing shorts or capri pants in the saddle may cause sores on riders’ legs. Any sort of long
     pants are acceptable, but keep in mind that “wind pants” may be slippery in the saddle. Children should
     also bring a jacket or sweatshirt as needed as the weather turns cooler.
 •   Footwear: Children are required to wear boots or sturdy shoes with a ½ to 1-inch heel. Sneakers and other
     flat-soled shoes are not acceptable as they may slide through the stirrup. High-heeled boots are also
     unsafe as the stirrup can get caught behind the heel. Paddock boots are ideal. However, many hiking
     boots or winter boots work fine if they are not too bulky. For safety reasons we cannot allow campers to
     wear sandals in the barn or around the horses
 •   Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Parents should drop off and pick up their children at opening circle near the main
     building. Please see above for full details.

Group Requests
   You may request in writing that your child be placed in a group with ONE of their friends. We will grant this
request if both parents make the request; if it is done at least one week prior to the start of the session; and if
both campers are registered for the same program.
  One of the goals at Camp Ketcha is for children to make new friends; with this is mind we only allow campers
to make one group request. Our counselors are trained to foster friendships through our camp programs and
teambuilding activities. We ask that you do not request more than one friend for your camper to be grouped
with, when this occurs it makes it difficult for other campers to make new friends due to our small camper-to-
staff ratios.
   You may request that your child be placed with a certain counselor but we can not guarantee this request due
to fluctuating camp numbers and staff schedules.

Sample Day Camp Schedule
**** This schedule is for sample purposes only. It depicts the time blocks for a typical day.

9:15-9:30       Opening Circle
9:30-10:30      First Period
10:30-10:40     Snack/Sunscreen
10:40-11:40     Second Period
11:40-12:10     Lunch/Sunscreen
12:10-1:10      Third Period
1:20-2:20       Fourth Period
2:20-2:30       Sunscreen
2:30-3:30       Fifth Period
3:45-4:00       Closing Circle/Dismissal

Lost and Found
The camp experience is an opportunity for children to learn responsibility for their personal belongings. Please
discuss with your child prior to attending camp the importance of caring for and keeping track of their personal
belongings. Label all clothing and equipment with the camper's full name. Any unclaimed items left behind will
be held for a period of two weeks after the session, after which they will be donated to a local charity.
Throughout camp sessions Lost and Found will be located in the building. Camp Ketcha is not responsible for
lost or damaged articles.

As an accredited member of the American Camp Association, tipping is not permitted at Camp Ketcha. Please
share your appreciation in person or send a note to those people you wish to thank. Some parents choose to
contribute to the Scholarship Fund or Annual Campaign as a way of expressing extra thanks.

Near the end of each Day Camp session, we request that you and your camper fill out an evaluation of the
program. We appreciate your cooperation in filling these out as they help us plan and design our program to
better meet the needs and desires of our campers and their families. We value your input!

Additional Weeks and Services
You may register for additional weeks of camp, bus transportation, Early and Late Care, and other programs at
any time, provided space is available. Check your weekly Camp Ketcha Newsletter for program openings or
newly added programs. All additional weeks & services must be in writing, please email
or fax a letter to (207)885-0944 to add weeks. Payment will be due according to our payment schedule when
adding camp programs.

Summer Payment Information
It is the goal of Camp Ketcha as a non-profit organization to offer quality programs at an affordable cost. The
following policies help us to properly allocate staff and resources, and ensure that our prices remain as low as
DEPOSIT: A $50 deposit per week and a yearly membership fee of $20 for an individual membership or $50 for
a family membership must accompany your registration and is applied to the total camp tuition. Deposits and
membership fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
BALANCE OF PAYMENT: The balance of all camp fees is due according to the following schedule.

May 1 for June Sessions (VFC1 & Week 1 & 2)
June 1 for July Sessions (Weeks 3, 4, 5 & 6)
July 1 for August Sessions (Weeks 7, 8, 9, 10 & VFC2)

If we do not receive full payment for camp sessions on time your child will not be allowed to attend Camp
Ketcha until a payment is received. This policy will be strictly enforced. A $25 late fee will be charged to your
account if we do not receive your payments by the above schedule.

Summer Champs Payment Information
For Summer Champs campers through Portland Public Schools we require a $50 per week deposit and the $50
family/or $20 individual membership fee. You will be refunded your deposits after we receive payment from
Summer Champs for your camper. Please note that if for some reason Summer Champs does not pay your
tuition in full you are responsible for the balance and it must be paid prior to your child's attendance to camp. We
will also need your 4 digit Summer Champs ID number.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
This policy applies to ALL camp sessions. Cancellations received three (3) or more weeks prior to the start of
the session will receive a refund of the balance of their tuition (whatever has been paid minus the deposit and
membership). Registration deposits and membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. All
cancellation notices must be in writing or they are otherwise void.

Cancellations made with less than 3 weeks notice prior to the start of a Specialty Camp, Horsemanship
Program, Additional or After Hours program (all programs other than Grasshoppers, Tenderfeet,
Woodgatherers, Trailseekers, Trackers or Voyagers) will receive a refund only if a camper from our waitlist fills
the space.

Cancellations---for day camp only---made in writing with 2 weeks notice will receive a 50% refund of the total
cost of the week (including additional services). No refunds for any program session will be given with less than
2 weeks written notice prior to the start of that session. Day camp cancellations due to serious illness or injury
may receive a full refund. A medical note from a doctor must accompany the written cancellation request.

Camp Ketcha does not refund camp tuition for cancellations resulting from missed buses, forgotten
registrations, incorrect scheduling by the parent, family vacations, minor illnesses, or behavior problems. “No
shows” are not eligible for refunds.

Emergency Camp Closing
In the event of an emergency camp closing we will notify local media outlets, place a sign out front, post it on the
website, meet parents at bus stops and send out a mass camp email if possible. If we currently do not have an
email address for you, please call us at 883-8977 to add your email to the list. If an emergency were to occur
while camp is in session, we may announce an alternative pick-up location- either our Wohelo Building off of
Black Point Road or our Stables off of Spurwink Road. This change in pick-up location will be announced using
the above measures.

Off-Season Camper-Staff Contact
        At Camp Ketcha, our pledge is to put your children in the company of the most trustworthy and
appropriate young adults we can hire. The effort we put into screening and selecting our staff is part of that
        By hiring the staff that we do, however, we do not recommend them as baby-sitters, Nannies or child
companions outside of camp. Our staff works with your child in the context of a visible, well scrutinized
community that has many built-in checks and balances. Counselors are supervised by senior staff and are
guided by clear, firm policies regarding behavior. Their actions are also visible to a community full of co-workers
and campers. In general, we discourage our staff from having contact with your children after camp since we
cannot supervise it. We hire our staff for the camp season. We do not take responsibility for their behavior off-
        We also recognize that campers and counselors develop close, trusting relationships with one another
at camp and that these relationships are healthy, wholesome and beneficial to campers and staff alike. We are
aware that many campers will naturally want to keep in touch with their favorite counselors after camp.
        Therefore, our official policy is to forbid the exchange of contact information of any kind between
campers and our staff, whether paid or volunteer. With the Internet as it is, however, we know campers can

“find” their counselors if they persist. Our recommendation is simply for you as parents to be aware of your
child’s online activities and supervise them as you would any other aspect of their life in your home. Likewise, if
you as a parent or legal guardian wish your child to exchange such information with a camp staff member, that
is, of course, your right. However, by doing so, you understand you accept full responsibility for overseeing
whatever contact occurs as a result.

Camp 2011
Our 2011 brochure will be mailed in early January. Registration will tentatively begin the first week in February.
Please visit our website in December 2010 for information regarding the 2011 season. If you have program
suggestions for the 2011 season please contact Liz Tully at

    1. Who are your counselors?
       We hire senior counselors who are 18+ with prior experience working with or around children. Junior
       counselors, ages 16 & 17 assist senior counselors in camper groups. Most of our staff are local and
       grew up in the area. We have a large number of students from University of Maine at Farmington and
       the University of Southern Maine.

    2. How do you screen your staff?
       We use a company called Intellicorp, recommended to us by the Maine Youth Camping Association.
       This company checks criminal background, National Sex Offender Registry, and the Terrorist Watch
       List. We also complete an in-house reference and background check.

    3. What percentage of your staff return each summer?
       Depending on the year we have anywhere between 65-80% of returning staff.

    4. Will my child be with the same counselor every week they attend?
       We do our best to keep campers with the same counselor for each day camp week that they attend.
       However, due to fluctuating numbers and staff schedules, counselors are often shifted around during
       the summer. Campers who attend for at least 8 weeks throughout the summer are placed in a group
       with children with a similar schedule and often times have the same counselor all summer.

    5. How can I be sure that my child is safe at your waterfront?
       We hire certified lifeguards that complete skills tests with the Waterfront Director. Counselors are
       required to be in the water for Tenderfeet, Woodgatherer and Trailseeker age groups. Swim
       evaluations are completed on your child’s first day at camp so we can safely assign them to a swim
       area. Regular camp ratios are maintained in addition to the lifeguard staff supervising the swim areas.
       We also have a buddy system in place and do regular buddy checks.

    6. What if the program I wanted is full?
       We will happily add you to the waitlist for that program. If a spot in the program opens up and you are
       next on the waitlist, we will contact you. It is not necessary for you to call to check if space has opened
       up. We can not tell when and if a spot in a program will open up. We will not contact you if a spot does
       not become available.

                               CAMP KETCHA QUICK FACT SHEET
                                        Camp Hours: 9am-4pm. Monday through Friday
                                               Early care begins at 7:30am
                                                Late care ends at 6:00pm

                                                Camp Ketcha Bus Schedule
            Please remember to arrive at your bus stop 10 minutes early, a.m. times listed below are
 the times the BUS LEAVES THE STOP. Pick-up times are arrival times. Please allow an extra few
minutes for the bus on Mondays. Please refer to for details of specific locations
                                           for each stop

                Bus 1                                   Bus 2                                         Bus 3
Riverton School      7:40A.....5:10P      Windham High School        7:40A.....5:25P   Saco Hannaford          7:40A......5:15P

Northgate            7:45A......5:05P     Narragansett School        7:55A.....5:15P   Anthem BCBS, So.Po.     8:00A......4:55P

Falmouth Shopping                         Westbrook Warren                             Unum HO1 (front)        8:05A......4:50P
Center               8:05A......4:50P     Church                 8:05A......5:00P
                                                                                       So. Portland High       8:25A......4:30P
Presumpscot School   8:15A.....4:40P      Longfellow School      8:30A…..4:20P
                                                                                       Brown School            8:30A......4:25P
Cathedral School     8:25A.....4:30P      King Middle School     8:35A.....4:30P
                                                                                       Cape Elizabeth Middle   8:40A......4:15P
Reiche School        8:35A.....4:20P      Westgate Shopping
                                          Center                 8:40A.....4:25P       Camp Ketcha             8:55A......4:00P
Camp Ketcha          8:55A.....4:00P
                                          Camp Ketcha            9:00A.....4:00P

                                                        CONTACT US:
336 Black Point Road                                                               Liz Tully, Camp Director
Scarborough, Maine 04074                                                 
Phone: (207) 883-8977   Fax: (207) 885-0944                                                                Jenny Johnson, Program Director
                                                                      Jessie Bosse, Equestrian Director
From I-95 South                                             
Take I-95 North to Exit 42, Route 1 Scarborough
Go straight through the light to Haigis Parkway
Take a left onto Route 1
Drive 1.3 miles; turn right onto Route 207 Black Point Road
Drive 2.8 miles, Camp Ketcha is on the left right before Route 77
(During bus drop off & pick up time our Black Point Entrance is closed; please continue past the entrance and
 take a left onto Route 77. Our driveway is the first left).

From I-295 North
I-295 South, take Exit 2 Scarborough/Old Orchard Beach
Drive 2.1 miles on Scarborough Connector, merge onto Route 1
Drive 1.1 miles; turn left onto Route 207 Black Point Road
Drive 2.8 miles, Camp Ketcha is on the left right before Route 77

(During bus drop off & pick up time our Black Point Entrance is closed; please continue past the entrance and
take a left onto Route 77. Our driveway is the first left).


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