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                         Variety of moyo breads
        (Pumpkin & sweet potato, rose petal, onion & coconut and
                          coriander flat bread)
          Served with dukkah, chickpea dip, harrisa and olive oil
                    (Potato, sweet potato & beetroot)

                    Carrot, coconut and cumin (Isobho)


                      Salad of chickpea, chili and feta

                               Abampofu salad
              Chunky cut tomato, cucumber and red onion, ina
           lemon, mustard and olive oil vinaigrette, topped with
          calamata olives, feta and a dusting of mixed fresh herbs
           A Platter of spicy grilled prawns and seared calamari
                           moyo Samoosa platter
     A selection of spinach and chili, three cheese, pea and potato and
                shrimp samoosas,served with date chutney.

                               Main course

                            Vegetable Potjie (Irio)
A selection of fresh vegetables and chickpeas cooked in our own special

                             Chicken Yassa
       Senegalese chicken breast marinated in an olive, tomato and
                        preserved lemon sauce.

                      North African Lamb Tagine
 Lamb slow cooked in aromatic spices of coriander, cumin and
          turmeric until soft, tender and succulent

                               Nyama (Fillet)
   on a salad of beetroot, spinach and cucumber with a coriander pesto
                    Moroccan Springbok Tagine
South African Hanneport braised springbok shank, served with an apricot
                     and bitter almond chutney.

                               Samaki Kavu
Tanzanian fish curry with a coconut milk, cardamom and groundnut sauce.
                       Served with sun-dried mango

                              Served with
                              Basmati Rice

                               moyo mojo
Baked apricot, ginger and cinnamon pudding. Served with a vanilla custard

                             Coffee and Tea