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									                                      The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham, Inc.
                                                  (formerly the Association for Retarded Citizens)
                                      Serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
                                               such as mental retardation and autism since 1962

                         The Arc Advocate
Volume 34, Issue 5                                                                                   September/October 2007

   Important Dates:
• Sept. 2 - Faith & Light Worship,
  Camp Still Meadows 3:30 PM
                                                  s Corner
                                      The Director’
• Sept. 8 - Bruce Dellinger Benefit   Mary Ellen Chewning, Executive Director
• Sept. 11 - The Arc 45th
  Birthday Party & Dance, Lucy        Celebrating 45 years of service to the Harrisonburg and
  Simms Center, 7:00-8:30 PM
• Sept. 12 - SVAP Lunch Bunch,
                                      Rockingham County area is very special, and we’ going
  11:30 AM, Simms Center,             to party big time. Everyone is invited.
  Meeting Room 4
• Sept. 21 - Canteen, Welcome         Highlighting the night will be foot-stomping dance music from the
  Back Dance, 7:00 PM, Rec.
                                        s,    s,        s by
                                      60’ 70’ and 80’ a wonderful local band called Standing Room
• Sept. 22 - POW-MIA Motorcycle       Only. Plenty of tables and chairs will surround a small dance area,
  Ride, Camp Sill Meadows Benefit     which will hopefully entice you to show off your dancing style.
• Sept. 28 - Faith & Light Worship,
  Pleasant View, 7:00 PM              The entry fee is only 45¢ to commemorate each year that The Arc of
• October - Down Syndrome
  Awareness Month
                                      Harrisonburg and Rockingham has existed. There will be free
• Oct. 5 - Percentage Day             refreshments and displays of our 45 years of history.
  Fundraiser at RT’     s Chicken
• Oct. 5 - Canteen, Fall Dance,       Bring extra money, however. We will have a Chinese Auction with
  7:00 PM, Rec. Center                tickets available at the door. Donated items will be on display with a
• Oct. 6 - Dayton Autumn
  Celebration, 8:30 AM - 4 PM         specific container assigned to each item. Each item will go to the
• Oct. 7 - 6th Annual Ride-A-Thon     person whose ticket is drawn from that individual container. Of
  Camp Sill Meadows Benefit
• Oct. 9 - Arc Board Meeting
                                      course, the more tickets you bid on an item, the better your chances
  7:00 PM, Lucy Simms Center          are of winning it.
• Oct. 10 - SVAP Lunch Bunch,
  11:30 AM, Simms Center,             As of this writing, the following generous businesses have donated
  Meeting Room 4                      wonderful prizes for the Chinese Auction: Belk, James McHone
• Oct. 15- Percentage Day
  Fundraiser at Padow’Hams s                                                                s
                                      Jewelry, Joshua Wilton House, Ragtime Fabrics, RT’Chicken &
  & Deli, Kroger Shop. Center         Grille, and Wood Grill Buffet.
• Oct. 15 - Understanding
  Sensory Perception, SVAP,           What could be more fun than eating, dancing or listening to great
  6:30 PM, Lucy Simms Center
• Oct. 19 - Canteen, Halloween
                                      music, reminiscing, and winning lots of great prizes. See you there!
  Dance & Costume Party, 7:00
  PM, Rec. Center
• Oct. 26 - Faith & Light Worship,
  Pleasant View, 7:00 PM
                                          Come Celebrate With Us
• Nov. 2 - Canteen, Surprise,
                                                    s 45th Birthday Party
                                             The Arc’
  7:00 PM, Rec. Center
• Nov. 3 - 13th Annual Circle of
                                         Tuesday September 11, 7:00—8:30 PM
  Support. Woodbridge, VA
                                      The Classic Rock Band - Standing Room Only
                                       Dancing ? Refreshments ? Chinese Auction
                                       Simms Auditorium ? Admission only 45¢
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                              Shop Talk - News From The Op Shop
                              Tiara Saufley, Op Shop Program Coordinator
                              540.437.9214 ext. 134
                              The Op Shop is a licensed day support program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Happy Birthday to Pat Johnson (Sept. 13), Beverly Mahood (Sept. 14), Mary Ellen
Chewning (Sept. 17), Emily Shifflett (Sept. 25), and Jennifer M. (Sept. 26).
Congratulations to those clients who received perfect attendance certificates for June:
Crystal, Sean, Betty, Sandra, Jerry, Darlene, Peggy, Tim, Jennifer, Roy, Charlie, Sue Ann,
Dick, Justin, and Todd.; and for perfect attendance in July: Crystal, Sean, Kelly, Betty,
Sandra, Anna, Darlene, Peggy, Tim, Mark, Jennifer, Kaity, Charlie, Sue Ann, Dick,
Justin, Todd, and Donna W.
Some of the clients attended the free summer movie matinees at Regal Cinemas. The
clients created elaborate ice cream Sundaes to celebrate National Ice Cream Day in July.
We would like to thank Dairy Queen for donating ice cream dishes.
The clients are constructing the city of Harrisonburg out of painted cereal boxes onto
which they are pasting photographs of local buildings.
Several of the clients attended day camp at Camp Still Meadows in July and another
group in August. During weeks when there is no day camp session, the Op Shop clients
take turns going out to the camp and helping with a variety of chores including weeding
the garden and feeding the animals.
The Op Shop’   s annual visit to the Rockingham County Fair was a lot of fun as always. It
was very hot, but everyone had a good time.
Kaity P. has left the Op Shop to return to school. She hopes to come back next summer.
Jason Hendricks has returned to work at the Op Shop part-time. Kayte Tigert is returning
to college full-time, but she will continue to work at the Op Shop part-time. Chris Yowell
                          has accepted a full time position with the Commonwealth Center
     Wish List            for Children in Staunton. We wish him luck in his career.
     Aluminum cans
    to crush and sell
                                                                               Charlie with Miss
 Cotton or cotton blend                                                      Rockingham County
   fabric quilt scraps                                                         Fair and Jr. Miss
  20 oz. Soda bottles,                                                              County Fair
    and their caps
          Twist ties
 Volunteers to help with
 Op Shop craft projects
Used greeting cards —
    any occasion
Wood scraps, mill short                                                 Tiara Saufley and
falls & 1½” boards
          thick                                                         Anna load up pizza
                                                                        boxes to take to
              Yarn                                                      Papa John’ s Pizza
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                               Notes from the Board
                               Matthew Sunderlin, Esq., President          

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! 2007 marks the 45th anniversary of a very smart decision. Lo, those many years
ago, several sage citizens embarked on a journey. The trek was set. The goal was to create a better Harrisonburg
and Rockingham County and to form "The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Association for Retarded Children, Inc."
John F. Kennedy was President in 1962. He called on Americans to dream great dreams and improve our society
for everyone. "Justice for all" was not just a platitude; it was to be a reality for all citizens of America. But the
country was closed to those with disabilities. Most individuals with intellectual disabilities were either
institutionalized or kept out of sight at home.
Our fledgling organization had a goal to open doors to full acceptance within the body politic for the disabled. The
founders had an uphill fight, but they were undeterred. Change in our community and country does not come by
revolutionary flashpoints. Advancement comes by enlightenment and education.
Back then, there were no day support programs for our clients. There was no government financial assistance to
the disabled and their families – SSI and no Medicaid Waiver. Our organization began to advocate for those
who could not speak for themselves. Our patrons spoke out. Uncle Sam, Virginia, and the Courts listened.
It was finally recognized that the Constitution protects individuals with disabilities. No State shall "deprive any
person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person ... [of] the equal protection
of the laws." These words are enshrined in the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. With
this acknowledgment, the process of "de–    institutionalization" began. Individuals with disabilities whose freedom
had been denied were finally granted the liberty they deserved.
The respect of the individual is fundamental in our nation. That ideal is The Arc's foundation. We speak for those
who cannot speak for themselves. The weak need our protection and respect. We should be truly grateful for
those who stood up in the past to build a better future for us. We must stand up today to build a better future.
The architects of this great partnership of parents and community activists made covenants to us that they
fulfilled. We have an obligation to sustain The Arc and its programs for future clients. We should strive to be the
proponents for the present and future residents who need our protection, advocacy, and respect. I am reminded
                                s "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening": The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
of several lines of Robert Frost’
But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
We should never stop thinking about where we need to go and how to get there best, but we deserve to
celebrate from where we have come in the last 45 years. Progress has not come easily, but its difficulty makes
our success even sweeter. Join us on September 11. We are going to party! Happy Birthday to us!

           Capital Campaign Fundraising Update
In recognition of Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October, two local
restaurants will be holding percentage day fundraisers for The Arc. All
day Friday, October 5, RT’Chicken and Grille; and all day Monday,
                             s                                                                                $400,000
October 15, Padow’  s Hams & Deli, will donate a percentage their sales.
The Arc has been approved for the Neighborhood Assistance Program for
July 1, 2007—June 30, 2008. Individuals must donate a minimum of                                              $300,000
$500 to qualify for the program for which they will receive a $200 tax
credit or 40% of their total donation. Businesses must make a minimum                            As of        $250,000
donation of $1,000 to qualify for the Virginia tax credit. Call The Arc                 Aug. 21, 2007
office (540.437.9214) for additional information.                                       $240,719.56           $200,000
Just a reminder to the board members and former board members who
responded last year and made a three-year pledge commitment: The
second portion of the pledge is now due.                                                                      $100,000
We are still selling bricks for the Wall of Fame. Commemorative bricks
are $100, $250, $500, or with a logo for $600. Call The Arc office
(437.9214) or visit the website ( for a brick order form.
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            Dick & Gerrie Brown for including a donation with their membership enrollment
                Debbie Brumfield for including a donation with her membership enrollment
      Joan M. Cave for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
                                    Sally & Wesley Chappel for a donation to The Arc
                             in honor of the marriage of Jayne Redelman and Duke Stableford
Mary Ellen Chewning for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
  Clark & Bradshaw for donating a portion of the proceeds from “               to
                                                                Casual Fridays” The Arc
   Costco Wholesale for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
                                        Leon A. Dockery for a donation to The Arc
                             in honor of the marriage of Jayne Redelman and Duke Stableford
                                   Paul J. Glanzer for a donation to The Arc Op Shop
       Zae Magalis for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
   John D. Marshall for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
                                       Susan J. Matthews for a donation to The Arc
                             in honor of the marriage of Jayne Redelman and Duke Stableford
              Jerry & Esther Minskoff for a donation to The Arc in memory of David Merlin
                                Dr. Gregory Montgomery for donating to The Arc through
                                    the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
  Barbara G. Moyer for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
Carl Neal for donating to The Arc through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
                             Martin & Tillie Offenbacker for a donation to The Arc Op Shop
    Ron E. Ornstein for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
  The Ornstein Family, Ron, Michelle, Joel & Naomi for a donation in memory of Dave Merlin
               Pilot Club of Harrisonburg for renewing their membership at the Donor level
                               Dan and Marie Rublee for a donation to the Building Fund
                                    Jeff Shafer for joining The Arc at the Donor level
                                  Lillian R. Sharp for a donation to the Building Fund
 Ellen Faye Sherfey for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
     Diana St. Clair for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                          T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                                PAGE 5

      Sunset Drive United Methodist Church for a donation in memory of Mary Leona Trumbo
                                       David & Greta Steger for a donation to The Arc
                              in honor of the marriage of Jayne Redelman and Duke Stableford
       Robert Strarn for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
    Donald E. Turner for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
 Donnie, Florence & Todd Turner for a donation through the Neighborhood Assistance Program
                         in honor of the staff of The Arc and Op Shop
                 Donnie, Florence & Todd Turner for a donation in memory of Leona Trumbo
      Todd N. Turner for donating through the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham
    Gifford, Ramona, & Mary Wenger for purchasing a 4x8 brick remembering Bivian Wenger

  Congratulations to Chad & Ashley Gearing on the birth of their son Rourke Logan on August 6
          Congratulations to Jamie Trosclair, the new Executive Director of The Arc of Virginia
            Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Shirley Trout who was injured in a car accident
     Our thoughts and prayers are with Shirley Merlin who was severely injured in a car accident

 We extend our condolences to the family of Lowell W. Miller who passed away in May. He was one
  of the founders of The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham as well as of Friendship Industries
  We extend our sympathy to Phyllis Mason and family on the loss of her mother, Leona Trumbo

Celebrating Special Children announces the                        Second Annual Parent Involvement Survey
2007-08 issue of Celebrating Special Children,
                                                                  All parents and guardians of school-aged
a FREE annual comprehensive resource guide
                                                                  children receiving special education in
for families in Virginia who have children of
                                                                  Virginia schools will get the second annual
all ages with special needs.
                                                                  Parent Involvement Survey in the mail soon.
This edition is a statewide edition, with                         This is an opportunity for parents to provide
resources and information gathered from all                       input to help guide efforts to improve services
parts of Virginia. Celebrating Special Children                   and outcomes for their children. Parents are
is designed to be kept throughout the year and                    encouraged to return this survey.
used by teachers, professional staff, and
                                                For questions regarding the survey, contact
                                                Judy Hudgins at Virginia Department of
Copies of Celebrating Special Children are Education, or
available at The Arc office at 620 Simms Dawn Machonis at the Partnership for People
Avenue, Harrisonburg.                           with Disabilities/VCU,
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                              T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                                        PAGE 6

                               Mark Your Calendar for the                         Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership
                              13th Annual Circle of Support                       Understanding Sensory Processing
                                  A conference for families of                                  Presented by:
                              children with special needs and the                   Dianne Koontz Lowman, Ed. D.
                               professionals who work with them                        Virginia Department. of Education,
                               Saturday, November 3,                              T/TAC Coordinator, James Madison University

                                 8:30 AM—3:30 PM                     What: Does your child wear shorts year round?
                                                                     Does your child gag when she eats food? Does he
                        Hylton High School
                                                                     cover his ears when he hears loud noises? If the
                        14051 Spriggs Road
                                                                     answer to these or similar questions is yes, then
                          Woodbridge, VA
                                                                     come learn how different people respond to
    Featuring: Rick Lavoie, author of                                sensory input from the “      seven”  senses. We will
   s So
 It’ Much Work to Be Your Friend                                     look at reactions of individuals who are
Workshops on: Art Therapy, Movement Therapy,                         hypersensitive as well as hyposensitive to sensory
Inclusion, ADHD, Risky Behaviors, Visual                             input from the environment around them. In
Strategies, and “ of the Box Reading”
                  Out                                                addition, a list of activities that calm and alert the
Childcare and Sibshops                                               system will be generated. A handout of practical
Topics of interest for the entire family.                            suggestions will be provided.
Workshops in Spanish                                                 Where: The Lucy Simms Center Auditorium
Registration fees: on or before September 28                         620 Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA
$25 Parents                                                          When: Monday, October 15, 2007
$50 Professionals
Registration fees: after September 28                                6:30 PM - 6:45 PM - SVAP Update
$35 Parents                                                          6:45 PM - 8:00 PM - Presentation/Questions
$65 Professionals                                                    8:00 PM - 8:30 PM - Networking
Sponsored by The Arc of Greater Prince William                       If Rockingham County Schools are closed or
/INSIGHT, Inc.                                                       inclement weather prevails, this event will be
                                                                     cancelled. Questions? Contact Fonda Watson
For more information or to be placed on the
                                                                     (540.289.9206) or Sally Chappel (540.568.8095) or
mailing list call 703.730.3124

                                   2007 Food Lion Shop and Share
               You can help support The Arc by linking your Food Lion MVP card to The Arc of
               Harrisonburg and Rockingham on the website at, or by calling
               Carol at The Arc office (540.437.9214) with your 12 digit MVP card number.
               Once you do, each time you shop at Food Lion and use your MVP card, a portion of
your total grocery purchase will be donated to
The Arc at no extra cost to you! Enroll
                                                MVP # (12 digits) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
before September 30 to have the rest of your
2007 purchases count. Here is a Food Lion First Name _______________________________ MI ________
enrollment form. The email address is
                                                Last Name ___________________________________________
optional. Mail it back to The Arc office at 620
Simms Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, and Address ______________________________________________
we will take care of the rest. Make copies or ______________________________________________________
call The Arc office (540.437.9214) if you need
                                                City ___________________________ State __ __ Zip ________
additional forms.
Be sure and fill in all 12 digits including the Phone ________________________________________________
small numbers on each end.                      Email address ________________________________________
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                                 T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                                       PAGE 7

                                                       s Desk:
                              From the Special Educator’
                              Nicole Myers, Ph.D.
                              Assistant Professor of Education, Special Education at the University of Mary Washington

Food Allergy Awareness
  s the start of a new school year and the time when many parents train their child’
It’                                                                                 s teachers
about their special needs. Allergies may be an area that is discussed. We’ all heard about the
growing level of allergies in children and that there are now peanut free classrooms and
daycare centers. But what really is all the fuss about? I don’  t remember peanut free classes
when I went to school.
As a parent of a child with a severe life threatening peanut allergy and egg allergy, going to a
new school or new environment for that matter is a scary process. I worry that another child
may eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and touch my son, resulting in a trip to the
emergency room. Will a well meaning teacher or student give my child a cookie that is made
with egg or that contains M&M’    s that were manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts?
Will the office staff react immediately and give my son his EPI Pen like they need to?
What makes allergies like this so troubling is that we may have children who may be speech
delayed, have unintelligible speech or be non-verbal who cannot explain that they just ate
something and are having a reaction when it occurs. Until a child is able to distinguish
between good/bad foods for them (and some children will never be able to do this for
themselves), their parents and teachers must be their advocate, training caring individuals
who want to help and sometimes those individuals who don’    t see allergies as a big enough
issue in proper allergen avoidance methods.
What can a teacher or parent do? First, educate yourself. I like the organization FAAN
( They have a lot of information, will send out safety alerts to members,
and provide allergy free recipes. They also provide information packets for schools and daycare
centers and have videos and books for children about allergies.
Next, train all individuals that come into contact with the child. As a teacher, I need to make
sure my assistant, my principal, and any related service providers understand the nature of
the allergy. As a parent, I need to ask restaurants what ingredients they use (including which
oils they use) and train every family member that comes into contact with my child. I also need
to train the parents of my child’s friends so they understand the allergy and what to do in case
of a reaction.
Lastly, encourage the individual with an allergy to wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace.
This will be a fall back in case of a reaction. They now make several styles which kids may find
“cool”enough to wear everyday without complaint, including some beaded bracelets for girls
                                                          s website ( for
and Spiderman bracelets for little boys. I like N-Style ID’
some of the more fashionable styles.
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                           T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                                PAGE 8

Padow’Percentage Day Fundraiser, Oct. 15 - Padow’
                                                s Hams & Deli
will donate a percentage of their sales on Monday, October 15 to The Arc of
Harrisonburg and Rockingham. Padow’      s Hams & Deli is located in the Kroger
Shopping Center next to Plan 9 Music. If you don’                              s
                                                   t feel like having ham, that’
not a problem. Try one of their other deli sandwiches or salads, or their famous
soups. The complete menu for Padow’   s Hams & Deli can be found online at

                              RT’ Chicken & Grill Percentage Day Fundraiser, Oct. 5
                              RT’Chicken and Grill will hold a Percentage Day fundraiser for The Arc of
                              Harrisonburg and Rockingham on Friday, October 5. RT’       s chicken is grilled in
                              their own vinegar based BBQ sauce. They also serve burgers, sandwiches, and
                              wraps. The complete menu for RT’  s can be found online at
                              RT's Chicken & Grill is at 120 University Blvd., across from IHOP.

Open a new checking account at SunTrust before October 12 and SunTrust
will make a $100 donation in your name to The Arc of Harrisonburg and
Rockingham. Make sure you pick up your redemption instructions when
you open your checking account. Visit any branch of SunTrust for details.

                                        Op Shop Products For Sale
                                         available to purchase Monday—Friday,
                                                    8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
                                     The Arc Op Shop ? 620 Simms Avenue ? Harrisonburg

Angel Ornament $3                                                                                Turtle Doorstop
  New for 2007                                                                                          $7

Op Shop products include doorstops, pin cushions, grocery bag handle holders,
earrings, jewelry, hanging quilt racks, decorated candles and flower pots, wooden
banks, and assorted cutting boards. Adjustable casserole carriers are perfect for
covered dish suppers with pegs that adjust to fit any dish. Also on display and
available for purchase are memo holders, bread boxes, napkin holders, wooden
toys, peg racks, yarn dusters, small cabinets, Christmas wreaths, ornaments,
trivets, and much more. Visit to see more Op Shop products.

                                                          Yarn Dusters                     Glass Bead Earrings
         Virginia Bank
                                                    available in school colors               $5 (pierced only)
                                                          36”  long $5
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                    T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                         PAGE 9

Teenage/Adult Canteen—Fall Schedule
Supervised social activities for individuals with developmental disabilities aged 14 and up
September 21                  —Welcome Back Dance
October 5                     —Fall Dance
October 19                    —Halloween Dance/Costume Party
November 2                    —Surprise (to be announced)
November 16                   —Thanksgiving Dance
December 7                    —Christmas Parade (downtown)
December 21                   —Christmas BINGO
All events are Friday evenings at the Community Activities Center, 304 South Dogwood
Drive in Westover Park, 7:00-8:30 PM, unless stated otherwise. Please remember to bring an
unopened package of snacks or a 2-liter bottle of soda to share. Group homes should
bring enough for each of their clients attending. For more information about Canteen, call

                                    Camp Still Meadows
                               11992 Hollar School Road, Linville, VA 22834
                       Phone: 540.833.2075   or    email:

                 Faith and Light Worship Service - Sunday, September 2, 3:30 PM
                 Veteran POW-MIA Riders - Motorcycle Ride to benefit Camp Still
                 Meadows - Saturday, September 22. Registration 8:00 AM—10:00 AM
                 at the Harrisonburg Moose Lodge

                 6th Annual Ride-A-Thon Benefit - Sunday, October 7, Willow
                 Spring Farm, Timberville, VA. Additional information and all forms
                 can be downloaded from the website at

                     Faith and Light Worship Services Fall Schedule
                     Persons with disabilities, their families, and friends are invited to be part
                     of an inclusive worship experience sponsored by Pleasant View, Inc. The
                     last outdoor Summer Worship service will be held at Camp Still Meadows
                     on Sunday, September 2 at 3:30 PM.
                     Faith & Light Services will be held at the Pleasant View Day Program
                     Building in Harrisonburg on September 28, October 26, November 30,
                     and December 14. For additional information contact Pastor Dave
                     Gullman, 540.433.8960 or by email at
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                     T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                                         PAGE 10

Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership (SVAP)                   Special Olympics Training
Partnership Postings                                                Harrisonburg
The “ Lunch Bunch”   will meet at 11:30                       VOLLEYBALL
AM on Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14,                             Community Activity Center
and Dec. 12. The “                is
                     Lunch Bunch,” an                         Thursdays 6:00 - 7:30 PM
informal support group/networking                             August 30 - October 25
meeting for those interested in the                           Call Brandi Funk, Coach 540.325.6183
Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger’   s
Syndrome, PDD, and related disorders. SVAP meets              BOWLING
the second Wednesday each month during the school             Valley Lanes
year. Bring a brown bag lunch.                                Saturdays, 12:00 - 3:00 PM
                                                              September 8 - October 27
Monday, October 15, save the date for the SVAP                Call Betty Southerly, Coach 540.383.3219
fall evening meeting, Understanding Sensory
Processing presented by Dianne Koontz Lowman,                 SWIMMING
Ed. D. Virginia Dept. of Education T/TAC Coordinator.         Bridgewater College Pool
                                                              Mondays, 7:00 - 8:00 PM
The Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership is an
                                                              September 17 - April 28
affiliate of The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham.
                                                              Call George Gibbs, Lane Coach 540.433.1759
Membership in SVAP is $20, which includes $15 for             Call Becky Sizer, Skills Coach 540.249.1589
membership in The Arc. If you are already a member
of The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham, you may            GOLF
send the additional $5 for SVAP membership when               Individual Practice
you renew your membership in The Arc.                         Call Terrie Mitchem 540.421.8046
For additional information, call Fonda at
540.289.9206, email, or call            The Arc Lending Library
Sally at 540.568.8095. Visit the SVAP website at              A list of recent book and media                                          purchases can be found on The
                                                              Arc’s website at under Library.
Benefit                                                       The Arc Library is located on the first floor of
Free-Will Offering Benefit to                                 the Lucy F. Simms Center. The library is open
raise money for a van for                                     by appointment. Call The Arc office (437.9214)
Bruce Dellinger                                               if you wish to use the library or have a title or
Dinner and Two Musical Performances                           topic you would like to suggest that we
Saturday, September 8, 2007                                   purchase.
Dinner starts at 4:00 PM. A silent auction will be held
                                                                                             A Christian based support
featuring Bruce’s fantastic artwork
                                                                                             group for families &
      Fancy will perform at 6:00 PM
                                                                                             friends who have loved
Beth Lucas will perform at 7:00 PM                                                           ones with special needs
Mount Olivet Church of the Brethren
                                                              WINGS will no longer hold regular monthly meetings.
17988 North Mountain Road, Timberville                                        Quarterly social events for the families and friends
Bruce needs a van in order to remain employed full-time at    of individuals with special needs will still be planned.
VAIL and to remain active in his community. Due to Bruce’    s
                                                               You can contact WINGS at 540.578.1434 or email
quadriplegia, the van needs modifications such as a
wheelchair lift, hand controlled gas and brakes, and a
computerized system for the gear shift and other controls. The
                                                               For additional information, visit the WINGS website
approximate cost of the van with modifications is $95,000.
  V O LU M E 3 4 , ISSU E 5                              T HE AR C AD V O C ATE                                              PAGE 11

 Invitation to Non-Members (those with an expired date or no date on the mailing label): Our limited
 financial resources will not permit us to send our newsletter to non-members indefinitely. We invite you to support
 the advocacy of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by filling out the membership form below and
 mailing it to The Arc office. Membership in The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham includes membership in The Arc
 of Virginia and The Arc of the United States. DUES & DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE

                                              Application for Membership
Fill out and mail to :        The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham, Inc.
                              620 Simms Avenue
                              Harrisonburg, VA 22802

          Name _________________________________________________________________________________________

          Telephone ______________________________________ E-mail Address _______________________________

          Address _______________________________________________________________________________________

          City _________________________________________ State _________________ Zip ____________________

                                                   ____ Renewal   ____ New Member

  [ ] Individual/Family dues $15   [ ] Contributor $25   [ ] Donor $100      [ ] Cherub $250   [ ] Angel $500   [ ] Arc Angel $1000

           [ ] SVAP $5 Enclosed is an additional $5 for membership in Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership

                                        COURTESY RENEWAL REMINDERS
Mrs. Donald R. Brown, Debra Brumfield, John & Deborah Canter, Patricia Carroll, Emily
Dingledine, Dave Flick, Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Garber, Carol & Norman Hart, Jim & Joann
Henderson, Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Kohen, Ginger McDonaldson, Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Miller, Pauline G.
Miller, Pilot Club of Harrisonburg, Jayne Redelman, Jay & Sheli Rhodes, Paul & Mary Ellen
Rublee, Keith & Jennifer Sampson, Jeff Shafer, Lillian Sharp, David Shue, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph
Smith, Scott & Karen Winton
MEMBERSHIPS THAT HAVE RECENTLY EXPIRED: Jonathan & Christine Coddington, Mr.
& Mrs. Willard E. Dean, Sharon DeBoever, Al & Carolyn Falcioni, Christopher Friesen, Anna
Gutierrez, Barbara Harkins, Victoria Hensley, Melodie Maher, Jason May, Alison McElroy, Emory
H. Merryman, John & Linda Neff, Lynn & Todd Rhea, Roger A. Ritchie, Daniel & Marie Rublee,
Rick & Jane Smith, Kaye Swecker, Michael Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. James Triplett, VFW Rion-
Bowman Post 632, Kathy Wakeman, Donna K. Warble, Sarah M. Weidig, Harold & Beverly Wood,
Jeanne Zimmerman
MEMBERSHIPS EXPIRING IN September: Jennifer Bridges, Sally Chappel, Meriwether P.
Downey, Carolyn Frank, Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Gardner, Dr. Joann Grayson, Cheryl Henderson,
Garland & Jeannie Long, Alan & Katherine Neckowitz, Sandi Silvers, Donald & Joan Simon,
Bernice Sites, Steven & Fonda Watson, Andy Whitten
MEMBERSHIPS EXPIRING IN October: Dr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Alvis, Dr. Alta Brubaker, Mr.
& Mrs. Challace McMillin, Patrice Oliver, Pam & Roger Pratt, Fleta Walton
Our thanks to each of you who supports The Arc, whether through direct monetary donations,
United Way contributions, the Food Lion Shop & Share program, volunteering your time and
energy to our programs, or purchasing Op Shop crafts. Your giving allows us to continue to make a
better life for persons in our community with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
                       T H E A R C O F H A R R I SO N B U R G A ND                         NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
                       R O C K I NG H A M, I N C .                                               US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                            HARRISONBURG, VA 22801
                       620 Simms Avenue
                       Harrisonburg, VA 22802                                                       PERMIT #36
Phone:            540.437.9214                                                               Return Service Requested
Fax:              540.437.9217

    The Arc Officers 2007-2008                           The Arc Staff
President                                   Executive Director
Matthew C. Sunderlin, Esq.                  Mary Ellen Chewning
                                                                                       You can raise money for The Arc just
Vice President                              Office Manager/Newsletter                  by changing the search engine you
Karen Casey-Winton                          Carol Hart
                                                                                       use on your computer.
Secretary                                                                     is a search engine
Tara Greene                                          The Op Shop Staff                 that donates half its revenue (about a
Treasurer                                   Program Coordinator                        penny per search) to the charities its
Jeff Shafer                                 Tiara Saufley                              users designate. You use it just as
                                                                                       you would use any search engine.
Board of Directors 2007-2008                Full Time Instructors
                                            Rebecca Helmick
                                                                              is powered by
Jonathan Coddington
Al Falcioni                                 Courtney Boyd                              Yahoo! Go to
Sue Hughes                                  Beverly Mahood                             and select The Arc-Harrisonburg and
Dr. Maggie Kyger                            Emily Shifflett                            Rockingham as your charity. A lot of
Maxine Magri                                Lori Yost
                                                                                       The Arcs are participating so be sure
Jason May
Lisa Milliken                               Part Time/Substitutes/Van Drivers          you have chosen The Arc you wish to
Dr. J. Gerald Minskoff                      Jason Hendricks                            support.
Roger Ritchie, Esq.                         Janet Maasch
Donna Warble                                Thom Mick                                  There are even
Becky Weidig                                Kayte Tigert                               directions on the
                                                                                       website for adding
Honorary Board Member                       Assistant                                  GoodSearch to a Mac
Carolyn W. Frank                            Dick Simon
                                                                                       or a Foxfire toolbar.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, or you are receiving duplicate
copies, please call The Arc office at 540.437.9214 ext. 130, email us the correction
at, or mail this page back to us marked “  remove.”  Thank you.
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