How to Choose a Weight Loss Program

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					It was the last straw. This morning you took a good look at your naked body in the mirror as
you walked from the shower to your dressing room. The evidence was staring you in the face.
You were fat! Very fat!

While getting dressed you could hardly bend over to put your socks on. Your favorite jeans
were too tight; you popped a button on your shirt and worst of all, you felt exactly like what a
jelly donut looks like–bloated and gross.

You were overcome with feelings of futility and desperation. How could your body do this to
you? How could you possibly look like this? You started to cry. You knew without a doubt
that you needed to do something. Or die!

Perhaps it didn’t happen quite like that. The important thing is that something did happen.
You committed yourself to do something about your weight problem right then and there.

You promised yourself that you would start a new diet first thing tomorrow morning.

Stop right there!

How is it possible for you to select a weight loss diet if you have no idea
what has caused your weight gain in the first place?

If you want to succeed at losing weight you need to select a diet that is right for you–a diet
that addresses the underlying cause of your adiposity. The proper diet for you should enable
you to lose your excess weight AND empower you to keep the weight you lost off your body
for good!

You can only choose the right diet once you know what caused your weight gain in the first

Most people are not, contrary to popular opinion, overweight because they eat too much.

Granted, some weight problems are caused by eating too much. (Especially eating too much
of the wrong types of food!)

However, there is usually an underlying reason why a person eats too much. These reasons
can be physical, psychological, social or habitual.

Many excess weight problems have genuine, metabolic causes. Metabolic problems, in turn,
cause food cravings that lead to overeating.

Your goal in starting any weight loss plan should not be simply to lose weight. While that is
an admiral goal, you need to think about aiming a bit higher. Make the commitment to give
yourself the proper health care that you deserve. You and you alone are responsible for your
personal health. Why not consider making your goal ‘Total Wellness.’

In so doing you will rise above the tedium of counting calories and carbs, making endless
trips to the gym, constantly cheating yourself of life’s little pleasures–culinary and otherwise.
You will address the underlying cause of your problem and will find valid solutions instead
of just band-aids and quick fixes.
Did you know that the following factors are just some of the common, medically documented
causes of excess weight gain?

1. Metabolic Disorder
2. Food Intolerance
3. Nutritional Deficiencies
4. Psychological Problems
5. Insulin Resistance
6. Over Consumption of Junk Food

Just as there are metabolic reasons why a person is overweight, there are also many other
physical, emotional, life style, or improper food choices that can affect your health and lead
to excessive weight gain.

For example, if you are suffering from Hypoglycemia, you should have a glucose tolerance
test before starting any new diet. That way you will know for sure that the diet that will
benefit you most will be one with foods that are low on the Glycemic Index.

There is no single diet that works well for everyone. You need to determine what is causing
your weight gain before you can develop a plan of attack to correct the problem.

If you are to successfully lose your excess body fat, the weight loss diet you choose must be
one that enables and empowers you to reach and maintain the ideal weight for your body
type. Your diet must address some of the health problems you are currently facing as a result
of being overweight. It must also provide a systematic approach to eating that will help you
develop some new habits, a positive outlook on life and help lose your extra weight along the

Once you have determined the primary cause of YOUR weight gain, you will then be
able to choose the right weight loss program, products and menu plans that are in keeping
with your body type, dietary and metabolic needs. And keep in mind that it is always wise to
consult your doctor before implementing any weight loss or exercise program if you have
more than 10 pounds you need to lose.

As you read, do the necessary research and thoroughly educate yourself as to the reasons why
you are presently over-weight, you will be taking the necessary steps that will enable you to
reach your ideal weight with a diet that is tailor-made, just for you.

The diet or plan of action you choose will also require commitment, the right tools, a little
help along the way and some serious strategic planning. You are your body’s employer. Give
it the right tools and it will do a good job for you. Scrimp, cheat and take the path of least
resistance and your body will respond in kind.

The first step in losing weight is always, without exception, making the decision to do exactly
that. By educating yourself as to the cause of your weight gain, you will then be able to
choose the diet that is right for you and achieve all of your personal weight loss goals!

Description: Before you select a weight loss plan you really ought to understand why you are overweight in the first place. This article suggests a few aspects of your health and the reasons for you being overweight that you ought to consider before chossing a plan to lose that flabby tummy or whatever else is carry too much fat.