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Saratoga Victory

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									Saratoga Victory

Saratoga is the world's great victory in the history of the famous battle, 13 British colonies in
North America, the independent state of war
Turning point in dispute.
British general William Howe • General from Philadelphia after winning in one fell swoop,
completely absorbed in the joy of victory. A hi, the number would like to win Philadelphia but
did not succeed, only one evasive tactics to confuse live in Washington, easily captured the
central city; b-hi, the Continental Congress in Philadelphia was the seat of the capital of a
confederation , an unusual political significance, won by London, Philadelphia, the more
confidence; three-hi, the British rely on Philadelphia, will be able to stand firm and eliminate
the Continental Army also within reach.
Of course, he has to admit that Washington's war in Trenton and Princeton the victory,
encouraged the patriotic enthusiasm of the people in North America, forming a force can not
be underestimated; France, Britain won its overseas colonies disgruntled , the Continental
Army began to provide a large number of arms will no doubt increase the difficulties of the
British victory. But the short, he is quite optimistic in an attempt to look for an opportunity
annihilate the main Continental Army.
Philadelphia, Washington, after the fall of fairly clear mind. He has not been carried away by
the victory of the past, nor as a temporary setback and loss of confidence. Especially in
Philadelphia has just fallen into the hands of the British case, he fully understood: the North
American people, facing the enemy, was once beaten Spain, the Netherlands and the French
colonial army of the British Empire's armed forces; the U.S. military early in the war, although
consuming part of the British power, but did not fundamentally change the strong US-British
forces weak, and no change in British beauty inferior weapons posture; now China Army
withstood a severe test, they are not only poor performance, but also food shortages in the
armed forces, no agriculture, lack of short rates and bullets situation. In this case, did not
waver in their loyalty to the revolutionary cause, to help each other with their subordinates,
through thick and thin together, their perseverance in overcoming all difficulties, actively
preparing for counterattack.
Just William. Howe logistics operations in Philadelphia to re-plan, Valley Forge, Washington
was busy in arms expansion and training, they are to have the two sides contain themselves.
The first is high because of the general's case will Boge, he Shenglai Ge retreat as
incompetent to take charge of the Philadelphia General Howe as a conservative. So, he has
not been approved by Howe, they decided to force their troops in three columns, forced to
attack Albany.
Going in accordance with wishful thinking, he put on the main right wing, led by a Major
General Fraser, the whole army of 2,000 people. Left for the 1,100 people, led by a Major
General Riedesser.
Boge by his own rate in the military, by the right-wing forward, and ready to join the battle.
Boge for the troops fighting very bravely, one of the reasons is that most soldiers to Indians.
The Indians often have brutal acts, Boge before departure warning by the Indian soldiers, men
do not peel the white scalp. Indians have the habit of like peeling an enemy scalp, in advance,
an Indian forces had killed a pro-British faction officer's wife, and stripped of her scalp. The
news that came out, originally intended to support the loyalist British attitude changed
immediately, one after another up Anti-British. This makes for very annoying Boge, a
premonition that the war ominous.
British troops near the line to the Freeman Farm, Arnold met with U.S. troops, the two sides
exchanged fire quickly. Fighting began, Arnold Road, found the enemy between the right and
the loopholes, it synergies Morgan into enemy positions. This time the enemy suddenly chaos,
seeing the collapse of enemy forces that have happened to the left of Riedesser Chi soldiers to
rescue, only to prevent the British lost potential. Arnold immediately asked to use back-up
team, but his boss Bill Gates do not want to send soldiers, Arnold had to call a halt.
The campaign, the British killed 600 people, the U.S. killed 300 people. American history,
called the encounter for the Freeman farm Zhuang Dajie.
After the battle, Arnold to his boss Bill Gates wrote a report. In his report, said: "I think I have
the responsibility to tell you that the army have battle assignment. If the two weeks not to take
action, forces will be downsizing at least 4,000 people, because they are sick or deserted. I
have reason to believe that Freeman If we can take advantage of the Battle of the farm, the
enemy may already be eliminated. "This letter is clearly to blame Bill Gates is not in the
Freeman farm operations regarding additional reinforcements.
Gates, after reading this letter, feel very happy. Therefore, the Continental Congress in his
report to the battle situation, made no mention of Arnold Freeman farm in the combat
achievements. Arnold, after that, to the Gates protested. Gates received a letter of protest
Arnold will exercise his powers as Chief Executive, announced Arnold exempt positions.
Boge due to conflict with his superiors that Arnold was removed from office in the news and
happy. He wanted to wait for reinforcements to come with the war, there are four or five days
time, this is too long. I should seize this favorable opportunity, before the arrival of the
reinforcements have not yet left for the U.S. military camp outflanking. Boge also looking for a
number of reasons why the need for early action. The goal of this initiative is to cover the other
British looting of food, because their extreme lack of food.
To this end, Boge on October 7 because of the decision by himself personally, the most elite
selection of 1,500 officers and men, 12 pounds carrying two guns, two howitzers, 6 6 pounds
guns, and where in the Philip Two Major General and Major General Fraser, deserto
assistance to the U.S. military launched a second attack. British military history, has never
been an equal number of units have been such a strong commander, and indeed difficult to
find an equal number of elite troops could be comparable with the force. However, once this
action is worth the action.
Boge after a road for Shuaidui later, under cover of dense forest, the troops left the U.S.
military cloth out in less than 314 miles away from the lot. Also sent team of Rangers, the local
unit composed of soldiers and Indians quietly through the forest, into the back of the U.S.
military to attack in front, when the U.S. military harassment.
Although the British action was carried out under the cover of the forest, but still be found in the
United States. Afternoon, the U.S. military drums sounded the vanguard Road, called to
prepare for war.
Gates command officers rushed to the emergency meeting to, and sent an adjutant to go
identify the causes of long-Wilkinson.
Wilkinson hand-held binoculars, although they were multiple small telescope, but he was a
piece of open land from the high slope, saw enemy action. He also saw the British Qiangliang
team is busy in a Catcher in the wheat harvest, several enemy officer is also a wooden roof
with binoculars to observe the U.S. military camp.
Wilkinson returned to barracks, Gates reported to the enemy's location and movements.
He said the enemy's face is open; they have trees on both sides, therefore, by the forest cover,
the enemy can attack.
Gates immediately after hearing the report of Wilkinson excited, replied: "Your advice makes
sense, of unsolicited 'gifts' can not close."
Gates quickly developed a good plan of attack: send Morgan led a rifle regiment and an
infantry battalion winding through the forest past the enemy occupied the right side of the
Heights; Poole General then led his army formed by the New York and New Hampshire travel
and Learned a brigade to the left of the enemy advance. Morgan and Gates, Poole received
the order immediately after the British occupation of the heights to attack.
Boge by this time had ordered his army gracefully battle formation. Boge for the deployment of
troops just to their own good, to hear the rumble of artillery sounded the left, the right trees on
high ground Mitsushige broke out rifles, "da da" of the attack. The sudden roar of guns,
shooting, so he was very surprised and bewildered. Poole led the troops of grenadiers along
the Ackland and Williams artillery stationed in the hills continue to move forward. Akram's
grenadiers were the first to the onslaught. As group after group of the arrival of British troops,
attack extended to the entire front. Black British artillery was immediately rushed to the forest,
they fired grape shot, when U.S. soldiers desperate dash to their guns in the past. In this way,
the British artillery, many doors were taken away the U.S. military, the U.S. military to use the
artillery bombardment of its original owner.
U.S. troops on the battlefield bravery, largely been dismissed by the exemplary role of
commander of Arnold. The brave officers have been looking forward to war, but Gates could
be free of his job, let him lead the army, so he was annoyed. Heard the sound of battle, he
could no longer hold back any longer war horses leap off the passion. Gates saw him run out
from the barracks, he shouted: "Let him come back, he will make a bold thing to it!" On Gates's
block, not only do not listen to Arnold and others would not be able to block. Arnold rode
rapidly forward, led the troops rushed to the battlefield. Soldiers obey his orders, followed him
break the enemy's position has been.
During this time, Morgan constantly harassing fire with light weapons, the enemy of right-wing,
right wing to the central position to prevent the enemy with any support. General Fraser with
that branch once to the right-wing elite great protection, he was riding in a battle of iron gray
horse, wearing a colonel's uniform, which became Morgan's sniper who live target. A bullet
passed through his horse, a bullet grazed the other horse's mane.
Fraser's aide said: "General, you become a target, and the best move on it!" Voice has not
dropped, Fraser was a sniper in the trees to lay ambush Malay. When the two grenadiers carry
him to the barracks, he had stopped breathing. Fraser's no doubt the British forces killed in
Norwegian missile regiment is a fatal blow.
At this point, Brook General led a large number of reinforcements, New York opened to the
battlefield. This increase in the U.S. is sure of victory, on the British side is a little more bit of
fear. Balance between the balance on the battlefield. In recognition of Ge film, the British are
experiencing a tough. Boge was only thought to be due to preservation of his own camp. He
ordered the closest to the front of the troops retreated inside front by General Phillips, General
and Riedesser cover the main force withdrew. In order to prevent the main force was cut off
retreat, they give up guns.
British troops have just retreated into the camp, on the fierce attack by U.S. forces. Arnold led
the U.S. military, regardless of grape-intensive and light weapons fire, swarmed dashed line of
defense. Barr Kanas Lord's brave defense of fortifications. Fighting is fierce, both
Arnold attempts to burst into the enemy camp, risking death, but without success, then he rode
Chixiang German reserve the right entrenched in the enemy camp. There, Brooks led in the
correct group launched a general offensive in Massachusetts. Arnold arrived there and
immediately led the part of the soil Bing Gong a gap. Retreat in the Black Forest in the military
a bullet killed his horse, injuring his leg, Arnold was sent back to the camp.
The battle known to history as the Battle of Bemiss Heights, British troops killed 600 people,
the U.S. military killed 150 people. Arnold established outstanding service, and their
descendants in the battlefield for his set a special commemorative image, that is a hit by a
bullet in the leg. Because the statue has become a traitor when Arnold could not stand his
body image, so only one set up his shot in the leg twice.
When night came, the U.S. won a decisive victory. Going at night with the site to the north of
the high ground. Where near the Hudson River, a valley in front of the cover. U.S. military
occupation in the early morning due to abandoned camp Boge. Throughout the day, both sides,
but only sporadic shelling and uninterrupted use of light arms fire, no large-scale fighting.
General Gates that the enemy is now in position to fight with is not worth; costly bloody price
for the enemy to storm an entrenched, is not desirable.
So he adopted various measures to cut off the enemy's escape route, forcing the enemy had
surrendered. He led 1,400 people to send General Fellows occupy the Hudson River east of
Saratoga, across the highlands overlooking the shooting, also sent a number of additional
troops to the direction of George tidal Hudson River lots more.
Boge has been realized by this time, he immediately retreated to Saratoga in addition to other,
no other way out. This is a painful retreat, sympathetic encounter rain poured down, the road
rugged, water deeply. Lack of forage horses, half-starved, weakly. Dawn, the troops stopped to
rest while waiting for transport of grain vessels. 3 hours later, troops continued to march, but
after a long pause then down, in order to prevent attacks on U.S. military reconnaissance team
to come.
The next day, the rain was greater, plus the half-way stop repeatedly, until the night before the
British to Saratoga. At this point, a U.S. military contingent has been there before they open,
are fishkill a commanding high ground to build fortifications. Found that the British, they
stopped to build fortifications, across the Hudson River, with mountains in the east of the river
on the Floss join the forces of General. After the British soldiers marching day and night,
almost too tired to exhaustion, so most people have no strength felling fire. They were wearing
wet clothes to lie down on the dirt, in the endless rain fell asleep.
10 October morning, the U.S. came from behind to recover. In order to prevent being attacked
U.S. forces, Boge command set on fire by the south bank of the Fishkill farmhouse and other
buildings - a large mansion of General Schuyler, along with warehouses, silos, mills and other
ancillary facilities have been burned a blank. Boge result of this decision, condemned by both
friend and foe. However, he saved himself with the principles of justification for this action:
"Without this decision, we may have already become a captive of the North American people."
Fellowes General troops in the hills across the Hudson River, they used artillery to attack
British troops. Due to the U.S. military fire control, Boge for the artillery could not cross the river,
trying to retreat to Canada on the road leading to Fort George to open up the road leading to
Fort Edward. However, their actions were quickly sent troops blocked Gates.
At this time, the other side of the Hudson River along with U.S. troops deployed everywhere,
British convoy was fired on, many boats were taken away. In order to regain some of the boats,
the British army has a lot of people casualties.
In order to get rid of the U.S. military to contain, Boge for emergency military meeting was held.
It was decided, the bridge beyond repair, had to give up the artillery and baggage, so that the
soldiers back some of their food overnight advance, force a river bank around Fort Edward.
Boge not had time because of the plan implemented, scouts brought intelligence to say that
these are U.S. troops stationed across the shoals, between Fort Edward and Fort George, on
high ground, but also equipped with guns of U.S. troops stationed. In fact, the U.S. military at
this time the British had been surrounded on three sides formed.
Boge withdrawal had to be abandoned because of the attempt to start strengthening his camp
in Fishkill northern highlands continue to look forward to Henry. Sir Clinton sent reinforcements
arrived, or wait for an opportunity break through. In this situation, Boge soldiers because men
have looked on both arms every night to sleep. Because they are constantly subjected to the
camp all over the U.S. bombing and rifle regiment artillery attacks.
Going into the desperation phase situation: As the losses, as Canadians and the loyalist
elements desertion, as the Indians all the defections, his forces greatly downsizing.
He also found that the food can only be maintained on hand for 3 days. So he convened a
meeting with all the class officers, field grade military officers and Captain attended the
meeting. The brevity of the meeting, participants agreed that the need for General Gates
signed a surrender in accordance with the terms of the treaty decent. On proposed and
outstanding in their time, a 18 pounds of artillery shells across the tent, sitting around the table
from the top of their passing. This is a loud noise, to finalize the determination of their
October 13, the British sent envoys to negotiate with the U.S., suggested that business
conditions did not stop fighting to before. Gates agreed, but the first time on condition that
British troops should lay down their arms under the supervision of the United States,
surrendered as prisoners of war. Britain angrily refused to accept these conditions and
suggested that if the United States insist on these conditions, the war will resurgence.
Later, due to general recommendations with Ge: British with artillery and all kinds of weapons,
holding banners, marched from the barracks to open to a designated location, under the
command of their own officers, the weapons dump there; the United States should allow them
free to Europe, on condition that in the current war are not allowed to serve again in the United
States; officers swear no troops in war, and released, players can carry their weapons, all
personal property is inviolable, not to search luggage or interference. Gates, General finally
accepted the proposal.
October 17, Boge for the surrender of the book signed. Surrender, the British military as
captured, killed and desertion, had been reduced from 9,000 to 5,700 people. The Continental
Army but this was stronger. As the British surrender, the Continental Army received a large
number of much-needed guns, 7,000 light weapons and a lot of clothing, tents and various
military items.
This allows the U.S. military's equipment have greatly improved the situation.
Shoot Going to surrender, the British garrison withdrew soon Saticonderoga, retreated to
Walnut Island and St. John went. As for the British Hudson River, just when they wantonly
burning and destruction, Life of Sir Bong Clinton commanded this army commander, received
alarming information that came to support their forces have captured . Therefore, they have
nothing to do but to follow the current to return to New York.
Although the U.S. military in Saratoga defeated Boge war of independence by becoming a
turning point, but this time the British main force has not been eliminated, Valley Forge,
Washington was also trapped in the initiative have not yet mastered the hands of people in
North America. But The campaign soon, the initiative to change the situation of the war came.
Washington as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, but failed to maintain the capital
of Philadelphia, will inevitably have to be blamed. Some of his men proposed general
statement, an explanation; more organizations are advocating troops, desperate for a stroke,
immediately back in Philadelphia. But Washington, a long-term consideration, decided to save
the vital forces, rather lost, not lost people, What does the enemy's strength far exceeds the
U.S.. He has tasted the bitterness recklessly, this time, he would not make the same mistake.
He decided to own troops Zhunzha in Philadelphia about 20 miles from a virgin forest that is
Valley Forge, ready to break in there raising a rate, opportunistic counterattack.
Really soon, the opportunity under the Washington ignorant place, and that is the Battle of
German Town.
British troops capture the capital of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia after leaving
Cornwallis led a contingent of occupation, its main by William. General Howe led the German
forces in the outskirts of the town of Philadelphia.
At that time, German Town, just one long street, extending north and south two miles, however.
Most of stone houses, low and strong, steep roof, eaves outstanding. Housing is not
connected to each other. There are four roads leading to the town from the north. Sijipake
Boulevard is the main road. The road across the mountains to the Airy chestnut ridge leads to
the town, and through the town leading to Philadelphia. In this way the right has an almost
parallel to the road, called Monatuoni Road, or Ridge Road, passed from the schuylkill river
close by, in the south and the main road connecting the town.
Small town with a prominent building, is a spacious stone building, garden ornaments and
statues are not all, there are small trees and bushes. This is the Chief Justice of Pennsylvania
Benjamin. Hill's house.
Avenue into the town was almost two equal parts, British William. The main force led by
General Howe stationed in the southern section of town. The command of General Grant
Avenue, right in the east, left in the west. Each wing has a contingent of troops with adequate
cover, by the cavalry guard. General Howe and his headquarters is located in the Benjamin.
Hill's villa.
Vanguard of this army by the British light infantry and artillery battalions composed of 2,
entrenched in the more than two miles from the main force of the road west. It has a perimeter
guard force stationed in the Allen home Airy boulders evil.
In accordance with the plan of attack in Washington, Sullivan's division, and Wayne's division
formed the right-wing, by the Sullivan command, the command of Lord Stirling's reserve team
as a prop for Sullivan, General Conway's brigade is responsible for the cover of Sullivan's flank.
Sullivan and Wyeth planned to advance along Sijipake Boulevard, attack the enemy left.
Meanwhile, the militia of Pennsylvania, led by the General Armstrong, along the ridge road
south Monatuoni way that attacks the enemy's left and rear.
The plan also provides the Green led his own division, and Stephen left the composition of the
general's division, along Limekilnburn ideas forward, in order to enter the town from the market,
TimmcDougall travel cover its flank. Smallwood's Maryland division, and Forman's New Jersey
militia brigade, then through the Old York Road roundabout, attacks from behind.
Washington plans to use the strength of 213 right-wing attacks on the enemy. The idea was: if
we can capture the wing, all British troops must be rushed to the Schuylkill River, or forced to
surrender. Offensive operations are scheduled to begin at dawn comprehensive.
October 3 thin the hours, the U.S. military began moving to the designated area, Washington,
starting with the right wing, the next day at dawn to reach the designated area.
This morning the fog filled the sky dark. , Washington sent a detachment to attack the evil in
the enemy in the Allen home outside post, but their action was wary of the guards discovered.
6 pounds with two defenders guard a few gun shot put, put them sent packing. Wyeth led
forces against the enemy's light infantry battalion attacked. Bombardment after the charge is
the infantry. British did not wait to rush downwards they had been broken military. Rich combat
experience in British commander Jiangdajingshen, organized team again soon, so the two
sides started fighting.
British soldiers in the Grenadier support, in turn, charge. Division and brigade Conway Sullivan
Road west fitted to fight in formation, with the resistance. The remaining troops as possible to
give any assistance in the north. British infantry fought in the fierce, after a while, dropped the
fled the artillery.
Wayne's troops were chasing closely behind. The two sides began a terrible bayonet charge.
Heavy fog, coupled with guns the smoke, so the sky was almost dark as night. British soldiers
often own people as an enemy, opened fire on each other, until suddenly realized after the
mistake was found, all laid down their arms with tears.
About noon, Musgrave Colonel with the 40th regiment of six with panic into Hill's house which,
blocked doors and windows downstairs, entrenched in the upstairs. Retreat from the British
side after the main, in the pursuit of Wayne troops into the town. When U.S. troops to open up
when Musgrave forces with shotguns guarding the mound's house from which the U.S. military
opened fire on the windows upstairs. Therefore, the U.S. military advance is blocked.
Isolation imposed on the enemy pacified, is both ancient and modern military strategists know
the truth. Thus, General Knox decided to send a messenger to go home evil Qiu, persuasion
enemy troops to surrender.
Virginia Smith, the young lieutenant who volunteered to act as a messenger. He was way
ahead enemy fire, suffered fatal injuries. U.S. military officers and soldiers who witnessed the
scenes are very angry and decided to use the artillery bombardment of the house, the
stubborn enemy and with the house reduced to ashes, as Smith Lieutenant revenge.
However, because they are not used heavy artillery guns, so did not achieve the desired
results. Gave birth to a total not a calculation, then sent his staff to set fire to General Knox,
incineration Hill's residence in the basement.
Then, a while bullets from the basement windows with iron railings shot out, the soldiers set
fire to go dead. In this way, half an hour gone in vain. The U.S. military at the expense of many
people, houses and guardians barely a hair damage. In order to gain time, the U.S. military
finally left a group to monitor this Mao Di, to prevent defenders breakthrough Inside the
residence, and other forces continue to pursue the enemy.
However, since the attack on Hill's mansion troops delayed for half an hour, the entire combat
deployment to the upset. First, contact the division was cut off; the smoke and fog enveloped
the battlefield is, information is difficult to pass; commander in chief can not understand the
global situation, the original plan did not know how well the implementation. In any case, many
parts of the battle very intense. Sullivan, North Carolina Nash reinforced brigade of troops and
Conway, the over the hill's mansion, a mile ahead. Thanks to his attack on the British left wing
was forced to retreat. Obviously, Road in the effective implementation of the plan was.
Green and Stephen need to move back because of the two divisions advance into battle later.
Stephen Hill's division of a residence for the injection of heavy fire by the resistance, to stop
and fight back. The results, which separated the two forces with each other. By the
Muhlenberg Brigade and Scott Green Brigade consisting of divisions, to move forward very
rapidly to drive away a British light infantry spearhead group, captured some prisoners, have
been pushed into the market from the town center, very close to place. There, they met
embattled British right wing. Their fierce attack on the British clearly had an impact, the enemy
began to waver. At this time, New Jersey and Maryland militia, led by Forman and Simowude
appeared in the enemy's right wing.
At this critical moment, the U.S. team somehow panic. It is said, mainly soldiers ran out of
bullets, see the enemy shouting towards them, they Huang Liaoshen. Wayne that teachers
should have been driving the three miles to the enemy, suddenly found a large number of U.S.
troops near the left side of that is the enemy here, also panic. The soldiers did not try to
dissuade their Gujun Guan, have to retreat back.
On the contrary, the initial result was a sudden panic-stricken British attack was calm then
down, turn to the U.S. military launched attacks come from. U.S. forces under attack in the
resurgence of the British, had to withdraw immediately and wounded artillery. Ongoing all day
retreat has retreated 20 miles away perkiomen River.
Although the U.S. military victory at hand in case of a setback, but they boldly attacked the
town of German influence than the fighting at Lexington and Yin Keshan any time since the
fighting fighting are great. A British military historian, commented: "During the war, the U.S.
launched an offensive, though beaten back and suffered losses, but that can not be
overlooked that they have an opponent, they not only determined to launch assault, but also
well-ordered to retreat. Therefore, some of us originally had hoped to be able to play with them
to play a decisive role, it is possible to end the war quickly. now how dare people do not hold
that hope. "In this battle, the U.S. military itself, also had a positive impact. This can be
addressed from the officers when they see a letter friends. One officer wrote: "While we have a
'complete' victory lost in vain, we have learned so much as a valuable truth: As long as we can
to defeat the enemy fought bravely; our velocity is far better than the enemy Army. We rustic
high. with every fighting, our troops have to add new momentum, the strength of their
confidence. resort to the two battle, the enemy's situation was certainly not so wonderful. "
Washington, the mood of this retreat retreat to Valley Forge nothing like when it was low,
because after the German town of Saratoga and the fight, he confidently. After that, he stayed
at the Lang Creek Keogh door a few days, so that troops rest and reorganization, and myself
started a new operational deployment. Washington intends to enhance the future force, and
gradually close to Philadelphia, in less than 14 miles from Philadelphia, the White Marsh
arranged a strong battle.
The United States has had around the Delaware river in Philadelphia set up a fort, set in the
river obstacles. Objective was to stop the British attack on Philadelphia, and Washington
hopes to use these fortifications besieged Philadelphia. Because after a German war, the
fortifications have been greatly damaged.
Commanders of both United States and Britain, want to use the river fortress and obstacles to
subdue the other. British forces captured Fort Howard's brother and obstacles attempting to
consolidate the defense of Philadelphia; Washington is trying to keep the fort and the
obstacles to the siege Philadelphia.
It turned out that these fortresses and defense systems consisting of obstacles set up in the
Delaware River in a low-lying, small island covered with reeds. In Philadelphia, schuylkill River
a few miles downstream. It consists of a strong fort and a large number of foreign Fort, Fort
composition. Pennsylvania River between the island and only a narrow channel, river water
with a solid weir iron chain, iron chain of any ship hit the weir would be in danger.
The defense on both sides of the side of Fort Mifflin, Fort Mercer the other side is.
The two fortresses in Philadelphia by the U.S. occupation after the fall. Is stationed at Fort
Mifflin, Samuel. Maryland Lieutenant Colonel Smith commanded troops, they have been
constantly on the banks of Pennsylvania heroic fight against enemy bombardment of Fort.
Originally by the militia stationed at Fort Mercer, but this time with Wahnon General
Washington men's 400 Rhode Island soldiers and replace them. Christopher. Colonel Greene
was appointed commander.
Colonel Green was a courageous officer. He used to have to follow the Arnold expedition to
Canada in Quebec City, the battle under the very outstanding performance.
Assistance is Modu Yi Colonel Green. Dupulaixi captain, he was responsible for directing
He is a very talented young French engineer, willing to dedicate themselves to the cause of
American independence, and endowed by the Continental Congress. Iron chain in the weir
channel is built under his supervision.
Greene Dupulaixi help step up the construction of fortifications at Fort Mercer. One day, he is
organizing the construction, was surprised to find that suddenly appeared from the woods, a
large army.
The uniform can be seen from these people they Hessen troops. In fact, they are a total of four
camps, 1200 people, all from the love of the limelight of Donop count command.
Green on the enemy without proof sudden panic. He quickly made arrangements to prepare
for strong resistance. Soon, a British officer rode his horse slowly banner of flags from, there
are a drummer with. Line to the appropriate distance they stopped, they come with a drum that
talks. That officer also threatened that if the defenders to resist, they never Qingrao. Green
answered, the U.S. military ready to perish with the fortress.
The envoy returned to troop moment, Hessen troops outside the fort from the U.S. where less
than half a mile erected Paibao start Meng Hong. Under cover of artillery, the enemy began to
At this time, the United States only fix half of the outer fort, and stretched very wide, too late to
defend with soldiers. So Green and Dupulaixi interim decision, the unit only for a short
resistance, the enemy opened fire when close, then back the White Castle. The fort is
surrounded by a hobble around in wood, cloth deep trenches with barbed wire and protected
with the composition.
British troops carried out the first fire fight. Donop led troops under cover of artillery to move
forward. Garrison quickly abandoned in accordance with booking arrangements outside the
fort. The enemy from two to enter, they think victory is at hand, stormed the fort parts. As of
now, they have not seen any U.S. forces. However, when approaching from the north all the
way in which the main fort, the stronghold of the gun in the eyes and left a half-hidden artillery,
suddenly fired a large number of grape and a shower of shotgun shells, a number of British
troops killed by grape shot and bullets. British survivors fled back.
Another attempt to attack the main road leading south Donop Fort Count troops have crossed
the abatis. Some soldiers have already crossed the ditch, and some soldiers have climb over
the fence. This time, the same intense burst of artillery and musket bullet to them. Some
people were being killed, many injured, and the rest were expelled. Donop himself wounded,
fell to the scene. His deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Minggeluode also seriously injured, in critical
condition. Some of the best officers were also killed or wounded.
Repulsed the enemy, the Modu Yi. Dupulaixi captain to inspect the battlefield and found a
voice begging him: "No matter who you are, please put me out of here from here." So he was
unfortunate Donop count. Social Plessy sent to carry him a house near the fort, to look after.
He was dying to come back to life three days. When the count died, said sadly, "I am engaged
in the noble career will end prematurely," "I am my own ambition and greed of my sovereign
According to the plan, the British would also have the sea on the other side of Fort Mifflin Fort
Mercer attack. The use of force is two fast ships - "Augusta" number and "Roebuck" and the
small ship "Merlin" number and a large wooden boat. These ships forced his way through the
iron chain downstream of a weir, but the "Augusta" number and "Merlin" in the second block
line downstream stranded, how hard can not move.
Transfer of U.S. warships to the situation of these two attention of other vessels approaching
as Fort Mifflin, and the shelling continued, but the obstacles in the river channel block has
been made, the British ships still can not enter within the range of very effective.
U.S. forces found the two in time the situation of a ship, sent four Fire Attack ships come, and
wanted to blow up two military now, but without success. U.S. forces would use large wooden
ships and floating batteries to launch a fierce fire. In the course of the fighting, there are a shell
landed, "Augusta" was on, "Augusta" was hit fire. Fire unstoppable income, the last "H" in a
bang, and the majority of British troops killed in the explosion. See the hopeless situation, the
British themselves, "Merlin" was the sensational discovery of fire, and abandoned the "Merlin"
was. "Roebuck" number and other ships carrying the remaining British forces drove to the river
downstream, Fort Mifflin was not offensive.
Battle of Saratoga and the German, became a turning point in the North American War of
Independence. After two campaigns, Washington began to organize large-scale attacks and

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