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2009 YMCA FIRST COAST KIDS TRIATHLON                                                                           

All events take place at the University of North Florida Main Campus - 1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Free Parking will be available to all participants, spectators, and volunteers. Easiest access is gained via the main
entrance to campus on UNF Parkway off of Route 9A.

Saturday, May 2nd – Pre-Race day:

4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Packet Pick-Up

5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pre-Race Pep Rally

4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Race Expo Open

Sunday, May 3rd – Race day:

6:30 a.m.- Transition Opens (Please arrive early – We have over 400 bikes to rack in 1 hour)

7:30 a.m.- Transition Closes

7:40 a.m.- Mandatory Athlete Meeting

8:00 a.m.- 8 & Under Race Starts

8:45 a.m.- 9 & 10 Race Starts

9:30 a.m.- 11 & 12 Race Starts

10:30 a.m.- 13 - 15 Race Starts

11:30 a.m.- Celebrity Big Kids Race Starts

12:00 p.m.- Awards Ceremony Begins
If you’ve never raced in or watched a triathlon, read this section as it may help
you to understand what your kids are about to do – and it will help you explain it
to them: Simply stated, it’s fun! A triathlon is a combination of swimming, biking and
running – in one race. In triathlons, you are really performing in FOUR separate races,
however. How? Well, triathlons are timed as three separate races (swim, bike and run)
and then the final time is the combination of each of those three races together as well
as your “transition time”. The transition time refers to the time it takes a participant to get
out of the pool and on to their bike as well as the time it takes him/her to get off their
bike and on to the running course. So, you will see the results of each time broken out
individually, as well as the total time for the race to complete everything from starting
the swim to crossing the finish line.

The document below covers all the details you need to know about each of those
segments of the triathlon (swim, bike, run) as well as everything you need to know
about what happens when you get there. So, please read through this carefully and
review it with your kids – it will help make them feel comfortable about the total course.
We end this document with a suggested list of things to bring to the Triathlon.
Finally, thank you for participating in the YMCA FIRST COAST KIDS TRIATHLON! 

Remember, although this triathlon is USAT (USA-Triathlon) certified, this is meant to be
FUN. Your times will be recorded, but winning should not the ultimate goal – finishing
should be. As you participate in this triathlon in years to come, you will be able to
measure your success. Enjoy the experience and excitement of something new and
encourage your fellow triathletes as you see them on the course. Everyone who finishes
will be awarded a finishing medal and, ice cream. Also, you will receive a bag of
goodies when you check in on Saturday – including an event t-shirt.

Your Start Time is based on your Age Group Time: However, each participant will be
timed separately based on their start and finish time – times are tracked automatically.
We will start the 8 & Under Junior Race first (with a 10- second separation between
kids) and then take a short break. After all of the athletes from the first wave have
cleared the transition area, we will start the second wave, 9 & 10 Juniors (again, with a
10-second separation between kids). The third wave will be the 11 & 12 Senior Course
Race, followed by wave four, 13, 14, & 15 Senior Course Athletes. Remember, the
swim is the first part of the race. Keep in mind that each participant is timed separately
(based on their start time) so the order in which they finish has nothing to do with their
place of finish. The time in which they complete the entire course is their individual time.
Saturday May 2nd, 2009

Pre-Race Pep Rally & Packet Pickup
This is a mandatory event that you will not want to miss. It is your only chance to pick-
up your race Packet and to have your parents complete the last bit of paperwork.
Parents will be given wristbands for Sunday’s race. (Parent must have matching
wristband to pick up child)

 There will be a very special part of the evening where at least a couple of our Celebrity
Big Kids will talk about achieving your dreams – whatever they are. This will be an
incredible opportunity to learn from and to be motivated by some of the true leaders in
our community.

Sunday May 3rd, 2009

Race Day!

NOTE: Regardless of when you begin the race – you must pick up your race
packet May 2nd and your timing chip on May 3rd. DO NOT BE LATE (remember,
you need time to park, unload your bike and get set-up in the transition area – so
plan to be early! You also MUST have your bike in the transition area by 7:30AM.

Parking: Parking for everyone will be in the UNF parking garage near the arena. Please
be careful to unpack any roof-top bikes before entering the garage. Signs from either
main entrance to campus will guide you to the parking garage. Volunteers will be there
to help guide you.

Body Marking:
In triathlons, each participant is marked (with Sharpies) with their age and their bib
number (see Race Number below). This will be done from 6:15am Sunday. As soon as
you arrive, you will pick up your chip and proceed to body marking in order to be
permitted into the transition area.

Pre-Race Instructions/Meeting: There is a meeting at 7:40 AM in by the pool area. All
participants (and available parents) need to attend this meeting, as we will review
safety, the course, the finish area, rules, and how to have fun!. Any last minute changes
will be announced during this meeting.

Race Bib/Number:
Every participant is assigned a number automatically by our registration system. When
you collect your race packet at registration on Saturday afternoon, you will receive this
number – it’s called a race bib. This is the same number that is to be marked on your
body (see Body Marking above). The bib NEEDS to be attached (we will give you pins
to attach them) to the kid’s shirts (whatever they will put on after their swim). Please
attach this for them during set-up. Bib numbers must be worn on the front of the athlete
during the run portion of the event.

RFID Chip Timing:
This race will be timed using the RFID timing method. As most of you are new to
triathlons, let us explain what this means. Each participant will be issued a chip that
matches your bib (the number you put on your shirt) number. This chip (which will be
strapped to your left ankle – the ankle strap will be supplied on race day) will track the
participant on each course and actually record separate swim, bike and run times (as
well as the amount of time they spend in the transition area. Please make sure you
return the timing chip at the end of the event to avoid any extra fees. All participants will
be issued an RFID timing chip on race morning near the transition and body marking

NOTE: You will be required to have your race number (run number) with you in
order to get your timing chip. If you pick up your packet on Saturday, make sure
you bring your run number with you on race morning in order to be issued your
chip. All timing chips must be picked up by 7:40AM.

Bike/Run Transition Area (See Map):
The transition area (TA) is located in front of the UNF pool, in the courtyard adjacent to
the Gym. (this is where the bike racks are and where you place your bike and run gear
(shoes, helmets, etc.)
♦ The transition area will have one entrance and one exit. The entrance will be for
Swimmers and Bikers to enter.
♦ All participants will have their own numbered bike rack. Find your numbered bike rack
and then find an open space on that rack. Place your bike on/under the rack. There is
space between bikes for placing your gear. Each rack accommodates five bikes.
♦ No bike storage the night before the race.
♦ Only participants will be allowed in the transition area. Parents are not allowed in
the transition area. We will have plenty of staff available to help your child with their
bike & equipment.
♦ Participants will not be allowed to mount bikes inside transition area – and will be
made to dismount at transition area entrance following the bike segment. This is for
safety. So, please remember to have your kids walk their bikes to the road (outside the
transition area) – HELMETS are required for ALL participants – No kid will be able to
start without a helmet.

Swim (See Map):
♦ The pool will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:40 AM for warm-ups.
♦ Swimmers will enter the water “feet first” so no diving is allowed.
♦ Be prepared to line up for the swim start a minimum of 10 minutes before your specific
starting time in the swim corral in front of the pool entrance.
♦ Participants will go off individually in 5-10-second increments.
♦ Stay to the right to allow faster cyclists to pass on the left.
♦ There are plenty of volunteers and course marshals along the course, but please
review the course with your kids to make sure they know and understand it.
♦ Participants may wear swim clothing during the entire event. If they choose, they may
bring extra clothing to put on over their swim clothing, but it is not required.

Bike ( See Map):
♦ Bike frame numbers that are provided must be attached to the top tube of the bike
near the handlebars.
♦ Bike Course map is below as well as the run course map
♦ Hard shell helmets must be worn and fastened before leaving the transition area for
the bike
♦ For safety reasons, no headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices will be
♦ There are speed bumps along the course. Be prepared and look for these along the
course. None of the speed bumps are severe – just be alert that they’re on the course.

Run (See Map):
The run course is totally flat. It’s a simple out & back course - with most of it being on
the sidewalk (Short Course participants run ½ mile and Long Course participants run
1 mile). The course will be well marked. All participants are to remain on the sidewalk.
♦ Water stations will be located on the run course at the start and at the turnaround.
♦ Please make sure your kids have their run number visible as they cross the finish line.

Post RACE:
Parents will be issued a bracelet matching their child’s for pick-up in the finish line area.
After your child finishes his/her triathlon they will be kept under the finisher’s tent with
food and refreshments until parents arrive to collect them. Parents must sign their child
out of this area.

What are the PRIZES?

Results & Awards
An award ceremony begins at 12:00 pm. Results will be posted for each age group as
soon as the final racer crosses the Finish Line. Then, we will be awarding prizes to the
top three finishers in the following age groups (separate prizes for boys and girls):

♦ 7-under , 9,10, 11,12, 13, 14 &15

In addition, we will award trophies to the fastest (3) boys and (3) girls finishers of the
junior and senior divisions. This is a total of 66 trophies awarded to the kids!

*****Remember, all finishers will receive a triathlon t-shirt, ice cream and a Triathlon
What do you need to bring for a triathlon?
♦ Bike Helmet
♦ Swimsuit
♦ Goggles (optional)
♦ Towel
♦ Bike/Run shoes
♦ Bike
♦ Running shoes and socks
♦ Sunscreen
♦ Water or Gatorade
♦ EnergyBar or snack bag (optional)
♦ Race number (you pick it up on Saturday, bring it Sunday!)
♦ Excitement and pride!

Finally, a THANK YOU!
We hope you have the best racing experience & come back to see us in future events!

Have fun and drink lots of water!

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