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Website Traffic Explosion (With Master Resell Rights)


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Product Overview

If you think that simply by having a professionally-looking
website is good enough to generate you massive amounts of
cash on the Internet, think again… You can have the most
informative website on a certain niche, or you can have the
most attractive product promotions available – However, if
nobody know about your websites’ existence, then all your
efforts will be pretty much futile.

It is thus extremely important that you also know how you
can drive traffic to your website – When I mean driving traffic to your website, I do
not mean getting every single person to visit your website. What I mean is driving
targeted traffic to your website. What this means is that the people who visit your
website are those who are interested in the niche topic that your website is about
(there is completely no point in driving people who are into how to improve their golf
swing into your tennis website. You are not going to get anything out of them)

“Website Traffic Explosion” is a 42-page guide where you will discover every single
tactic and tip (some of them are completely new traffic generation tactics that are not
seen before anywhere else) that will allow you to drive massive amounts of highly-
targeted traffic to your websites.

All the traffic generation techniques that you’ll discovered in the “Website Traffic
Explosion” guide are organized very neatly for you to follow through, select and use.

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Key Learning Pointers In “Quick Profit Mode”

The following are some of the key learning points that you’ll
discover in this “Website Traffic Explosion” guide:

      6 varieties of traffic that often confuse – because there
       are only 3 true types

      2 essentials you must perform, before you start up your list

      The single most important fact you must remember, before you clean up your
   The one universal habit of all internet users – and how you can turn that into
    your strength!

   3 elements you can use to bring more readers back

   2 most traffic generating items to include – whether you have a static website
    or a blog

   The powerful article marketing web submission “twist” that too many
    marketers miss

   The single most important traffic-generating spot, when you’re writing articles
    for traffic pull

   3 places to submit your articles that will boost your traffic better than 97
    others (and one of them isn’t ezinearticles)

   2 proven ways to suck in visitors who turn into subscribers, when you’re only
    just starting your list

   How not to make the most common fatal mistake that new product creators
    rush to make – ignore it, and you’ll have no traffic

   2 important functions to set in place, if you want to have either customers – or

   The single most important thing not to forget, when you’re setting up your list

   6 ways to get turn your emails into a traffic magnet – and 6 email ways to be
    an annoying pest

   The single biggest innocent PPC gaffe that Google hates above all others

   The single thing it Search Bots love – and the one thing you don’t have to do

   The outrageous hidden trap of using Mini sites with PPC that mini site
    creators sweep quietly under the rug

   3 things you absolutely need to include, if you’re going to use PPC ads

   How not set your PPC ads up for that expensive “Google Slap” – there’s no
    reason in the world you should have to find out how it feels, the hard way

   12 essential resources to provide for your affiliates – and the single most
    important job these 12 are meant to do

   3 tips for running your own affiliate program – and what to do if that seems
    too hard to you
      The single most important trait to beware of, when considering a JV partner –
       and 6 important ways to attract top level JVs

      The one magic, secret ingredient missing from 88% of first Freebie lead
       generation offers – and the easy fix that’s right under your nose

      The single most important asset you must have, before you can attract traffic-
       generating affiliates

      A simple way to create an instant “set and forget” Affiliate Program

      2 intangible advantages – and the single most crucial ingredient for giving
       your offers that all-important WOW! factor that brings visitors back, again and

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Click Here To Instantly Download “Website Traffic Explosion” (With Master
Resell Rights) For Only $97.00 $9.97 Now…

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