Upgrading PICStart Plus Firmware

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					Upgrading PICStart Plus Firmware
To install the upgrade, perform the following:

Required Equipment
       Operating PICSTART Plus Programmer with MPLAB Software
       Blank/Erased PIC17C44 microcontroller (25 MHz or faster). We recommend using a
        PIC17C44/JW (erasable by UV) since it can be re-used for future upgrades.
       Upgrade hex file(e.g., PSF23000.HEX) found in the installation directory of the latest
        version of MPLAB IDE.
       Phillips head screwdriver
Before you begin PICSTART Plus hardware and MPLAB software should be installed and the
programmer should be communicating with the PC via a serial port.

    1. Select Options>Development Mode, and click the Tools tab.
    2. Set up MPLAB’s development mode as follows: Editor Only, PIC17C44 device.
    3. Select PICSTART Plus>Enable to enable the PICSTART Plus programmer.
    4. Check that the PIC17C44 is the selected device in the Device Programmer dialog. If not,
       select it from the Device pull down list in the PICSTART Plus Device Programmer dialog.
    5. If the Configuration Bits dialog is not displayed, click Configuration Bits in the PICSTART
       Plus Device Programmer dialog. Set the configuration bits in the Configuration Bit dialog
       as described below:
            a. Oscillator: XT
            b. Processor Mode: Microcontroller
            c. Watchdog Timer: TMR
    6. Select File>Import>Import to Memory to import the upgrade hex file into MPLAB program
       memory. Select the upgrade hex file, and click OK.
    7. Insert the PIC17C44 microcontroller into PICSTART Plus socket and click Blank in the
       PICSTART Plus Device Programmer dialog to check that it is blank.
    8. Click Program in the PICSTART Plus Device Programmer dialog to program the hex file
       into the device.
    9. Remove the PIC17C44 from the programming socket and label it with the upgrade
       version (e.g., VER 2.30.00).
    10. Exit MPLAB and disconnect the PICSTART Plus from the computer serial port and power
    11. Carefully remove the four Phillips head screws from the back of the PICSTART Plus and
        remove the back cover.
    12. Remove the PICSTART Plus PCB from the housing.
    13. Carefully remove the PIC17C44 from the PICSTART Plus PCB. Save this version as it
        may be needed for future upgrades.

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   14. Carefully insert the PIC17C44 you just programmed into the socket, making sure that Pin
       1 is properly oriented (Pin 1 should be close to the serial port connector).
   15. Place the PICSTART Plus PCB back into the housing and carefully insert the Phillips
       head screws into the holes in the back cover. Tighten each screw slowly as the plastic
       housing can be damaged if too much torque is applied to the screws.
   16. Reconnect the PICSTART Plus programmer to the computer serial port and power
   17. Start the MPLAB software and enable the PICSTART Plus programmer. As the
       programmer is being enabled, the dialog box will indicate the PICSTART Plus firmware
       version. You can also check the version by selecting Help>About MPLAB and looking in
       the drop-down list under Registered Applications.
Your PICSTART Plus firmware is now upgraded.

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