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					                                             YORK SUNBURY
                                           SEARCH AND RESCUE
                               Minutes of the                               Executive Meeting
                                                                             , 2008
Ser Item: Executive March 2008                                                                                          Remarks
1.   Meeting called to order
2.   Executive Committee & Committee Chairs in Attendance:
     a.     President                                                        John Poulos                             Not In Attendance
     b.     Vice President                                                   Ian Walsh                                    Present
     c.     Secretary                                                        Todd Carr                               Not In Attendance
     d.     Treasurer                                                        Penny Grant                                  Present
     e.     Search Commander                                                 Stephen Moore                           Not In Attendance
     f.     Training                                                         Glen Martin (Corey Roy)                      Present
     g.     Membership                                                       Dan Cleveland                                Present
     h.     Transportation and Equipment                                     Richard Cormier                              Present
                                                                             (Dave Orser & Denis Cormier)
     i.         Ways and Means                                               Mario LeBlanc                                 Present
     j.         Public Relations                                             Eric Ferguson                                 Present
     k.         Provincial Rep                                               Bill Petley                                   Present
                                                                             Charles McAllen – Alt. 1
                                                                             Open – Alt. 2, Open – Alt. 3
     l.         Past President                                               Stephen Moore                           Not In Attendance
3.   Reading of Minutes from Previous Month’s General Meeting:
                                                                                           Motion to Accept
                                                                                              Seconded By

4.   Reading of Minutes from Previous Month’s Executive Meeting:
                In discussions about Sugar Bush, Desert to be changed
                to dessert
                                                                                           Motion to Accept              Corey Roy
                In the Provincial Rep’s report, the MLPI course is an
                RCMP course
                                                                                                Seconded By            Mario LeBlanc
                                                                                                    Carried                 Yes

5.   Correspondence:

     a.         Bills:                                                                                             Motion to Pay Bills
                         Aliant Bill
                1)                                                                              $-0.22 Credit

                         Capital Morrison Returned Premium for                                                    Richard Cormier
                         cancellation of Road Coverage

                3)       Industry Canada                                     $287.00 for annual radio licenses          Seconded by

                                                                                                                  Corey Roy
                4)       Irving Oil                                                                    $95.79

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           5)     Aliant Bill                                                               $5.09

           6)     Atlantic Business Systems Toner                                         $ 52.21             Carried

                  Radios (Kenn Hong)                                                      $316.29                 Yes
                  Aliant Pioneers $660.00

b.         Miscellaneous:
           1)    RCMP                           Received cheque for searches

           2)     RCMP                          Received T-1 Tax Form for $6000.00.
           3)     Clark Chev                    Received reminder for vehicle servicing


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6.   Treasurer:
     a.     Account balance: Not Reported
7.   Search Commander:
     a.     Not Available
8.   Training:
     a.     March 12, 2008 Ready-Pack Training was held. 9 Attendees

     b.         March 16, 2008 A Wilderness & Remote First-Aid refresher was held with 3 attendees.
                This was not enough attendees
     c.         March 26, 2008 A Search Planning exercise is to be held to plan the upcoming Mock
     d.         April 2, 2008 A Basic Map & Compass reveiew is to be held in conjunction with the
                monthly meeting.
     e.         April 9, 2008 Clue Awareness & Tracking Course Orientation is to be conducted. 70
                Melissa St 6 PM (C.Roy)
     f.         April 12-13, 2008 SCAC 0800-1700 hrs. Searcher I Course scheduled at SCAC 0800-
                1700 hrs There are 19 members that do not have the course. 15 Members are registered.
     g.         April 23, 2008 Search Management Training Plan search operations for Mock Search on
                Sat April 26.

     h.         April 26, 2008 A practice search is to be held. No additional training clinics will be held.

                April 26, 2008 SAREX Planning meeting is to be held to develop a scenario for the

                Members are encouraged to look at the Events section of the web-site.

9.   Membership:
     On April 1st Membership will compare the list of those who have paid annual dues with the
     EGADS list to determine individuals who have not paid annual dues.

     Dan Cleveland and Glen Martin are to investigate permanently mounting recruiting posters in
     public areas.

     There were discussions on the frequency of new members nights – currently 4 annually. Recruiting
     will be done at Sugarbush.

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10.   Transportation and Equipment

      CP & Equipment Trailer are to be taken from storage on March 25 or 26, 2008.
      Registration is required for the truck and trailer.
      Road Insurance coverage is to be re-instated on March 24, 2008.

      Icom radios are due to arrive on March 25, 2008.
      Marine radios are ready for deployment.
      Comm gear is to be placed back in CP & Equipment Trailer once it is removed from winter
             storage. Batteries will be cycled and fresh.

11.   Ways and Means:
      Charity Casino night is rescheduled for Saturday March 22, 2008. More volunteers are required.

      Todd Carr has confirmed that the King’s Landing parking lot is to be plowed.
      Robin Hansen has donated a print to be given as a prize at Sugar Bush. Mario LeBlanc to arrange
      pick-up. Raffle tickets will be prepared.
      Food orders have been placed and cheques will be required.
      $500 Cash will be required as float money.
      There was some discussion surrounding how pie tickets are to be sold.
      Lists are to be generated for Sugarbush pick-ups.
      Sugarbush planning committee is to have a meeting on Tuesday March 26 th.

      A donation of $455.00 was given to the Treasurer. This money was collected at The Bruce
      MacIntosh Memorial Curling Bonspiel.

      June 1, 2008 The Alzheimer society is looking for assistance in their walk in Odell Park.

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12.   Public Relations:

      Covered in Ways and Means Report

13.   Provincial Rep:

      March 8, 2008 Four Members attended Provincial Meeting in Plaster Rock, NB. (Kenn Hong, Glen
      Martin, Charles McAllen, Steve Moore)
      Minutes of the meeting are to follow, but the following items were discussed.
      Use of portable radios.
      EGAD database needs to be cleaned up
      Details of a search in Plaster Rock conducted by the RCMP and not involving any GSAR teams
      was discussed.
      Jackets and ID Cards were discussed.
      There were some discussions about the legal status of spontaneous volunteers at a search.
      Next meeting is the AGM in Fredericton on May 3rd. This conflicts with the Clue Awareness and
      Tracking course. Elections are to be held. There were discussions surrounding this.

      The NIFF Grant was enlarged upon.
      A question was raised about funding from the Provincial Training budget being available when
      training is offered to other provincial groups.
      The 2001 Memorandum of Understanding with the RCMP is to be reviewed. Issues arising from
      this include tying the mileage for personal vehicles to the Province of New Brunswick rate and
      increasing the rate paid for CP mileage to reflect current costs.

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14.   Old Business:

      There was discussion regarding generating Official Receipts with the YSSR Charity Number.
      Derrick Koller has a template that we will try to obtain.
      The laptop computers purchased from Aliant Pioneers are for the Treasurer, the Secretary and
      Training. Only 2 were obtained to date. The computers require a RAM upgrade and the addition of
      Microsoft Office software.

      Motion: Spend up to $100 to add required RAM to laptops.
      Moved by Richard Thornton
      Seconded by Dan Cleveland
      Motion Carried

      Motion: A laser printer not exceeding a value of $200.00 is to be purchased for use by the
      Moved by Richard Thornton
      Seconded by Mario LeBlanc
      Motion Carried.

15.   New Business:

      2008 is the 25th Anniversary of the groups founding. This will be incorporated into events.
      Glen Martin is to explore the costs to obtain several copies of the MALPI and Woods Lore books
      to make available to members. NASAR membership is to be renewed in conjunction with this
      purchase to take advantage of discount purchasing of these books.
      Make all motions written so that they can be tracked. (This is tabled to the next meeting.)
      Todd Carr- Todd is currently not available for YSSR activities. Ian will speak to Todd to verify his
      John Paulos – John is involved in a new business that is taxing his time and has offered to allow
      the group to change his status with YSSR. Ian Walsh would like John to stay on, but take a leave of
      Kenn Hong reported on the Neighbors' Alliance of North York Community Roundtable. We were
      invited to attend by Sue Rickard. It is an initiative of Health Canada and they are doing rural
      roundtables. The session focused on volunteers and their role in emergencies and
      Sustainability. The roundtable was held on Tuesday, March 18, at the Burtt's Corner Lions Club
      with supper at 5:30 with the discussion following. Attendee included Dave _______, the head of
      Red Cross in Canada, Mike Allen, MP. The meeting focused on community response to a 72-hour
      emergency in a rural environment.
      Richard Cormier is to approach Moira ________ of STU to provide training on bone recovery at a
      future meeting.

16.   Meeting Adjourned:

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Ian Walsh
Vice President

Signed by
David Orser for

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