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What is the MLM LAUNCH FORMULA 6 week intensive Coaching Program?

The main reason Jonathan Budd went from $0 to $5 million in 3 years.

It shortens the work you would normally do in a year down to days.

Diversify income streams.

Who is this for?

1: You like to do things really fast. (Key component)

2: You like to build really big down lines. (Repeatable)

3: You want to diversify your income. (Multiple streams, Create own product)

4: You want or need a competitive advantage. (Develop Authority)

5: You strive to move above the common methods used by most people today. (Want to be GREAT /

6: You want to stay competitive, keep up with key players in industry who will grab this resource first.

(All Modules Delivered Monday afternoons) (Question and Answer session every Friday LIVE)

Module 1:      Your Own Pre-Built, Ready-to-Explode Launch.

1: You are literally handed a pre-made campaign-just follow the directions.

2: Why you must immediately-implement REVERSE MARKETING to melt buyers’ resistance.

3: Why you must create lists within lists. (Give each what they need)

4: You will be given an exact capture page proven to convert upwards of 74%

5: You will learn the advantage of having a small list over a Big one.

Module 2:          The No Fail, Two-Part Webinar Launch Process

1: How he did over 6 Figures in < 2 Hours that you can copy.

2: What Two things you need to say to fill any Webinar.

3: Why you don’t need to over complicate this strategy.

4: The Irresistible Influence Formula for creating value packed Webinars presentations.

5: Drop dead powerful secrets behind internet event promotions.
6: 4 part Jonathan Budd formula for how to create the largest buyers rush…in the shortest time.

Module 3:     The Art of perpetual Launch

1: How to refurbish you most powerful money-making launches over and over.

2: Create long term sales machines that perpetually sell on auto pilot.

3: Hand you their secret technology weapon for perpetual launching and exactly how to set it up.
(Worth 5X the cost of the course)

4: The one thing you need to do to increase your conversions by 150% to 200%

5: Discover why old school techniques are dead and you must be a pioneer in the nest evolution of sales

6: 3 steps you need to take when creating launch campaigns, not to mast time,energy,or money and
profit today.

7: # emails you must send out to hyper drive your launch.

Module 4: The Launch Formula Secrets Behind Becoming an Industry Recognized, #1 Affiliate Income

1: Easiest way to use the MLM Launch Formula to crush affiliate sales

2: 3 step process JB used to become #1 Affiliate in several launches.

3: Make it easy for your prospects to buy from your affiliate link.

4: The most coveted affiliate launch secret used by JB.

5: 2 things you can do in every affiliate program to increase value and get prospects to buy from your

6: The classiest way to promote products.

Module 5: Mark Hoverson’s Downline Supernova Formula for instilling a culture of launch throught
your organization faster.

1: How to properly reveal an attitude of launch into new members.

2: How to teach a dynamic style that transforms people into high energy achievers.

3: Learn Mark’s Automated Playbook that trains downlines to want to work independently.

4: How to start from scratch and stoke your team into a roaring fire

5: What if your team was a brand and went viral? 5 conditions required for a viral explosion
Module 6: The Product Creation and Instant Celebrity Status Formula

1: How to create your own product and why it is essential that you do for big paydays and how easy it

2: Discover what big players know about product creation that you don’t

3: How to predispose your list to buy your product.. If you Don’t they Won’t.

4: 7 strategies of Celebrity Design…the highest paid type of brand on earth.

5: Go behind the scenes of 2 of Marks product launches.

6: Finally, see how to release your own launch, so that people notice there is a new leader in town.

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7 Days then close…..

   This program is specifically for ANY network marketing or home based business
entrepreneur who wantsstrategic advantages over ALL other people in the market place
when it comes to making money.
   The MLM Launch Formula coaching program is for people who want to create HUGE
results, fast. We are going to show you exactly how we‟ve built downlines OVERNIGHT,
how we recruit hundreds of people in a matter of days, & how we have AUTOMATED all
of this into our businesses.
   This is for the individual who wants to take their “Game” to a level most will NEVER
be at in the industry, and in turn CLEAN HOUSE compared to all the poor souls who will
forever be operating a deficiency level of skill, knowledge, & talent from you.

   Over the next few months we are literally going to give you the most POWERFUL
principles to building entire downlines overnight, creating a true CELEBRITY status
brand in this industry, & even potentially earning most people‟s annual incomes in a
matter of days.
   We are going to cover 6 “Core Modules” of the Launch Formula process, and walk
you through exactly how to useall of these in your business.
   You are going to get EACH module delivered to you inside our private MLM Launch
Formula members only area, every Monday afternoon. These modules have all been
prepared by Mark Hoverson & MYSELF, and have beenperfected for passing the torch
now to YOU. We‟re also going to hold a LIVE question & answer mentoring call every
Friday, to follow up on each core module.
   We also have incredibly exclusive & fast action bonuses that are
probably disappearing as we SPEAK, which you will be able to get access to TODAY
with your registration to the MLM Launch Formula coaching program. Below is the class
schedule, and just a few pieces of what you‟ll be getting inside each module.

   In the first 5 minutes, you discover the almost magical technique that “hooks” your
    readers and doesn‟t let them go until they pay. (Tip: make people feel like they are
    literally a part of a “movement”, and watch your sales increase 400%).
   Why you must (immediately) implement “reverse-marketing” to melt buyer‟s
    resistance. Hint: without this little trick, you will probably just look like everyone else
    trying to peddle stuff. This one concept alone will be a game-changer for you.
   How, and WHY, you must constantly create “lists within your list.” Every 7-figure
    marketerdoes this. Finally, you will know how the heavy-hitters scientifically “splinter
    & soak” their lists for maximum profit (with virtually zero unsubscribes!)
   You will be given an EXACT launch capture page proven to convert upwards of
    74%. Sounds unrealistic? Wait until we show you the principle behind this strategy,
    your marketing will NEVER be the same.
   Ever feel like your list is just too small to make any real money? You will discover
    why you actually have a super-advantage over the people with mega-lists.
    This counter-intuitivesecret will show you how to make WAY more per lead than
    people with monster lists. You will feel a surge of confidence as you learn how to
    pull massive amounts of money from your list, even if it‟s an itsy-bitsy one.
   This doesn‟t even touch half of this module…

   How I Did Over 6-Figures in under 2 Hours, Using This Simple Launch Formula
    you will be able to COPY & Use For your Business.
   Exactly what TWO things you will need to say, to FILL any webinar with eager to buy
    from you prospects PRIMED to send you money.
   Why you don‟t need to “over complicate” this strategy, and why 99% of the people in
    our industry are literally REPELLING their prospects with an “Amateur Persona” &
    weak marketing that flat out doesn‟t work.
   The „Irresistible Influence‟ formula for creating VALUE packed webinar
    presentations that your prospects will LOVE you for, and will prove that to you in
    MASS with their wallets. (these webinars can be some of the biggest paydays of
    your life.)
   The drop-dead POWERFUL secrets behind “Internet Event Promotion”. How you
    can „fill the proverbial stands‟ every time you step up to the plate with a FRENZY of
    hot prospects, who will EAGERLY want to become a new partner or customer of
    yours in business.
   The 4 Part “Jonathan Budd Formula” for how to create the largest BUYERS
    RUSH of new partners, customers, and distributors you will EVER experience in
    your life, & in the SHORTEST time period. (This is how we create most people‟s
    annual salaries in a matter of hours)
   And this is just the start…
   How to create „LONG TERM‟ sales “Machines” for your business that perpetually
    sell your prospects on your biggest “CASH GENERATING” income streams… on
    total autopilot, using the Launch Formula.
   We‟re going to hand you our “Secret Technology Weapon” for Perpetually
    Launching our business, and show you exactly how to set it up, exactly like we have,
    to duplicate in yourOWN business. (this one software we‟re giving you is worth 5x
    the price of this course)
   The ONE thing you absolutely must do to increase your conversions from the
    “perpetual launch” formula (or almost any selling) 150-200% easily. (It‟s INSANE
    how this one specialtechnique can trigger an INSTANT buyers frenzy)
   You‟ll discover why the “Old School” way of selling is becoming completely
    OBSOLETE, and how you can CASH IN by being a “Pioneer” in next evolution of the
    sales funnel process…the irresistible “Perpetual Launch” model. (And if you
    miss this, you riskbeing in that “DEAD” crowd).
   The 3 steps you need to take when creating your launch campaigns to make sure
    you wasteNO time, money, or energy, and will be able to profit from the work you do
    TODAY for the rest of your business.
   The 3 emails you MUST send that will cause all of your “Perpetual Launch”
    campaigns to grow like crazy, & create new automated money in your business;
    literally just pushingbuttons.
   And this isn‟t even the half of it…
   Why there will NEVER be easier money you make in the industry than using the
    MLM Launch Formula to CRUSH affiliate sales, & we‟re going to show you exactly
    how to do it. (I‟m serious, these are the EASIEST gargantuan paydays possible,
    we‟ve proven it.)
   The 3-Step process I‟ve used to become the #1 affiliate (and earn the most money)
    in several of our industries most COMPETITIVE launch contests, and exactly how to
    swipe this stunning process for yourself.
   How to make it SO easy for your prospects to buy from your affiliate links… you‟d
    honestly wonder if they were mass hypnotized.
   The “Most Coveted” affiliate launch secret I used in Mike Dillard‟s “WWN Contest” to
    win a$140,000 Audi R8 Super Car, completely for free, by doing something NONE
    of my other competitors were doing. (this is like having a „prize winning perpetual
    lottery ticket‟ YOU are in charge of, through your own actions & by being different.)
   2 things you can do in EVERY single affiliate promotion (or your business
    opportunity) that will INCREASE the value of the actual product you‟re promoting,
    and cause your prospects to HOP out of their seats waving credit cards to buy from
    YOUR links.
   The “Classiest” way to promote products… so you don‟t burn out your list, or turn
    people off from you thinking you‟re just a cheesy pitch festing amateur like most
    people, but instead will have your prospects ENGAGED & loving you helping
    them succeed in business.

   Plus so much more…
   Discover how to properly reveal an attitude of “launch” into each new member
    that joins your team. Tip: if you don‟t teach them this right away, they will join
    SOMEONE ELSE who is implementing our secrets.
   Did you know traditional “Teachers” usually earn the most in network marketing?
    Well, in this class, you will learn how to teach in a dynamic style that truly transforms
    people from slouches into high energy achievers. Promise: apply these strategies
    and people will end up sending you gifts galore for helping them change their
    lives (and incomes)!
   You will hear Mark‟s coveted “Automated Playbook” that trains your downline to
    actually WANT to work almost entirely independent of you instead of harassing you
    on the phone and email with needy complaints. This playbook will show you how to
    truly implement and enjoy a leveraged income model that you deserve.
   Based on the simple laws of starting a typical campfire, Mark is going to unveil how
    to start-from-scratch, and stoke your team into a roaring fire of sustained profit and
    energy. Imagine being able to go on a 3 week vacation and earn MORE money
    while you are AWAY. Hint: Mark has done this several times. Now it‟s your turn.
   What if your team was a brand in itself? And what if that “brand” went viral? You will
    see the5 unique conditions that are required for a viral explosion on your team. As
    the leader, your team will LOVE you for creating this kind of publicity for them!
   In the opening 10 minutes of this essential training, you will be persuaded 100% why
    creating your own unique products are ESSENTIAL for big pay days, and will learn
    why it‟s easier than you‟ve ever imagined.
   Discover what all the big players know about product creation that you don‟t. (Hint:
    products become literal assets, like oil wells, that keep producing $$$ on and on and
   How to “predispose” your list to buy your product WAY before it‟s even out. Warning:
    if you don‟t do this, your list will not BUY your stuff and you will do a lot of work
    for nothing. Tip: there is actually a way to have your list feel they helped CREATE
    the product themselves!You will love this.
   “The 7 Strategies of Celebrity Design” stardom is no longer just for Hollywood,
    Mark takes you inside proven strategies behind how to craft a deliberate celebrity
    brand. Bonus: the persona of a ”Celebrity/Authority” is the highest paid type of
    brand on earth. You will enjoy this unique approach to personal transformation.
   You will go behind-the-scenes of two of Mark‟s major F-A-S-T product launches.
    Learn insights into how to Title, Batch, Pitch, Angle, Spin, Price, Incentivize, and
    Roll-Out a product that people eagerly buy and consume. And leave them ready to
    buy MORE after they are finished!
   Finally, you will see how to release your launch with zoom and zing, so others perk
    up and take notice that there is a new leader in town! People deserve your very
    best thoughts to help them in their life and business. After this training, you will feel
    an incredible relief knowing your products are going to be delivered to the
    marketplace for top dollar, and be appreciated for years to come.
   And this isn’t the half of it.

   I have never heard of a single coaching program of this caliber, being sold in the
Internet Marketing industry forless than $2000. EVERY other main stream marketer (the
major guru‟s who actually KNOW how to make millions) I know has charged
a MINIMUM of $2000+ for their recent coaching programs… and many with even LESS
training than we will be covering inside the MLM Launch Formula.
   In fact, I‟ve even paid over $7,000 to be part of a few of these people‟s programs,
which barely covered bits & pieces of the “Launch Formula”.
   More over, what we have done with the MLM Launch Formula coaching program
is COMPLETELY specific to our industry, has never before been taught before, and
is EXCLUSIVE to home based business & network marketing entrepreneurs.
   We have absolutely MASTERED using the “Launch Formula” to create money in
our industry in just about every form you could imagine. From…
 Overnight downlines
 Becoming #1 affiliates
 Taking our own high paying consulting clients
 creating our own super profitable products…
   You name it, we have done it in the MLM industry with this Launch Formula.

   Obviously seeing as these specific skill sets have led to millions of dollars being
created in our businesses (and fast), and some of the most rapid growing teams in the
history of our industry…
   We fully realize charging $2000 to get access to the “MLM Launch Formula”
coaching program is a bargain for any intelligent entrepreneur.
   Charging $997-$1497 is an absolute NO BRAINER with how much power the Launch
Formula has to help you earn staggering amounts of money over your life time.
   However, we have decided to create an offer for you that is completely absurd, & will
allow you to be a part of this revolutionary “Launch Formula” coaching program for a
price that literally makes it Irresistible (and downright foolish) for you to refuse.
   You see, we want to CHANGE the rules. We don‟t want only the top dawgs to have
this information anymore… we want EVERY single person in our industry, regardless of
wealth, status, experience, or finances to be able to USEthese “Launch Formula”
teachings in their own business, & start making the money in life they DESERVE. (and
LOTS of it)
   That‟s why for the next 7 days ONLY, we are going to reduce the original price of the
MLM launch Formula Coaching Program from $1997, to… are you ready for this? Only
   Yes, you heard that correctly. You can secure your registration for the entire MLM
Launch Formula coaching program for only $297 right now. But you ABSOLUTELY
must take action fast, (not only is it what any smart leader would do right now) but we
will also be removing the opportunity to JOIN this exclusive coaching program within the
next few days, + will be raising the price if we ever release it again to a minimum of
   If you are too slow to take action now it‟s safe to say you could miss your chance to
be a “Founding Member” of the MLM Launch Formula program at the lowest price you
will ever see, especially to possess these coveted strategies for your own business..

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