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									People from all walks of life and every corner of the world stay in
hostels. It is useful to be able to compare room rates at a number of
hostels in your preferred destination. Backpacking isn’t complicated. In
fact, its simplicity is what makes it so attractive.

Hostels usually offer single beds in private rooms, doubles, or dorm
rooms. People from all around the world enjoy backpacking and staying in
hostels. Planning your trip - no matter how much you plan for your
travels, adjustments will need to be made.

Sample the locale - Visit local restaurants and bars. They are much
cheaper and you can try the traditional specialities and even meet the
locals. Hostels have probably been around for over a thousand years as a
low cost place for a traveler to stay for the night. Go to the tourist
office. Here you can pickup a free tourist map and ask questions about
what to do or what to see.

The hostel custom is that all guests clean up after themselves. Use your
travel reference to find a hostel that satisfies your needs. Many hostels
provide internet access, laundry, and free breakfast.

Many hostels provide access for wheelchair users, and specially adapted
rooms are becoming more common. Many hostels in the country are so quiet
you can hear your heart beat. Many hostels have a self-catering kitchen
where you can cook your own meals and some even have their own
restaurants, cafe and bars. Hostels are becoming more and more modern.

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