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									                                            Windows 7
                                            Customer Solution Case Study

                                            Desktop Upgrade Boosts Productivity, Reduces
                                            IT Effort for Global Advertising Company

Overview                                    “Our move to Windows 7 will reduce annual IT labor by
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Media and entertainment           more than 1,200 hours—a conservative estimate—and
                                            that‟s for our New York office alone.”
Customer Profile
Wunderman, a global network of                                                    Opher Lichter, IT Director, Wunderman
specialized advertising and marketing
companies, is headquartered in New York
City and has more than 130 offices in       Wunderman, a global network of advertising and marketing
55 countries.
                                            companies, wanted to boost user productivity and reduce the
Business Situation                          time spent maintaining operating system images. The company
Wunderman wanted to make users more
productive and reduce the time spent
                                            decided to standardize on Windows 7 Professional and began by
maintaining operating system images, of     using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit to
which it had more than 30 for its New
York office alone.
                                            assess its PC infrastructure. Wunderman also participated in an
                                            Application Compatibility Factory engagement to test and
The company decided to standardize
                                            remediate application compatibility, and is using the Microsoft
on Windows 7 Professional and is using      Deployment Toolkit to optimize image management and
the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to
optimize image management and
                                            deployment. Improvements in navigation, PC performance,
deployment.                                 desktop search, battery life, and connectivity are making users
                                            more productive, and the company is seeing significant
 Increased productivity through            reductions in IT effort and the number of help-desk calls.
  improved navigation, PC performance,
  search, battery life, and connectivity
 Significant decrease in IT effort to
  manage images, deploy and reimage
  PCs, and support users
 A positive return on investment in less
  than six months

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“Because of the time                     Situation                                        additional time installing applications,
                                         Wunderman is a global network of special-        software updates, and drivers, bringing the
spent on application                     ized advertising and marketing companies,        total time required to deploy or reimage a
                                         with more than 130 offices in 55 countries.      single PC to about four hours.
compatibility testing                    Lester Wunderman, the company‟s founder,
and remediation early                    is widely considered to be the creator of        By mid-2009, Wunderman decided that
                                         response-driven marketing, a global indus-       the time had come to reduce the afore-
in the process, we‟ve                    try whose worth is estimated at a trillion       mentioned inefficiencies and standardize
                                         dollars. Headquartered in New York City,         on a single operating system. “We set out
run into relatively few                  Wunderman is part of Young & Rubicam             to optimize operating system and applica-
issues, and Windows 7                    Brands and a member of WPP Group.                tion deployment; system management; and
                                                                                          the associated processes, tools, and
has been very well                       Wunderman‟s employees carry out the              policies,” says Lichter. “What‟s more, to
                                         company‟s business using approximately           make things go smoothly, we knew that we
received by users.”                      3,000 desktop and portable computers             had to test and remediate any issues with
 Opher Lichter, IT Director, Wunderman   that run the Windows operating system.           applications and drivers early in the
                                         As of 2009, some 60 percent of those             process. Of course, we also saw the project
                                         computers ran Windows XP. The remainder          as an opportunity to deliver improvements
                                         ran the Windows Vista operating system,          in areas that could make a real difference
                                         which had been adopted across the                to end users—such as ease of use, stability,
                                         organization ad hoc as new PCs were              performance, and so on.”
                                         ordered or people needed features in the
                                         later operating system.                          Solution
                                                                                          Wunderman is standardizing on Windows 7
                                         For the IT teams supporting each                 Professional (including the Windows
                                         Wunderman company, the presence of two           Internet Explorer 8 browser), having real-
                                         operating systems meant more work,               ized that many of the new and improved
                                         particularly in the area of image manage-        features in the latest version of Windows
                                         ment. “We had to maintain two images for         will boost user productivity. Before
                                         each make and model of PC, resulting in          embarking on the deployment of the
                                         more than 30 images and 600 gigabytes of         upgrade, the company used the Microsoft
                                         image data to support our New York City          Assessment and Planning Toolkit to gain an
                                         office alone,” says Opher Lichter, IT Director   accurate assessment of its PC infrastructure
                                         at Wunderman. “As software updates and           and participated in an Application
                                         new drivers came out, we would have to           Compatibility Factory engagement to test
                                         reconfigure a lab PC and recapture the           and remediate application compatibility.
                                         image. Even with a person dedicated to the       Currently, Wunderman is using the
                                         task full-time, we still couldn‟t keep up.”      Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to optimize
                                                                                          image management and deployment.
                                         The company‟s PC environment presented           Wunderman has already migrated close to
                                         other opportunities for time savings, as         30 percent of its PCs to Windows 7.
                                         well. In the New York office, which has
                                         about 400 PCs, the company deploys               Initial Evaluation
                                         approximately 150 new PCs each year and          Wunderman began evaluating Windows 7
                                         reimages an additional 100 to fix problems.      in mid-2009, after the regional technology
                                         In either case, after technicians applied an     directors agreed that the company would
                                         image, they had to spend a good deal of          eventually move to the operating system—

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“Within 20 to 30 minutes                 and that it made sense to get started as      realized that the results included several
                                         soon as possible. The IT department in the    different versions of certain applications,
from the time a techni-                  company‟s New York office evaluated           and that it needed to support only the
                                         Windows 7 and then began pilot-testing        latest version of each.
cian starts an installation              the release candidate of the operating
of Windows 7, that PC is                 system on its own PCs.                        “Of approximately 150 off-the-shelf and
                                                                                       internally developed applications, 20
back up and running.”                    “Windows 7 ran well on lots of different      presented some sort of compatibility issue,
                                         hardware, including older PCs, delivering     and 18 of those issues were remediated by
 Opher Lichter, IT Director, Wunderman
                                         impressive results in the areas of per-       the end of the week,” says Lichter. “The
                                         formance, multitasking, and memory use,”      Application Compatibility Factory engage-
                                         says Lichter. “We also found many features    ment enabled us to do in a week what
                                         that would improve the end-user experi-       would otherwise have stretched out over
                                         ence, such as Peek, Jump Lists, Windows       months. CDW brought proven methodolo-
                                         Taskbar previews, enhancements to             gies for remediation, helped remediate
                                         Windows Search, improved support for          more difficult issues, and taught us how to
                                         external displays, and improvements to        move forward on our own. The Application
                                         User Account Control. Within a few weeks      Compatibility Toolkit was helpful and easy
                                         after we began evaluating Windows 7, it       to use; we‟ll definitely continue using it.”
                                         became readily apparent that we had to
                                         get it into the hands of end users as soon    Broad Deployment
                                         as possible.”                                 Wunderman initiated a second, broader
                                                                                       pilot upon obtaining the release-to-
                                         Assessment, Planning, and Application         manufacturing version of Windows 7.
                                         Compatibility Testing                         The pilot included users from across the
                                         During the pilot test, Wunderman used         company, as a means of making sure the
                                         the Microsoft Assessment and Planning         operating system worked for different
                                         (MAP) Toolkit to gain an accurate assess-     departments and seeding those depart-
                                         ment of its PC infrastructure. “With the      ments with “power users” who could later
                                         MAP Toolkit, we were able to inventory        help others. “The day after we obtained the
                                         existing PCs to get a quick overview of our   release-to-manufacturing version, we
                                         PC environment—including identification of    deployed Windows 7 to approximately 30
                                         PCs that were likely to have problems         PCs in New York and to additional PCs in
                                         running Windows 7,” says Lichter. “We‟ve      other offices, gradually increasing the
                                         used that data to remediate potential         scope of deployment over the next eight
                                         issues prior to upgrading those systems,      weeks as we received more and more
                                         such as by adding more memory.”               positive feedback,” says Jeff Marshall,
                                                                                       Worldwide Chief Information Officer at
                                         The company also participated in an           Wunderman. “It wasn‟t long before people
                                         Application Compatibility Factory engage-     were calling to ask, „When can I get
                                         ment, during which Microsoft Gold             Windows 7, too?‟”
                                         Certified Partner CDW helped Wunderman
                                         use the Microsoft Application Compatibility   By March 2010, the company‟s broad
                                         Toolkit to catalog its applications. Upon     migration to Windows 7 was well under
                                         first reviewing that catalog, Wunderman       way. “Although each office is free to adopt
                                         was overwhelmed by the sheer number of        Windows 7 at its own pace, several offices
                                         applications. However, Wunderman soon         have already migrated more than half of

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“In the past, laptop users               their PCs to the operating system,” says       everyday tasks and ensure that their PCs
                                         Lichter. “Because of the time spent on         work the way they want, with fewer
were loathe to restart                   application compatibility testing and          problems and annoyances. Some key
                                         remediation early in the process, we‟ve run    benefits that users are realizing include:
their PCs. With Windows                  into relatively few issues, and Windows 7
7, shutting down and                     has been very well received by users.”            Improved navigation. The company‟s
                                                                                            move to Windows 7 has made navigation
restarting is no longer an               Wunderman is supporting the deployment             faster and easier in many ways. Users can
                                         of Windows 7 by using the Microsoft                pin programs to the Windows Taskbar
issue. We‟ve had very                    Deployment Toolkit, which has enabled the          for faster access, and the live thumbnail
few complaints about                     company to transition from image-based             previews on the Windows Taskbar help
                                         deployment and reimaging to a much more            them quickly find the window they want.
the performance of                       efficient and streamlined process. Today,          Jump Lists on the Windows Taskbar and
                                         instead of maintaining more than 30                Start menu provide fast and easy access
Windows 7, even on                       images, the New York office maintains a set        to recently used files. Desktop
older PCs.”                              of three operating system packages, 20             enhancements such as Peek, Shake, and
                                         core applications, and a driver store—all on       Snap enable the use of intuitive mouse
 Opher Lichter, IT Director, Wunderman   a centralized server. “Technicians simply          gestures to make all windows trans-
                                         walk up to a PC and select the desired             parent, minimize all windows but one, or
                                         profile, and all of the required software is       compare the contents of two windows
                                         installed over the network,” says Lichter.         side by side.
                                         “We can even apply a clean installation of
                                         Windows 7 while retaining existing user           Better performance. PCs that were
                                         files and settings on the PC‟s hard disk.          running Windows Vista are more
                                         Within 20 to 30 minutes from the time a            responsive after being upgraded because
                                         technician starts an installation of Windows       of the improved memory use and search
                                         7, that PC is back up and running. In              and indexing optimizations in Windows
                                         comparison, it took four hours to deploy           7, as well as how the newer operating
                                         Windows XP or Windows Vista.”                      system now starts many background
                                                                                            services only when needed instead of
                                         Benefits                                           automatically at startup. Users also are
                                         Standardization on Windows 7 is yielding           seeing improvements in the speed with
                                         strong benefits across the company. End            which their PCs start, shut down, and
                                         users are more productive because of               resume from sleep state. “In the past,
                                         improvements in navigation and search, PC          laptop users were loathe to restart their
                                         performance, battery life, and connectivity.       PCs,” says Lichter. “With Windows 7,
                                         The IT organization is benefiting from a           shutting down and restarting is no
                                         significant decrease in the time spent man-        longer an issue. We‟ve had very few
                                         aging images, deploying and reimaging              complaints about the performance of
                                         PCs, and supporting end users. “We‟ve              Windows 7, even on older PCs. In fact,
                                         already upgraded hundreds of desktops to           many users say their PCs are faster after
                                         Windows 7 and are continuing to deploy it          being upgraded from Windows XP to
                                         as quickly as possible,” says Marshall.            Windows 7.”

                                         Increased User Productivity                       Enhanced Windows Search. Search
                                         For end users, the company‟s decision to           indexing is also faster, and search results
                                         deploy Windows 7 is helping to simplify            are more relevant, which means that

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“Even with the new                           users can more easily find what they                difference, when in fact it was the same
                                             need. “Desktop search is another area               system, only upgraded to Windows 7.”
deployment of an                             where Windows 7 outperforms Windows
                                             XP, on which many people disabled               Reduced IT Workload
operating system, help-                      search indexing due to poor per-                For the IT departments supporting the
desk calls are already                       formance,” says Lichter. “The search            different Wunderman offices, the com-
                                             capabilities in Windows 7 turn normal           pany‟s move to Windows 7 is streamlining
down 10 to 15 percent.”                      users into power users by helping them          image management, deployment, and
                                             to more easily find information. We‟re          reimaging; improving security; and
 Opher Lichter, IT Director, Wunderman
                                             looking at Federated Search in Windows          reducing the number of help-desk calls.
                                             7 as a means of extending desktop               “Our move to Windows 7 will reduce
                                             search to network resources and are             annual IT labor by more than 1,200 hours—
                                             now testing that functionality with our         a conservative estimate—and that‟s for our
                                             file servers.”                                  New York office alone,” says Lichter. “We‟re
                                                                                             sharing all of our findings with the IT
                                            Longer battery life. The way that               departments that support other offices to
                                             Windows 7 improves battery life is also         help them realize similar time savings.”
                                             proving beneficial, especially for those
                                             employees who travel frequently.                Ways in which the New York office has
                                             “Windows 7 significantly improves               reduced IT effort include:
                                             battery life,” says Lichter. “I‟ve heard from
                                             several people that they can get more              Reduced image management. Prior to
                                             work done on a single battery charge.               deploying Windows 7, the New York
                                             We have one laptop model that runs for              office maintained more than 30
                                             eight hours on a single charge; no laptop           hardware-specific images, each of which
                                             running an earlier version of Windows               was serviced approximately once per
                                             came close to that.”                                quarter. Today, the IT department uses
                                                                                                 the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to
                                            Easier connectivity. Because of the VPN             support three core operating system
                                             Reconnect feature in Windows 7, users               packages, 20 core applications, and a
                                             no longer have to manually reconnect                driver store, with configuration files
                                             when a virtual private network (VPN)                determining which software is deployed.
                                             connection is dropped. Improved                     “Moving to Windows 7 and taking
                                             support for mobile broadband, wireless              advantage of the Microsoft Deployment
                                             networks, and offline files also are                Toolkit will reduce our image manage-
                                             proving useful. “More people are using              ment workload by at least 360 hours
                                             offline files because they can enable it            per year,” says Lichter. “We‟re saving
                                             with just a few mouse clicks—and it just            additional IT effort through the work
                                             works,” says Lichter. “Similarly, it takes          we‟ve done to inventory our software
                                             fewer clicks to get connected over                  and build a rationalized list of supported
                                             wireless or mobile broadband. People                applications.”
                                             are telling us that Windows 7 enables
                                             them to get connected and stay                     Faster deployment. In 2009, the New
                                             connected far more easily. One person               York office deployed approximately 150
                                             told me that the connectivity features on           new PCs, each requiring about 4 hours of
                                             his new laptop were really making a                 technician effort. Today, a PC can be
                                                                                                 deployed—or reimaged—in about 30

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“In less than six months,                    minutes. “Deployment and reimaging            potentially dangerous serves as a „sanity
                                             times were reduced by more than 80            check,‟ enabling them to stop and think
we‟ve seen a positive                        percent,” says Lichter. “Assuming a 3-        first. Windows Internet Explorer 8
                                             hour savings per PC, that‟s 450 hours         features such as the SmartScreen Filter
return on investment. …                      that we‟re saving annually.”                  and Data Execution Prevention are also
Our adoption of                                                                            improving security and are another
                                            Fewer reimages. In 2009, the New York         reason why the number of help-desk
Windows 7 was clearly                        office reimaged approximately 100 PCs.        calls and system reimages is down.”
                                             Over the past six months, of the PCs
worth the effort, and                        running Windows 7, only a few have          Positive Return on Investment in
the operating system                         needed to be reimaged. “Windows 7 is        Six Months
                                             more reliable, secure, and hassle-free      Overall, Wunderman is pleased with the
is generating a very                         than previous versions,” says Lichter.      results of its Windows 7 deployment. “In
                                             “From what we‟ve seen, it will virtually    less than six months, we‟ve seen a positive
positive interest                            eliminate the need to reimage PCs,          return on investment,” says Marshall. “The
among users.”                                resulting in a time savings of 400 tech-    benefits in terms of IT and end-user pro-
                                             nician hours per year.”                     ductivity are in addition to the other, less
        Jeff Marshall, Worldwide Chief                                                   tangible benefits—such as a lower risk of
     Information Officer, Wunderman         Fewer help-desk calls. The number           security incidents and a reduced risk of
                                             of help-desk calls is dropping as           unlicensed or improperly licensed software
                                             Wunderman continues to roll out             because of the work done to catalog our
                                             Windows 7. “We used to receive lots         applications. Our adoption of Windows 7
                                             of calls from users having trouble with     was clearly worth the effort, and the oper-
                                             tasks such as connecting to an external     ating system is generating a very positive
                                             projector,” says Lichter. “Windows 7        interest among users.”
                                             greatly simplifies that process and many
                                             other common tasks, resulting in fewer
                                             help-desk calls. Even with the new
                                             deployment of an operating system,
                                             help-desk calls are already down 10 to
                                             15 percent. And when users do have
                                             issues, Windows 7 features such as
                                             Startup Repair and the Problem Steps
                                             Recorder are reducing the time it takes
                                             to address the problem.”

                                            Enhanced security. User Account
                                             Control in Windows 7 is making a big
                                             difference with respect to IT security at
                                             Wunderman, especially for users who are
                                             transitioning from Windows XP. “We
                                             allow users to run with administrative
                                             privileges, so we‟re not using User
                                             Account Control to lock down PCs,”
                                             explains Lichter. “Rather, the way that
                                             User Account Control prompts users
                                             when they try to do something that‟s

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