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satellite dish


									A cornerstone of Sirius’ business strategy has been to pursue exclusive
sports content. Sirius Radio has exclusive satellite radio rights to
National Public Radio, carrying two separate streams. The deal with NPR
was the first high-profile deal entered into by Sirius. Music streams on
Sirius contain almost every type of music genre imaginable, broadcasting
24 hours a day, commercial free.

On October 25, 2005 Sirius announced that "E Street Radio", the exclusive
channel of legendary artist Bruce Springsteen, would air from November 1,
2005 to January 31, 2006 on the Bridge - Channel 10. With the launch of
Sirius Canada in December 2005, American listeners gained five Canadian-
produced stations including CBC Radio One, CBC Radio Three, and Iceberg
Radio in English and Première Plus and Bandeapart in French. XM Satellite
Radio NASDAQ: XMSR is a satellite radio (DARS) service in the United
States based in Washington, DC and controlled by News Corporation's
DirecTV, General Motors, American Honda, Hughes Electronics, and several
private investment groups.

All of XM Radio's music channels are 100% commercial free. There are
several antenna configurations available to receive the XM signal. XM
Radio Canada is the operating name of Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings
Inc. (or "CSR"), a Canadian communications and media company.

XM Satellite Radio is designed for marine use. In addition to domestic
waterways in the continential United States, XM's signal extends off the
coast into all U.S. coastal waters. You'll fall in love with the
entertainment variety you'll find on satellite radio. The idea behind
satellite radio is quite basic.

Satellite radio broadcasters promise crystal-clear music transmitted from
thousands of miles into space. Hybrid portable satellite radios will let
you save up to 50 hours of content, and let you store and play back your
MP3s. Satellite TV services are especially popular in rural areas with
poor broadcast reception . The primary digital satellite systems
providers are the Dish Network, Star and DirecTV.

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