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					Spanish 2&3                                                                  Srta. Bojorquez ‘08-‘09

                                             Guia de exámenes

*This guide is to help you reduce anxiety and to give you an idea of how each exam format will be like,
including final exams and quizzes. Exams and final exams will include all the sections, but quizzes may

Part I: Audio. You will listen to anything from a dialogue, an excerpt of text or a song, it can also be a
series of questions. After you listen, you will be asked to respond to a few questions about what you
heard. Complete sentence answers are expected when there is a short answer exercise.

Part II: Vocabulary . In this section there will be exercises like matching, defining vocabulary words,
translations, logical comparisons, or depictions of a picture.

Part III: Personal questions. This section is intended to have you warm up to Spanish, given that on test
days you do not get much practice conversing. These will usually be questions about yourself and you
need to answer in a complete sentence.

Part IV: Grammar. This part may contain exercises like fill in the blank (with/without word banks), verb
conjugations, true and false, multiple-choice, short answer and matching. Most of the time memorizing
conjugations will not be a successful way of passing the tests/exams. You must also understand the
context of what you are reading. This grammar part is can be presented with some kind of story in each
exercise or a long story that relates all the different grammar parts. Sometimes you may be the main
character! Read directions carefully.

Part V: Culture
During the course of the year you will be reading different articles, stories, maps and learning about the
cultures of the Spanish speaking world. This section evaluates that in true/false, matching, short-answer,
picture identification, fill in the blank exercises.

Part VI: Writing. You will be given a writing prompt and you must write a range of words about it. You
are expected to demonstrate you r knowledge of grammar, culture and any other information of
Spanish you can include based on the prompt.

Part VII: Extra Credit. Exams will usually not have extra credit.