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									By booking in advance, you save yourself from worrying about your
accomodation or hotel room, and can get on with enjoying your vacation.
Most hostels offer private rooms and dormitories. Private rooms are
usually singles, twins or doubles and some properties also offer triples.
You can use the web to discover room rates for hostels at your desired

Sometimes it is necessary to book in advance to avoid being stuck with no
place to stay. Backpacker Hostels are very affordable. Hostels have
probably been around for over a thousand years as a low cost place for a
traveler to stay for the night.

The hostel custom is that all guests clean up after themselves. Travel in
comfort - Bring a pillow with you for those long bus journeys. Safeguard
your important documents and money - Get one of those thin money belts
that fit inside your clothes. That way you can carry your passport and
money with you at all times.

There are hostels in castles, in teepees and in railroad carriages. Many
hostels are located in remarkable buildings. Use your travel reference to
find a hostel that satisfies your needs.

The majority of hostels around the world are independently owned and many
of these have their own bars and restaurants. While most hostels do not
impose an age restriction, this is not always the case, particularly in
establishments which have a bar on the premises. During the daytime,
there is usually a lockout time from early morning to late afternoon when
the rooms are being cleaned. Many hostels provide internet access,
laundry, and free breakfast.

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