8th Grade Pre-Algebra CONTENT CURRICULUM MAP by uda13689


									                                                8th Grade Pre-Algebra CONTENT CURRICULUM MAP

   COURSE                          AUGUST                                                        SEPTEMBER                                                  OCTOBER
                   Week 1            Week 2             Week 3            Week 4           Week 5            Week 6             Week 7              Week 8               Week 9
                   Orleans Hannah (Pre-Test)           Variables & equations: interpret graphs, order of operations,           Solving multi-step equations and inequalities,
                          Issue books                   variable & expressions, equations & solutions, variables in          graphing linear equations, relations and functions,      j laughlin 8/20/07 6:30 PM
                                                        formulas, number properties, the coordinate plane, solving             scatter plots, line of best fit, intercepts, slopes,   Comment: These are listed in the previous
                Integer operations (add, subtract,   equations & inequalities (add, subtract, multiply, divide), two step      understand that the slope of the line equals the       unit – should it be included in both?
                multiply, divide), absolute value,                equations, geometric formulas, matrices                        quantities, graphing inequalities, distinguish
                  rules of exponents (including                                                                                 relevant from irrelevant information, identify        j laughlin 8/20/07 6:27 PM
                  negatives. & zero), scientific                             II B. 1-7 & II C. 1                                  missing information, velocity and density           Comment: What do they need to know
                    notation, demonstrate the                                                                                                                                         about matrices?
                 magnitude of rational numbers                           Chapter 1.1-1.3 & 1.5-1.7                                          II A. 1-2 & II D. 1-7
                      (trillions to millions)                                Chapter 2.6-2.8
                                                                               Chapter 3 all                                                    Chapter 6 all
                             V B. 2                                                                                                             Chapter 11 all
                                                                            Tech Resources:
                        Chapter 2.1-2.5                                   Selecting an Operation                                             Tech Resources:
                         Chapter 1.4                                       Order of Operations                                        Solving Multi-Step Equations
                        Chapter 4.6-4.8                            Mountain Climbing Substitution Race                        Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
                                                                        Variables and Expressions                                          Solving Inequalities
                        Tech Resources:                                 Equations and Mental Math                                    Problem Solving and Inequalities
     Math             Powers and Exponents                                 Perimeter and Area                                            Functions and Equations
  Pre-Algebra   Powers and Exponents, Variables                              Problem Solving                                             Relations and Functions
                         and Expressions                                 The Distributive Property                                          Graphing Functions
                  Integers and Absolute Values                            The Coordinate Plane                                                    Slope
                         Adding Integers                                      Algebra Tiles                                                Slope-Intercept Form
                       Subtracting Integers                     Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations
                       Multiplying Integers                                   Climbing Wall                                     Gizmos: Introduction to Functions, Linear
                Rules of Exponents and Negative                        Solving Two-Step Equations                           Functions, Point-Slope Form of a Line – Activity A,
                       and Zero Exponents                                   Area of a Triangle                              Slope-Intercept Form of a Line – Activity A, Using
                                                                               Inequalities                                   Algebraic Equations, Using Tables, Rules and
                                                                                                                             Graphs, Defining a Line with Two Points, Slope –
                                                     Gizmos: Using Algebraic Equations, Modeling and Solving Two-           Activity B, Standard Form of a Line, Distance-Time        j laughlin 8/17/07 6:44 PM
                                                       Step Equations, Solving Two-Step Equations, Beam to Moon             Graphs, Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs,           Comment: There are several Gizmos for
                                                      (Ratios and Proportions), Estimating Population Size, Part: Part                       Finding Patterns,                        intgerss and exponents but none are listed
                                                      and Part: Whole Ratios, Polling: Neighborhood, Proportions and
                                                       Common Multipliers, Defining a Line with Two Points, Point-
                                                     Slope Form of a Line – Activity A, Slope-Intercept Form of a Line                                                                j laughlin 8/17/07 6:38 PM
                                                        – Activity A, Standard Form of a Line, Modeling One-Step                                                                      Comment: These are proportion and ratio
                                                       Equations – Activity A., Solving Equations By Graphing Each                                                                    Gizmos but proportions and ratios aren’t listed
                                                        Side, Using Algebraic Expressions, Linear Functions, Using                                                                    as being taught now
                                                                         Tables, Rules and Graphs

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INSTRUCTOR                     OCTOBER                                                      NOVEMBER                                               DECEMBER
                     Week 10              Week 11          Week 12           Week 13          Week 14          Week 15           Week 16      Week 17        Week 18
    LEVEL         Continue – Patterns
                     & Functions
       8th        Analyze Change in             Organizing and Displaying Data and Data Analysis and Interpretation & Probability                   Assessments
                   Various Contexts
                                         Measures of central tendency, data analysis – stem-and-leaf plots, box-and-whisker plots, counting
                                           methods, probability and odds, independent & dependent events, theoretical & experimental
                                                                           probability, pictorial displays
                                                                                                                                                                       j laughlin 8/20/07 6:43 PM
                                                                      V A. 1-6, V B. 1-8, V C. 1-4, V D. 1-6                                                           Comment: There is no detail about exactly
                                                                                                                                                                       what a student should know or be able to do
                                                                                   Chapter 5.8                                                                         for any of these
                                                                                 Chapter 12.1-12.4
                                                                                   Chapter 7.8
                  Solving multi-
                                                                                 Chapter 12.7-12.8
                  step equations
                                                                                Tech Resources:
                                                                            Mean, Median, and Mode
                  graphing linear
                                                                           Introduction to Probability
                                                                               Simple Probability
                   relations and
                                                                              Stem-and-Leaf Plots
 Mastery of 7th                                                              Box-and-Whisker Plots
                   scatter plots,
    Grade                                                                      Finding Outcomes
 Standards &                                                           Independent and Dependent Events
                                        Gizmos: Solving Using Trend Lines, Describing Data Using Statistic, Histograms, Line Plots, Mean,
                                        Median, and Mode, Populations and Samples, Scatter Plots – Activity A, Stem-and-Leaf Plots, Box-
                      II A. 1-2
                                           and-Whisker Plots, Probability Simulations, Correlation, Polling: Neighborhood, Compound
                      II D. 1-7
                                         Independent Events, Compound Independent and Dependent Events, Independent and Dependent
                                              Events, Polling: City, Theoretical and Experimental Probability, Geometric Probability
                   Chapter 6 all
                                                                                                                                                                       j laughlin 8/20/07 6:38 PM
                   Chapter 11 all
                                                                                                                                                                       Comment: The standards don’t match the
                                                                                                                                                                       GIZMOS listed

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                                       JANUARY                                                              FEBRUARY                                          MARCH
                 Week 1           Week 2      Week 3                  Week 4          Week 5          Week 6      Week 7                    Week 8            Week 9
                                                                               Basic Geometry Terms
                                                                      Spatial Relationships & Transformations
                                                                     Two- and Three-Dimensional Measurement

              Polygons & transformations, basic geometry vocabulary including: point, line, plane, arc, chord, semicircle; transversal, congruent polygons, similarity and
                 dilations; real numbers & right triangles, square roots, cube roots, Pythagorean theorem; measurement, use changes in measurement units to perform          j laughlin 8/20/07 6:40 PM
                              conversion from one-, two-, and three-dimensional shapes, area of polygons & circles, volume and surface area of 3D figures                    Comment: What about them?
                                                                                         III A. 1-3                                                                          j laughlin 8/20/07 6:38 PM
                                                                                   III B. 1 & III C. 1-2                                                                     Comment: Which transformations?
                                                                                         III D. 1-5
                                                                                                                                                                             j laughlin 8/20/07 6:40 PM
                                                                                         Chapter 8
                                                                                                                                                                             Comment: What about measurement?
                                                                                     Chapter 9.1 – 9.5
                                                                                        Chapter 10
                                                                                     Tech Resources:
                                                                                Playing Golf with Angles
                                                                                 Drawing Quadrilaterals
                                                                                  Polygons and Angles
                                                                                   Lines of Symmetry
                                                                            Transformations and Symmetry
                                                                                   Rational Numbers
                                                                              Ordering Rational Numbers
                                                                               The Pythagorean Theorem
                                                                                 Special Right Triangles
                                                                       Areas of Parallelograms and Trapezoids
                                                                                     Area of a Circle
                                                                              Areas of Geometric Figures
                                                                                    Classifying Solids
                                                                                       Solid Figures
                                                                                     Sketching Solids
                                                                                   Volume of a Prism
                                                                                  Volumes of Cylinders
                                                                                    Volumes of Solids

             Gizmos: Classifying Quadrilaterals – Activity A, Classifying Triangles, Parallelogram Conditions, Prisms and Cylinders – Activity A, Pyramids and Cones –
             Activity A, Special Quadrilaterals, Chords and Arcs, Geoboard: The Pythagorean Theorem, Pythagorean Theorem – Activity A & B, Ellipse – Activity A,
             Holiday Snowflake Designer, Dilations, Reflections, Rotations, Reflections, and Translations, Translations, Investigating Angle Theorems, Classifying
             Quadrilaterals – Activity A, congruence in Right Triangles, Constructing Congruent Segments and Angles, Perimeters and Areas of Similar Figures, Proving
             Triangles Congruent, Similar Figures – Activity A, Similar Polygons, Circle: Circumference and Area, Perimeter, Circumference, and Area – Activity B,
             Rectangle: Perimeter and Area, 3D and Orthographic Views – Activity A, Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders, Surface and Lateral Area of
             Pyramids and Cones

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                     MARCH                                             APRIL                                                          MAY
              Week 10      Week 11             Week 12          Week 13      Week 14              Week 15           Week 16          Week 17            Week 18

                                                                         Measurement and Number & Operations (Review/Enrichment)
             State Testing   State Testing

                                             Ratios, proportions & percents; review fractions (add, subtract, multiply, divide) & decimals; enrichment polynomials &
                                                            functions (adding & subtracting & multiplying), monomials & powers, nonlinear functions

                                                                                  IV A. 1-2, IV B 1-2, I A 1-2, I B 1-3, I C 1-9

                                                                                                Chapter 7.1 - 7.7
                                                                                                  Chapter 13

                                                                                               Tech Resources:
                                                                                             Modeling Proportions
                                                                                       Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
                                                                                                Simple Interest
                                                                                              Percent Applications
                                                                                      Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
                                                                                             Multiplying Binomials

                                             Gizmos: Prisms and Cylinders – Activity A, Pyramids and Cones – Activity A, Beam to Moon (Ratios and Proportions,
                                             Estimating Population Size, Proportions and Common Multipliers, Ordering Percents, Fractions and Decimals, Ordering       j laughlin 8/20/07 6:41 PM
                                             Percents, Fractions and Decimals Greater Than 1, Square Roots, Adding Real Numbers, Modeling One-Step Equations –         Comment: Does this Gizmo match a
                                              Activity A, Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations, Solving Two-Step Equations, Square Roots, Operations with           standards here?
                                                Radical Expressions, Using Algebraic Equations, Using Algebraic Expressions, Estimating Sums and Differences,          j laughlin 8/20/07 6:42 PM
                                             Dividing Fractions, Dividing Mixed Numbers, Fractions with Unlike Denominators, Multiplying Fractions, Multiplying        Comment: Do these match a standard here?
                                                Mixed Numbers, Multiplying with Decimals, Sums and Differences with Decimals, Improper Fractions and Mixed

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