CPM Algebra and Pre-Algebra II by uda13689


									                           CPM Algebra and Pre-Algebra II

The following are Cedar River’s Math Department recommendations for supporting your
student this year:

   A.     Attend after school Homework Center from 3:05 to 4:00 on Tuesdays,
          Wednesdays, and Thursdays. See schedule for room locations.

   B.     Use www.hotmath.com as a resource when completing homework at home.
          Hotmath is a tutorial that will walk you through each homework problem.

   C.     The student needs to ask more questions of his/her group when working on
          problems in class. Students are encouraged to ask questions to the teacher as

   D.     Check the course website for homework and announcements regarding the

   E.     Make sure your toolkit is complete and the information is accurate.

   F.     Attend all class sessions when possible.

   G.     Get caught up as soon as possible after your absences. If you are absent check
          the class website to find out what we did in class and complete that homework
          ahead of time.

   H.     Have all homework completed on time.

   I.     Math binder needs to be organized and complete. Math spiral notebook needs
          to be neat and legible.

   If your student were to do some or all of these, their knowledge level would be
   greatly improved as would their self confidence. If you have any questions please
   feel free to call or send an email.

   Mr. Kelley        dkelley@tahomasd.us             425-413-5426

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