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					With the launch of Sirius Canada in December 2005, American listeners
gained five Canadian-produced stations including CBC Radio One, CBC Radio
Three, and Iceberg Radio in English and Première Plus and Bandeapart in
French. Satellite TV provides a strong digital signal to subscribers'
television sets and is almost completely wireless. Sirius Radio gives you
the freedom to listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.

Sirius Radio offers satellite car radios and home entertainment systems,
as well as car and home kits for portable use. A major component of
Sirius’ business strategy has been to execute far-reaching and exclusive
deals with big-name entertainers and personalities to create and build
broadcast streams. XM Satellite Radio is changing the way people listen
to radio in the same way cable changed television.

To enjoy XM Radio's incredible programming variety, you'll need an XM-
compatible tuner to receive the satellite signal. XM Radio provides
excellent coast-to-coast signal coverage to the densely populated regions
of Canada through its satellites and a robust ground repeater network
installed in major metropolitan areas. The combination of three
satellites and a ground-based repeater network is designed to provide XM
Radio with gap-free coverage anywhere within the continental U.S.

XM Radios come as an option at select automobile dealerships. Satellite
radio has ushered in the next generation of radio listening. Satellite TV
services are especially popular in rural areas with poor broadcast
reception .

Terrestrial radio stations are unable to compete with the digital quality
that satellite radio offered. Portable satellite radios fit easily in the
palm of your hand, so they're easy to take along with you. Satellite
radio has many advantages over terrestrial radio, it is capably of
delivering a crisp, clear digital signal in a variety of genres from
blues to classic rock. Most portable radios let you store several hours
of satellite radio programming in their internal memories.

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