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					Satellite TV provides a strong digital signal to subscribers' television
sets and is almost completely wireless. Digital satellite systems also
offer additional data about shows. Since satellite radio's business model
is based on subscriptions, the bulk of the income comes from listeners,
not advertisers.

The Radio Chick (Leslie Gold) can currently be heard on Sirius Channel
103. Satellite radio is more than the lastest fad technology. Audio
channels on XM Radio are digitally compressed using the aacPlus codec
from Coding Technologies for most channels, and the AMBE codec from
Digital Voice Systems for some voice channels.

Most XM Radio music channels are unique and innovative XM Originals,
which include totally new programming. On September 13, 2005, XM Radio
announced a multi-year deal to carry National Hockey League broadcasts
beginning with the 2005-06 season, initially sharing the coverage with
Sirius but gaining satellite-radio exclusivity from 2007 onward. XM
Satellite Radio provides digital programming directly from three
satellites in geostationary orbit above the equator.

XM Radio has strategic alliances with Corus Entertainment, Telesat
Canada, General Motors, Honda and Toyota. At its launch in 2001,
satellite radio was targeted only towards motorists. You'll fall in love
with the entertainment variety you'll find on satellite radio.

A portable satellite radio has a rechargeable battery and a built-in
antenna, and can be listened to via headphones anywhere the satellite
radio signal can be received. Portable satellite radios that also store
and play back MP3 files will soon be available. XM Satellite Radio and
Sirius Radio both have looked at DirecTV's success and thought about how
to attract that type of market to its product. In the third-world, it is
not uncommon for purchasers of digital satellite systems to act as
gateway cable companies in areas where cable is not available.

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