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					Sirius Radio has exclusive satellite radio rights to National Public
Radio, carrying two separate streams. The deal with NPR was the first
high-profile deal entered into by Sirius. Sirius was previously known as
CD Radio. Digital satellite systems for television encode their signal to
restrict anybody from tapping into the signal.

A subset of Sirius’ music channels are included as part of the DISH
Network satellite television service. Beginning in 2005 Sirius has
exclusive radio rights to cover the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball
Tournament. XM Satellite Radio produces the majority of its channels, as
well as a few others that are not available via satellite, available on
the Internet.

You can buy XM Ready radios at thousands of consumer electronics, auto
accessory, retail stores, and online. XM Radio's service includes 67
different music channels, 39 news, sports, talk and entertainment
channels, 21 regional traffic and weather channels and 23 play-by-play
sports channels.
 XM has signed deals with 60 per cent of car makers, including the
biggest, General Motors of Canada Ltd., to pre-install XM receivers in GM

When the XM Satellite Radio service was launched in late 2001, many
analysts had forecast that it was the beginning of the end for
traditional radio. Dedicated car satellite radios work with in-dash car
stereos only. A special antenna connects to it, and sits on the roof of
the vehicle. XM Radio and Sirius Radio are going to install thousands of
repeaters throughout the country.

XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Radio both have looked at DirecTV's success
and thought about how to attract that type of market to its product. The
iBiquity system allows U.S. radio stations to broadcast one or more
digital feeds on the exact same frequency they use for their regular
(analog) signal. With satellite, or digital radio, you get near-CD
quality sound. Portable satellite radios let you listen to XM or SIRIUS
just about everywhere you go.

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