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					Digital satellite systems have a number of advantages over traditional
cable-television providers. Digital satellite systems are used to deliver
data from a satellite down to a consumer. Beginning in 2005 Sirius has
exclusive radio rights to cover the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball

Sirius Radio offers satellite car radios and home entertainment systems,
as well as car and home kits for portable use. With any Sirius-enabled
radio, the user can see the artist and song information on display while
listening to the stream. All of XM Radio's music channels are 100%
commercial free.

In October 1997 XM Radio obtained one of only two satellite digital audio
radio service licenses offered by the Federal Communications Commission.
 To enjoy XM Radio's incredible programming variety, you'll need an XM-
compatible tuner to receive the satellite signal. XM Radio's listeners
still have access to their local AM & FM stations for local content.

XM Radio's service includes 67 different music channels, 39 news, sports,
talk and entertainment channels, 21 regional traffic and weather channels
and 23 play-by-play sports channels.
 The idea behind satellite radio is quite basic. Satellite TV services
are especially popular in rural areas with poor broadcast reception .

Currently, two companies offer satellite radio: XM and SIRIUS. Plug-and-
play satellite radios are compact units that work with sets of
accessories to play over both your car and home stereos. Typically, car
satellite radios have an extra input, called a pass-through, that allows
you to connect another same-brand component (such as a CD changer).
Because it's a direct, high-grade connection, a brand-specific satellite
radio offers the best sound quality out of all the options you have for
your vehicle.

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