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									Digital satellite systems usually make use of a very small dish which can
be installed anywhere on the consumer’s property with a line-of-sight to
an orbiting satellite. On October 25, 2005 Sirius announced that "E
Street Radio", the exclusive channel of legendary artist Bruce
Springsteen, would air from November 1, 2005 to January 31, 2006 on the
Bridge - Channel 10. Digital satellite systems have a number of
advantages over traditional cable-television providers.

Satellite TV is a broadcasting service which allows subscribers to
receive television signals through a dish-shaped receiver unit. In June
2005, Sirius signed an agreement with BBC Radio 1 in the UK to
rebroadcast The Chris Moyles Show and other daily shows to an American
audience. XM Radio Online is a great way to experience the innovative
programming you can hear on the XM service.

XM Radios come as an option at select automobile dealerships. XM Radio's
automobile manufacturing partners include General Motors Corporation,
American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Toyota, Audi, and Nissan North America.
XM Satellite Radio is revolutionizing radio by offering exciting and
unprecedented coast-to-coast programming.

All of XM Radio's music channels are 100% commercial free. A plug-and-
play satellite radio is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so
it's easy to carry it around. Satellite radio is not just a new consumer
electronics product but also a whole new product category.

With the release of the first real digital AM/FM radio receiver,
satellite radio may have some real competition to worry about. The
iBiquity system allows U.S. radio stations to broadcast one or more
digital feeds on the exact same frequency they use for their regular
(analog) signal. A number of home and mobile audio manufacturers have
begun to offer HD-Radio capable receivers. Satellite radio gives
consumers access anytime, anywhere in North America, to between 80 and
100 commercial-free stations.

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