Artsweek Proposal 2008 by lundentown


									Artsweek Proposal 2008

Contact Information: Proposal Representative (on behalf of a group) or individual submitting this proposal

First Name                                            Last Name

(Note: you need to be able to cash a cheque in this name)

Salutation for correspondence (specify Ms, Mr., Mrs. or other)

Have you or members of your group performed and/or exhibited work in Artsweek previously and if please specify who,
what and when (specify the year(s))?

Address / Contact Information
Number & Street Name                       RR# / Postal Station              Suite / Apartment #

City/Municipality                          Province                          Postal Code

Telephone                                  Cell Phone                        Email Address

Website (if applicable)                    Please give us a contact name/number in case of emergency

Project Categories for Artsweek Public Presentations
Please specify which project you wish to participate in & whether individually or as a group

                                                                                                       Individual of
                                                                                           Mark an
Project                   Timeline                                                                     Group Appl.
1. BLINK                  10-day exhibit
2. Performance            Specify the number of performances (increase if limited
   Series                 seating/standing room)
3. Film/Video
                          One to two presentations
4. Reading Series         One Presentation

5. Music Series           One Presentation
6. Battle of the          One Presentation, Band/Musician elected also performs
   Bands                  during the Hunter Street West Festival
                          State what artistic discipline(s) your project involves
9. Other
A separate proposal needs to be submitted if you are proposing more than one project.

Has this work been public presented previously? Yes/No
If so please provide the details (attach more information if necessary):
First Name                                                      Last Name

Name of the Group
(if applicable)
Title of the Project
(if applicable)
Please summarize your project, describe the work in 40 words or less below and attach a detailed project
description (one to a maximum of two pages). For performances please state the length/time of the work & ensure you
have listed the number of performances you intend to carry out.

Important note for participants on developing a project budget

Please refer to the “Artsweek Program Guidelines” for a breakdown of artist’s fees & production/material
costs per project category. Note: Projects & fees may be revised based on changes to the Artsweek budget
(pending funding).

Donations & Ticket Sales: A donation box may be placed in entrances at program locations however
donations may not be requested. Any entrance fees are established by the Artsweek Steering Committee. All
entrance fees and donations are the property of Artsweek.

Itemized Production and/or Material Budget (if applicable – please refer to the guidelines):
Please provide a detailed list & associated costs/expenses

                                                       Total Production/Material Expenses

List of Individuals involved in the project & their role (if applicable)
First Name              Last Name                      Role/Responsibility

Are you an emerging, mid-career or established artist or group of artists/performers? Please mark an "X"
Emerging                                                      Established
First Name                                                    Last Name

If location is an important component for your work please list one or more locations you want to present work at.

Support Material
Attach a biography or resume(s) – to a maximum 2 pages each for each artist

Type of support material attached (maximum time is 10 min. per individual or group)
Note: Artsweek is not responsible for lost or damaged support materials
Type            Number of works to view                      Length of Time                 Completion Date
Other: (please specify)

How is this support material relevant to your work?

Do you want to pick up your support material(s)? Yes/No

Terms & Conditions
I confirm that the information provided here is true and complete. I understand the terms as outlined in the “Artsweek
Program Guidelines” and I understand that funding for Artsweek projects is based on securing funds from both the
public (government), private sector and through earned revenues. Although Artsweek is working diligently towards
securing funding to expand programs however, should funding not be made available any project of Artsweek may be
cancelled at the discretion of Artsweek's Steering Committee.

Signed by the Individual or Group Representative             Date

Checklist (circle each to ensure all documents & support materials are attached)
                                                                         1-BLINK                4-Reading     6-Battle
                                                                    2-Performing Arts             Series       of the
                                                                       3-Film/Video                            Bands
Application form including...                                        5-Music Series
A brief project summary (40 words)                                           X                      X            X
Resume(s) or biography/ies or background information                         X                      X            X
Detailed project description (1-2 pages maximum)                             X
Material/Production budget (if applicable to the project category)           X
Support Material                                                             X

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