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									Digital satellite systems also offer additional data about shows. Sirius’
spacecraft Sirius 1 through Sirius 4 were manufactured by Space
Systems/Loral. In June 2005, Sirius signed an agreement with BBC Radio 1
in the UK to rebroadcast The Chris Moyles Show and other daily shows to
an American audience.

Satellite TV is a broadcasting service which allows subscribers to
receive television signals through a dish-shaped receiver unit. On
October 25, 2005 Sirius announced that "E Street Radio", the exclusive
channel of legendary artist Bruce Springsteen, would air from November 1,
2005 to January 31, 2006 on the Bridge - Channel 10. Most XM Radio music
channels are unique and innovative XM Originals, which include totally
new programming.

XM Radio is broadcasting over 120 digital channels of totally new music,
news, sports and children's programming direct to cars and homes via
satellite. XM Radio's headquarters, production studios, and high-end
concert/recording studio are located in Washington D.C. XM Satellite
Radio is revolutionizing radio by offering exciting and unprecedented
coast-to-coast programming.

XM Satellite Radio provides digital programming directly from three
satellites in geostationary orbit above the equator. Galaxie and MaxTrax
are licensed satellite-delivered music streams distributed by direct
broadcast satellite and digital cable services, requiring satellite
dishes or coaxial cable lines not required by the XM or Sirius systems.
The battle to bring a domestic satellite radio service to Canada is
heating up on the political front.

Plug-and-play satellite radios are the most popular options on the market
for getting XM or SIRIUS. A satellite radio channel can carry extra
information. While none of the digital satellite systems offered in the
United States are truly on-demand, Great Britain’s SKY provider offers
on-demand and interactive material. Satellite radio gives consumers
access anytime, anywhere in North America, to between 80 and 100
commercial-free stations.

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