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digital directv satellite


									On October 25, 2005 Sirius announced that "E Street Radio", the exclusive
channel of legendary artist Bruce Springsteen, would air from November 1,
2005 to January 31, 2006 on the Bridge - Channel 10. Sirius Radio have
exclusive rights to Stern’s radio show, and also gave Stern the right to
build at least two full-time programming channels. Sirius Radio has
exclusive satellite radio rights to National Public Radio, carrying two
separate streams. The deal with NPR was the first high-profile deal
entered into by Sirius.

Digital satellite systems have a number of advantages over traditional
cable-television providers. Unlike XM Radio, Sirius Radio does not use
GEO satellites fro its satellite radio services. Sirius currently lags
behind competitor XM Satellite Radio in terms of subscribers with just
over 2.1 million, well less than XM's current audience of more than five
million subscribers.

Many customers prefer the additional channels available on satellite TV
systems and the clarity of the digital signals. Certain third-party
channels may not be available over the Internet through XM Radio Online.
XM Satellite Radio provides digital programming directly from three
satellites in geostationary orbit above the equator.

On March 1, 2004, XM Radio launched Instant Traffic and Weather Channels
for major metropolitan markets in the United States. Portable satellite
radios that also store and play back MP3 files will soon be available.
The idea behind satellite radio is quite basic.

Most portable radios let you store several hours of satellite radio
programming in their internal memories. Satellite radio receivers
continuously display the artist's name and the song title. A plug-and-
play satellite radio is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so
it's easy to carry it around. Both Sirius Radio and XM Radio are counting
on Canadians' propensity for adopting new digital technologies at ever-
accelerating rates.

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