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									Canadian channels available on Sirius Canada will include the CBC’s
English and French radio networks (CBC Radio One, CBC Radio Two, La
Première Chaîne, Espace musique) and new channels built from the CBC’s
web services CBC Radio Three and Bandeapart. In June 2005, Sirius signed
an agreement with BBC Radio 1 in the UK to rebroadcast The Chris Moyles
Show and other daily shows to an American audience. The dog in the Sirius
logo is unofficially named Mongo, a name garnished from the debut of
Sirius Satellite Radio’s sponsorship on Casey Atwood’s and later Jimmy
Spencer’s NASCAR entry.

Music streams on Sirius contain almost every type of music genre
imaginable, broadcasting 24 hours a day, commercial free. With any
Sirius-enabled radio, the user can see the artist and song information on
display while listening to the stream. XM Satellite Radio is
revolutionizing radio by offering exciting and unprecedented coast-to-
coast programming.

XM Radios come as an option at select automobile dealerships. To enjoy
XM Radio's incredible programming variety, you'll need an XM-compatible
tuner to receive the satellite signal. On November 15, 2005, DirecTV
began carrying 72 channels of XM programming. These include music
channels, but not news or sports channels.

XM Radio Canada is the operating name of Canadian Satellite Radio
Holdings Inc. (or "CSR"), a Canadian communications and media company.
Despite crystal clear sound, crackle free delivery and nationwide
coverage, American radio listeners have not been quick to take up many
Satellite Radio offerings. Both Sirius Radio and XM Radio are counting on
Canadians' propensity for adopting new digital technologies at ever-
accelerating rates.

A number of home and mobile audio manufacturers have begun to offer HD-
Radio capable receivers. Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio
offer weather and traffic reports in selected major markets. Currently
most satellite tuners are ultracompact units designed for transport
between car and home. The satellite radio tuner must match the brand of
in-dash stereo you own.

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