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					A hostel is an excellent cheap form of accomodation. Many hostels provide
self-catering kitchens and most provide meals. Many hostels now offer
single, twin and four-bedded rooms.

Cheap rooms are available in hostels in most cities and towns around the
world. Backpackers tend to travel for longer periods than the typical
tourist. A useful tip - Many hostels give discounts to students, so you
should always keep your student card handy.

Go to the tourist office. Here you can pickup a free tourist map and ask
questions about what to do or what to see. Planning your trip - no matter
how much you plan for your travels, adjustments will need to be made.
Essential gear for your trip will include Backpack ,Fast Drying Towel,
Walking Shoes, Socks and Underwear, Long Underwear, Pillow Case, Sleeping
Bag, Passport, Spy Wallet, Day Pack, Camera .

Hostels have probably been around for over a thousand years as a low cost
place for a traveler to stay for the night. Many hostels are located in
remarkable buildings. Many hostels provide internet access, laundry, and
free breakfast.

The majority of hostels around the world are independently owned and many
of these have their own bars and restaurants. Almost all hostels offer
lockers, either free of charge or for hire so that people staying in
dormitories can lock up their valuables. Many hostels provide access for
wheelchair users, and specially adapted rooms are becoming more common.
Hostels are becoming more and more modern.

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