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					Google Adwords and Future Search Engine Marketing

Google has the major share of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in the world which is 78%.
Google keeps working to increase this big share.

We should be ready to see this fact:

Google Adwords will be the biggest and the most valuable ad channel of the near

AdWords is the Pay Per Click Advertising program of Google which is the biggest and most
important example of Online Advertising. Google Adwords is cheaper than other ad channels
and it is also measurable. It has the highest ROI (Return of Invesment) in all advertisement
channels. Google Adwords is the advertisement channel of the near future.

Google Adwords Fundamental Information

Adwords ads take place on the left hand side of Google results page and sometimes on the
top by the name of Sponsored Links.

Adwords Working Mechanism:

• While creating your Adwords Campaign, your ads, keywords and bids are formed.

• Search queries that are matched with your keywords trigger your ads and your ads are
displayed on Google.

• You only pay when your ad is clicked. There is no cost for impressions on Google and its
search partner sites. This is why it is called as PPC Advertising.

Adwords finds your target potential customers:

• The obtained keyword list with the right keyword analysis canalizes your target potential
customers to you.

• You can display your ads in any country, region, city or a specific area. You can choose any
language(s). Please note that Google does not translate your ads into the language you

• You can make a choice according to age and gender (demography) for more specific target
potential customers.

• Your ads can be displayed on any website on Google Content Network and also you can
use placements for the specific websites that you want to display your ads. You can even
choose the sections of those websites which suit your needs most in placement targeting.

Adwords Advantages:

• Adwords does not exceed your daily budget that you specified. Adwords adjusts the
delivery frequency of your ads according to your daily budget and the clicks that you get
within the day.

• You can make an ad scheduling using Adwords. You can make a detailed schedule on any
hour of any day that you want.
• Performance tracking of your Adwords campaigns can be made at anytime. While your ads
are active, you can make necessary optimizations always to make your campaign
performance better, to minimize the costs and to maximize the ROI (Return of Investment).

• You can create many reports of statistical data. Search Query reports, campaign reports, ad
group reports, ads reports, keywords reports, account reports, placement reports, and so on.
You can find your conversion ratio, conversions, ROI, advertising costs with these reports.

Why Google Adwords?

• Your website is on the first page or the first two pages (in top 20) on Google. You do still
need to use Adwords to earn more. The most important thing is your target potential
customers should see you on the first page on Google while they’re performing many search
queries which are matched to your service/product in anyway.

• People don’t use only Google. In this phase, Google Content Network is playing a huge
role. You can show your ads on thousands of websites or any of them that you want on
Google Content Network.


• Adwords Campaign Optimization is a must for much better results. You can bring down your
Adwords costs to the most feasible minimum level, you can maximize your Adwords ROI,
you can get more valuable clicks with the same Adwords budget through only Optimization.

Important SEO notes about Google Adwords:

SEO is crucial for having higher ranks in Google organic search results and also for Google

According to study, when your website is in the first page of Google you get more traffic than
Google Adwords Search Network. 70%-80% of searcher never go beyond the first page of

According to study, people who reach your website from Google organic search results
spend more time than the people coming from Google Sponsored Links.

SEO increases your Quality Score in Google Adwords. With a high quality score, you can get
higher ranks in Sponsored Links with lower costs.

The Adwords packages that new/beginner Adwords clients should avoid using:

! Google Adwords advertising packages (x USD Adwords packages)
! Google Adwords monthly unlimited packages (Unlimited click packages)

What should I do?

• You should use the standard Adwords payment method of Credit Card (Visa,
MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, JCB, Debit Card).

• If your monthly Adwords budget is over $1500, you can be a qualifying Google Adwords
advertiser. You may begin the application process with our consulting assistance after three
months of using this budget. If you become a qualifying Google Adwords advertiser, you are
allowed for payment on a monthly basis by check or wire transfer. Once approved for
monthly invoicing, your campaigns are no longer subject to suspension in the case of a
declined payment.

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