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          T h e      A s s u m p T i o n

Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church

Pentecost – May 23                                May / June 2010

              The Feast of Pentecost
   Church Service                                                       Sacraments
     Schedule                                               Weddings                    April 25, 2010
                                            May 1, 2010                                 Anastasios Ioannis, son of Christ and
                                            Lisa Delor and Michael Fournier             Lynne Backos
                                            Koumbaro:Bill Colovos                       Godparent: George Bekios
                                                            Baptisms                    April 25, 2010
                                            April 10, 2010                              Jacob, son of Christianne Roehrig
                                            Andrew Harrison, son of Trevor and          Godparents: Katherine Roehrig and John
                                            Georgia Sebastian                           Roehrig
                                            Godparent: Dr. Constantine Bulauitan                            Funerals
                                                                                        March 29, 2010
                                            April 17, 2010                              Matthew Levette
                                            Efstathia Maria, daughter of George and     April 9, 2010
                                            Anastasia Mantis                            Joanna Stamatiou
                                            Godparent: Haralambos Dimopoulos
                                                      and                               April 9, 2010
                                            Nattalia Georgia, daughter of George and    Elpiniki Kalegias
Sunday Divine Liturgy
                                            Anastasia Mantis                            May 4, 2010
          Orthros: 8:15 a.m.                Godparents: Ippokratis and Koula            George P. Coutilish
      Divine Liturgy: 9:30 a.m.                                                         May 8, 2010
                                                                                        Andrew G. Poletis

      English Liturgy                                   Memorial Day – May 29, 30, and 31
     Second and fourth Sundays
       9:30 a.m. in the Church                            Cemetery Times for Trisagia

      Weekday Services
                                                       saturday, may 29th
 Divine Liturgy as announced in
                                                       10:00 a.m. Cadillac East Cemetery
                                                       Sunday, May 30th
                                                       1:00 p.m. Resurrection Cemetery

                                                       monday, may 25th
                                                       8:00 a.m.  Gethsemane Cemetery
                                                       9:00 a.m.  Forest Lawn Cemetery
   spring office hours                                 10:30 a.m. Evergreen Cemetery
      Mon-Thurs 9:00-5:00
         Closed Friday

                                                     orthodox Life
The spring 2010 session of orthodox Life will conclude this month with sessions every Tuesday in may:
may 4, 11, 18, and 25. Fr. Anthony will be leading us as we continue to work through the history of the Orthodox Church from
the Apostolic Era through the present. We are currently discussing the Great Schism of the 11th century; past sessions are online
in the multimedia section of our website at We are using The Orthodox Church, by Timothy Ware
(available in the church bookstore) as a guide. Any questions or suggestions can be communicated to Fr. Anthony by email at or by phone at 586-779-6111 ext. 17.

                                     The Assumption epistle; Vol 49, Issue #4, May 1, 2010
   Published Monthly by The Assumption Greek orthodox Church, 21800 Marter Road, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 • (586) 779-6111
                                                   ...from Fr. Anthony
Dear Parishioners,                                                                  Hence even Death, which had been the uttermost place of separation
As we come to the close of the season of Pascha, I rejoice to greet all             from God, has become itself a temple in which the souls of the righ-
of you one last time with the joyful refrain of this greatest of Feasts:            teous may worship Him until the Resurrection. It is for this reason
                                                                                    that, on the Saturday before Pentecost, the final Saturday of Souls of
Χριστὸς Ἀνέστη! Christ is Risen!                                                    the year, we undertake to offer prayers on behalf of all our loved ones
But as we look to the future, to the coming feast of Pentecost, it is only          who have departed this life, that they may be granted rest where the
appropriate that we consider the unique themes which characterize it,               righteous repose, where there is neither pain, nor sorrow, nor sighing,
and which offer us direction as we settle down to the daily struggles               but rather Life Everlasting.
of the Christian life for the rest of this year.                                    We pray that our loved ones may be numbered with the righteous,
For truly, Christ is Risen, and all creation is transformed by His                  that they may find peace and rest in Paradise, that any sins they have
glorious Resurrection. But each of us nonetheless lives in a world                  committed may be forgiven. And we do not doubt that these prayers
that is still fallen, still marred by the sins and failings of humankind            of the Church, calling upon the love and mercy of the Lord, may be
throughout all generations, a world that is the same as it has been                 answered. By our prayers, on this Saturday and the other Saturdays
since the day of our birth, mundane in its unchangingness. And both                 of Souls, and by our prayers at every Trisagion and Memorial Service,
the evident imperfections of this life and its unchanging normalcy                  we show the love of Christ, the love which desires that every soul may
threaten to stifle the awareness of Christ’s Risen presence in our midst            be saved, to our departed family and friends.
which was so fresh and apparent to us on Pascha.                                    It is worth noting that traditionally, the visitations to the cemeteries
As we face these realities of life, it is easy to feel that Christ is absent,       would be done, not on Memorial Day, but rather on this Saturday of
easy to lose sight of the joy and hope of the Christian Faith. For even             Souls before Pentecost. This is the day above all other days on which
the assurance of our hope, the last words of the Gospel of Matthew...               it is appropriate to offer these prayers for the departed. The fact that
“Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew                 the day so nearly coincides with the American holiday of Memorial
28:20)... even those words were spoken as the Lord left us, as He                   Day has allowed us to participate in the national observations of the
ascended into heaven. And it is easy to ask how He can leave, but still             day while still retaining the most ancient traditions of the Orthodox
assure us that He remains with us forever. It is this doubt, this burn-             Church. But we would do well to remember that when we go to the
ing question which is expressed and resolved by the following hymn,                 cemeteries on Memorial Day, we are in truth completing the observa-
from the Great Vespers for Ascension:                                               tion of the Saturday of Souls before Pentecost.
    Lord Christ, giver of life, as your Apostles saw you borne up                   These prayers are an essential part of our life as Orthodox Christians.
    on the clouds, they were filled with lamentation, weeping                       To offer prayers for the departed is the manner in which we ourselves
    tears of dejection, and thus grieving they said, “Master, You                   affirm and even participate in the ongoing presence of Jesus Christ
    Who have loved us as the Compassionate One, do not make                         among us, confessing that He has not abandoned us as orphans, but
    us, your servants, to be orphans, but as You promised, send                     has sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to sustain us in this life, and
    us Your all-holy Spirit to guide our souls with light.”                         that even when we pass into death, we will be embraced by the love of
Thus, from the moment we see Christ ascending into heaven, we                       Christ and of His Church.
begin to anticipate the reality of Pentecost, the Descent of the Holy               In this month of May, then, we commemorate the apparent departure
Spirit, and the beginning of the life of the Church throughout the                  of the Lord from among us as we observe the Feast of His Ascension.
ages. For it is the Spirit Who sustains us, Who supports us, and Who                But far more importantly, in the Feast of Pentecost, the Saturday
comforts us. It is the Spirit Who descends every Sunday and makes                   of Souls that precedes it, and the Memorial Day observations that
the Bread and Wine we offer into the Precious Body and Blood of our                 follow it, we remind ourselves and confess to all the world that He
Lord Jesus Christ, the very food of immortality, the first-fruits of the            Who ascended into Heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father in
New Creation given to us, the very Communion of the Lord. Hence,                    glory remains with us, even now, that His grace and love penetrate all
by the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ remains with us, as He prom-                Creation, and even in the cemeteries, in the very shadow of death, the
ised, to the very end of the age, and we are not left orphans, but are              Christian people do not weep, but sing the joy of the Resurrection and
rather even now being transformed into the very image and likeness                  pray in the love of the Risen Lord, confident that whether we live or
of the Lord, as St. Paul says in Romans 8:29.                                       die, Christ our God is with us.
But there is a deeper reality still by which Christ remains with us                 With love in Christ,
always, a reality which we observe and confess on the Saturday before
Pentecost. For truly, as we live in this world, we are upheld by the                Fr. Anthony Cook
power and the grace of the Holy Spirit, but when our time on this
earth comes to an end, and we fall asleep in the grace of the Lord, and
our soul passes out of the body, then we truly pass directly into the
embrace of the Lord. For by His descent into Hades, the Grave was
filled with the presence of God, and so it remains even now.

Epistle                                                                         1                                                        May / June 2010
                                       Koimisis of the Theotokos
                                                           May / June Parish News
 Memorial Dates for May are May 2, 9, and 30. June dates                                           Stewardship Reminder
 are June 6, 20 and 27                                                          Please note that Assumption is on a Stewardship system, and thus we
                       Golf Outing                                              are unable to list the names of our parishioners on page 10 until we
                                                                                have received a Stewardship card filled out in full for the current year.
 Don’t Miss Our Annual Assumption Golf Outing on Monday, June 14
                                                                                We are of course grateful to all who contribute towards the operation
 at the Sycamore Golf Course. Cost is $140.00 per person.
                                                                                and ministries of this parish, but the only way to practically collect the
 Register Early and Save! Only $125.00 if paid by Wednesday June                information needed in a consistent fashion is with the Stewardship
 9. Price includes Golf, On-course Lunch, Dinner/ Open Bar, Door                card. We request that all our donors therefore fill one out.
 Prizes and Trophies
                                                                                               Make Cleaning Rewarding!
 Registration is at 12:30 p.m., with Tee Off at 1:30 p.m. Call Office to
 sign up at 586-779-6111 Ext 3                                                  The Macomb County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers program pro-
                                                                                vides supportive services to those neighbors in our community who
           Garage Sale Volunteers Needed                                        cannot afford to pay for professional help and do not have family
 Garage Sale will be held June 11-12, 9:00-4:00pm (see page 12). We             available locally to assist them with basic housekeeping tasks that
 need negotiators, cashiers, cleaners, security, and bake sale workers.         have become difficult for them.
 Call the Church Office to volunteer. Help is needed fore these times:          If you have a couple hours once or twice a month that you can offer
 Wednesday-Gym Set up – 8:00am - 10:00pm.                                       to provide some light housekeeping for a struggling neighbor, you
 Thursday Gym set up and Pricing – 8:00am - 10:00pm                             can make a real difference in someone’s life – and gain immeasur-
 Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm                                                         able rewards in the process! We will schedule around your other
 Saturday 8:00-6:00pm                                                           commitments. For more details, please call (586) 757-5551.
 Name ________________________
 Phone:________________________                                                                            Market Day
 Available Hours__________Desired Area:_________                                Assumption Church sponsors a monthly food fundraising program
                                                                                called Market Day. Through this food co-op, restaurant quality food
     Philanthropy Referral Forms Available                                      products from such companies as Tyson, Quaker, Campbell’s, Pierre
 It is essential that we offer our love and assistance to others in need.       Foods and Kraft (to name a few) will be available for purchase. We
 If you or anyone you know are in the hospital, shut-in at home,                will earn a profit based on the total volume of the sale. All products
 or otherwise in need of help or visitation, the church has several             are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
 volunteers on call for just this purpose. Please contact Tony Niarhos          Participation is simple. Pick up a catalog at the Church office,
 or Joan DeRonne with your request or referral. If you need clergy              complete the order sheet and return it by the date listed (payment is
 visitation, please contact the church office.                                  not sent at that time), and pick up and pay on the same day. You can
                                                                                also fill out your order at
             Didactic Divine Liturgy DVDs
 We now have re-stocked the Didactic Liturgy, and have over 80                  Please give it a try! If you have any questions, call Dafni at 586-212-
 copies available. The Didactic Liturgy package includes 2 DVDs with            6839 or Olga at 586-779-6111, ext. 3.
 almost 4 hours of content, a copy of the Divine Liturgy pew book,
 the outline of the presentation, and an icon card with the mosaic of
                                                                                            Assumption Website/Email List
 the Koimisis of the Theotokos from the narthex.                                If you wish to receive the most up-to-date news announce-
 The entire package is selling in the Church bookstore for $25. Please
                                                                                ments from our Assumption Church via email, please send
 see or call the Church office with any questions, or if you would like         your request to Fr. Michael at In
 to see the content of the DVDs.                                                addition, the monthly Epistle and weekly Sunday sermon are
                                                                                available for download at our website (www.goassumption.
                   Greek Festival Raffle                                        org). If you wish not to receive a hard copy of the Epistle,
     1st prize $2,500 – 2nd prize $1,000 – 3rd prize $500                       please contact the church office.
                    4th-9th prize $100 each
        Drawing will be held August 23, 2010 at 8:00 pm
 Each parish family will receive 2 raffle booklets with 25 tickets
 in each book. Selling raffle tickets is a great way to promote the
 festival itself and fund the needs of our parish. Once you have sold
 all your tickets and submit the stubs, be sure to fill out the special
 100% Club Raffle stub included in your packet to be included for a
 chance to win one of four $100 prizes to be drawn on May 23, June
 20, July 18 and August 15

Epistle                                                                     2                                                           May / June 2010
                                                           News and Events
 Dear Fellow Parishioners,                                                 Khorraminia, Angela Silamianos, Christina Frederick and
 Thank you to Olga Cardasis, Harriet Stoukas and Sophia Platsiras          Dorothea Williams. Performing at the luncheon was Vocalist
 for a planning a wonderful Palm Sunday Luncheon. Our Ladies               Marianglea Chatzistmanatiou and Pianist Andreas Xenopoulos
 Philoptochos hope to continue this new tradition every Palm               who brought tears to everyone’s eyes with their beautiful perfor-
 Sunday. We enjoyed a wonderful Lenten meal by Marchiori                   mance.
 Catering.                                                                 I would like speak for all the Ladies Philoptochos by wishing our
 We are looking for ladies that love to make pitas for our annual          dear friend Virgina Velas a fast recovery. We all pray to see you
 Assumption Festival August 19th -22nd. We will be announcing              up and around very soon.
 baking dates and would love your support so we can again ex-              We are looking for new members who have it in their heart to
 perience another successful festival. If you cannot attend baking         help others. For information regarding The Ladies Philoptochos
 days but would still like to help our ladies out, we will also be         please contact Georgia Falzone @ 586-295-5917.
 accepting baked goods or monetary donations.                              With Love in Christ,
 I would like to thank the following ladies for their attendance to        Georgia Falzone
 the “Festival of Flowers” Spring Luncheon in Ann Arbor. Harriet           Philoptochos President
 Stoukas, Olga Cardasis, Georgia Falzone,Amalia Kyriazis, Penny

                                                   Senior Citizens
 The beautiful sunny weather that greeted all the seniors at our           We then had all the birthday’s for the month, Anastasia
 April 13, 2010 meeting                                                    Costopoulos, Antigoni Patsalis, Effie Tsopolou and John
 Our invocation for the afternoon was “Christos Anesti Hymn”,              Cardasis, and the mini-cakes were given by Julia Athan. Peter
 “Christ has Risen” and our response is truly he has risen, was            Phillips and Telly Theodorou sand Happy Birthday and we all
 said to Father Anthony.                                                   joined in.

 We continued after lunch which was the wonderful meal of roast            I read the seniors that are on our “sick list”, Virginia Velos, Pauline
 lamb, rice pilaf, Venetian vegetables blend, Greek salad and des-         Litos, Viola Hadjiyannis, Any Poletis, Mary Kosmas, who were
 sert was donated and made by Mary Pisley. They were “diples”              unable to attend. We are praying for them all.
 and what a surprise it was for all the seniors. Thank you Maria,          The seniors are planning a bake sale on Sunday, April 25, 2010,
 God Bless you always.                                                     come and see us.
 Then we began our meeting with Tina Thedorou reading the                  Till we meet again on our Mother’s Day Luncheon, Tuesday, May
 minutes from the month and Lola Parris gave us the Treasurers             11th, 2010.
 report.                                                                   “Christos Anesti” to everyone.
 The tables were adorable with stuff animals on each and the cen-          Catherine Spadafore
 ter of every table in various colors. There were yellow ducks, blue       Senior President
 teddy bears, pink bunnies and purple lambs with red eggs on the
 table. It really looked like we were celebrating Easter.

                                  GOYA Boston Trip Pictures

Epistle                                                                3                                                        May / June 2010
                                               Youth Programs
                                                        News and Events
                                            Sunday School (3rd & 4th grade)
 Hi to all Parishioners of Koimisis Tis Theotokou,
 Christos Anesti!
 The children of the 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School class are trying very hard to become more aware and informed about their
 Greek Orthodox faith, customs, and traditions. Sometimes we even add a little bit of History and Science. Much to cover in a very
 short period of time, but, the children are always eager and willing to learn, as these topics all somehow interrelate.
 Every Sunday, we discuss how the lessons of the Gospel and the Epistle affect our everyday lives and how we can use these lessons
 to touch those around us, be it family, friends, and even people that are “unfriendly” to us.
 The children are also concentrating on learning the Creed. Several children have already recited it, by heart, and have been
 rewarded by Mrs. Daphne Moraitis. The children are learning some prayers that are aimed at reminding us how much we need
 God’s help in leading a Christian life.
 Upcoming religious events are always emphasized. On March 21st, we discussed the importance of Palm Sunday and also how
 the Vernal Equinox is one piece of the puzzle that helps determine when Orthodox Easter will be celebrated. On Palm Sunday,
 we discussed the events of Holy Week. They were reminded to try and attend Holy Wednesday’s Service of Holy Unction, and as
 many other services as possible. We discussed the events of Jesus’ life during Holy week, including the Last Supper and how the
 Lord’s Prayer and Holy Communion were given to us, as gifts.
 Every Sunday is important, but Godparent Sunday, was a little bit more special because our Nounos and Nounas were our special
 visitors. After discussing the customs and traditions of Baptism, the children had a special book mark to present to their Nouno
 or Nouna that read, “God touches our lives through the love of our Godparents”.
 It is a true pleasure to teach and serve your children and our Sunday School family each Sunday.
 In Christ’s Love,
 Mrs. Daphne Moraitis
 Mrs. Merope Fotias
                                                       Assumption GOYA
                                                            May 2010
 Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!
 We hope all in our church had a joyous and happy Pascha with their families. We had a week of beautiful services where many of
 our GOYANS participated as altar boys, readers and attended services. Thank you Father Michael & Father Anthony for such a
 spiritually beautiful week.
 On March 17th, we attended the Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and hosted the Lenten potluck dinner, along with the APG and Sunday
 Our Night with GOD & Lenten dinner was held on Friday, March 26th. Father Michael went over the Holy Week Services by telling
 the story of the events leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We had many questions and a great discus-
 sion followed. We left with a better understanding of Holy Week and had a greater appreciation of the service as we participated
 during the week.
 On Saturday, March 27th, we attended the Saturday of Lazarus Service and enjoyed a delicious Pancake breakfast, prepared fresh
 off the grill, by Father Michael and Presvytera Tina. Father Michael has mastered flipping those pancakes and has dropped fewer
 every year! Thank you Father Michael and Presvytera Tina for a wonderful breakfast. We are looking forward to next year! After
 breakfast, we formed an assembly line and made palms, prepared the bay leaves and decorated the church for Palm Sunday.
 We went to Boston during Bright Week with the GOYAns of the other Metropolis churches. See facing page for more details and
 page 3 for photos.
 We’ll report on the following events in the July Epistle

Epistle                                                         4                                                 May / June 2010
                                              Youth Programs
                                                       News and Events
 CROP Walk Rally, Thursday, April 22nd, CROP Walk, Sunday, May 2nd, Mother’s Day speech, Sunday May 9th, District Oratorical
 Festival, April 17th, Metropolis Oratorical Festival, Saturday, May 15th, St Nicholas Ann Arbor Greek Festival, Friday-Sunday,
 June 4-6, St. Nicholas Troy Greek Festival, Friday-Sunday, end of June
 Cedar Point Trip-date to be determined, Garage Sale - June 11-12, Pool Party – June, Detroit Area Church Greek Festivals, 3rd
 Annual Assumption GOYA Rose City Retreat, (possible dates: Sunday-Wednesday, August 8-11)
 Have a wonderful month!
 We will be holding elections at our June 6th meeting. If you are interested in being on the board or being on a committee for the
 2010/2011 year, please let us know.
 GOYA President: Dean Bakoulas, (586) 863-2202 / Vice President: Nikki Sarris / Treasurer: Sia Kefallinos / Recording Secretary:
 Stavroula Varlamos / Corresponding Secretary: Dennis Livingston
 Steve & Andriana Kiriazis (248)541-3477/(586)243-0554 or / Agatha Kefallinos, (313)304-8347
                                     GOYA Boston Trip (see pictures on page 3)
 We met 6:00am at St. Nicholas Church in Troy on Tuesday, April 6th, and were on our way to Boston by around 8:00am. There were
 two busloads of GOYANS and chaperones from the Detroit area. With movies, iPods and great conversations, stops for lunch and
 stretching, the bus ride was loud, long but fun. We don’t know how, but Father Anthony managed to sleep most of the way. The
 movie screen was right in front of him, yet it didn’t seem to bother him at all. Thanks for being such a good sport Father Anthony!
 We arrived at the Sheraton Needham Hotel at about 11:00pm. Pizza was ordered and we talked about the schedule for the next
 three days.
 Wonderful weather our first day! Wednesday was spent at the Hellenic College/Holy Cross. We had breakfast and toured the
 campus. Vincent Minucci, gave us a chapel tour and then he and some of the Holy Cross Student Ambassadors played group games
 and offered workshops. We then had lunch, went to the gym to hang out, participated in a workshop and visited the Holy Cross
 Bookstore. A Vespers service was held and then we headed to dinner. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for a swim and left
 to go bowling from 9:30 to 11:00pm. It was a wonderful day and we settled in our rooms and talked about the day and what we
 had to look forward to on Thursday.
 Thursday was our day in Boston. We left the hotel at 8:15am and headed for downtown Boston. Norman, our tour guide, lead us
 on our Freedom Trail tour. We saw the home of Paul Revere, The MA state house, Boston Commons, the Old North Church and
 much more. We stopped for delicious cannolis in the North End.
 After our walking tour, we had lunch at Quincy Market in Faneuil Hall and did some shopping. We then went to the New England
 Aquarium and finished off our day in Boston by doing a little more shopping. Heading back to the Hellenic College/Holy Cross, we
 had dinner, workshops & discussions and took a group picture, before saying our farewells and heading back to the hotel.
 At the hotel, we spent time unwinding, swimming, playing games and then packing for our trip home.
 On Friday, April 9th, we left at 7:45am to head home. We were tired but talked most of the way home. We wanted to spend as much
 time as possible with our friends, new and old, before parting. We truly had a memorable experience and hope to go on another
 similar trip next year.
 We want to thank Eva Kokinos for putting together this wonderful trip and for all the chaperones who took time off of work and
 volunteered to come on the trip so we could go. Thank you Father Anthony for coming with us. Most of all, we want to thank the
 council, Philoptochos, Senior Citizens Group and you, the parishioners, for making this possible with your donations. We would
 not have been able to go without your help. It was a wonderful experience that we will never forget and it happened because of
 your generosity. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We plan on putting together a collage of pictures to share with you during coffee hour
 on one of the Sundays within the next month! At that time, we can share our experiences with you and answer any questions you
 may have. Looking forward to that day!

Epistle                                                          5                                                  May / June 2010
          Holy Week 2010: March 27 – April 4

Epistle                   6                    May / June 2010
          Holy Week 2010: March 27 – April 4

Epistle                   7                    May / June 2010
          Holy Week 2010: March 27 – April 4

Epistle                   8                    May / June 2010
          Holy Week 2010: March 27 – April 4

Epistle                   9                    May / June 2010
                                             Assumption Stewardship 2010
                         Let us commit ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God
129 STEWARDSHIP BENEFACTORS as of April 22, 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Ahee          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daskas        Dr. and Mrs. Konstantinos           Mr. and Mrs. Nikolaos                Mr. and Mrs. Alexandros             Mr. and Mrs. Steven Torakis
III                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard               Kapordelis                          Moschouris                           Pozios                              Ms. Roula Tsaprailis
Mrs. Eoanna Ahee                  DeRonne                            Mr. and Mrs. John Karisny           Mr. Anthony Niarhos                  Mr. and Mrs. Apostolos              Fr. and Presvytera Varlamos
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andoni          Mr. and Mrs. Robert                Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kircos           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nichols           Pozios                              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Venettis
Mr. Paul Aviews                   DeWaele                            Mr. and Mrs. David Kohl             Mr. and Mrs. Kiki Nick               Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rafaill         Mr. and Mrs. George Verras
Mr. and Mrs. George Backos        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earle          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kontos         Mr. and Mrs. Dean Niforos            Dr. and Mrs. Chris Raphtis          Mr. and Mrs. Lydia Villeneuve
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Backos        Ms. Helene Economou                Mr. and Mrs. Petro Kotsis           Ms. Lambro Niforos                   Dr. and Mrs. Emanuel Rothis         Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bajis        Mr. and Mrs. Harry                 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kotsis        Mr. and Mrs. Theodore                Mr. Michael Roustemis               Vlahantones
Drs. Gust and Effie Bills         Economou                           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Koukios            Niforos                              Mr. and Mrs. Evans Routsis          Mr. and Mrs. George Volis
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Bricolas       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Falzone       Mrs. Nitsa Kourelis                 Mr. Demetrios Panagopoulos           Mr. and Mrs. Robert                 Mrs. Nina Volis
Mrs. Kalliopy Callas              Mrs. Stella Ferris                 Mrs. Amalia Kyriazis                Mr. and Mrs. Bill Panagos            Samaras                             Dr. and Mrs. Ignatios
Ms. Delphine Campbell             Mr. and Mrs. George Fotias         Mrs. Pauline Lopiccolo              Mr. and Mrs. Ted                     Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Saros          Voudoukis
Mr. and Mrs. John Cardasis        Mr. and Mrs. George Gazepis        Mr. and Mrs. Chris Macres           Papakonstantinou                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sarris         Mr. Robert Vickrey
Mrs. Niki Caris                   Mrs. Effie Gehlert                 Mr. and Mrs. Elias Majoros          Mr. and Mrs. Manual Papista          Mr. and Mrs. John Sheoris           Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zachary
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carson       Mr. and Mrs. James Giftos          Mr. and Mrs. William Malian         Mr. and Mrs. Theodore                Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sherman          Drs. Christo and Marsha
Mrs. Katherine Cherpes            Mr. and Mrs. Tom Giftos            Mr. and Mrs. Alex Markus            Pappas                               Mr. and Mrs. Isaak                  Zingas
Ms. Lorraine Christy              Drs. George and Holly Goffas       Mr. and Mrs. Rich Mayk              Mr. and Mrs. Jim Penz                Simopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore            Mr. Angelo Gust                    Mrs. Andronekey McInchak            Dr. and Mrs. John Perentesis         Mrs. Demetra Spiro
Cipriano                          Dr. and Mrs. Ted Hadgis            Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mellos            Mr. and Mrs. Christ                  Dr. and Mrs. Steven
Fr. and Presvytera Cook           Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Hedglin          Mrs. AnneMarie Michon               Petrouleas                           Tapazoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Craprotta      LTC and Mrs. Samuel Homsy          Mrs. Dorothy Mike                   Mr. and Mrs. George                  Dr. and Mrs. Ari Thanasas
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Coutsos        Mr. Linos Jacovides                Dr. Charles Milonas                 Petrouleas                           Mr. and Mrs. Louis Theros
Mr. and Mrs. George Dallas        Mr. and Mrs. James Johns           Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Poletis          Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. John Dallas          Mr. Thomas Jordan                  Moisides                            Mr. and Mrs. David Poletis           Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Daskas        Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kalyvas           Mrs. Daphne Moraitis                Mr. and Mrs. George Poletis          Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thomas

317 STEWARDSHIP PLEDGED MEMBERS as of April 22, 2010
Mrs. Patsy Addotta           Mrs. Maria Buchholtz          Mr. Dean Elanges              Kalogeridis                    Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Miller    Mr. and Mrs. Petre Petkof      Mr. and Mrs. Theodoros
Mrs. Dina Agridis            Mr. Sophie Burbulis           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eliades    Ms. Anita Kanakaris            Mr. and Mrs. John Miller       Mr. David Petrouleas           Strubakos
Mr. Niko Ahee                Mrs. Soula Burns              Mrs. Angeline Eliopoulos      Mrs. Patricia Kanakaris        Mrs. Rebecca Miller            Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips    Mrs. Toula Kappas Suciu
Ms. Harriet Alex             Mr. John Butsicaris           Mr. Steve Eliopoulos          Mrs. Helen Kappaz              Mr. Andrew Mimikos, Jr.        Mrs. Mary Pisley               Mrs. Constance Szymczak
Ms. Stella Alex              Mr. and Mrs. Jack Calas       Ms. Carrie Engwis             Mr. and Mrs. Konstantinos      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mishige    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Portwood     Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Takis
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Alexiou    Mrs. Pauline Caras            Mr. and Mrs. Dean Etsios      Karabetsos                     Ms. Lillian Mitchell           Mr. and Mrs. Theofanis A.      Mr. and Mrs. James
Mr. Pete Alexopoulos         Mr. Michael A. Cardasis       Mr. and Mrs. Chris Eugene     Mrs. Irene Karan               Mrs. Vasiliki Morakeas         Pozios                         Tapazoglou
Mrs. Mary Alogdelis          Mr. and Mrs. Michael          Mrs. Nota Evangeliou          Ms. Ramona Karan               Mrs. A. Ann Morrin             Mr. and Mrs. Theofanis E.      Mr. and Mrs. George Tecos
Mr. and Mrs. George          Cardasis                      Mr. George Farmakis           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Karas      Ms. Despina Moschouris         Pozios                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tecos
Alexopoulos                  Mrs. Helen Cargas             Mrs. Marie Farrell            Mr. and Mrs. John Karras       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mourtos     Mrs. Dena Psilopoulos          Mr. and Mrs. Al Telegadas
Ms. Nikki Ameredes           Mrs. Fran Carter              Ms. Pennie Fotopulos          Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kastoris     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nanos      Mr. Nick Psilopoulos           Mr. and Mrs. James
Mr. Nicholas                 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Caruso     Mr. Michael Fournier          Mrs. Constance Katikos         Mr. and Mrs. Apostolos         Mr. and Mrs. Mark Radtke       Telegadas
Anagnostopoulos              Mrs. Helen Castino            Mr. and Mrs. Robert           Mrs. Penny Khorraminia         Nasiou                         Mrs. Katherine Raftis          Mr. and Mrs. Aristotle
Mrs. Froso Andiaris          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Catros   Frederick                     Mr. and Mrs. George Kiriazis   Mr. and Mrs. George            Mr. and Mrs. Chris Raptoulis   Theodorou
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Andoni    Mr. and Mrs. George Cavis     Mrs. Angela Fresh             Mr. and Mrs. George            Niarhakos                      Mrs. Dorothy Raptoulis         Mr. and Mrs. Lefteri
Mr. and Mrs. George          Mr. Konstantinos Cavis        Mr. and Mrs. George           Kissonergis                    Mrs. Helen Niarhakos           Ms. Tasia Regos                Theodorou
Andreopoulos                 Ms. Anastasia Chalou          Gaggos                        Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis        Mr. and Mrs. William           Mrs. Effie Ribble              Mr. and Mrs. Nick
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel        Mr. and Mrs. James            Mr. and Mrs. John Galbo       Kolizeras                      Niarhos                        Mrs. Kiki Robinson             Theophonous
Angelakis                    Champane                      Mrs. Kay Ganas                Mr. John Korachis              Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios         Mr. John Roehrig               Mr. Spero Theros
Mrs. Helen Arambages         Mr. and Mrs. Dean Chapman     Mrs. Aspasia Garkinos         Mrs. Chrysoula Korovessis      Nicholaides                    Ms. Katie Roehrig              Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Mrs. and Mrs. Efstathios     Mr. and Mrs. Panos            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel           Mr. and Mrs. Charles           Ms. Nancy Nicholas             Mrs. Eva Roubas                Thomas
Aronis                       Chasiotis                     Gauthier                      Kosmas                         Mr. Art Nichols                Ms. Pauline Roubas             Mr. and Mrs. William
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Athan      Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cheolas     Ms. Toula Genematas           Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios        Mrs. Penny Nix                 Mrs. Cleo Rousos               Thomas
Mrs. Audrey Avouris          Ms. Jeanne Cholack            Ms. Krisanne George           Kotopoulos                     Mr. Harry Panagos              Mr. and Mrs. Christos          Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios
Ms. Jennifer Ayan            Ms. Antonia Christofis        Mrs. Frances Georgeson        Mr. and Mrs. Nikolaos          Mrs. Mary Panagos              Roustemis                      Thomopoulos
Mr. Philip Ayan              Mr. and Mrs. George           Mr. George Gianakopoulos      Kouskoulas                     Ms. Despo Pangalos             Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rybicki        Mr. James Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Taso Ayan       Christopulos                  Ms. Nancy Giftos              Ms. Konstantina Kyriazis       Ms. Helen Pangalos             Mr. Tony Safar                 Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios
Mrs. Bessie Backos           Ms. Jane Constantine          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gregg    Mr. and Mrs. George            Mr. Nick Panos                 Mr. and Mrs. James             Tingas
Mr. Nicholas Backos          Mr. and Mrs. Gregory          Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gryebet   Lambropoulos                   Mr. and Mrs. George            Sarcheck                       Mrs. Virginia Tomasevic
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bajorek   Cooksey                       Mr. and Mrs. George Gust      Mrs. Margaret Lapensee         Panourgias                     Mrs. Nickoletta Saros          Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Treppa
Mr. and Mrs. Antonios        Mr. and Mrs. John Costa       Mrs. Georgia Gust             Mr. and Mrs. Savas             Mr. and Mrs. John              Ms. Mary Scalici               Mrs. Esther Triantes
Bakoulas                     Mrs. Anastasia Costopoulos    Mrs. Calliope Hadgikosti      Laskarides                     Papadakis                      Mrs. Sophie Scandalis          Mr. and Mrs. Ippokratis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baldwin   Mr. and Mrs. George           Mrs. Viola Hadgikosti         Ms. Marie Layman               Mr. and Mrs. Chris             Mr. and Mrs. Melissa           Tsakanikas
Mrs. Georgia Baltsas         Coutlish                      Mr. William Hadgikosti        Mr. Peter Lazaris              Papakonstantinou               Schervish                      Mrs. Fereniki Tsaprailis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Czech     Mrs. Viola Hadjiyanis         Mrs. Sophie Levette            Ms. Ritsa Papakonstantinou     Mrs. Francene Sciortino        Mrs. Vicky Tsolis
Bartnik                      Ms. Diane D’Ambrosio          Mr. and Mrs. William Hamlin   Mr. and Mrs. Mark              Ms. Tina Papakonstantinou      Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schrock    Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Vasilos
Mrs. Mary Bayo               Mrs. Hanna Dabain             Mrs. Harriet Hanzakos         Liccardello                    Mr. Speros Papalexis           Mrs. Maria Sendoykas           Mr. Vasilis Vasilos
Mr. George Bekios            Mrs. Athena Dafingas          Mr. Takis Harlaftis           Ms. Sophie Lingon              Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios        Mr. and Mrs. Robert            Mrs. Virginia Velas
Mr. and Mrs. John Bekios     Ms. Angela Dallas             Mr. and Mrs. James Harmon     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony           Papapanos                      Shammas                        Mr. and Mrs. Nick Vlahos
Mr. and Mrs. Milan Belans    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dallas   Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou      Lipinski                       Mrs. Artemis Pappas            Mr. and Mrs. Michael           Ms. Margo Vrahnos
Mrs. Helen Belanski          Ms. Patricia Dallas           Mrs. Eugenia Hatzis           Ms. Antoinette Lolea           Mrs. Cora Linda Pappas         Silamianos                     Mrs. Marian Vrahoritis
Mrs. Catherine Bertakis      Mrs. Stella Dallas            Mr. and Mrs. Gregory          Ms. Estelle Loleas             Mrs. Fotini Pappas             Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Simon      Mrs. Cynthia Welc
Mr. and Mrs. James           Mr. and Mrs. William Dallas   Hillakas                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loukas      Mrs. Julia Pappas              Dr. George Skaff               Ms. Dorthea Williams
Bertakis                     Mr. and Mrs. Steve            Mrs. Dina Ikonomopoulos       Dr. and Mrs. John Makris       Ms. Maria Pappas               Mr. and Mrs. George Skolas     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wynn
Mr. Michael Bertakis         Davlantes                     Ms. Barbara Isola             Mrs. Pauline Maludy            Ms. Niki Pappas                Mrs. Ann Skuras                Mrs. Katherine Yanoulaki
Mr. John Bill                Mrs. Mary Demasek             Ms. Rose Janevic              Ms. Irene Mandalis             Mr. Paul L. Pappas             Ms. Bessie Skuras              Mr. and Mrs. Constantine
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bill      Mr. George Demetrakeas        Mrs. Elpes Janisse            Mr. and Mrs. Georgios          Mr. and Mrs. William Pappas    Ms. Corinne Smith              Yanoulakis
Mr. and Mrs. Eustace         Mrs. Effie Despopoulos        Mr. Evlambio Johnson          Manolios                       Mr. and Mrs. William G.        Mr. and Mrs. William Smith     Mrs. Bessie Zahariadis
Bitsicas and Peter           Mr. and Mrs. George           Mrs. Elly Kafritsas           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond           Pappas                         Mrs. Catherine Spadafore       Ms. Maria Zingas
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Boukis    Diamond                       Mrs. Grace Kalkanis Nichols   Mannino                        Ms. Annette Parkis             Ms. Brandi Spanos              Mr. and Mrs. Nick Zingas
Mr. and Mrs. George          Mr. and Mrs. Nick             Mr. and Mrs. George T.        Dr. Kypros Markou              Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Parris      Mr. Stephen Stamatiou          Ms. Mary Zoto
Bournias                     Dimitriadis                   Kalina                        Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mazur       Mr. and Mrs. Angelo            Mr. Costas Stavrou
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Bournias    Mr. and Mrs. Nick             Mr. Theodore Kalina           Mr. Christopher McWherter      Patsalis                       Mr. and Mrs. Spero
Mrs. Maryion Boutsikaris     Dionysopoulos                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew           Mrs. Kathleen Meek             Ms. Maria Patsalis             Stergiotis
Ms. Stephanie Brennan        Mrs. Ann Dollar               Kallapure                     Mrs. Christina Mellos-         Mr. and Mrs. Pete Patsalis     Ms. Harriet Stoukas
Ms. Christina Bucca          Mr. and Mrs. James Duceatt    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony          Pantely                        Mr. and Mrs. Petros Patsalis   Mr. Christos Strubakos

Epistle                                                                                             10                                                                                May / June 2010
                  June 2010                                   Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church May 1 - May 31

                           Sunday                           Monday                          Tuesday                        Wednesday                         Thursday                         Friday                       Saturday
                                             30                              31                                1                                2                              3                              4                               5
                  No Sunday School                Apostles Fast Begins            Justin the Martyr                Nikephoros                       Lucillian of Byzantium         Metrophanes                    Dorotheos of Tyre
                  All Saints                      Memorial Day                                                      11:00 AM Paraklesis              7:00 PM Parish Council
                   8:15 AM Orthros                Hermias the Martyr                                                                                 Meeting
                   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy          8:00 AM Gethsemane
                   1:00 PM Resurrection            Cemetery
                   Cemetery                        9:00 AM Forest Lawn Ceme
                                                   10:30 AM Evergreen Ceme

                                              6                               7                                8                                9                          10                               11                           12
                  2nd Sunday of Matthew           Theodotos of Ankyra             GYM CLOSED 4 GARAGE SALE         GYM CLOSED 4 GARAGE SALE         GYM CLOSED 4 GARAGE SALE       GYM CLOSED 4 GARAGE SALE       GYM CLOSED 4 GARAGE SALE
                  GOYA Meeting/Elections          GYM CLOSED 4 GARAGE SALE        Theodore the Commander           Cyril of Alexandria              Alexander & Antonina           Bartholomew and Barnabas       Onouphrios the Great
                   8:15 AM Orthros                                                 12:00 PM Senior Citizens         11:00 AM Paraklesis                                            GARAGE SALE                    GARAGE SALE
                   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy                                          Luncheon                         7:00 PM Philoptochos Meet
                   11:00 AM Sunday School                                                                           ing

                                             13                              14                               15                              16                              17                             18                             19
                  Ice Cream Social                Golf Outing                     Amos the Prophet                 Tychon the Wonderworker          Isaurus the Martyr             Leontios of Syria              Thaddeus (Jude) the Apostle
                   General Assemby                Elisha the Prophet                                                11:00 AM Paraklesis              5:00 PM GOYA POOL PARTY

                  3rd Sunday of Matthew
                  Sunday School Graduation
                   8:15 AM Orthros
                   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy

                                             20                              21                               22                              23                              24                             25                              26
                  4th Sunday of Matthew           Julian of Tarsus                Eusebius of Samosata             Agrippina of Rome                Nativity of Forerunner         Leavetaking of Nativity        David of Thessalonika
                   8:15 AM Orthros                                                                                  11:00 AM Paraklesis              8:30 AM Orthros
                   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy                                                                           2:30 PM Greek Dance Prac         9:30 AM Divine Liturgy
                   12:00 PM Sunday School                                                                           tice for ages 5-13
                   Teachers Meeting                                                                                 3:30 PM Greek Dancing for

                                             27                              28                               29                              30                               1                              2                               3
                  5th Sunday of Matthew           Relics of Cyrus and John        Apostles Peter and Paul          Feast of the 12 Apostles         Cosmas & Damian                Robe of Theotokos              Hyacinth the Martyr
                   8:15 AM Orthros                                                 8:30 AM Orthros                  8:30 AM Orthros
                   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy                                          9:30 AM Divine Liturgy           9:30 AM Divine Liturgy
                                                                                                                    11:00 AM Paraklesis

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Page 1/1

May / June 2010
Epistle   12   May / June 2010
                                              Oratorical Festival 2010
 Patricia Bajis (Junior Division Honorable Mention & Assumption rep-                 perform them. Although the process of conservation and preservation
 resentative to the District Oratorical Festival)                                    of our natural treasures can seem insurmountable, we can and must take
 Reverend Fathers, Honored Judges, Fellow Speakers, and fellow parish-               the small steps, everyday, to nurture our planet.
 ioners,                                                                             God wants the restoration of our planet to occur. By raising awareness
 Christos Anesti                                                                     of the current issues of the environment you are performing a Christian
 One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the world. He made it for us with              act. “You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over
 perfect living conditions. And He created Adam and Eve to live amongst              many things.” Matthew 25:23. God chose all of us to be a custodian of the
 other creatures in peace and harmony. They were to follow one rule in               environment, and I know that my heart is filled with joy, each and every
 the Garden of Eden, but disobeyed God, and ate the forbidden fruit from             time I bring awareness to another about the importance of maintaining
 the tree.                                                                           the earth’s natural state.
 Since then, humans, in most part, have basically lived in harmony with              So why is the concept of “Going Green” becoming so popular? Are peo-
 nature. However, since the industrial revolution, man has abused God’s              ple afraid that the world will turn into a giant wasteland, or worse? Until
 gifts and hurt the planet. From the very beginning of time, God expected            we recognize how our waste, destruction and overconsumption of natu-
 mankind to use the products of nature for their provisions, and to be               ral resources affects God’s law, we will not change our ways and cannot
 responsible in that use. But we have not been responsible in that use and           “love your neighbor as yourself ” Matthew 22:39 because as we mistreat
 unfortunately, now live in a sin-altered world in which the consequences            the world, we mistreat our neighbor and whatever we do to one another,
 of our actions are felt every day, “Whatever one sows, he will also reap”           we do to Christ, Matthew 25:40.
 Galatians 6:7.                                                                      What we know as Christians is that the world will someday end. But to
 An example of our abusive actions towards God’s gifts is the extinction of          that day will be a new beginning, as God restores and heals the world,
 many animal species. Though “Every moving thing that lives” was given               and places those Christians who have loved him in that new and perfect
 to mankind for food, Genesis 9:3, we have to remember that we should                world to live eternally with him. God loves this world and has command-
 not interfere with nature to a point where those animals cease to exist.            ed us to care for it and love it as he does. But for our time on Earth, we
 We have to draw a much-needed line to tell us when we have gone too far             must full fill our Christian duties and work together to heal our planet.
 and overused God’s gifts. In an attempt to set right our sinful actions, in         Thank you
 the 1970’s, society realized their self-confessed waste of God’s resources
 in favor of an environmental responsible movement called “Go Green.”
 To “Go Green” is to decide and commit to changing your lifestyle to ben-
 efit the environment in any way possible. Using a reusable water bot-
 tle, recycling paper and conserving energy are ways to “Go Green.” The
 smallest of gestures can create a big difference if we all work together and

                    Save the Date !
 Festival                           August 19-22
 Senior Expo                        October 7
 Harvest Night                      October 24
 X-Mas Bazaar                       November 6
 Feather Party                      November 7
 Auction                            November 13

  Assumption Festival Countdown
   Days from May 1 until the GreekFest

     Assumption Festival:       2010

                   110                           August 19,20,21,22

          It’s not too early to volunteer!!

Epistle                                                                         13                                                           May / June 2010
Epistle   14   May / June 2010
   Advertise in the Epistle
      Please contact the church office for details
                Call: (586) 779-6111

     1/8 Page ....................................................$50.00
     1/4Page .................................................. $100.00
     1/2 Page ................................................. $200.00
     Full Page ................................................ $400.00

Epistle                                                                    15   May / June 2010
                                                       Assumption Greek Orthodox CALAMARI
                                                                        Epistle Ad SARDINES
                                                                                    MUSSELS • BRANZINI
                                                                                     SEA BASS • ORATA
                                                                    December 26, 2007 SNAPPER
                                                                                   RED MULLET • OYSTERS
                                                                                  SHEEPHEAD • OCTOPUS
                                                                                  AND MANY OTHER FRESH
                                                                                   SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES
                                                      THE LARGEST & FRESHEST          FROM GREECE.
                                                        SEAFOOD SELECTION           ALL CLEANED WHILE
                                                              IN TOWN!                   YOU WAIT.

          Trust, Earned by Generations of Care           CLINTON TWP.                    MACOMB TWP.
                                                      36800 GARFIELD (At 16 Mile)   49800 HAYES RD. (At 22 1/2 Mile)
                                                           586.293.3500                    586.566.8700
                   MACK & VERNIER
             G ROSSE P OINTE W OODS
                                                      (586) 775-2424
               DAVID A. KESNER , MGR .

               MASONIC & SCHOENHERR
                     W ARREN                          28433 Jefferson Ave.
                   586.293.8030                       St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
               BRUCE P. CALDER , MGR.
                                                               FRANK T. McGillen
                                                               MichaelT. LORBACH
              DAVID PETERS , PRESIDENT                                      Manager

Epistle                                          16                                               May / June 2010
                                                                                        Premium bread
                                                                                          Rolls & buns
                                                                                   Serving restaurants
                                                                                          and the food
                                                                                      service industry

                                                                                                  8579 Lumpkin

                                                                                                         (313) 875-7246
                                                                                                         (313) 875-7792

                                                                       Current Locations

                                                       CLAWSON                           ROYAL OAK
                                                       Maple and Crooks                  Main Street at 12 Mile Road
                                                                                         (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)
                                                       CLINTON TOWNSHIP
                                                       Garfield at 19 Mile Road          ST. CLAIR SHORES
                                                       (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)          SHORES SHOPPING CENTER

                                                       ROSEVILLE                         STERLING HEIGHTS
                                                       Groesbeck at 12 Mile Road         WASHINGTON PLAZA
                                                       (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days )          Dequindre at 14 Mile Road

                                                       GROSSE POINTE
                                                       Mack at 7 Mile (Moross)           TROY
                                                                                         Rochester Road
                                                       MACOMB                            North of 16 Mile Road
                                                       Hall Road (M-59) at Hayes         (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)

                                                       MACOMB MALL                       UTICA
                                                       Gratiot at Masonic                M-59 at M-53
                                                       (Next to Value City)              (Next to Jarad’s Jewelers)
                                                                                         (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)
                                                       ROCHESTER HILLS
                                                       HAMPTON VILLAGE CTR.              WARREN
                                                       Rochester Road at Auburn          Van Dyke north of 12 Mile Road
                                                                                         (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)
              CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATION                Gratiot at I-696                  WATERFORD
                     27947 Groesbeck Hwy.              (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)           Dixie Hwy. north of Walton
                         Roseville, MI                                                   (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)
          PH. (586) 771-7744      FAX (586) 771-9578   SHELBY TWP.
                CALL US TO CATER FOR YOU               Schoenherr                        ST. CLAIR SHORES
                                                       South of 23 Mile Road             Harper north of 8 Mile Road

                                                                              GOING ON VACATION? VISIT US AT:
                VISIT US AT OUR WEB                                                 MIDFIELD TERMINAL
           WWW.NATIONALCONEYISLAND.COM                                              METRO AIRPORT

Epistle                                                 17                                                             May / June 2010
      Not all chapters in life are easy.
 Visit our Online Grief Library at

                         Brian A Joseph, Owner/Chairman
                              Family owned and operated Chairman
                          Brian A Joseph, Owner /since 1908
               313-881-8500                                                 586-756-5530
            16300 Mack Avenue                                             28499 Schoenherr
                                                                                                                              CALL OR EMAIL
          Grosse Pointe, MI 48230                                         Warren, MI 48088                                    US FOR SPECIAL
                                                                                                                            VETERANS PRICING
   Adrianna Stanlonis, Manager John P. F. Jones, Manager
   Joseph A.N. Schnell, Manager Jennifer Murphy, Manager                                                           

Senior ad ShorePointe Village:Layout 1              3/13/09    2:14 PM    Page 2

                                                                                                                     Beaumont Hospital’s
                                                                                                                      number one choice
                                                                                                                      for your continued
                                                                                                                          plan of care

          A Premier Health Care Management Facility                                                        An Affiliate of Beaumont Hospitals

          Services & Care:                Rehabilitation                 Long Term Care                Respite Care               Hospice Care
          G Licensed and trained staff members - 24 hours per day          G Emergency call systems in each suite and bath                                 16 MILE ROAD / METRO PARKWAY

          G Consulting dental, podiatry and optical services               G Private and semi-private suites with private baths
          G Contract laboratory, and diagnostic x-ray                      G Picture windows in each suite                                                 13 MILE ROAD

          G Licensed and registered therapists, including physical and
                                                                                                                                                                                                          11 MILE

                                                                           G Air conditioning throughout
                                                                                                                                                                SCHOENHERR ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                                  10 MILE
                                                                                                                                                VAN DYKE

            occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists      G Pre-wiring for Telephone and Cable TV                                                                    9 MILE

          G Intravenous and nutritional therapies
                                                                                                                                  8 MILE ROAD

                                                                           G Smoke alarms, sprinklers in each suite
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                St. Clair

          G Medication administration and management


                                                                           G A luxurious Hair Salon


          G Regular visiting Physicians

                                                                           G A smoke-free environment
                                                                                                                                                                                                     GROSSE POINTE

          ShorePointe Nursing Center                     H       26100 Jefferson Avenue                  H       St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

Epistle                                                                         18                                                                                                     May / June 2010
                                                                                                            For all your printing needs
                                 Μιλάω ἑλληνικά
                                                                                         Steve Kolasa                                            Fax: 586.979.9065

                                                                                                                                       GRAPHICS, INC.
                                                                                         •   Brochures                                                  Catalogs     •
                                                                                         •   Envelopes                                                  Booklets     •
                                                                                         •   Letterheads                                              NCR Forms      •
                                                                                         •   Business Cards                                        Pocket Folders    •

                                                                                                                     Phone: 586.524.3827

  Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!                     20
                                                                             Extreme Half Ad V2.indd 1                                                             4/27/06 3:14:31 PM

                                                 Satisfi Years of

  COMO’S                                               ed Cu

                     Guaranteed Quality Work
             Complete Collision Repair and Refinishing
 Auto-Theft Recovery Utilizing the Latest State of the Art Equipment
          Certified Technicians • Towing Service Available
       Ser vicing All Insurance Companies
 22015 Mack Ave. (between 8-9 Mile)
        Saint Clair Shores               (586) 771-5757
                                                                                            Invisalign / Invisible Braces
                                                                                            One Hour Laser Whitening
                                                                                        One Visit Crowns • Veneers • Onlays                  is hard enough…
                                                                                          Drill-less Dentistry • Implants

                                                                                                                      20 Years Experience


                                                                                                                         “Convenient Hours
                                                                                                                          by Appointment”

                                                                                       Grosse Pointe Family Dentistry
                                                                                                            Chris C. Panagos DDS
                                                                                                             Olga Panagos DDS

                                                                                                         18501 Mack • Grosse Pointe
                                                                                                                                                    NOW yOu CAN GO

          JIM J. Koukios
                  Associate Broker

                Cell Phone: 313-683-5020
                Voice Mail: 313-345-0528

                       Fluent Greek spoken
               All information strictly confidential

                        Saros Real Estate
            17108 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Epistle                                                                 19                                                                              May / June 2010
                                                                                   24 Hours

          GrEat BrEakfast sPEcials startiNG at $3.29
                                          Monday – Friday 5:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

                                      Homemade Soups, Gravies and Sauces
                                                 Thank You!

                                                             TWO GREAT LOCATIONS
                                                         CELEBRATING 35 YEARS        NEW LOCATION
               $1.00 Off
                                                                ROSEVILLE                 FRASER
                 Next Visit                                  NORth OF 12 MILE        CORNER OF MASONIC
                  exp 11/13/10                                  ON GRAtIOt             AND UtICA RD.
                                                               586-777-1440             586-296-1744

    edmund t. AHEE jewelers
                   Grosse Pointe Woods

           Mon.-Sat. 10am to 6pm, Thurs. 10am to 8pm
                     Extended Holiday Hours

             Best Watch and Jewelry Store by AOL
               Best of Detroit by Hour Magazine
                Michigan's Retailer Of The Year
          Unparalled collection of diamonds, platinum,
                  gold, gems and fine watches
            Largest source of GIA certified diamonds
            International award winning design team

             Visit our award winning web site

Epistle                                                      20                                 May / June 2010
Fr. michael Varlamos       parish Council                           ministries
 Proistamenos              Committees 2010                          Church
Fr. Anthony Cook           Welcome and ushering                     Athletics
 Assistant Priest            Ted Kotsis                               George Petrouleas
                           stewardship                                313-882-6828
Joan DeRonne                                                          Dean Niforos
                             Christ Petrouleas
 Administrator               Lydia Villeneuve                         313-418-6085
olga Cardasis              Church Youth Committee                   Choir
                             Cathy Livingston                        Stan Takis
 Office Manager                                                      517-655-2060
                             Chris Manos
pat nanos                  philanthropic ministries                 GoYA
 Stewardship Secretary       Tony Niarhos                            Dean Bakoulas
                           Center Activities                         586-779-7737
parish Council
                             Tony Lipinski                          Greek school
 Jim Koukios                 Roula Tsaprailis                        Elli Patouhas
                           Long Range planning Fund                  586-795-4866
  Council President        Development                              The Ladies philoptochos society
 Tom Thomas                  George Petrouleas                       Georgia Falzone
                             Ernest Zachary                          586-295-5917
  Council Vice President   eastpointe                               Assumption parents Group
 Tony niarhos                George Petrouleas
                                                                      Dean and Judy Etsios
  Council Secretary                                                   313-881-6713
                             Bob DeWaele
                                                                    senior Citizens
 Robert DeWaele              Tom Nanos
                                                                      Catherine Spadafore
  Council Treasurer        Legal
                             Chrysanthe Kohl
                             Ted Niforos                            sunday school
 Jeffrey Bajis                                                        Chris De Waele
                             Louis Theros
 Sophie Burbulis                                                      Krisanne George
 George Dallas               Dave Poletis                           organizations
 Krisanne George           Catering
                             Ernest Zachary                         AhepA
 Chrysanthe Kohl           Board of Auditors                         John Hatzis
 Theodore A. Kotsis          George Gazepis                          586-268-9747
                             Andy Kallapure                         Assumption Parishioners Association
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 Tom Nanos                 epistle                                    586-774-5279
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                                                  Assumption nursery school and Toddler Center
                                                    22150 Marter Road
                                                    St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
                                                    Anne Chilingirian          586-772-4477
Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
21800 Marter Road
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Phone: 586-779-6111
Fax: 586-779-8369

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                Find a rightful place for
               stewardship in your heart
                    and in your life

                 “I will not offer to the Lord my God
                   that which has cost me nothing”
                                       David the King of Israel

              Giving Our Gifts With Faith In Christ

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