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									“Automating Business Processes
    Starting in the Mailroom”

        From Workslow to Workflow

• Introduction of OPEX and Kofax
• Business Challenges and Processes Addressed
• Our Joint Offering
   - Speed up “envelope to digital data” (OPEX)
   - Transform into Process-ready Information (Kofax)
• Proof Points - Customer Successes
• Benefits
• Q&A

Slide 2   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom

• A recognized global technology leader in high-speed mailroom
   automation and document imaging
          • In business for 35 years
          • The leading producer of mail extraction equipment in the U.S.
          • Vertically integrated: Design, engineer, manufacture, service and support
          • Innovative products and great service
• Full line of mailroom automation products
          • Mail extractors and sorters
          • Omation Line (envelope slitter)
          • Document scanners with „drop scan‟ technology
• Proven performance enhancing solutions
          • Experts from paper to electronic image
          • Increasing productivity and improving accuracy
          • Billions of transactions processed on OPEX equipment each year
          • Solid 3rd party partnerships with software vendors like Kofax to provide clients
           with fully-integrated solutions

Slide 3    Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
  Successful for more than 20 years
      • Helping customers to optimize/automate their mission critical, document
          driven business processes
      •   Acknowledged market leader in information capture, the foundation of our
          business process automation platform, by leading analysts

  Global presence
      •   1200 employees in 33 countries
      •   Global Professional Services Organization
      •   Global Support Organization
      •   Development and Product Management in the US, Europe, Asia

  Global Partner Ecosystem
      • Value Added Resellers
      • System integrators, Application Providers, BPOs,

  Proven track record
      • Cross industries, around the globe

Slide 4   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Mission Critical Document Driven Business Processes

• Need for speed
• Need for data accuracy
• Need for fast information access and exchange
                                                                               Digital Mailroom
   Banking                                            Account Opening, Loan/Mortgage Processing, Credit Card
                                                             Application Processing, Customer Service
   Insurance                                                         Claims Processing, Customer Service
   Transportation/Logistics                                Freight Documents Processing, Invoice Processing
   Government                                         Customer service and communication, Case Management
   Healthcare                                                        Electronic Health Records Management
   Utilities                                                         Customer Service, Invoice Processing
   Retail/Wholesale                                    Customer Service, Order Processing, Invoice Processing
   Manufacturing                                       Order Processing, Invoice Processing, Customer Service
   BPO/SCC                                                                        All above

Slide 5   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Documents Drive Business

• In many organizations, the daily work is initiated by the
   distribution of the incoming mail to:
    • Departments
    • Groups
    • Individuals

• Distribution methods:
          • Mail-carts and pigeon-holes
          • Automated scanning and image-enabled workflow

Slide 6    Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Does this Look Familiar?

 Customers/                          Channels                                   Mailroom              Business

    Correspondence                    Postal Service                 Prep, Sort and Batch   Scanner



                                            Fax                                                            Sales



                                                                                                      Customer Service
          Invoice                          E-mail

Slide 7   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Critical Business Documents Sealed in Envelopes

Slide 8   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Problems with Paper

• Volumes – there is still too
  much paper
• Cost – when compared to
  electronic transactions
• Risk – of loss, mis-filing, theft
  of information, compliance
• Exceptions – too many
  complex physical paper flows
• Speed – paper is just slow

Slide 9   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Hidden Costs

 Labor is the largest cost component in document capture
 • The paper side is very labor-intensive
    • Rubber bands, scotch tape, separator docs, photocopies
    • Trays, shelves, carts
    • 5-6+ touches prior to scanning
 • Difficulty handling a variety of documents
    • Pre-sorting, breaking transactions, barcode stickers, inserting separators
    • Careful stacking and batching and counting
 • Surprisingly low document prep rates
    • 3-10+ document prep people for every scanner
 • Hidden and non-value-add
    • Document integrity risks
    • Introduce delays

Slide 10   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 OPEX AS3690i – A Better Way

                         Combine mail opening, extraction,
                        prep and scanning into a single step!

 • A single workstation with integrated mail extraction
 • Mixed document drop scanning
 • Intelligent in-line capture
 • Physical document sorting
 • Reduce hidden costs
 • Capture at the point of entry

Slide 11   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom

 • Paper to digital in the mailroom
 • Capture at the point of entry – right out of the envelope
 • Reduce/eliminate non-value-add steps and costs
 • Real-time quality control
 • Maintain transaction integrity
 • Reduce the costs and risks associated with multiple touches
 • Improve productivity

           STOP “prepping away your profits”

Slide 12   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Digital Mailroom: The Vision

• Automate capture,
   classification and
   extraction of all incoming
   mail so it can be
   distributed via workflow
      • Independently of delivery
        mechanism (paper, fax,
      • Independently of document
        type (forms, invoices,
        correspondence and
        anything else)
      • In a reliable and secure

Slide 13   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Kofax Platform to capture, transform and deliver information
                Capture Documents                             Transform                Deliver
                  at Any Location                         Any Document Type        to Any Channel

                   Branch Offices                      Automatic Classification
                  • MFPs/Digital Copiers                    • Eliminates Sorting     e-Mail
                  • Scanners

                                                             Separation of
                                                         Multipage Documents
                 Electronic Capture                                                  SMS
                  • E-Transactions
                  • E-Mail
                  • Fax
                                                              Data Extraction
                                                            • OCR, IMR, OMR          Network
                                                            • Eliminates Keying

               Back Office/Mailroom
                  • Production Scanning
                                                      Conversion of Data to PDF      100+ Connectors
                                                                                     • ECM
                                                                                     • Workflow
                                                                                     • LOB Applications

              Monitor and Manage at the Process or Document Level for Complete Transparency
                               Reporting: SLA Metrics • Historical Performance • Tracking

Slide 14   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Digital Mailroom

  Customers/                          Channels                        Digital Mailroom              Business

     Correspondence                    Postal Service                 Scanner



                                             Fax                      Fax Server   Classification
                                                                                        Delivery    Customer Service

           Invoice                          E-mail                      Inbox                       LOB Systems

Slide 15   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Benefits of Automation

                      Responsiveness                                    Cost
                          Productivity                                Exceptions
                              Capacity                                   Risk

                                   Executive                            Customer Service
                                   Management:                          Manager:
                                   “I want all our                      “I want a secure,
                                   processes to be                      reliable and easy to
                                   streamlined – we need                manage process
                                   be more efficient and                where my staff focus
                                   differentiate by                     on serving our
                                   providing better                     customers, not
                                   service.”                            handling documents.”

Slide 16   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Automatic Classification

 • Removes the need for document analysis and sorting
 • Learn-by-example technology make this quick to configure
     and simple to maintain:

                                                      Address         Cancellations   Complaints   Applications   Inquiries

   Paper mail



              1. Understand the categories                                  3. Train the system
              2. Gather samples                                             4. Classify unknown documents

Slide 17   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Automatic Data Extraction

 • Removes the need for manual keying
 • Use OCR technology, templates and free-form extraction

                    Forms                                    Correspondence   Invoices/Orders etc…

Slide 18   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
Kofax Solution Benefits
• Solid enterprise wide capture platform
   • to standardize all document and forms capture processes on.

• Optimizes business critical processes
   • Increases productivity and efficiency
   • Reduces operating cost
   • Reduces risk
   • Ensures compliance with company and industry-specific regulations
   • Fast ROI, Lowest TCO

• Market leading technology, scalable, flexible, secure
   • Automated processing of high volumes of documents and complex data and
   •   in any format, through any delivery mechanism, from anywhere
   •   into relevant workflows, frontend and backend systems, and databases
   •   Secure and audit proof

       Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
           Customer Successes

Slide 20
 Customers Benefitting From Our Joint Solution

                                   Objective                               Results

                                      Centralize the imaging of             Capture has been moved to the
                                      incoming claim documents
                                      incoming claim documents                         and overall labor
                                                                            mailroom without increasing costs
                                      and automate their distribution       mailroom headcount. Policyholder
                                                                            have been reduced.
                                      to the fullest extent possible.       info is applied to the images and
                                                                            made accessible to outside parties.

                                      Leverage the existing payment         Automated annual processing of
                                      processing technology and             more than 150,000 paper invoices
                                      work group to convert paper-
                                                      convert paper-        previously handled manually while
                                      based invoices to electronic
                                      based invoices to electronic          increasing information accuracy.
                                                                            increasing information accuracy. It
                                      data and route itit to their front
                                      data and route to their front         has also enabled significant
                                                                            It has also enabled significant
                                      offices for processing.               improvements in short-term cash
                                                                            improvements in short-term cash
                                                                            forecasting capabilities.
                                                                            forecasting capabilities.

State of Utah                         Implement an electronic               Mail is quickly scanned and
                                      mailroom solution to                  distributed electronically
                                      automate capture of                   throughout the state, typically
                                      incoming mail and                     within 3 hours. Previously, it took 1
                                      distribute it to remote home-         to 7 days to route mail.
                                      based case workers.
Slide 21   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom

  “Previously, we would have to presort documents in the mailroom and send
   them to the appropriate department for imaging...[OPEX and Kofax] technologies
   enable us to take and process documents as they come, support the whole
   integration of imaging with claims, and provide a straight-through process.”
                                              - Bob Eshelbrenner, CIO, Hastings Mutual

  “We are very pleased with the [OPEX/Kofax] solution...[It] has greatly improved the
   entire invoice processing system since its installation.”
                               - Denise Baker, Project Manager, PPL Corporation

  “One problem with that [1 to 7 day] delay is there is a lot of loss. But once we
   implemented the OPEX and Kofax solution, we could pickup at 5:30 a.m. and by
   8:00 a.m. 90 to 100 percent is distributed.”
                              - Les Roberts, State of Utah Office of Recovery Services

Slide 22   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
           Why OPEX and Kofax

Slide 23
 OPEX and Kofax: Benefits of our Joint Offering

 • Automatically capture documents – in the mailroom

 • Deliver actionable information to people, processes & systems

 • Real-time quality control and transaction integrity

 • Increase efficiency and reduced cost

 • Support a variety of mission critical business processes

Slide 24   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
 Automating Business Processes Starts in the Mailroom

    Transform incoming mail into meaningful information

                     Directly out of the envelope into your organization

                                    In the most efficient and secure way

Slide 25   Automating Business Processes - Starting in the Mailroom
                                            Thank You!

                 Mark Smith, Director of Product Planning, OPEX Corporation

           Dr. Richard Brierton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kofax, Inc.

                       Margot Weigl, Director of Vertical Marketing, Kofax, Inc.

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