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									With only your pack on your back, there are no limits to what you can do
or see. Backpacking can be confusing, exhausting and possible dangerous.
Therefore, preparations need to be made. Without constraints or firm
schedules, backpackers are completely free.

Many hostels now have a website where you can book a room. Many hostels
provide self-catering kitchens and most provide meals. Many hostels offer
a wide range of activities - from city tours to white water-rafting.

There are hostels in castles, in teepees and in railroad carriages.
Expand your horizons - Taking excursions away from your original plan is
part of what makes backpacking fun. Hostels have probably been around for
over a thousand years as a low cost place for a traveler to stay for the

Go to the tourist office. Here you can pickup a free tourist map and ask
questions about what to do or what to see. Generally, large city hostels
are open 24 hours per day, while others may have shorter opening hours.
Many hostels have a self-catering kitchen where you can cook your own
meals and some even have their own restaurants, cafe and bars.

Almost all hostels offer lockers, either free of charge or for hire so
that people staying in dormitories can lock up their valuables. Many
hostels in the country are so quiet you can hear your heart beat. Many
hostels have remained old school and you do need to maintain an open mind
when choosing this form of accommodation. Many hostels are located in
remarkable buildings.

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