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									                Memorandum of Understanding – Format

        Bharathiar University was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu
in 1982 through the Bharathiar University Act, 1981 and its headquarters at
Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). The University started functioning with effect from
February 5th, 1982.

        This Memorandum of Understanding entered into on ___________ (date)
at Coimbatore between the University Industry Interaction and Consultancy
Service Centre (UIICSC), Bharathiar University, an Institution, imparting and
offering educational courses hereinafter referred to as (“Bharathiar University –
Bharathiar University Industry Interaction and Consultancy Service Center)
located at Coimbatore – 641046, represented by the Registrar of the University
which expression shall unless repugnant to the context means and include its
successors and assigns of the ONE PART. Wherever the word University comes
in this MOU it implies Bharathiar University - University Industry Interaction
and Consultancy Service Centre (BU-UIICSC).

        ________________ (name of the approved institution) is an organization of
_______________ with all modern facilities functioning at _____________ (place)
since   ________      (year).   _________________      (Name   of    the   Industry)
_______________ is an acknowledged Institution in this part of the country.
________ (approved institution) is currently focusing on _____________ (nature
of activity). ____________ (approved institution) is represented herein by
_______________,        Managing   Director     (hereinafter   referred       to   as
________________(approved       institution)   which    expression    shall    unless
repugnant to the context mean and intrude its successors and assigns of the

The University has decided to recognize ________ an approved Institution as
decided by the Syndicate of the University and to recognize to conduct various
Industries/Job oriented para-professional courses under the approved institution
of On campus/Off campus paraprofessional programme centers/Transfer of
Technology and research programme centre in collaboration with BU-UIICSC.

The parties have had preliminary discussions in this matter and have ascertained
areas of broad consensus. The parties now, have therefore, agreed to enter in
writing these areas of consensus, under a Memorandum of Understanding.

Now this Memorandum of Understanding witnesses that:

The ______ (approved Institution) shall offer the following courses as approved
by the BU-UIICSC.

       Name of the Course            Tuition fee to be charged


The above tuition fees of the respective courses may be fixed and revised as and
when required by the mutual consent of the University and __________
(approved institution).

The classes for the courses Sl. Nos. 1 to 4 & 6 shall be conducted on Non Semester
pattern and Sl. No. 5 will be conducted on Semester pattern.

The above said courses shall be conducted at __________ (approved institution)
on regular basis.

      (a)      Application and Prospectus bearing the seal and logo of the Bharathiar
               University shall be prepared with the approval of the University,
               printed at their cost and sold by __________ (approved institution) at
               their centre.
      (b)      Filled-in applications as received from the prospective candidates will
               be received by the M.s._________ (approved institution). The list of
               eligible candidates shall be forwarded to University for consideration
               and approval as per eligibility norms. The fee details to be collected
               from the list of students approved by the University through Demand
               Draft shall be fixed by the University.

1.1         Academic Programmes – Courses of Study

            The classes for the above said courses shall be conducted by the _____
            (approved institution). The course materials shall be provided by the
            _____ (approved institution) only with proper approval of the University.
            The entire expenses for the course materials, practicals, tours,
            demonstrations, etc. shall be borne by _____ (approved institution).

1.2         Tuition Fees

            The fee structure prescribed for the programmers are as follows:-

                     The cost of application for admission to the courses of study
       specified supra will be Rs. ________ and shall be in the form of DD drawn
       in favour of the Registrar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore – 641 046.
       The    Applications    &    Prospectus    should       be   printed   by   the
       ________________ (approved institution) after getting approval from the
       University.   The University and _____________ (approved institution)
       shall share the total amount collected towards the sale of Application and
       Prospectus on the ratio of 25 : 75.

                     The tuition fee as fixed by the University and collected by
       the _____________ (approved institution) on behalf of the University shall
       be shared on the Ratio of 60 : 40 between Bharathiar University and
       ______________ (approved institution). The fee shall be collected from the
       students in the form of demand drafts drawn in favour of “The Registrar,
       Bharathiar University, Coimbatore – 641 046”.               The share due to
       ______________ (approved institution) will be paid by the University on
       submission of Demand Drafts along with filled in applications within a
       month for the last date for receipt of filled-in applications and DDs for

1.3    Examination
       The University shall closely monitor the programmes offered at
_____________ (approved institution) and take appropriate measures to ensure
the quality of the agreed programmes. Dates and schedule of Examinations for
the courses shall be announced by the University at appropriate time during the
semester.    The centres of examination and valuation of answer scripts and
centres for practicals shall be assigned by the University.

      Examination fees will be fixed by the University as per norms approved
by the competent body of the University. The fees shall be paid in the form of
Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 641 046”.


2.1    ____________ (approved institution) shall provide entire infrastructure
      facilities including classrooms, laboratories, equipments, analytical tools
      and aids, library and qualifies staff.   Also facilities for boarding and
      lodging of students, counseling and guidance on courses are to be added
      as per norms of the University. ________ (approved institution) shall not
      at any time for any reasons cause to the University any situation leading
      to legal implications.

2.2   The application and prospectus for admission shall be prepared by
      ________ (approved institution) in consultation with the University. They
      shall be sold by the ________ (approved institution) at the respective
      centre(s) at costs as decided by the University for various Courses of
      study. The application amount collected in the form of Demand Drafts
      along with the application should be sent to the University.           The
      University in turn will pay to ________ (approved institution) the amount
      as agreed in para 1.2.

2.3    ________ (approved institution) shall appoint qualified and experienced
      persons as faculty members. The CV of such persons will be furnished to
      the University.    The University shall have the right to approve or
      disapprove the qualifications and experience of the persons appointed by
      ________ (approved institution) for handling theory and practical classes.

2.4   ________ (approved institution) shall get the consent from the University
      before admitting the selected students.

2.5   ________ (approved institution) shall prepare study materials as per
      guidelines of the University and obtain the consent of the University
      before they are distributed to the students. The cost of production and
      distribution of study materials will be borne by ________ (approved

2.6   ________ (approved institution) shall arrange necessary equipments for
      practical training to the students. The hire charges on equipments for the
      training will be borne by ________ (approved institution).

2.7   The internal evaluation as a part of the examination work like classroom
      tests, assignments, seminars, etc. will be done by ________ (approved
      institution) and the reports submitted to the University periodically.

2.8   The expenses in connection with regular lectures, practicals, remuneration
      to teaching faculty and supporting staff, internal evaluation will be borne
      by ________ (approved institution).

2.9   ________ (approved institution) shall not collect any amount under any
      head(s) other than the prescribed fee(s) from the students joining the
      courses. All amounts collected from the students shall be by way of
      Demand Drafts drawn in favour of the Registrar, Bharathiar University
      payable at Coimbatore – 641 046.


3.1   The University shall be responsible for all administrative work relating to
      admission, collection of fee, conduct of examinations and award of
      certificates / degrees.

3.2   The syllabi shall be framed by the University.           In this regard, the
      suggestions offered by ________ (approved institution) will be taken into
      consideration, wherever necessary.

3.3   The University shall monitor the quality of the programmes through
      persons appointed by it for the purpose.

3.4   The University shall have the right to revise the course fees as and when
      required in consultation with ________ (approved institution).

3.5   This MOU shall be valid for a period of three years from this date and can
      be renewed for a further period of three years on mutual consent. The
      University shall review the progress of the courses in each semester.

3.6   In respect of any change in the venue, course, syllabi, eligibility,
      admissions, collection of fee and fee structure, scheme of examinations,
      etc., the decision of the University is final.

3.7   The University shall inspect the venue of programmes periodically in
      respect of the infrastructure facilities including qualified staff for teaching
      and training so as to ensure that the same is confirmed to the standards of
      the University and any directions issued from time to time by the
      University shall be carried out by ________ (approved institution).

3.8   The University shall have full powers to review the running of each
      course or courses and if the University comes to the conclusion that the
      running of the course is not satisfactory, the University is entitled to
      disassociate itself from the course or courses and the ________ (approved
      institution) shall not be entitled to any payment towards damages or
      otherwise for their having invested any money in providing the buildings
      infrastructures, etc., which they have agreed to provide.


4.1   The advertisements shall be released both by the University and ________
      (approved institution). The expenditure incurred in this regard shall be
      met by ________ (approved institution).

4.2   The annual intake of students shall be decided by the University at the
      commencement of every academic year in consultation with ________
      (approved institution).

4.3   Any expansion or modification relating to the academic programmes shall
      be decided jointly by the University and ________ (approved institution).

4.4   Any legal implications will be confined to Coimbatore Jurisdiction only.


5.1   The collaborative ventures also include the scope for extending learning
      facility at the chosen centres of ________ (approved institution) located

           outside Coimbatore, without causing any hardship to the students of the
           Bharathiar University.

5.2        The collaboration is envisaged to provide admission for the academic year
           ____ onwards.    ________ (approved institution) shall arrange for Press
           release and advertisements to invite applications for admission for the
           academic year _______ within 15 days after signing of the MOU.

5.3        All payments to ________ (approved institution) by the University under
           the MOU, shall be made in Indian currency.

5.4        ________ (approved institution) shall take care of the fulfillment and
           compliance of the procedural statutory regulations and formalities in
           connection with the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and the University
           will assist the ________ (approved institution) wherever necessary.

5.5        All the terms and conditions of this MOU are subject to the approval of
           the various bodies of the University and the provisions of the Rules and
           Regulations of the University.

5.6        In witness whereof the parties have signed this Memorandum of
           Understanding of the day, month and year first hereinabove written.

for Bharathiar University                        for ________ (approved institution)

REGISTRAR                                          MANAGING DIRECTOR


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