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									Experiencing different cultures, overcoming language barriers, and making
new friends (locals and other travelers) are all part of the adventure of
backpacking and staying in hostels and cheap hotels.
 With only your pack on your back, there are no limits to what you can do
or see. As the evening rolls on, you may want to sit out into the night
with your new friends. However, be aware that many hostels have curfews.

A hostel is an excellent cheap form of accomodation. Most hostels offer
private rooms and dormitories. Private rooms are usually singles, twins
or doubles and some properties also offer triples. Hostels have probably
been around for over a thousand years as a low cost place for a traveler
to stay for the night.

In all hostels, although the custom is to remain as quiet as possible at
night, you should expect a small amount of noise from your fellow hostel
occupants. Some hostels are huge, providing beds for hundreds; others
consist of a single room in a friendly family home. Sample the locale -
Visit local restaurants and bars. They are much cheaper and you can try
the traditional specialities and even meet the locals.

A useful tip - Many hostels give discounts to students, so you should
always keep your student card handy. Many hostels have remained old
school and you do need to maintain an open mind when choosing this form
of accommodation. Many hostels provide internet access, laundry, and free

Hostels are becoming more and more modern. Many hostels provide access
for wheelchair users, and specially adapted rooms are becoming more
common. The majority of hostels around the world are independently owned
and many of these have their own bars and restaurants. Common
identification used to stay in hostels includes passports, photo driver’s
licenses and state or country identity cards.

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