Joint Appointment Memorandum of Understanding

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					                         Joint Appointment Memorandum of Understanding

Name of Faculty Member:
Tenure Home:
Unit(s) in which Jointly Appointed:

A. Nature of the Joint Appointment:

Academic                            If fiscally split, $ % FTE            % Indirect Costs/
Unit/College/Institute/Center       Amount                                Research Recognition
B. Term of Appointment (permanent or specific number of years):

C. Procedures for making joint recommendations regarding annual performance review; salary
adjustments; and promotion, tenure or reappointment reviews:

D. Expectations regarding research or creative activity; teaching/instructional responsibilities (including
classroom teaching, mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students); and service:

E. Resource implications (e.g., space, buy-out of teaching, etc.):

F. Based on appropriate unit review procedures, the faculty member will have the following rights and
responsibilities (check and initial as appropriate):
                                                           Full range of instructional
                  Serve as PI on grants
                  Chair dissertation committees
                                                           Serve on personnel committees
                Attend faculty meetings with
                                                            Other (specify)
                voting privileges

G. Process for review and renewal of the joint appointment.


____________________             _____
Faculty Member                   Date
Tenure Home                                               Joint Unit(s)

____________________             _____                    ____________________             _____
Chair                            Date                     Chair                            Date

____________________             _____                    ____________________             _____
Dean                             Date                     Dean                             Date

                                                          ____________________             _____
                                                          University Provost               Date