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					You should book a room at a hostel the day before rather than wander the
streets at night looking for a room. Book a room in a hostel today, so
that you aren't roomless on your arrival. Backpackers tend to travel for
longer periods than the typical tourist.

Sometimes it is necessary to book in advance to avoid being stuck with no
place to stay. Many hostels now have a website where you can book a room.
Expand your horizons - Taking excursions away from your original plan is
part of what makes backpacking fun.

The hostel custom is that all guests clean   up after themselves. There are
as many different atmospheres as there are   hostels Sample the locale -
Visit local restaurants and bars. They are   much cheaper and you can try
the traditional specialities and even meet   the locals.

There are hostels in castles, in teepees and in railroad carriages. The
majority of hostels around the world are independently owned and many of
these have their own bars and restaurants. Many hostels have a self-
catering kitchen where you can cook your own meals and some even have
their own restaurants, cafe and bars.

Planning that seems so trivial at home can become complicated when you
are in a strange place. Common identification used to stay in hostels
includes passports, photo driver’s licenses and state or country identity
 During the daytime, there is usually a lockout time from early morning
to late afternoon when the rooms are being cleaned. Hostels provide a
great way to meet new people and experience new things which is why they
appeal to such a diverse range.

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