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					             Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
             Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
           Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is made and entered into on __________,
2008 by and between Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (or DMRC, for short), with its office
at N.B.C.C. Place, Bhishma Pitamah Marg, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi-110003, whose
mandate is to develop, build and operate a metro rail transport system in Delhi and the
region around and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (or IITD, for short), with its
office at Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, whose mandate is to offer formal education and
research programmes in science, engineering, management and humanities & social

DMRC has approached IITD to develop, implement and offer a one-year education
programme leading to a Post Graduate Diploma in Metro Rail Transport: Technology and
Management. IIT Delhi has responded positively, and it now proposes to start the Post
Graduate Diploma programme in July 2008.

   1.     DMRC agrees to sponsor at least 25 students in each of the first three batches
          to be admitted in (July) 2008, 2009, 2010, respectively. Any change in the
          number of students sponsored by DMRC either requested by DMRC or by
          IITD will be subject to mutual agreement between IITD and DMRC.

   2.     The students sponsored by DMRC will either be employees of DMRC or from
          its associate organizations that are similarly engaged in development of Metro
          Rail Transportation Systems.

   3.     DMRC will select the trainees/students through an open advertisement calling
          applications at all India level. Representatives of DMRC and IITD will jointly
          interview the short-listed candidates, after a written examination. They will
          necessarily have to satisfy the eligibility criteria for admission to the
          programme, as laid down by the Senate of IITD.

   4.     All students sponsored by DMRC or its associates and admitted under this
          pogramme will necessarily be subject to rules and procedures applicable to
          other IITD students. They will also be eligible to privileges available to other
          students except on-campus student housing and scholarships/assistantships.
          Sponsored women students may, however, be considered for on-campus
          student housing, subject to availability and payment of applicable room-rent
          and messing charges.
   5.     DMRC agrees to pay to IITD a sponsorship fee of Rs.1.50 lakhs per student
          per year to cover his/her study under this one-year Post Graduate Diploma

   6.     Upon successful completion of the requirements for the Post Graduate
          Diploma programme, a student will be awarded Post Graduate Diploma
          certificate together with a grade card reflecting his/her performance in
          individual courses and other activities.

   7.     DMRC will favourably consider requests by IITD to depute on a short-term
          basis experts if/when available to participate in the programme as guest

   8.     IITD will be free to use the sponsorship amounts to finance the programme in
          a manner it deems fit, including tuition fees, infrastructure development,
          faculty empowerment, etc.

   9.     Intellectual Property (IP) developed under the programme, if any, will be
          governed by existing rules of IIT Delhi.

   10.    The duration of MoU is valid till the time the last batch of students has
          completed their programme, viz. June 2011. DMRC and IITD may decide to
          extend this MoU beyond the committed three batches, in which case the
          agreement must be arrived at sufficiently before June 2011.

   11.    In case of any dispute arising in connection with this MoU the same will be
          settled by mutual consultation between Managing Director, DMRC and
          Director, IITD.

   12.    A Coordination Committee consisting of Director, IITD and MD, DMRC (as
          Co-Chairs), and “Coordinators” acting on behalf of DMRC and IITD will
          meet frequently to review performance under this MoU.

         The above will be subject to all administrative and/or academic clearances
required to be obtained by the respective bodies.