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									                       Internet Access
                 Memorandum of Understanding
                   ESC Contact: Todd Davis

This Document memorializing the understanding of the parties for E-Rate tariff month-to-month service for
internet access between:

«DISTNAME» (the “District”) and Region 17 Education Service Center (“ESC 17”).

I.                                         rties
       Term of Understanding Between the Parties

           The term of this understanding shall cover September 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009.

II.    General Provisions

       A. The following general provisions will be provided:
          1. Compensation. The parties agree that the payments under this document and any related exhibits
             and documents are amounts that fairly compensate ESC 17 for the services or functions performed
          2. By the execution and delivery of this document, the undersigned individuals agree that they have
             been duly authorized to agree to perform the terms of this document. Further, since a third party
             provider shall provide the Internet access provided through this document, the District understands
             that ESC 17 makes no warranties respecting the quality or serviceability of that vendor’s products
             or services.

       B. ROLE OF ESC 17

           1. ESC 17 agrees to provide the following Internet access services:
               a. Provide high speed basic conduit access to the Internet.
               b. Provide firewall protection.
               c. Provide domain name service (DNS).
               d. Support available during ESC 17 normal operating hours via phone/email.
               e. Limits its role to matters dealing only with Internet access.


           1 The District agrees to pay the amount invoiced in accordance with Part IV of this document.
           2. Designate person(s) to serve as District Contact:

                 a. _______________________________          Email _____________________________

                 b. _______________________________          Email _____________________________

           3. Execute user agreement detailing responsibilities of the district and individuals with respect to
              Internet use.

                                                                                               Internet Access MOU
                                                                                               Revision Number: 1
                                                        1                                      Revision Date: 12/13/2007
III.   Additional Provisions

       A. Termination of this Understanding Between the Parties:
          1. By Either Party. This understanding may be terminated at any time and for any reason by either
             party, but both parties agree to give written notice thirty (30) days prior to the effective termination
          2. By ESC 17. The District understands that ESC 17 has procured the Internet access to be provided
             under this document from a third-party vendor. ESC 17 may terminate this understanding at any
             time if the contract between the ESC 17 and this third-party provider is terminated for any reason.

IV.    Contract Service Fees

       A. The District agrees to pay the month to month fee of $500.00 per month for service and access from
          current revenues available to District.
       B. Method of Payment. District agrees to pay the above cost of $500.00 per month as invoiced by ESC

V.     Authorization

«DISTNAME»                                                   Region 17 Education Service Center
«CODISTNUM»                                                  152-950

_____________________________________________                __________________________________________
«FNAME» «LNAME», Superintendent                              Kyle R. Wargo, Executive Director

_____________________________________________                __________________________________________
Date                                                         Date

                                                                                                Internet Access MOU
                                                                                                Revision Number: 1
                                                         2                                      Revision Date: 12/13/2007

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