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                   LEO BURNETT
To whom it may concern:

   The year was 1955. The place was my little ad agency in Chicago,
which is in Illinois. I had just landed a new client, Philip Morris, and I
was trying to come up with a campaign for Marlboro, which is a brand
of cigarettes. I was in a creative meeting with my top people, when I
came up with what I thought was a good idea: the “Marlboro Bunny.”
It would be this fast little toy rabbit that loudly bangs a drum while
enjoying a Marlboro, the cigarette that “keeps going and going and

  Everyone in the meeting seemed to love the idea. “Great idea, L.B.!
Another home run, boss,” they all said. All except Sean Gleeson,
whom I could always trust for his honest opinion. “Marlboro Bunny?”
he began, adding, “that’s pretty stupid, L.B. Wouldn’t a cowboy be

  So we tried it with a cowboy, and the client loved it. Sean Gleeson
would make a great Art Director for you, or anyone else. Feel free to
contact me about Sean Gleeson any time, provided I am not dead.

                                         Leo Burnett