PubH 289.10 Topics Course, Summer 2009 Federal Budget Process by hmn57734


									                         PubH 289.10
                 Topics Course, Summer 2009
            Federal Budget Process for Health Policy

                    Time: Thursday, 3:10-5:40 p.m.
                           May 21-June 25
                             Ross 116A

                         Colleen Sonosky, J.D.
                       Adjunct Assistant Professor

                     Department of Health Policy
             School of Public Health and Health Services
                 The George Washington University
                    2021 K Street, NW, Suite 800
                        Washington, DC 20006
  (571) 275-1689, or

Course Description: This course focuses on how the Congressional budget
process shapes the funding and design of federal health care programs, ranging
from entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid to appropriated programs
like community health centers and Ryan White Care Act funding. Discussions
will cover the development of the President’s budget, Congressional action
through budget resolutions, appropriations bills, and budget reconciliation
legislation, as well as the procedures and committees in the House of
Representatives and Senate through which these measures are considered.

Attendance: Attendance and on-time arrival are expected at every class.

Assignments: Except for the May 21st session's assignment, students are
expected to have read the materials assigned for each class prior to the class.

Grading: A student's grade is determined by the memo prepared by each student
for the Legislative Strategy Exercise.

Code of academic integrity: This course is governed by the GW Code of
Academic Integrity. Students are strongly encouraged to read the GW Code of
Academic Integrity regarding plagiarism and cheating. The code is available on-
line at

Office Hours: By appointment only.
Date        Topic
Session 1   Course Overview and Legislative
(May 21)    Landscape of Congressional Budget Process
            Assignment (after classroom presentation):

            Congressional Research Service, The
            Congressional Budget Process: A Brief Overview,
            Updated, December 6, 2006

            Policy Basics, Introduction to the Federal Budget
            Process, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,
            Revised, December 17, 2008,

            Policy Basics, Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go?,
            Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Updated,
            April 13, 2009

            House and Senate Committees with Jurisdiction
            over Health Programs
            How A Bill Becomes A Law
            Major Differences between House and Senate
            Long Path to A Federal Budget
            Helpful Websites

Session 2   Appropriations Legislation
(May 28)
            Guest Lecturer: David Reich, Counsel, House
            Appropriations Committee

            CRS Report for Congress, The Congressional
            Appropriations Process: An Introduction (Updated,
            December 2, 2008)

            CRS Report for Congress, Overview of the
            Authorization-Appropriations Process, June 17,

            Selected Legislative Language and Materials for
            Appropriations Process
Session 3   Entitlement Legislation
(June 4)
            Guest Lecturer (invited): Tim Westmoreland,
            Visiting Professor of Law and Research Professor
            of Public Policy, Georgetown University


            Westmoreland, Tim, Health Policy and the Federal
            Budget, Tutorial,

            Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Key Issues in
            Analyzing Major Health Insurance Proposals,
            Summary (pp. ix-xxiii) and Chapter 1 (Introduction
            and Background (pp.1-18), December 2008,

            CRS Report for Congress, Pay-As-You-Go
            Procedures for Budget Enforcement, November 20,

            Policy Basics, Congress’ Pay-As-You-Go Budget
            Rule, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,
            March 5, 2009

Session 4   The Role of the President’s Budget
(June 11)
            Guest Lecturer: Vikki Wachino,
            Wachino Health Policy Consulting

            Shelley Tomkin, Inside OMB: Politics and Process
            in the President's Budget Office, 1998: ME Sharpe,
            Inc, pgs. 1-9.

            CRS Report for Congress, Submission of the
            President’s Budget in Transition Years, March 10,
Session 5   Budget Process Reform
(June 18)
            Guest Lecturer: Jim Horney, Director, Federal
            Fiscal Policy, Center on Budget and Policy

            Congressional Budget Office (CBO), “The Budget
            Process and Deficit Reduction” Economic and
            Budget Outlook: Fiscal Years 1994-2003

            CRS Report for Congress, Federal Budget Process
            Reform in the 111th Congress: A Brief Overview,
            January 16, 2009

            CRS Report for Congress, CRS Issue Statement on
            the Federal Budget Process: Earmarking, PAYGO,
            and Other Reforms, January 6, 2009

Session 6   Student Presentations:
(June 25)   In-Class Legislative Strategy Exercise
            Student Panel Presentations and Discussion

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