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Federal budget leans                                                                               Concerns over high water
on public housing                                                                                  bills at NewHolly persist
New policies also burden Section 8 program
SEATTLE HOUSING AUTHORITY                         ment for inflation. In effect, the program is
   Since the federal spending plan for the        funded as if it actually were a block grant
next budget year was approved by Con-             program, but all of the original rules and
gress last month, housing authorities across      regulations are still in place.
the country have been assessing how resi-             “If you have more vouchers currently in
dents might be affected by the funding cuts       use today than you did earlier this year,
to come.                                          you’re starting at a loss,” according to Sunia
   Seattle Housing Authority Executive Di-        Zaterman, Executive Director of the Coun-
rector Tom Tierney was disheartened by            cil of Large Public Housing Authorities.
the course set forth by the spending plan.        “These policies are continuing to shrink the
   “The Bush Administration is pulling            voucher program at the very time we’re see-
away from what has been a federal respon-         ing increasing demand.”
sibility and priority for decades,” he said. “I       The plan also reduces the program’s re-
think these cuts go against the heart and         serve fund to one week’s worth of expenses,
spirit of the American people, but the pub-       comparable Zaterman said, “to running a
lic has not yet caught on to how devastat-        $13 billion corporation on a one week mar-
ing the current path will be.”                    gin.”
   Since the spring of 2004 when discus-              “There is no question that current
                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO   BY   STACY SCHWANDT
sion of the federal budget began, low-in-         voucher holders and those who have been          NewHolly resident Sidney Carter has been fighting high water bills for years.
come housing advocates have seen sev-             waiting years for housing assistance will
eral back and forth shifts with respect to        be hardest hit by this new policy,” she said.    BY STACY SCHWANDT                                    Housing Authority officials said they are
federal funding.                                      Other public housing programs were also      Voice editor                                     examining the bills, which are prepared by
   At first, the Bush Administration wanted       cut. The fund that pays for major repairs                                                         Minol MTR, a company hired to recoup the
to change the Section 8 voucher program           and updates to public housing was also re-          A four-year struggle with high water bills    agency’s water costs. The company’s per-
so that housing authorities would receive         duced, leaving very little money to tackle a     at NewHolly has many residents seeing red        formance is also under review, they said.
fixed sums of money (referred to as “block        $20 billion repair backlog nationwide.           and Seattle Housing Authority officials be-          “It’s obviously an issue,” said Andrew
grants”) to operate. Protests to this sug-            Another fund that helps housing authori-     ginning to dig for answers.                      Lofton, SHA’s deputy executive director.
gestion were loud and heated across the           ties pay for the day-to-day operation of their      For years, residents have complained of       “We have heard from some residents that
country, so Congress reconsidered.                units was both cut and restructured.             sky-high monthly water bills. They ques-         their bill is too high.”
   Because recent tax cuts and high war-              There was some good news in the spend-       tion the amount of water the bill says they’ve       Lofton said the NewHolly bills are high
time spending have contributed to a bud-          ing plan. The bill President Bush signed into    used and object that, for months at a time,      in part because of surcharges tacked on to
get deficit, the pressure on Congress to cut      law does not contain language that would         the amount is based on estimates rather than     Housing Authority water bills to pay for
spending for domestic programs remained           have severely restricted the ability of pub-     actual meter readings.                           improvements to water and sewer drainage
intense.                                          lic housing authorities to conduct voter reg-       “There’s a whole bunch of injustice be-       lines during the redevelopment.
   So even though legislators backed away         istration activities, as was earlier proposed.   ing done,” said Gail-Marie Vielle, a seven-          Those surcharges add $3.34 per CCF to
from the Section 8 block grant proposal,              Also, Congress again rejected the Hous-      year resident of the Holly Park and              residents’ sewer rate and 92 cents per CCF
they made cuts in the public housing pro-         ing and Urban Development Department’s           NewHolly communities.                            to their water rate. A CCF is 100 cubic feet of
gram. The new law also includes Section 8         proposal to end HOPE VI, instead provid-            Vielle is organizing a community meeting      water, or about 748 gallons. A typical single-
policies that virtually guarantee shortfalls      ing $144 million for the award-winning re-       in the NewHolly Gathering Hall on January        family household uses about 5 CCF a
for housing authorities.                          development program.                             22 from 3 to 5 p.m. to talk about the problem.   month.
   Instead of funding each Section 8                  The existing HOPE VI funds that SHA             In fact, faulty meter programming at one          With the addition of the surcharge, sewer
voucher at a specific level based on current      has been granted by HUD for redevelop-           time did cause residents to be charged for       rates in NewHolly jumped 86 percent, a Se-
housing costs, the new funding plan will          ments at NewHolly, Rainier Vista and High        neighbors’ water use, and usage amounts          attle Public Utilities official said. Residents
be a “budget-based” system.                       Point are not at risk.                           on some water bills seemed excessive to a        were informed about the surcharge when
   This means that housing authorities will           “Congress understands the huge return        Seattle Public Utilities official.               See “Water bills investigated” on page 6
only receive funds based on how many              on investment that communities receive
vouchers were being used between May              through HOPE VI grants,” Zaterman said.
and July 2004 instead of the current num-         “On average, housing authorities raise $3                        Where is the rest of the Voice?
ber or the number a housing authority is          for every $1 when they use these grants to          You may have noticed that this month’s issue of the Voice is shorter than normal.
authorized to use.                                leverage additional public and private sec-
                                                                                                      Don’t worry, we haven’t run out of newsprint (or news). Instead, our staff needed
   The money distributed for vouchers in          tor investment.”                                    to shorten this month’s issue in order to allow for holiday time. In February, we’ll be
use still might not be enough to cover                Some information for this story was pro-        back to our normal size. Thanks for reading.
costs, because it will be an estimate based       vided by the Council of Large Public Hous-
on past expenditures, with a slight adjust-       ing Authorities.

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Youth give back                       Page 5      able to grow their own food,”
  RAINIER VISTA KIDS BUILD                                 Sofia Olson, an AmeriCorps
MURAL FOR CULTURAL CENTER                         VISTA volunteer, on why she is helping
Warm, dry place                       Page 7      Yesler Terrace residents build a second
 YESLER EMERGENCY SHELTER                         community garden.
Translations                          Page 8                          See story on Page 7
SHA NEWS - 2                                                                                                                                                                                      JANUARY 2005

New Year holds our hopes                                                                                        Scholarship opportunities
and challenges                                                                                                  for residents available now
A message from Executive Director Tom                                                                           SEATTLE HOUSING AUTHORITY
                                                                                                                   Interested in higher education? A de-
Tierney                                                                                                         gree or certificate, whether it’s from Harvard
                                                                                                                University or South Seattle Community
   Over the past year, I have enjoyed meet-                                                                     College, can help you get a job or a promo-
ing many of you and have been impressed                                                                         tion.
and grateful for the quality and integrity of                                                                      Now is the time for Seattle Housing Au-
the residents with which that the Seattle                                                                       thority residents, especially high school se-
Housing Authority works.                                                                                        niors and adults considering continuing
   I have learned that you care about your                                                                      education, to think about applying for schol-
housing, your neighbors and the mission                                                                         arships that could make higher education
of Seattle Housing.                                                                                             more affordable.
   In 2005, we will stay true to our mission                                                                       The Pacific Northwest Regional Council
of enhancing the Seattle community by cre-                                                                      of the National Association of Housing and
ating and sustaining decent, safe and af-                                                                       Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) offers
fordable living environments that foster sta-                                                                   the following three scholarships.                                PHOTO   COURTESY OF   NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE

bility and self-sufficiency for people with                                                                        Resident Challenge Scholarships: Two           Tukwila resident Moktar Batibure won
low incomes.                                                                                                    $4,000 scholarships, to be used for tuition       the Heart of Oak scholarship last year
    We will continue to do this by listening                  PHOTO   COURTESY OF   SEATTLE HOUSING AUTHORITY   and fees at a four-year college ($1,000 per
to your needs, trying our best to maintain         SHA Executive Director Tom Tierney                           year), will be awarded this year. Preference         For more information, contact Andria
and improve current housing and working                                                                         is given to graduating high school seniors.       Lazaga at (206) 615-3546 or by e-mail at
toward completion of the NewHolly, Rainier         cause of a lack of available services.                       Recipients must attend an accredited col-         alazaga @seattlehousing.org. You can also
Vista and High Point redevelopments.                  In spite of this, I have learned of many                  lege or university full time and maintain a       get an application by going to the North-
   You can expect to see me out in the com-        impressive successes achieved by our resi-                   minimum grade point average of 2.5.               west NAHRO Web site at http://
munity often, attending your meetings and          dents in 2004.                                                  Resident Continuing Education Schol-           www.pnrcnahro.org/scholarships.htm.
trying to stay in touch with your viewpoints.         I hope that you will continue to set chal-                arship: One $4,000 scholarship, to be used        Applications are due by Feb. 11.
   I know that many residents face signifi-        lenging goals for yourself, and that the end                 for tuition and fees for continuing educa-           SHA residents should also know about
cant challenges in their efforts to gain new       of 2005 will find you celebrating your own                   tion over a four-year period ($1,000 per year)    a couple of other scholarship opportuni-
skills, find employment and cope with diffi-       success in achieving them.                                   will be awarded.                                  ties.
cult personal circumstances. And these chal-          I extend my heartfelt wishes to you for a                    The recipient must be an adult who has            Edna B. Schwabacher Scholarship:
lenges may be made even more difficult be-         happy and prosperous New Year.                               been out of school for four or more years,        Sponsored by Neighborhood House, this
                                                                                                                has a high school diploma or general edu-         partial scholarship covers some tuition ex-
                                                                                                                cation development credential (GED) or be         penses for any person enrolled in voca-

               Health Notes
                                                                                                                pursuing a skill or trade at an accredited        tional programs at Seattle Central Commu-
                                                                                                                trade or specialty school.                        nity College. For more information, con-
                                                                                                                   Resident Community College Scholar-            tact the college’s financial aid office at (206)
               A column devoted to your well-being                                                              ship: One scholarship of $2,000 for tuition       587-3844. Applications are due March 18.
                                                                                                                and fees at a community college over a two-          Heart of Oak: Neighborhood House of-
BY JANELLE WALHOUT, MD                                Put used tissues in the trash. Wash your                  year period ($1,000 per year).                    fers two $2,000 scholarships for high school
Special to the Voice                               hands well and often whenever you or                            Preference is given to graduating high         graduates or GED recipients.
                                                   someone you are close to is sick. Try using                  school seniors. Recipients must attend an            For more information, contact Neighbor-
   The Washington state Health Depart-             an alcohol-based hand gel, especially after                  accredited college full time and maintain a       hood House at (206) 461-8430. Applica-
ment is now recommending a flu shot for all        touching your nose or mouth.                                 minimum grade point average of 2.5.               tions are due March 18.
those 50 and older and for those who live             If you become suddenly ill with body
with or care for an ill person who is at risk of   aches, a fever over 102 degrees, eye pain,
further complications from their illness.          and a cough, contact your provider to see
   The flu vaccine is still in short supply,
but many of those in the highest risk groups
seem to have received their vaccination.
                                                   if antiviral medications will shorten the
                                                   course of your illness.
                                                      If you suffer from these symptoms or a
                                                                                                                SHA staff contributes
   Those groups all children from ages 6 to
23 months, adults aged 65 and older, per-
sons aged 2 to 64 years with underlying
                                                   rash, clinics and hospitals may give you a
                                                   face mask to wear in waiting areas and exam
                                                   rooms, so be prepared.
                                                                                                                more than $36,000
chronic medical conditions, all women who             To avoid spreading your germs to oth-                     BY KARI SHERRODD                                  House, made presentations to employees
will be pregnant during the influenza sea-         ers and to keep from catching someone                        Seattle Housing Authority                         about how their work benefits SHA resi-
son, residents of nursing homes and long-          else’s germs, avoid contact with other                                                                         dents.
term care facilities, children aged 6 months       people who have respiratory infections and                      Seattle Housing Authority staff raised            One employee commented that, “It is
to 18 years on chronic aspirin therapy, resi-      colds. When you are ill, stay home from                      more than $36,000 in their annual workplace       very gratifying to see how my donation
dents of nursing homes and long-term care          work and school and avoid contact with                       giving campaign, which gives employees the        can help to directly support services that
facilities, health-care workers involved in        other people.                                                opportunity to make donations to either           can make a difference in the lives of our
direct patient care, out-of-home caregivers           To learn about the availability of flu vac-               United Way or the Coalition for Charitable        residents.”
and household contacts of children under           cine at public health clinics or community                   Choice. The donations will help people in            Organizations that receive the donations
the age of 6 months.                               health centers, Seattle or King County resi-                 need, including residents living in Seattle       will use the money to deliver needed ser-
   Preventing the Spread of Germs                  dents are welcome to call the Public Health’s                Housing units and people in the greater Se-       vices and commodities. Over 40 percent of
   Respiratory infections affect the nose,         Flu Hotline at (206) 296-1100.                               attle community.                                  SHA’s employees either made a pledge or
throat and lungs. They include influenza              The hotline is staffed from Monday                           Several organizations that provide ser-        donation, or participated in a fund-raising
(the “flu”), colds, pertussis (whooping            through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to pro-                 vices to residents, including Neighborhood        activity.
cough) and severe acute respiratory syn-           vide information to residents on where they
drome (SARS).                                      may go to receive a flu shot. You can also
   The germs (viruses and bacteria) that           visit the agency’s Web site at http://
cause these infections are spread from per-        www.metrokc.gov/health.
son-to-person in droplets from the nose,              Janelle Walhout, MD is a family physi-                    Report natural gas odors in
throat and lungs of someone who is sick.           cian at the Rainier Park Medical Clinic
   You can help stop the spread of these
germs by practicing “respiratory etiquette”
                                                   and an Assistant Medical Director of
                                                   Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Cen-
                                                                                                                Section 8 and scattered sites
or good health manners.                            ter. PSNHC operates six medical centers                      SEATTLE HOUSING AUTHORITY                         find its source. This service is offered free
   Cover your nose and mouth every time            in Seattle-King County – 45th St. Clinic,                       Because more and more Seattle Housing          of charge to gas company customers. PSE
you sneeze, cough or blow your nose. You           Greenwood Medical Clinic, High Point                         Authority buildings have natural gas fur-         representatives are available 24 hours a
can cover your coughs and sneezes with             Medical Clinic, Midwifery & Women’s                          naces, maintenance workers occasionally           day, toll-free at (888) 225-5773.
tissue or cough into the crook of your el-         Health, Rainier Beach Medical Clinic and                     receive calls from tenants who smell gas in          If a problem is found, PSE mechanics
bow or shirtsleeve instead of in your hand.        Rainier Park Medical Clinic.                                 their unit.                                       will turn off the gas and leave a note de-
                                                                                                                   Of course, this is a very serious situation.   scribing where or what is leaking.
                                                                                                                Recently, a gas leak in Bellevue caused a            If repair work is required, Section 8 ten-
                                                                                                                tragic house explosion and fire, taking a life.   ants should call the property owner. Scat-
                                                                                                                     Tenants who smell gas in their home          tered site residents can put in a work order
                                                                                                                should immediately call Puget Sound En-           with the Housing Authority by calling (206)
                                                                                                                ergy. PSE has trained staff that can get to a     770-6789. SHA will repair the problem as
                                                                                                                potential gas leak quickly with equipment to      soon as possible.

                                                                                                        THE VOICE
JANUARY 2005                                                                                                                                                                       SHA NEWS – 3

                                                    POINT OF VIEW

Resident council                                                                                     A feast with old friends
seeks volunteers                                                                                     shared at Stewart Manor
BY J. M. (JIM) BUSH                                     How can you become a part of the resi-
Resident Action Council Secretary                   dent action council? If you’re a resident of
                                                    any of the 28 high-rise communities, you
   After taking a month off to celebrate the        already are.
holidays, the Seattle Housing Authority                 Right now, we are looking for people to
high-rise Resident Action Council is get-           take an active role as community represen-
ting back to work.                                  tatives. If you want to become a represen-
   The council helps residents in all 28 high-      tative all you have to do is be chosen by
rises become more organized and better ad-          residents in your own community—we will
vocates in their own communities and the            be coming to your community to talk about
community at large.                                 who we are and how to become involved.
   Our board of directors will meet next                You can set up a time for us to visit by
month at Green Lake Plaza, 505 N.E. 70th St.,       contacting me at (206) 860-7275 or by e-mail
and we’d like to have you join us. We’re            at jmbsea@aol.com.
going to talk about a variety of subjects,              Because we are going to start the pro-
including the production of our newsletter          cess of selecting officers in March, we’d
the “Rainbow” and the recruiting process            like to have representatives from all 28 com-
we want to use to get more people involved          munities by February 28.
in our organization. We don’t have a date               You can also write to the council at 2600
for the meeting confirmed, although we’ve           S. Walker, Suite B-1, Seattle, WA 98144 or                                                                                   PHOTO   BY   JAMES OWENBY
tentatively scheduled it for Tuesday, Janu-         via e-mail at searaccouncil@juno.com.            Officer Richard Carr talks to residents before serving a holiday dinner.
ary 18 at 11 a.m.                                       The council’s phone number is (206) 322-
                                                                                                     BY JAMES OWENBY                                  ments about safety issues and Senior Prop-
   Look for the final date, agenda and di-          2257, the line is shared with another agency,
                                                                                                     Seattle Housing Authority                        erty Manager Jake LeBlanc answered ques-
rections to Green Lake Plaza on our Web             so messages are not always forwarded. It
                                                                                                                                                      tions about the exits that are being used in
site at http://www.yahoogroups.com/                 may be better to contact me directly.
                                                                                                        The holidays are a time to come together      the building.
searaccouncil.                                          I look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                                                     as family, friends, community members and            Sarah Vancleve, the building’s new prop-
                                                                                                     neighbors. The annual resident holiday din-      erty manager was also introduced.
                                                                                                     ner at Stewart Manor in West Seattle was             Seattle Housing Authority Community

New mental health                                                                                    exactly that.
                                                                                                        The night was organized by the resident
                                                                                                     council. A prime rib dinner was provided by
                                                                                                                                                      Builder Marcia Johnson gave out certifi-
                                                                                                                                                      cates of thanks to the outgoing resident
                                                                                                                                                      council members including Northrup, Presi-

case manager named                                                                                   Richard Carr, a retired Seattle police officer
                                                                                                     who was formerly assigned to Stewart
                                                                                                                                                      dent Sharon Browne, Vice-President Matt
                                                                                                                                                      Huff, Secretary Cindy Coleman, and alter-
                                                                                                                                                      nates Abner Gaston III and Linda
                                                                                                        While the residents were filing in, get-      Stockberger.
BY VOICE STAFF                                         As a young man, he worked for the for-
                                                                                                     ting seated and mingling with their neigh-           Once everyone voted and had been
   Mental health case management in Se-             est service doing trail management and fire
                                                                                                     bors, Carr put the final touches on his          seated, dinner was served.
attle Housing Authority high rises has a new        suppression. He said he still enjoys hiking
                                                                                                     scrumptious feast.                                   In addition to the prime rib, residents
leader.                                             and backpacking.
                                                                                                        The room was full with a rich aroma of a      enjoyed baked corn, mashed potatoes,
   Duane Darlington, 58, has taken over for            Darlington said he is eager to settle in to
                                                                                                     succulent meal as the residents voted for        cheese bread, salad and chocolate cake.
former case manager Jeffrey Gerhardstein,           his new role, and looks forward to meeting
                                                                                                     their choice of officers for the upcoming            The residents showed their appreciation
who left in November for a new job.                 residents very soon.
                                                                                                     year’s resident council.                         to Carr with a round of thank-you applause
   Darlington has worked for over four years           “Right now my job is pretty abstract,”
                                                                                                        Although Carr retired from the police for     and by enjoying the meal.
as a benefits specialist at Community Psy-          he said. “I’m still getting my identification
                                                                                                     in May, he decided to continue to put to-            While dinner was being served and
chiatric Clinic, linking clients to services that   and trying to figure out how my cell phone
                                                                                                     gether the Stewart Manor holiday dinner.         eaten, the election results for the resident
can help them. Prior to that, he was case           works.”
                                                                                                        “I was assigned to this building and          council were tallied and announced.
manager for the organization for 11 years.             He added that two new case managers
                                                                                                     three others for seven years,” he said. “I           The new resident council for Stewart
   SHA has contracted with Community                will join his team this month. Both are trans-
                                                                                                     used to do the dinners at the monthly meet-      Manor are; President Cindy Coleman, Vice-
Psychiatric Clinic to provide mental health         ferring from within CPC and will bring plenty
                                                                                                     ings for years, now I just do the holiday        President Stanley Appleton, Secretary Kay
services to residents for the past few years.       of knowledge to the table.
                                                                                                     dinner. I think the meals bring everyone to-     Marcellari, Treasurer Matt Huff and Alter-
   Darlington said he applied for the new              “Boy, it will be the most experienced team
                                                                                                     gether to interact like a family and have bet-   nates Linda Stockberger and Pamela
position for the chance to work for the             we have in the agency,” he said.
                                                                                                     ter relations.”                                  Lybarge.
program’s manager and to find new oppor-               Community Psychiatric Clinic is an out-
                                                                                                        He added that both he and the residents           Cindy Coleman will remain on the coun-
tunities within the organization.                   patient mental health treatment service that
                                                                                                     enjoy the tradition.                             cil for another year, moving from the post of
   “I’m interested in identifying people who        provides case management, individual
                                                                                                        Carr retired from the police force after 32   secretary to president.
have mental health treatment needs and as-          therapy and chemical dependency treatment
                                                                                                     years of service, part of which was spent            “I’m really excited about the year ahead
sisting them with (their) resolution,” he said.     programs. The organization has sites all
                                                                                                     working in Seattle Housing Authroity build-      of us,” she said. “I really want to bring the
   Darlington, a native of the Wenatchee            over the city including Bellevue. They also
                                                                                                     ings.                                            council and residents up-to-date on whom
Valley, has a Bachelor’s degree in social sci-      offer job training programs.
                                                                                                        As the meal was prepared outgoing trea-       to go to for different issues…. It’s going to
ences from Western Washington Univer-                  For more information about available ser-
                                                                                                     surer Paul Northrup made a few announce-         be an absolutely fabulous year.”
sity in Bellingham.                                 vices, contact Darlington at (206) 545-8611.

Agency helps seniors and disabled use transportation
BY BILL SCHROEDER                                      Instructors provide individuals and           Everett and Tacoma.                              as soon as possible.
Special to the Voice                                groups with information on how to use               If there are people and places you’d like        Don’t wait for the next sunny day to go
                                                    Metro or Sound Transit bus services in King      to see, please consider giving CARES of          someplace – you can get there safely and
   Did you recently stop driving?                   County. They also provide lift or ramp train-    Washington a call. They can help you get         efficiently by bus, without worrying about
   Are you unsure how to get to the places          ing for those who need the practice.             there and back again.                            parking.
you’d like to go?                                      The program includes information on              There are a lot of options that will help        Bill Schroeder is a bus travel trainier
   Do you need to know how to use the lift          Metro’s reduced fare permit that allows          you find more independence and partici-          with CARES of Washington. CARES is a
or get on those buses with the new ramps            qualified riders to pay a quarter per trip, or   pate in activities in your neighborhood.         nonprofit organization working to pro-
when you’re using a walker or wheelchair?           50 cents during peak rush hours.                    For more information call (206) 749-4242      mote a diverse and competent workforce
   CARES of Washington provides a free                 Instructors also teach students how to        or dial (206) 749-4244 on your text telephone    by providing innovative employment op-
travel training program for seniors and             get anywhere in the Metro service area and       and leave your name and phone number.            portunities, training and increased inde-
people with disabilities.                           how to take Sound Transit to Snohomish,          Someone from CARES will return your call         pendence in our communities.

                                                                                             THE VOICE
4 – SHA NEWS                                                                                                                                                                          JANUARY 2005

                            HIGH POINT HERALD                     NEWS ABOUT THE HIGH POINT COMMUNITY

West Seattle gymnastics team flying high Computer
with High Point practice space           lab a great
Voice reporter
                                         resource                                                       a sense of pride to the once dis-
                                                                                                        placed, 15-member gymnastics team.
                                                                                                           “We’re developing a more estab-               Volunteers needed to
   Although she is recovering from                                                                      lished team and have more girls
a broken leg, West Seattle High                                                                         coming out to practices,” said 16-               expand lab hours
School student and veteran gymnast                                                                      year-old Fogle.
Nina Fogle swung effortlessly from                                                                         A recent addition to the team her-            BY VOICE STAFF
one uneven bar to another at gym-                                                                       self, Fogle is a level ten gymnast,                  High Point residents and service provid-
nastics practice last month. Her team-                                                                  the highest ranking in the world of              ers met at the High Point Career and Tech-
mate Corrine Wise warned her not to                                                                     gymnastics.                                      nology Center last month as part of an on-
overdo it.                                                                                                 “I’ve known Nina since she was                going discussion of how to make the com-
   Fogle admits that the three-hour                                                                     very young,” said coach Young.                   puter lab more popular and useful to resi-
practices five times a week can be                                                                      “She and Corrine [West] are veter-               dents.
brutal, but neither girl is complain-                                                                   ans… and are a real asset to the                     “One thing that is unique about our cen-
ing.                                                                                                    team.”                                           ter is our door is unlocked,” said Center
   Just prior to the November start                                                                        The former High Point Commu-                  Director Meredith Blache, pointing out that
of the season, Fogle and her team-                                                                      nity Center’s demolition in 2006 will            when computer classes aren’t underway the
mates were in jeopardy of not hav-                                                                      force Hopkins to find yet another a              lab, located in High Point Elementary School,
ing any place to practice.                                                                              gym for the girls. For now, he is                is still open.
   The search began after West                                                                          grateful for the space he has.                       Still, all agreed that getting the word out
Seattle’s athletic director Hoover                                                                         “Having this gym is crucial to the            to potential lab users is a tricky process.
Hopkins learned the West Seattle                                                                        existence of our gymnastics pro-                     “We’ve been doing this for six years and
and Chief Sealth High School team                                                                       gram,” he said. “It’s very important             there are people in the community that still
would no longer have space for their                                                                    that we keep girls athletics going.”             don’t know we’re here,” Blache said. “But
                                                                               PHOTO BY ROBIN MCGINNIS
equipment at Chief Sealth.              Sophomore Jana Oliver, 15, tackles the uneven bars.                Frank, a former club gymnast in               we have people coming from all over Se-
   “We have a co-op agreement                                                                           Canada, agreed, saying she knows                 attle, from Alki to Issaquah and Auburn.”
with Chief Sealth, but they didn’t have the Frank.                                             the difference athletics can make in women’s                  High Point resident Leonard Whidbey
room this year,” he explained. “But I was       “Kari contacted me with an instant solu- lives.                                                          said he did some homework, reaching out
certain that we could find another place.”   tion,” he said.                                       “Sports allow for leadership opportuni-               to his neighbors to let them know about the
   Hopkins’ optimism led him to hire former     While working with educators in the area ties and can set a firm foundation for suc-                     lab and to ask them what types of classes
club gymnastics coach Ron Young and to strengthen relationships between cess later in life,” she said. “It’s just a bo-                                  they’d prefer.
former Garfield coach Laura Twedt-Leith schools and the community, Frank had nus for me that I was able to help out a girls                                  When he knocked on doors, he said he
before even securing a place for practices. heard about the team’s dilemma and wanted gymnastics team.”                                                  ran across a number empty units and expe-
   “Hoover had always said, ‘Don’t worry. to help. She offered the team use of the gym             Frank added that High Point would ben-                rienced some language barriers. Still, he
We’ll find a place,’” Young said. “His en- at the former High Point Community Center. efit with even more partnerships like the one                      thought that practical courses like card-
thusiasm is contagious.”                        “When the YMCA moved out last De- with the gymnastics team.                                              making and Microsoft certification would
   The first option was the vacant E.C. cember, we were left with this resource in                 “One of the core values of HOPE VI is to              be welcomed by residents.
Hughes Elementary School near Chief the community that was being under uti- erase the invisible dividing lines within the                                    The lab is also looking for volunteers to
Sealth, but the school district rejected the lized,” Frank said. “I’m glad to see it fill a community,” she said. “The more we get to                    work in the lab in order to expand its hours.
idea because of heating costs.               need at one of our schools.”                      know all of our neighbors and the more we                     In the meantime, the center will offer a
   Then, three weeks before the season          Housing a set of uneven bars, two bal- strengthen relationships with our schools,                        full slate of classes for the winter, including
began, Hopkins received a phone call from ance beams, a vault and a floor layered in the easier it will be to breakdown the artifi-                      computer classes for seniors, classes in Viet-
High Point Community Builder Kari-Lynn blue tumbling mats, the gym now provides cial boundaries dividing our community.”                                 namese, resume writing workshops and
                                                                                                                                                         evening ESL classes with a focus on com-
                                                                                                                                                         puter use. Activities for children are pro-
                                                                                                                                                         vided during the ESL classes.

Holiday party a true community affair                                                                                                                        There is also a free after-school youth
                                                                                                                                                         program on Monday from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                         The SafeFutures Youth Center will be run-
BY JAMES OWENBY                                                                                             “Everyone chipped in and made it hap-        ning a program for girls on Thursdays from
Seattle Housing Authority                                                                                pen.” said David Goldsmith, education co-       3 to 6 p.m
                                                                                                         ordinator for the Youth Tutoring Program.           The center also sponsors a computer pur-
    Sometimes events just come together                                                                     The High Point Medical Center and the        chase program where those interested can
and work beautifully.                                                                                    YMCA hosted giving trees in their offices       buy a computer for $150.
    The High Point Holiday party was one                                                                 to collect gifts.                                   The refurbished computers come with
of those instances where everyone stepped                                                                   “We have over 200 gifts, the generosity      Windows 98, Open Office and no-charge
up and contributed to a great time.                                                                      of the people who donated is incredible,”       Internet access. A three-hour training class
    The event, which took place last month,                                                              he said.                                        is required for every purchase.
was planned over the course of six weeks                                                                    The event went from 1 to 4 p.m. but the          Those who have purchased a center
and nobody was solely responsible.                                                                       gifts weren’t given out until 2:30 p.m. There   computer in the past can trade it in for a
    No single service provider took more of                                  PHOTO   BY   JAMES OWENBY
                                                                                                         was a lot of eager anticipation, and when       newer model for $50. A one-hour training
a lead than another, and nobody really had        Nikki Cheth and her children Joanna                    the doors were finally opened and gifts were    class is required for these purchases.
any money to pay for it. The event hap-           and Jonathan show the wreath they                      handed out, the room was filled with an elec-       For more information on the classes or
pened anyway, and judging by the partici-         made at the holiday party.                             tricity of excitement. Adults had to remind     computer purchase program contact Mui
pants’ smiles and squeals it was awesome.                                                                the children not to run to get their gifts.     Bui at (206) 252-9480.
    With the neighborhood under redevel-              With the help of the Seattle Parks and                “The response has been fantastic” said
opment it would have been easy to set aside       Recreation department, they reserved the               Mark Smith, senior director of child and fam-
the event, chalking it up to the disruption       community center for a couple of hours on              ily services for the West Seattle YMCA.
of construction.                                  a Saturday afternoon. It was the first holi-              Christine Torres, a case manager for         CORRECTION
    That wasn’t so.                               day event in the new community center,                 SafeFutures said the food came courtesy of
    In the spirit of cooperation, Seattle Hous-   which opened last summer.                              a combination of donations, potluck par-           Due to a reporting error, a story in the
ing Authority, SafeFutures, the Youth Tu-            The gym was open for games and bas-                 ticipants and a little bit of money from ser-   December issue of the Voice incorrectly
toring Program, the Seattle Neighborhood          ketball, and the large meeting room hosted             vice providers’ budgets and personal ac-        stated that grants from the U.S. Department
Group, the YMCA, Resident Choices, the            a tree donated by former High Point resi-              counts.                                         of Housing and Urban Development and
High Point Medical Center and Seattle Parks       dent Anza Muenchow.                                       The community came together through          the National Institute of Environmental
and Recreation put together a holiday event          The tree was decorated on the spot with             the efforts of a lot of people to make this     Health Sciences will provide furniture
at the High Point Community Center.               items made at the craft tables run by the              happen. If this kind of cooperation is any      allowances for residents moving into
    The service providers decided that the        teenagers from the Partnership for Anti-vio-           indication of the future of High Point, then    asthma-free homes at High Point.
lack of budget wouldn’t stop them from or-        lence Enhancement. Children and adults                 very good things are in store for 2005 and         Unfortunately, no such allowances will
ganizing a gala affair.                           made other holiday crafts at the tables, too.          beyond.                                         be provided. We apologize for the error.

                                                                                                 THE VOICE
JANUARY 2005                                                                                                                                                                            SHA NEWS – 5

                        RAINIER VISTA NEWS                   NEWS ABOUT THE RAINIER VISTA COMMUNITY

Rainier Vista youth create Job training gives
mosaics for cultural center family a boost, career
                                                                                                        BY LARRY HILL
                                                                                                        Seattle Housing Authority

                                                                                                            Hoa Nguyen knows that path to success
                                                                                                        is built one step at a time.
                                                                                                            She moved with her husband and family
                                                                                                        to the old Holly Park neighborhood in 1995.
                                                                                                            In 1997, they relocated to Rainier Vista.
                                                                                                            Before long both Hoa and her husband
                                                                                                        met with Van Vo of Rainier Vista Jobs Plus
                                                                                                        program. He encouraged the family to enter
                                                                                                        into the program.
                                                                                                            Soon after, a childcare provider training
                                                                                                        was made available for interested area resi-                          PHOTO   COURTESY OF     HOA NGUYEN

                                                                                                        dents under the sponsorship of Childcare        Hoa Nguyen urges her day care children
                                                                                                        Resources, and Vo encouraged Nguyen to          to smile for the camera on Halloween.
                                                                                                            The rest, as they say, is history.          ately began caring for infants and toddlers.
                                                                                                            Nguyen diligently attended her trainings,      She spent almost three years there suc-
                                                                          PHOTO   BY   STACY SCHWANDT
                                                                                                        received the proper state license and started   cessfully providing quality child care.
Rainier Vista youth pose with the mosaic murals they helped create.                                     her own in-home child care business in 1999.       In November, Nguyen and her husband
                                                                                                        She began with an allowed capacity of six       bought a new five-bedroom, two-story
BY STACY SCHWANDT                              SouthEast Effective Development that con-                children, and she initially cared for two in-   house very close to Rainier Vista on S.
Voice editor                                   nects youth with professional artists to cre-            fants and four older children.                  Bradford, where Hoa continues to care for
                                               ate public art.                                              In December 2001, Nguyen took advan-        12 kids.
   Colorful, shiny and fancy were three of        “We worked with the ideas of bodily                   tage of an excellent opportunity to expand         Nguyen and her family were able to make
the most popular words Rainier Vista youth     functions and water, and came up with these              when rooms for a child care opened up on-       the maximum use of their participation in
used to describe the mosaic murals they        images,” Robalino said in a statement. “The              site at Rainier Vista.                          the Jobs Plus program and set a great ex-
made at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center     mythological figures also work well with the                 She received a new license from the state   ample for those planning for a brighter fu-
as part of their after-school art program.     Greek revival architecture of the building.”             that increased her capacity to 12 children,     ture. Interested in quality child care? Hoa
   About a dozen kids worked with local           The students came to the cultural center              moved into the larger building and immedi-      can be reached at (206) 722-0911.
artist Mauricio Robalino to use smooth glass   by way of the Inside-Out Art program.
shards and beads to build larger-than-life        The program, which is run by the
renditions of a mermaid, a seashell and the    Children’s Museum, aims to provide Rainier
Roman god Neptune.                             Vista children with an interactive, safe and                        Dance heralds holiday celebrations
   They squeezed and spread glue over ply-     multicultural arts- and humanities-based
wood boards, plucked glass pieces from         learning environment that encourages the
bowls and pressed them down, all the while     development of social, emotional and aca-
gossiping about school and friends.            demic skills.
   “It’s fun to do,” said 9-year-old Ramadan      Some of the kids have been in the pro-
Ahmed. “If you’re having a bad day and         gram for almost a decade, and they say art
you do it, it makes your day better.”          is central to their lives.
   The murals were hung in the lobby of           “I like art, I like murals, I like drawing,”
the cultural center’s newly renovated lower    said 12-year-old Nedhi Dadi.
level.                                            “It’s a part of my life,” added 13-year-
   Supporters gathered at the center last      old Quoc Nguyen.
month to celebrate both the installation and      In the months to come, the Rainier Vista
the renovation, enjoying music and hot ci-     youth will build on their mosaic skills by
der.                                           starting work on tiled benches that will even-
   The mural project was organized by the      tually grace a corner of their redeveloped
Public Art Workshop, a program of              community.

Many eager to move in
                                                                                                                                                                                      PHOTO   BY   STACY SCHWANDT

                                                                                                        NewHolly resident Gail-Marie Vielle, center, leads seniors and service providers in a
                                                                                                        Native American welcome dance. Hundreds, including a number of Rainier Vista
                                                                                                        residents, joined together for an annual holiday meal.

                                                                                                                                        Community notes
                                                                                                         Free bus tickets
                                                                                                            Have you relocated from Rainier Vista       learning are waiting for youth ages 5 to
                                                                                                         as part of the HOPE VI redevelopment?          14 at Rainier Vista.
                                                                                                            If you have, and you need help with            Monday through Friday from 3 until 6
                                                                                                         transportation costs to continue partici-      p.m. children can create hands on arts
                                                                                                         pating in community meetings or ser-           projects, write poetry, practice puppetry
                                                                                                         vices, contact the Rainier Vista manage-       and learn about other cultures.
                                                                                                         ment office at (206) 721-2980 or the              The Inside-Out after-school art pro-
                                                                                                         Jobs-Plus office at (206) 722-4010 ex-         gram is free and offered through the
                                                                                                         tension 1.                                     Children’s Museum.
                                                                                                            People working in those offices may            In addition to art projects and read-
                                                                                                         be able to provide you with METRO bus          ing, children have the opportunity to learn
                                                                           PHOTO   BY   JAMES OWENBY     tickets to get to and from Rainier Vista.      hip-hop dancing, go on field trips and
                                                                                                                                                        make new friends.
Apartments are beginning to be leased in the redeveloped Rainier Vista community.
                                                                                                         Children’s art program seeks kids                 For more information call (206) 722-
A total of 184 units will be available over the next year. For more information about
                                                                                                           After-school adventures in art and           6709.
the new two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom apartments call (206) 721-2980.

                                                                                                THE VOICE
6 – SHA NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                       JANUARY 2005

                                  NEWHOLLY NOTES                          NEWS ABOUT THE NEWHOLLY COMMUNITY

Reading turns fun at                                                                                                 Water bills investigated
literacy party                                                                                                       continued from front page
                                                                                                                     they brought concerns to the management           of the companies have work to do. It’s sim-
                                                                                                                     office or attended a community meeting,           ply not good business to not have a cus-
                                                                                                                     SHA officials said.                               tomer service response.”
                                                                                                                        Lofton added that, in general, high bills         While SHA plans to measure tenants’
                                                                                                                     are the result of excessive water use, so the     water use in the third phase of NewHolly
                                                                                                                     Housing Authority is working hard to edu-         and the redeveloped High Point and Rainier
                                                                                                                     cate residents on what they can do to con-        Vista communities, they do not plan to con-
                                                                                                                     serve water. One key is to keep outdoor           tract with Minol.
                                                                                                                     watering to a minimum, he said.                      Still, two questions remain. Are NewHolly
                                                                                                                        Sidney Carter, who has lived with his          residents being charged for water they
                                                                                                                     daughter at Holly Park and NewHolly for 14        didn’t use and are their individual utility
                                                                                                                     years, scoffs at the idea that overuse is the     allowances adequate to cover the high bills?
                                                                                                                     cause of his $80 bills.                           Housing Authority officials say they are
                                                                                                                        “We don’t waste water,” he said. “We           examining these questions.
                                                                                                                     take short showers, I wash once a week, I            According to Seattle Public Utilities, a
                                                                                                                     only do the dishes when there’s a full            typical single-family residential customer
                                                                                                                     load…There’s a problem with these water           uses 5.2 CCFs of water a month. A one-page
                                                                                                                     bills and all we get is double talk, pass the     billing detail obtained from SHA lists the
                                                                                                                     buck, try to sweep it under the carpet.”          amount of water for which Minol billed 11
                                                                                                                        Public housing residents in NewHolly           tenants from April 23 to March 23, 2002.
                                                                                                                     began paying their water and sewer bill in           The detail says 8 of the 11 families con-
Over a dozen children and their families gathered for the Catholic Community                                         2000, when the redeveloped units opened.          sumed more water than the average house-
Services Youth Tutoring Program’s winter party last month. The theme was “Winter                                     The idea, Lofton said, was to encourage           hold. The tenant with the highest consump-
Luau,” and the children enjoyed reading-centered activities.                                                         conservation and self-sufficiency among           tion reportedly used 18,740 gallons or about
                                                                                                                     residents by asking them to pay for water         25 CCF that month, almost five times the
                                                                                                                     they used.                                        average. The tenant was billed $266.40.
                                                                                                                        As required by federal law, the Housing           “I don’t know if you can use that much
                                                                                                                     Authority provides residents with a “utility      water in one house,” said SPU strategic
                                                                                                                     allowance” in the form of a rent reduction        advisor Bruce Flory, adding that the tenant
                                                                                                                     to cover their out-of-pocket costs.               could have a leak in their unit.
                                                                                                                        The system isn’t unusual. For years,              As for the utility allowance, to date,
                                                                                                                     many public housing residents have paid           Carter’s 2004 bills have averaged $81.59 a
                                                                                                                     their electricity and gas bills, but residents    month, about $5 more than the $76 water
                                                                                                                     of the old Holly Park have always had these       and sewer utility allowance he receives. Be-
                                                                                                                     expenses included in their rent.                  cause of the lag in the billing cycle, Carter
                                                                                                                        New to everyone is the third-party bill-       will pay for the last two and a half months
                                                                                                                     ing system that allows the Housing Author-        of usage in 2005.
                                                                                                                     ity to measure each tenants’ water use.              Bob Wyda, SHA’s housing operations
                                                                                                                        Third-party billing is a largely unregu-       support manager, said the agency estab-
                                                                                                                     lated enterprise where outside companies          lishes allowances that correspond to the
                                                                                                                     install meters or use formulas to measure         cost of reasonable utility use, and that they
                                                                                                                     tenants’ water use.                               are meant to encourage conservation.
                                                                                                                        The landlord pays the water bill and the          He said his calculations show that, in
                                                                                                                     third-party biller recoups the money for them     2003, the utility allowances development-
                                                                                                                     by collecting from tenants based on their         wide exceeded actual costs of utilities by
                                                                                                                     individual use.                                   over $75,600.
                                                                                                                        In the first two phases of the NewHolly           “If a household conserves energy their
Talents displayed at Winter                                                                                          development, the Housing Authority con-
                                                                                                                     tracted with Texas-based Minol to install
                                                                                                                                                                       utility allowance should exceed their utility
                                                                                                                                                                       bill,” he said in a statement, although he did
                                                                                                                     submeters to monitor residents’ water use.        not respond to a question about whether
Craft Spectacular                                                                                                       For many residents, the set-up has re-
                                                                                                                     sulted in customer service headaches.
                                                                                                                                                                       SHA would be required to reimburse an in-
                                                                                                                                                                       dividual tenant whose bills exceeded their
BY KARI SHERRODD                                                                                                        Vielle said Minol promised her nearly $300     allowance.
Seattle Housing Authority                                                                                            in credit for overbilling, but the credit never      Still residents struggle to pay their bills
                                                                                                                     appeared on her account.                          and await the final word as to whether any
   Necklaces, earrings and blown glass or-                                                                              Lofton said the industry is experiencing       relief is in sight.
naments were some of the handmade gifts                                                                              growing pains.                                       “It’s very hard to face, the bills are very
sold at the Winter Craft Spectacular at the                                                                             “There is a frustration with third-party       high,” said resident Anagi Aman. “I have
NewHolly Gathering Hall last month.                                                                                  billers,” he said. “It is in its infancy…Many     three kids. We need hot water for the kids.”
   The Seattle Housing Authority staff’s
Committee for Appreciation and Recogni-                                                                                                               Community notes
tion of Employees sponsored the event and
gave the opportunity to staff and residents                                                                            Heath desk coming                               Annual NewHolly Multicultural New
to display and sell their creations. Partici-                                                                             The Seattle University College of Nurs-      Year Potluck just around the corner
pants included SHA employees Megan                                                                                     ing will open two health desks in the              Don’t forget!
Profit, Jodi Niess, Charles Hayashi, Emily                                                                             NewHolly area this month.                          This year’s potluck is taking place on
Burns and her husband, Bill Akers.                                                                                        One will be located just outside the         Friday, January 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the
   “I enjoyed the opportunity and idea of                                               PHOTO   BY   KARI SHERRODD     NewHolly library and will be open from          NewHolly Campus Gathering Hall.
                                                    Jeannie Connor, on left, admires a glass                           4:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.                   Come to share good food and spread
being involved with a community that we
                                                    ornament made by Bill Akers.                                          The second health desk will be located       New Year’s wishes to all of your NewHolly
work with,” said Burns, whose husband
makes blown glass art pieces.                      elry, and Barb Berg, one of the event orga-                         at the Peter Claver House and will be           neighbors.
   At the event they sold ornaments, gar-          nizers, agreed that the event created cama-                         open on Thursday mornings from 9 a.m.
den art, paper weights, vases and other            raderie and gave the opportunity for staff                          to 12 p.m.                                      Seeking submissions
blown glass pieces.                                and residents to display their creative tal-                           Everyone is welcome. Nursing stu-                The Voice is seeking submissions for
   Niess and Profit, who sold their hand-          ents.                                                               dents will be offering blood pressure           its NewHolly community section.
made jewelry, added that it was an opportu-           The committee is considering organizing                          checks, medication review, referral to              Articles, photos and story ideas can
nity to meet residents and other employ-           the event again next year. If you are inter-                        nearby medical and dental clinics and           be sent to Stacy Schwandt, Neighbor-
ees. It was also a good way to make some           ested in participating, please call Barb Berg                       health education on a variety of topics         hood House, 905 Spruce St., Suite 200,
extra money, they said.                            at (206) 615-3372 or by e-mail at                                   including diabetes and heart problems.          Seattle, WA 98104.
   Hayashi, who also sold hand-made jew-           bberg@seattlehousing.org.

                                                                                                             THE VOICE
JANUARY 2005                                                                                                                                                                                SHA NEWS – 7

                         YESLER HAPPENINGS                    NEWS ABOUT THE YESLER TERRACE COMMUNITY

A warm, dry place                                                                                          College help available
Yesler shelter appreciated by homeless                                                                     BY ELLEN ZIONTZ                                         “Dream Big” is a new scholarship fund
                                                                                                           Seattle Housing Authority                           to provide financial support to low-income
                                                                                                                                                               public housing residents who would like to
                                                                                                              Help is available for Seattle Housing            attend college on a full-time basis in the
                                                                                                           Authority tenants who want to go to                 next academic year.
                                                                                                           college.                                                Applicants must be under age 21. The
                                                                                                              The Yesler Terrace Higher Education              scholarship provides $1,000 towards tuition
                                                                                                           Project is sponsoring a number of events            paid directly to the school.
                                                                                                           and resources for anyone living in low-                 A list of several other scholarships
                                                                                                           income public housing.                              available to tenants of Seattle Housing
                                                                                                              “You Can Go to College!” is a college fair       Authority Assisted Housing including out-
                                                                                                           and financial aid workshop on Wednesday,            of-school adults is also available. See the
                                                                                                           January 26 at 6 p.m. at Yesler Terrace.             scholarship story on page two for options.
                                                                                                              The fair is open to all high school                  Tenants can apply for more than one
                                                                                                           students and their parents living in SHA            scholarship plus financial aid to make
                                                                                                           housing. Information will be provided on            college affordable.
                                                                                                           how to apply for financial aid and                      A college planning guide is available to
                                                                                                           scholarships.                                       help students and parents plan for college.
                                                                                                              Representatives from a number of local           It includes a list of required courses,
                                                                                                           colleges and universities will be there to          information on community colleges and
                                                                                                           provide information, application materials          facts about taking the SAT.
                                                                                                           and to answer questions about what their                For questions, to request materials or to
                                                                               PHOTO   BY   JAMES OWENBY
Shelter volunteer Charles DeLaine sets up beds for the evening.                                            schools can offer.                                  register for the workshop contact Audra
                                                                                                              Transportation may be available through          Gray of the Yesler Youth Tutoring Program
                                                                                                           the Youth Tutoring Program.                         at (206) 682-5590 or Community Builder Ellen
BY JAMES OWENBY                                   rain. Before he began this task, his bags
                                                                                                              Call for additional information.                 Ziontz at (206) 343-7484.
Seattle Housing Authority                         were searched for weapons or drugs.
                                                      Salvation Army volunteers also take
   It’s no secret that Seattle gets most of its   medications and pocket knives for the night.
annual rainfall between November and                  After Marco’s bag was checked, he went
   Most of us adjust by pulling out an um-
                                                  right to work, bringing up five sleeping mats
                                                  at a time. He worked fast because the sooner
                                                                                                           Garden ready to bloom
brella, wearing a raincoat and looking for-       he finished, the sooner he could take off                BY STACY SCHWANDT                                   cultures have that in their past, growing
ward to returning to our warm, dry homes          his wet shoes and socks, change into dry                 Voice editor                                        food for themselves and their families. Plus,
at night.                                         ones and go to bed.                                                                                          the food they grow is often more nutritious
   For a homeless person like Marco, a day            He looked exhausted, and his pants were                  Plans for a second community garden in          than the food they can buy.”
laborer trying to get back on his feet, find-     soiled from his day’s work.                              Yesler Terrace are germinating, awaiting their         She said she has been doing door-to-
ing a warm and dry place can be an extreme            “I just want to get to bed, I’ve got to be           chance to blossom at the first signs of             door canvassing with interpreters to spread
challenge.                                        up and at it early again tomorrow,” he said.             spring.                                             the word about the garden, which will offer
   Marco’s name has been changed to pro-              Shelter volunteer Charles DeLaine said                   Sofia Olson, an AmeriCorps VISTA vol-           more than just patches for fruits and veg-
tect his privacy.                                 he knows what it is like to be homeless. He              unteer with the P-Patch program, recently           etables when it’s complete.
   The temporary and controversial Yesler         lost his home after a back injury rendered               provided the Yesler Terrace Community                  Two mosaic benches, built by area chil-
Terrace severe weather homeless shelter           him unable to work and exhausted his sav-                Council with an update on the garden, which         dren with the help of the nonprofit organi-
provides him with a much-appreciated al-          ings and Labor and Industries compensa-                  is taking shape on the slopes leading to the        zation Arts Corps, will provide community
ternative on nights when finding warm             tion.                                                    International District, just above the exist-       members a place to sit and admire the green
spots outdoors is nearly impossible.                  “After my L&I ran out I had no money,                ing garden.                                         space.
   The City of Seattle Department of Hu-          no job and no where to go,” he said.                         In a separate interview, Olson said work           A local Boy Scout and his troop will also
man Services has partnered with the Salva-            Fortunately, he was able to get assis-               began last summer and will continue in Feb-         be building an artistic bamboo fence around
tion Army and the Seattle Housing Author-         tance through Veterans Services and local                ruary and March, when volunteers will build         the garden.
ity to use the gymnasium at the Yesler Ter-       homeless shelters. His back has recovered                and reinforce terraces, install an irrigation          Fourteen-year-old Nick Oki has already
race Community Center as a severe weather         and now he is employed full-time as a chef.              system and construct raised beds.                   started to raise money for the fence, which
shelter.                                              It is very common for DeLaine to stay                    She added that the garden is being cre-         he and his Bellevue-based troop will build
   The shelter has a capacity of 75 people        up all night working at one of the homeless              ated in part because members of the East            from bamboo and cedar posts in March.
and is projected to be open about 66 nights       shelters in Seattle. He will get a couple                African community expressed an interest in             The project will help Oki earn Eagle Scout
between November and March.                       hours of sleep in the morning and then go                gardening.                                          status.
   City officials closely watch weather fore-     to work for a full day.                                      Once all the work is complete, about 25            “A lot of people don’t earn Eagle rank,”
casts and at 9 a.m. each day decide whether           “This is my way of giving back for all               plots will be available for residents. All plant-   he said. “I’m pretty excited.”
to open the shelter that night.                   the help I received,” he said. “It makes me              ing in the patch will be organic, with no              Oki added that he’ll use skills he learned
   They aim to open the shelter when the          feel good.”                                              chemical fertilizers or pesticides used.            as a Boy Scout to build the fence. He’ll at-
temperature falls below 32 degrees, if there          The Yesler Terrace shelter opened for the                Olson added that she is trying to renew         tach the bamboo posts together with a lash-
are two successive days of rain, or if there      first night in late November and 33 men were             community interest in the garden, which has         ing, a special sort of knot most scouts learn.
is snow on the ground.                            served. During the 10 days between De-                   been in the planning stages for about two              Oki found out about the garden through
   Once the decision is made, an e-mail is        cember 3 and 12, it rained over three inches             years. The garden is funded primarily               the Seattle Parks Foundation and has
sent to service providers, interested resi-       and the shelter housed over 400 people.                  through grants from the City of Seattle and         worked with Cambodian-born artist Bunly
dents and the police department for refer-            “The shelter is projected to be open on              the Washington Insurance Council.                   Yun on the fence’s design.
rals.                                             the coldest and wettest nights through the                   “There is a lot of value in people being           “I can’t wait to build it,” he said.
   The shelter opens at 10 p.m. and houses        end of March,” said Al Poole, manager of                 able to grow their own food,” she said. “A             For more information on the garden con-
the individuals until 6:30 a.m.                   survival services for the city’s human ser-              lot of different people from a lot of different     tact Olson at (206) 684-3028.
   The shelter is a “bare-bones operation”        vices department. “The majority of home-
said Salvation Army volunteer Pete                less people will be homeless for 6 to18
Fenesca.                                          months.”                                                                                    Community notes
   There is no food, no in-or-out privileges,         Police are on site at night while the home-
no smoking or showers.                            less people are being checked in, and they                Correction                                         partment is sponsoring basic computer
   Teams of three Salvation Army volun-           are also on site at 6:30 a.m. with three addi-               A story in the December issue of the            classes for seniors ages 55 and over on
teers typically work at the shelter through       tional Salvation Army volunteers to make                  Voice included an incorrect job title for          Thursdays.
the night. The volunteers arrive at the shel-     sure that the men don’t linger around in the              Judi Carter.                                          Instruction on using basic computer
ter around 9 p.m., open the gym and ask for       Yesler Terrace neighborhood.                                 She is the Senior Property Manager              programs and navigating the Internet is
a couple volunteers to carry the sleeping             The homeless are given bus passes so                  for Yesler Terrace.                                provided in both Vietnamese and En-
mats up from the basement.                        they can go downtown to where there is                                                                       glish.
   Last month, Marco eagerly volunteered          food, showers, employment and case man-                   Basic computer skills classes for                     The class meets from 1 to 2:30 p.m.
to carry sleeping mats and come in from the       agement services.                                         seniors                                            in the Yesler Community Center, 825
                                                                                                              The Seattle Parks and Recreation de-             Yesler Way.

                                                                                                   THE VOICE
8 – SHA NEWS                                                                                                            JANUARY 2005


               Keep your house warm                      bremq zatrat na otoplenie doma.             pyli uvelihivaet shet.
               without breaking the bank                 ~ti programmy mogut zaplatit;                   Zakryvajte dveri v
                                                         do 750 dollarov za zimu, htoby              neispol;zuemye komnaty, no ne
               Teplyj dom bez                            pomoh; vam s oplatoj shetov za              zabyvajte otkryvat; ix vremq ot
               bol;wix rasxodov                          `lektriheskoe, gazovoe,                     vremeni, htoby teplyj vozdux
                                                         maslqnoe ili drovqnoe                       mog cirkulirovat;,
                   Zimnie buri predskazat;               otoplenie.                                  predotvra]aq skoplenie
               slo'no, no est; predskazanie, na             Htoby naznahit; vstrehu dlq              vla'nosti i vozniknovenie
               kotoroe mo'no polo'it;sq%                 obsu'deniq vawego prava na `tu              pleseni.
               sheta za otoplenie v `tom sezone          pomo];, zvonite 866-223-1068.                   Otregulirujte termostat na
               podskohat vywe krywi.                        V to 'e vremq vy mo'ete                  68 gradusov i nosite teplu[
                   Ohen; xolodnaq zima mo'et             snizit; rasxody na otoplenie,               ode'du. Der'ite termostat na
               znahitel;no povysit;                      sleduq sledu[]im prostym                    55 gradusax na vremq svoego
               stoimost;. Vy budete platit;              sovetam.                                    otsutstviq. Prikryvajtes;
               bol;we za prirodnyj gaz i                    Zamenite ili ohistite                    odeqlom na divane, kogda
               budete bol;we ego s'igat;, esli           fil;try otopitel;nyx                        smotrite televizor.
               stolbik termometra opustitsq              ustrojstv. Soder'ite nastennye                  Nebol;waq
               ni'e srednego.                            `lektroobogrevateli                         predusmotritel;nost; mo'et
                   Special;nye programmy                 svobodnymi ot pyli, ostoro'no               sdelat; zimu menee
               Central Area Motivation Program           ohi]aq ix special;noj ]etkoj                razoritel;noj dlq vawego
               energy assistance mogut obleghit;         vawego pylesosa. Nagrevanie                 kowel;ka.

               Keep your house warm                      GIÖÕ CHO CAÊN NHAØ BAÏN AÁM
                                                         AÙP MAØ KHOÂNG PHAÛI TOÁN
               without breaking the bank                 NHIEÀU TIEÀN

                   Xilaga qaboobaha ah waxaa
                                                               Nhöõng côn baõo muøa ñoâng thaät
               lagayaabaa in aan la sii saadalinkarin,
                                                         khoù maø ñoaùn bieát tröôùc, nhöng
               lakiin waakan qiyaas aad ku
               talagalikarto. Gaska guryaha lagu         ñaây chính laø ñieàu ñöôïc loan baùo
               shito, qaymahiisu kor ayuu u kacayaa      tröôùc: hoaù ñôn tieàn söôûi seõ taêng
               xiliga qaboobaha. Runtiina xili aad u     leân cao “troå noùc nhaø trong muøa
               qaboobi waxaa uu kor u qaadi karaa        naøy.
               qaymaha gaska. Waxaad bixin                     Moät muøa ñoâng thaät laïnh daãn
               doontaa lacag dheeraad ah gas             tôùi tieàn söôûi taêng cao leân. Baïn seõ
               dabiiciga ah, hadii qabowgu uu bato       traõ tieàn khí ñoát nhieàu hôn vì phaûi
               oo oo merkurigu hoos u dhaco.             xaøi nhieàu hôn ñeå giöõ khoâng cho
                   The Central Area Motivation           ñoä aám trong nhaø tuït xuoáng thaáp
               Program’s energy ee dadka danyarta        quaù.
               caawisa ayaa kaa caawinkarta
                                                               Cô quan Central Area
               qaymaha kor u kacaya ee gaska
               dabiiciga ah. CAMP waxay kaa              Motivation Program (CAMP) coù
               bixinaysaa ilaa $750 xiliga qaboobaha     chöông trình giuùp giaûm giaù tieàn
               ee korantada gurigaaga iyo gaska          söôûi. CAMP coù theå phuï caáp leân
               dabiiciga ah., ama qoryaha lagushito      ñeán $750 ñeå giuùp traû tieàn ñieän,
               guryaha. Balan hadaad u baahato           tieàn gas, tieàn daàu söôûi hoaëc tieàn
               ama aad doonayso in aad kala              cuûi ñeå söôûi aám.
               hadasho in aad xaq u leedahay wac               Ñeå laøm cuoäc heïn ñeå xem baïn
               (1866) 223-1068.                          coù hôïp leä hay khoâng, xin goïi soá
                   Inta ka horaysa, waxaad awoodaa       866-223-1068.
               in aad la dagaasho sidii aad hoos               Trong khi ñoù thì baïn coù theå
               oogu dhigilahayd qaymahan gaska
                                                         choùng laïi giaù caû tieàn söôûi bò taêng
               kor u kacaya adiga oo raacaya
               figrado fudud.                            cao qua vieäc thöïc hieän nhöõng
                   Badal ama nadiifi farnaskaada         huôùng daãn ñôn sô nhö sau.
               nadiifiyahiisa. Ka fogee kulayliyaha            Haõy thay hoaëc haõy laøm saïch
               ku shaqeeya korontada boorka iyo          caùi loïc (filter) cuûa maùy söôûi. Haõy
               wasaqda adiga oo ka taxadaraya            giöõ cho caùc maùy söôûi ñieän saïch
               isticmaalna burashka ku xiran             buïi baèng caùch lau chuøi caãn thaän
               vakayuumkaada. Hiitarka wasaqdu           vôùi loaïi baøn chaûi gaén vaøo maùy
               waxay ku dartaa in lacagta ay kugu        huùt buïi. Maùy söôûi coù buïi laøm toán
               kororto.                                  tieàn söôûi.
                   Xir qololka aadan isticmaalayn,
                                                               Taét söôûi ôû caùc phoøng khoâng
               laakiin xusuusnow in aad furto mar-
                                                         duøng tôùi, nhöng neân nhôù thænh
               marka qaarkood si ay hawo kululi ay
               u gasho, iyada oo ka ilaalinaysa          thoaûng phaûi môû söôûi ñeå hôi aám
               suyuca iyo qoyaanaka kadhasha             luaân löu traùnh ñöôïc khí aåm hay
               guryaha. Ku aadi termostaadkaada          moác meo ñoùng leân.
               68 digrii xirana dhar kulul oo                  Chænh maùy söôûi ôû möùc 68 ñoä,
               dheeraad ah. Ku aadi 55 digrii marka      maëc quaàn aùo daøy. Ñeå (söôûi) ôû
               aad guriga ka maqantahay. Buste u         möùc 55 ñoä khi ñi ra khoûi nhaø
               dhawayso kursiga aad ku daawato           trong ngaøy. Ñeå caùi meàn ôû sofa
               telefishanka. Xoogaa yar oo shaqa         khi ngoài xem TV
               ayaa wintarka hoos u dhigi karta                Vieäc phoøng ngöøa nhoû coù theå
               qaymaha lagacta jeebkaada ka              giuùp cho baïn ñôû hao tieàn tuùi trong
                                                         muøa ñoâng.

                                                  THE VOICE

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