Distribution of Costs on Federal-Aid Highway Construction Contracts - PDF by nsq71178


									Distribution of Costs on Federal-Aid Highway Construction Contracts
 Over $1,000,000 on the National Highway System Reported During
                 Calendar Year 2001 - As Completed

                                                                         35.4% Overhead and
                                                                                     Profit 1/

       Wages 6/

                                                                                            AAggregates 2/

                16.2%                                                                   Portland
                                                                              5.3% Cement 3/
                                             4.4%           7.4%
                                           Steel 5/         Bitumens 4/

  1/ Equipment includes fuel and lubricants 2.9%, but excludes operators' and mechanics' wages. Overhead includes
  contractors' on-site expenses such as mobilization, office, rental, licenses, insurance, etc.
  2/ Aggregates consists of sand, gravel, slag, crushed stone, ect., for use in bases, portland cement, concrete and bituminous
  surfaces, and portland cement concrete structures.
  3/ For both roadway and structures.
  4/ For various types of bituminous surfaces and bases.
  5/ Includes structural, reinforcing, culvert and miscellaneous steel.
  6/ Gross earnings of contractors' employees in the following classifications: Administrative and Supervisory, Skilled,
  Intermediate, and Unskilled labor.

                                                                             Source: Office of Program Administration
                                                                                    Office of Infrastructure, FHWA
                                                                                    (202) 366-4636

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